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Supercorp: Kara comes home to see Lena and their toddler in a makeshift fort.

Kara landed softly on the balcony that Lena had insisted be installed when they moved into their new house; it was out of sight and meant that Kara didn’t have to worry about being seen when Supergirl was needed.

She entered the hallway, unclipping her cape as she walked towards the bedroom. Kara hung it up; there had been too many discussions with Lena about just leaving her cape pooled on the floor, she quickly changed and headed towards the kitchen where her nose was telling her Lena had been baking cookies.

With three cookies in her mouth and two more stashed in her pocket for later, Kara wandered towards the living room where she knew she would find her wife and daughter. What she didn’t expect was to see an expertly made fort taking up the majority of the room; chairs had been carefully stacked upon tables and what Kara estimated was the entirely of their linen collection was hung, tied and secured in place.

‘Someone’s been busy!’ Kara smiled as she surveyed what could only be her wife’s handiwork.

She heard a giggle from inside the fort and her heart melted. Suddenly a head popped up through the middle and Lena beamed as she saw Kara. She was dressed in one of Kara’s checked shirts, her hair piled on top of her head in a messy bun.

‘Jess wanted to build a fort…’ Lena explained waving her hands around.

‘Mommy helped meeeee!’ a little voice yelled from inside.

‘Hey Munchkin!’ Kara giggled, ‘can I come in the fort?’

‘Password!’ was the yelled response. ‘No helping’ Jess added pointedly, looking at Lena.

Lena looked down at the little four year old who was standing with hands on her hips and chuckled; it was amazing at times how much she mirrored Kara in her stance, but the attitude; she was becoming more and more like her namesake everyday.

Lena remembered confronting her secretary, her friend, after she realised how many ‘accidental’ dinners with Kara Jess had sent them on, finally forcing them to admit their feelings for each other. Jess had chuckled, for a genius it took you a long time to realise love was right in front of you, which had caused Lena to laugh loudly. She had brushed off any thanks Lena had tried to bestow on her and jokingly told her they could name their first child after her… and so they had.

‘Cookie!’ Kara yelled out as she pulled out one of the cookies from her pocket.

There was a slight giggle as one side of the fort wobbled slightly.

‘OK, not cookie… How about Hippopotamus!’ Kara tried, thinking about the book Jess was currently obsessed with, demanding it be read every night.


Kara looked at Lena, utterly unsure of what the brilliant mind of their daughter had come up with. Lena grinned and subtly brushed her hand over her chest.

‘Supergirl!’ Kara smiled as she realised the hint her wife was giving her.

‘Yes!’ Jess squealed, ‘you can come in!’

Kara floated over the arm of the sofa to where the entrance seemed to be, before crawling in to finally see her daughter. Jess met her at the doorway and excitedly pulled her through, pointing out the various ‘sections’ to the fort. There was an area for colouring in, one corner had most of the cushions from the sofa and a small collection of books and the small chess set Lena had brought from her penthouse was also set up.

‘It’s nearly your bedtime Jess’ Lena said softly, knowing the argument that was about to occur.

True to form, Jess pouted, the spitting image of Kara.

‘How about we read a book in here, then you can go up?’ Lena suggested.

Jess nodded and reached over to pick up her favourite book;  Hugo the Hippopotamus and snuggled in between her mothers, helping to turn the pages and giggling at the various voices they made.

When Kara closed the book, Jess immediately reached for another, deciding to try and push her luck.

‘Jessica Alexandra Luthor’ Lena called out pointedly, ‘we had a deal.’

Jess scrunched her nose up at hearing her full name and opened her mouth to protest.

‘Uh huh’ Kara interjected, ‘up to bed, come on.’

Jess sighed but made her way out of the fort, taking her book with her. Her mothers followed, bringing the rest of her belongings.

‘I’ll tidy up down here, you make sure she actually goes to sleep…’ Lena chuckled at Kara, knowing their daughter had a habit of pretending to sleep.

Kara scooped up Jess and carried the squealing toddler upstairs.

Lena sighed in contentment as she tidied away the chess set and colouring in books at the domestic life she never thought she would end up with. She found herself wondering at times if it was all real; Kara as her wife and their beautiful daughter,  it was something she never imagined happening because of her last name. The name Kara had insisted on taking when they got married;

You’ve worked too hard to turn the Luthor name into one recognised for good.

Your last name doesn’t define who you are.

Lena Luthor is who I fell in love with; I love you because of it, not in spite of it.

A Super and a Luthor; it has to be one of the greatest love stories ever told.

Lena was brought out of her musings by the sound of her wife coming down the stairs.

‘She’s asleep, actually asleep’ Kara clarified, ‘I’m going to grab us a drink’ she smiled as she headed back towards the kitchen.

Lena chuckled; it was obvious Kara was making another cookie stop. She leaned over the back of the sofa to switch on the fairy lights she had hung in the fort earlier, before turning off the main lights in the living room. She quickly slid off her jeans and crawled back into the fort to rearrange the pillows to lay down on, letting her hair out of the bun and running her fingers through it a few times.

‘Password!’ Lena playfully called out as she saw Kara approach the fort by the shadow on the sheets.

‘Supergirl’ Kara chuckled.

‘Uh huh’ Lena teased, ‘that was for the family fun fort earlier; this fort is strictly adults only…’

Kara stuck her head in the entrance, her breath hitching in her throat as she caught sight of her wife illuminated by the twinkling lights, clad only in her shirt and knickers.

‘You’re beautiful’ Kara husked out, slightly in awe.

‘Close enough’ Lena purred as Kara made her way towards her.

Kara crawled until her lips were millimetres from Lena; only closing the gap when she heard the spike in Lena’s heart rate.

HERES a fresh new theory….. what if instead of “i saw you, i met you, i loved you, i left you, in cape town” (implying all of these things happened in cape town) it’s “i saw you, i met you, i loved you, i left you in cape town” (only the leaving part happened in cape town)

Agent — Part 1 — Avengers X Reader

Part 2



Summary: You’re a SHIELD agent who has a phenomenal background with working undercover. You’ve spent weeks in a group led by a man raised by Hydra when the time comes for you to ask the team for help, as the man you’ve been around for two months, seems to want the Avengers dead.

Warnings: Angst(ish).

Words: 2 898

A/N: Omg. Omg? This is 100%, without a doubt, my favorite thing I’ve ever written???? I don’t even know what sets it apart from everything else that I’ve done but boy it must be something!

Btw, this is becoming a series, end of story. I know I should continue Close Future but truth be told, I’ve lost complete interest in it. I don’t know what else to say tbh :]]]

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She was a SHIELD agent who had been a liaison for the Avengers for almost a year. She was a valuable asset to both initiatives. She had multiple aliases deeply invested in a dozen of different organizations and groups of extremists, mutineers, rebels and radical activists. She had started of as an cop specializing in undercover work, only the groups she infiltrated then were mostly gang related with an occasional drug cartel and weapons dealer crew from time to time.

One of the undercover jobs she had done whilst still a cop was thought to be the regular deal. An international weapons dealer by the name of Gabriel Santo had insiders in law enforcement that helped him smuggle his weapons across the US borders. Y/N’s task was simple. She was going to get close to Santo, get the identities of the corrupt cops and get out, only things hadn’t been what they had seemed to be.

Gabriel Santo was an act. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. His name was known to crime lords, gangs and cartels all around the world and he didn’t even exist. He was simply a diversion from what was far more serious than weapons dealing. Santo covered up for a Russian based organization that did experimental testing on human subjects. The tests were unimaginably cruel, and despite that it had been little over two years since the mission and she had seen her fair share of things since, she still felt a shiver down her spine as she recalled the dozens upon dozens of tortured victims.

Y/N had by pure accident gotten herself into the heart of a Hydra operation that was continuing the project that Baron Von Strucker had begun in Sokovia, the same project that had created Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

After that mission, SHIELD personally sought her out for recruitment, and she accepted doubtlessly. Getting the inside look of what Hydra stood for had been a wakeup call for her. If things like that occurred in the world, she wanted to do anything in her power to stop it. So many cops fought against drug cartels, brought down gangs and ended weapons dealing, but so few worked against groups like Hydra. Y/N simply couldn’t neglect that injustice when she made the call whether to stay in law enforcement or become a SHIELD agent.

After three months of intensive training, not six months as normal agent training was thanks to her background, she was out on the field again. She was still working within her area of expertise, but worked around a whole different crowd. Gangs became rebel groups that possessed the technology to cause global chaos by leaking information on military weapon development and secret, government controlled black ops. Weapons dealers no longer handed out a few glock’s or brought machine guns up across the Mexican border but constructed biochemical weapons of mass destruction.

It was an intense job, but she liked it. She did not get any medals for her efforts. Barely anyone outside of SHIELD knew about the countless of times she had put her life on the line to save tens of thousands of people, sometimes even hundreds and millions. She didn’t need to be acknowledged for her valiant work, however. She knew in her heart that she was doing the right thing and that was all that mattered. She would leave the cape wearing, press conferencing and newspaper appearing to the Avengers.

“Debrief time!” Clint exclaimed cheerfully with an evident tone of sarcasm. He walked into the room with Steve behind him, completing the five man team consisting of Steve, Clint, Natasha and Bucky that had been assigned to aid Y/N in her ongoing mission.

“What do you have for us, Agent?” Steve asked as they all gathered around the table in the middle of the Stark Tower’s ops-center. She pulled up a projective screen from the table that was far more a large screen on legs than a piece of furniture. She was already familiar with the Stark tech that she had used multiple times before and wasn’t far from SHIELD’s to begin with.

“Dimitri Mielkov, born in Ukraine and currently keeps a permanent resident in Serbia.” She informed and pulled up a photo of a man, the picture clearly taken at a distance and without Dimitri’s awareness. “He ties right in with all known Hydra associates we have on the map right now. However, he is not confirmed to be Hydra himself. My opinion is that he’s far too stubborn to follow someone else’s orders. He does what he wants to do for his own benefit. If Hydra makes an offer that is in his favor or if it can somehow benefit the both of them…”

“He’s onboard.” Natasha completed her sentence, beginning to get a pretty good idea of what type of man they were dealing with. “What’s his deal then?”

Y/N smiled tightly, letting out a hopeless sigh. No matter how many times people like Dimitri were defeated, others with the same mindset and irrational belief would still rise to the fight and inevitably loose. It was set in stone. She could only hope that they one day would give up and she would hope that day came around the time for her retire.

“Dimitri is not only stubborn but he’s driven by rage…” She slid her finger across the screen to show the next picture. The team straightened up, becoming almost transfixed as they stared up at four images. The first two were of a normal, middle aged couple. The other set placed underneath was of two individuals that balanced on the line between being individuals and creatures. They were disfigured, their skin grotesquely scared and faces looking like a bizarre cross of Freddy Krueger and something you’d tell kids lived in the woods to keep them out of it.

It was unsettling to look at the images, let alone imagine that the people in them had once been much alive.

“That is Dimitri’s mother and father… They were two of the many victims exposed to the radiation in the Chernobyl disaster. Within a year of the incident they had begun to develop violent tantrums where, quoting five year old Dimitri Mielkov’s statement to a Ukrainian SS agent, would turn into trolls.”

“They were mutated by the nuclear radiation.” Bucky realized, still watching the images of the heavily deformed couple.

“Exactly.” Y/N nodded. “They were kept out of the public eye and dealt with as a Secret Service matter at first, but they were transferred. On paper it says that a special military division were given complete access to them on the 3d of January, 1987… Both Mr. and Mrs. Mielkov were taken out of government regulated quarantine later that day.”

“Where did they go?” Natasha looked over at Y/N just as the agent began to bring out several files that she had prepared to showcase during her debriefing.

“That’s where it gets trickier to keep track of them.”

“Yet not impossible.” Steve raised a brow, hinting a smile as he knew Y/N was one of the best agents that SHIELD had and that she undoubtedly had been able to dig up something useful.

She smiled, trying to hide how much she enjoyed showing that she was good at what she did. “They were taken to Germany, more accurately, to where any normal map would tell you there was absolutely nothing but forest within a hundred mile radius… As if that wasn’t enough, there’s record of a private airplane leaving Ukraine with five passengers, all adult males except one who was a young boy.”

“Dimitri.” Natasha concluded.

“The flight was scheduled from Zhuliany to Nüremberg. That is the last thing there is documented on the Mielkov’s for two years, last thing on Dimitri for nearly thirteen.” Y/N changed the image again to an old news article. “During the destruction of the Berlin Wall, two unidentifiable creatures killed seven political members of an activist group that were pro-demolition in the debate of the Wall. The creatures were both killed by law enforcement after having taken nearly thirty bullets each all over their body, including chest, face and skull… German authorities said that it had simply been two protestors in extremely vivid suits.”

“It was the Mielkov’s. Whoever had taken them from Ukraine to begin with must have been against the demolition?” Steve looked between everyone for more opinions and theories. “Used them as a form weapon to take out the politicians in hopes that it would prevent the down-bringing of the Wall?”

“There’s also another detail…” Y/N sighed, sliding to the last picture which also was part of the news article. It was a photo of the Mielkov’s, bodies peppered with bullet holes, the four tentacled skull burnt into their already mutilated bodies. “And the circle is complete.”

“So it was Hydra all along.” Natasha huffed, wondering how many heads they could grow back considering how many they’d gotten cut off. “Go figure.”

“What does he want now thought?” Clint questioned as he hadn’t been able to make that part clear.

Y/N let out a long sigh, smiling tightly. “For you guys to lay six feet under, hence the personal debriefing.” She admitted the reason for why they were all gathered. “I’ve been around this guy a while now and I’ve never seen someone with such a pure hatred for - well - anything. I think this hate against people with special abilities might have been planted by Hydra when he was still young and impressionable. Since then it has slowly simmered until what it is today. I don’t know where along the road he settled for targeting the Avengers exactly, but I’m not really interested in what the answer is.”

“So we have a kid, whose parents were mutated by the Chernobyl disaster before dying as nothing but weapons, who was raised by Hydra and is now planning to kill a group of the most powerful men and women on this earth.” Clint summoned up, Y/N nodding for confirmation. “Just your ordinary day at the office then.”

“Whilst I think we all know he would never succeed, especially since he has withdrawn from Hydra, he is constantly recruiting new men for the minor army he’s put together and is investing in heavy artillery of all kinds. I was lucky to be able to leave when I did… Last thing I heard, he had gotten his hands on drone with the middle’s blast radius large enough to level an entire city block to the ground.”

“Has he settled for when the attack is going to be?” Steve crossed his arms. Hydra alone was one thing, but having someone personally go after him and his friends was another. It made his blood boil.

“No. He’s disorganized when it comes to planing things. He’s so fueled with rage that he tends to act first and think later.”

“That could be an advantage.” Bucky pointed out.

Y/N nodded again. “Agreed. My cover was never blown so he will not expect us all to come barging through the front door. I’d say that’s the easiest way to handle this.”

“How many men does he have?” Bucky tried to think of every aspect and everything Y/N had told and explained as he made a vague plan of attack silently to himself. Even if it would never be of use, it was great practice.

Y/N tilted her head back and forth, settling for a rough number. “About fifty, but like I said, he’s recruiting new men every day, and I’ve been gone for nearly a week. For all we know he could have double of that by now.”

“Then we can’t wait.” Steve stated, suddenly sounding a lot more authoritarian than usual. “We’re taking the Quinjet. Wheels up in fifteen.”

Steve was out of the room before anyone could protest. Not that they would, but it would have been nice if Steve had stuck around long enough to confirm that.

“I guess we’re going to Germany again.” Bucky pushed himself up as he had leaned his hands on the table before them. “Or was he is Serbia?”

“Actually, he’s residing in Canada. There’s a steel factory that’s been abandoned since the 60’s that he’s using as the heart of this little operation of his.” Y/N explained, wishing Steve wouldn’t have been so quick to leave so that he also would have hear her.

“The closer the better, right?” Clint shrugged his shoulders.

“Not too close.” Natasha furrowed her eyebrows and headed out of the room after Y/N, Bucky following her with Clint being last in line. As they walked down the hallway to get to their rooms and the armory to gather their gear quickly, Natasha walked up to Y/N’s side. “You good?”

Y/N pulled her head black in slight surprise. “Yeah, of course. Why do you ask?”

“These things can become personal sometimes, and I don’t mean the fact that this guy is specifically after our heads… I mean it can get pretty personal when you’re undercover and you’re no longer Y/N Y/L/N but you’re someone else, living another life for a change.”

“You think I’m emotionally invested in a guy who’s looking to kill my coworkers, my friends?” Y/N questioned, following Natasha in to the armory where they ended up being alone for a moment.

Natasha put her hands up defensively for a second. “It was a real sob story you told us back there. All I’m saying is that it wouldn’t be strange if you felt some remorse for the guy who lost his parents in such a brutal way and had his entire childhood taken from him by Hydra.”

“That’s not the case.” She was quick to defend. “I was some random girl named Lydia Korolyov when I was with him. The made up backstory she had, her opinions and everything else that belonged to her is gone now. That includes pretending to be on Dimitri’s side.”

The armory was quiet, Natasha staring blankly at Y/N who was breathing heavily, cheeks burning red. Natasha had far too much experience for the signs to go unnoticed by her, even if she desperately tried to ignore them. She could feel her heart sunk upon realization, letting out a shallow breath.

“You slept with him?” It was equally as much a question as it was a statement. The abrupt closing of Y/N parted lips and the regret behind her eyes was enough for Natasha to confirm it. “No… No, Y/N you didn’t.”

Y/N’s bottom lip trembled. “It was an act. Nothing of it was real.” She tried to convince Natasha as if anyone would have ever believed her in that moment. She felt tears welling in her eyes put forced them down. She would not cry. She simply wouldn’t.

“You shouldn’t go on this mission. I’ll vouch for you, tell SHIELD I specifically requested for you to stay behind due to doubting if you were skilled enough to tag along… You might be questioned whether you’re suitable for your position or not and in the worst case they’ll send you back to bootcamp for a while, but at least-”

Enough.” Y/N clenched her jaw, her voice strained. If there was one thing she would not do it was run from her problems. “I’m doing this… I had a mission, I broke the few rules I have to follow, and I’ll deal with the consequences of that.”

“Hey, could I have the coordinates for-”

“They’re in the system.” Y/N cut off Clint who had appeared by the door, peaking his head inside. He looked between Y/N and Natasha questionably, sensing that something was off at the same time as he felt the time wasn’t right to ask either of them about it.

Natasha had grabbed her already packed suitcase of pistols of a few different variations, a sniper rifle just in case and more ammunition that she would ever need on a single mission.

“Just for the record.” Y/N spoke up as Natasha was starting to head out in the same direction Clint had went. She stopped, turning back to the tormented SHIELD agent. “I didn’t know what he was planning, when we were… Together.”

Natasha smiled subtly, her heart aching for the girl who had been thrown into a world so much more complex than she had possibly been able to imagind. “I know you didn’t.”

Future Steve X Reader or Bucky X Reader?

Also, please tell me what you think!

Random Lego Batman Headcanons
  • Along with having plenty of lobster, Alfred also now keeps several kinds of cookies in the Wayne Manor kitchen at all times. Gotta keep that ‘unlimited cookies’ promise somehow, lol.
  • Speaking of which, Alfred and Dick sometimes bake homemade cookies together just for fun. And yes, they’re usually either cut or frosted to look like bats and birds/the Batman and Robin logos, lol. Batman occasionally tries to help, but mostly he’s just there to eat cookie dough.
  • Much like how Batman leaves his cowl on most of the time at home, Dick also leaves his cape on most of the time. It’s also pretty common for him to just sleep in his Robin costume and/or not change out of it until Alfred reminds him to do so.
  • Batman and Dick have family movie days (they can’t exactly have movie nights because of obvious superhero reasons, but neither of them really mind) at least once a week, and they alternate between who gets to pick the movie. Thankfully, they actually have similar tastes, so it’s always a good time ^v^ And of course, when they aren’t busy, Barbara and Alfred sometimes join their movie days too.
  • Both Batman and Dick invite Barbara to live with them, and while she politely declines, she spends most of her weekends at Wayne Manor. Eventually, ‘Puter recognizes her voice, and she’s able to use it just as much as Batman and the others can (which definitely helps when she has to take police commissioner work home).
  • Even if he’s already adopted, Dick still decides to take on Bruce’s ‘learn a new language’ advice and learns Spanish. Given how talented the kid is, he becomes fairly fluent in it within a year or so. As a result, Batman ends up learning a bit of Spanish too (and actually learns how to pronounce “mi hijo” correctly, lol)
  • I just have to believe that at some point, Batman tries to teach Dick how to rap. It… doesn’t go well, lol. But Dick isn’t too disappointed, at least he can still sing (along with all his other talents). Also, given that Batman writes songs for himself in this universe, I could see them having a couple father/son collab songs, lol ^v^ Not quite as ‘metal’ as Batman’s usual songs, but he’s still proud of them. 
  • Batman lowkey asks Alfred and possibly Jim Gordon for parenting advice at least once a month. 
  • Even if he loves wearing his Robin costume more, Dick still occasionally puts on his Nightwing costume - usually if the mission involves being super stealthy. He’s not ready to be Nightwing full-time just yet though, he still loves being Robin ^v^
  • Another father/son bonding thing that Bats and Dick do is sparring. Though, given how they’re both excellent fighters already, it’s really more just for fun than to actually train or for competitive reasons. Babs also occasionally joins in on the sparring sessions (and usually wins when she does, hehe)
  • Dick eventually starts to grow his hair out, and Babs will sometimes braid it for him.

Aaaaand that’s all I have for now! 

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"You should know by know that if you leave your cape laying around, I don't care if it's for 'superhero business', I'm going to wrap it around myself like a blanket."

Aww, I’d do this honestly. lol


“You should know by know that if you leave your cape laying around, I don’t care if it’s for ‘superhero business’, I’m going to wrap it around myself like a blanket.” You stated as you had Tim’s cape wrapped around you on the couch while watching TV.

“I see that, but it’s not soft or anything. Wouldn’t you like a real blanket?”

You simply shook your head. Confused he asked “Why?”

“This smells like you, and reminds me of you”

Tim wasn’t expecting that, coming up with an idea he left the room before returning with a blanket. He snagged his cape away, causing you to whine. “Hey!”

Not responding he sat next to you and wrapped the blanket around the both of you. “There, now you have me and a cozy blanket”

“I guess I do” you said while nuzzling into his side, his arm falling behind your back. He rubbed small circles on your back as you were both quiet, just enjoying each other’s company.

600 Milestone Sentence Starters (Closed until morning)


So momocon is next MONTH and I’ve been working on my nature nymph cosplay for a few weeks now~🌿🌸🌿

It started with the crochet crop top I made like two weeks ago that was going to just be an extra top I wore, but then I got inspired by a ig painter and I had to make MORE!!!

Then the cape happened (that isn’t finished because I need more yarn to make the hood)
So I was going to make a cloak for a crop top I had a friend make for me but I decided I’ll wear that top next con~

Then I started making heart leaves for the bottom of the cape (and flower crown and back piece)
I spent 4 hours making&perfecting my flower crown
I just got my skirt today in the mail and it fits perfectly!!!

Now all I have to do is get shoes, make jewelry, figure out how makeup works lol, how I’m going to wear my hair,and maybe get some contacts(I’m really debating on this one) 😅😅

Also if any ones interested in getting their own custom crop top be sure to e-mail at ahdorkable4@gmail.com or message me here.

All pics are from my ig and ig story at

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prompt: kara/lena + moved in together without noticing.

Let’s all pretend Kara knows where Lena’s house is. I also took liberty with how the suit works. For reasons.

The first.

It’s an accident. Kara goes by Lena’s apartment after Lena saved the city and Lillian had been driven away in the back of a police car. Only to see if she’s okay. Kara just wants to be a friend, to stop by and make sure that darkened look in the back of Lena’s eye is gone. She’d seen it as Supergirl, but they’d been surrounded by people and there’d been no way to ask her. Kara hadn’t been lying, when she’d let slip to Lena that she knows what it’s like to feel let down by your parents. She knows what it means, that look. That pain. 

Maybe not entirely, but she understands in some form.

In many ways, Kara’s father and Lena’s mother teamed up to destroy lives.

It’s with that hollow thought that Kara knocks on Lena’s door.

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AHHH! Okay! I’m so happy you liked it! I really enjoyed making this! Sorry it’s so short! I wasn’t really too sure of wha else to add. I hope you like it!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/161939649027/i-loved-the-cape-fic-it-was-literally-the

The group sat around the fire that same night. They were laughing about something or another. But Marco soon noticed Tom was getting quieter, he looked over and saw that despite the fire, Tom was shivering. Marco smiled fondly a him and got the cape from the tent. He wrapped it around Tom for the second time.

“Th-thanks.” Tom said through chattering teeth.

“I don’t have the heart to take it from you. Look how cold you get.” Marco teased him. Tom blushed and pulled the cape tighter around him. Marco smiled and the boys continued their night with their friends. It wasn’t long until Marco began to shiver from the night air.

Tom tilted his head and brought the cape around to cover both him and Marco. “Well I think there’s plenty of room for both of us.” Tom giggled. Marco blushed deeply and the two boys cuddled together by the fire. They didn’t even think about what they were doing until they both notice Star and Janna giggling at them.

Tom blushed deeply and Marco covered his face with his hands. “Sh-shut up! It’s cold!” Tom cried. Marco just hid his face more.

“Okay sure, it’s just cold.” Star teased. The boys both blushed deeper and Tom got up, leaving the cape behind to drape over Marco’s shoulders. He marched over to the tent, embarrassed. Star giggled and nudged Marco. “Go say something to him.” She told him. Marco blushed deeper and made his way into the tent. He saw Tom curled up on the sleeping bag and he smiled. Marco took his cape off and put it over the demon. Tom stirred a bit and his eyes opened up.

“You looked cold.” Marco smiled. Tom grinned and pulled the cape around him. Marco turned to leave the tent, but Tom sat up and grabbed Marco’s hand.

“Can you um… can you stay for a minute?” Tom asked, blushing. Marco blushed as well and Tom pulled his hand away, rubbing the back of his head shyly. “It’s just uh… it’s cold in here ao maybe we should stay close and uhm…” The more Tom talked the redder his face became and he looked down. Marco smiled and sat down next to Tom, wrapping the two of them up in the cape and nodding.

“Yeah, I can stay for a bit.” Marco giggled. Tom blushed and the two nuzzled close to each other, bundled up in the cape.

“Hey Marco?” Tom asked, holding the human’s hand. Marco looked over and Tom blushed even more. “I… do you… do you like me?” Tom asked. Marco fell back and Tom looked away. “I mean… I like you so do you like me?” He repeated. Marco blushed lightly.

“Well… of course I like you… I let you keep my cape and… We’re cuddling together right now.” Marco reminded. Tom laughed.

“I just… it’s all so new and confusing I… I don’t know.” Tom buried his face in Marco’s hoodie. “I’m confused… about my feelings and seeing you and… I don’t know! I just want to be around you and stuff.” Tom mumbled. Marco began laughing and Tom narrowed his eyes. “What’s so funny?” Tom asked.

“You’re just so cute.” Marco laughed. “So, so cute!” He exclaimed. “You don’t need to be nervous around me… but it’s adorable that you are.” Marco gave Tom a kiss on the nose and the demon gasped, covering his face with his hands, blushing violently.

“Ah! Marco!” He cried out. Marco giggled and gave him another kiss, this time behind the ear. The two blushed and cuddled some more before falling asleep in the tent, nestled close to each other.


ok so as u all know 90% of the time i find period shakespeare (ie ruffs and hose and poofy pants set to discordant woodwind music etc etc) uninteresting, inauthentic (u think shakespeare was staging julius caesar in roman garb??? fuck no the actors dressed like the audience did), and ultimately alienating– when everyone’s in doublets costuming ceases to say anything about who the characters are, everything’s just a wash of archaic bullshit and it’s BORING, so as much as i liked that one globe production with mark rylance that nO ONE WILL SHUT UP ABOUT i present for ur consideration: a twelfth night film a la modern day new england! 

illyria is a wealthy neighborhood on the cape, housing the gigantic beachside mansions of two old money recluses. orsino, inheritor of some bigtime tech business or another, spends very little time being an at-home ceo and a lot more lounging around in his bay-windowed sun room writing bad poetry and crying over olivia. olivia, the neighboring heiress, has taken the tragic deaths of her father and brother as a good excuse to perhaps finally get orsino to fuck off as well as to look really glamorous (opening shot: olivia, swathed in a long black sleeveless dress and enormous floppy black hat, strolling on the windy beach while her personal assistant malvolio runs after to hold a big black umbrella over her head, wary of the brewing storm; olivia lowers her big dark sunglasses to peer out over the sea; far, far away we see the distant outline of what might be a capsizing ship; olivia replaces her glasses and walks on)

meanwhile viola and sebastian, conveniently identical fraternal twins on summer vacation from one ivy league university or another, are continuing their trip up the coast when their rich dead dad’s yacht sinks in the storm. viola, very alone and very female, washes up on the cape and decides that she better bide her time by entering into an ‘internship’ with the infamous orsino and, er, lying on her resume. young cesario charms his way into orsino’s heart to an extent that neither of them bargained for and several different manners of identity crises brew in the mansion, observed and surreptitiously laughed at by the lovable drifter feste, who orsino lets crash on his couch in exchange for the odd ‘anyway here’s wonderwall’

things are no less weird at olivia’s: the legendary ice queen stopped wearing black after one meeting with orsino’s new prettyboy intern, giving feste even more fodder for knowing smirks. meanwhile the poolhouse has been taken over by olivia’s deadbeat stoner ‘uncle’ (he’s not much older than her; there was a much younger second wife in the mix a generation back) toby, who wears a bathrobe during the day big lebowski-style and doesn’t own closed toe shoes, and toby’s friend andrew, a trust fund baby in salmon-colored fuckboy shorts who spends most of his time lazing by the pool feeling sorry for himself. feste joins them in pranking and day drinking and golf cart crashing (okay, that was one time) and making fun of olivia’s personal assistant with the stick up his ass. olivia’s housekeeper maria pretends to be disapproving at first (intro shot: toby, asleep on a plastic poolside recliner, gets sprayed in the face with the garden hose while we hear maria’s scolding voice– “by my troth sir toby, you must come in earlier o’nights!”) but quickly falls in line with the lovable gang of burnouts (and in love with its leader) and has the idea for the prank of the century 

all this goes on while viola assumes her twin brother to be dead, but of course we know he isn’t: he’s been rescued by antonio, a hunky crab fisherman with tattoos, an apparent distrust of shirts, a heart of gold, and a criminal record in illyria as long as your arm. after living the pirate’s life with his new, uh, ‘friend’ for a while, sebastian goes aground on the cape, leaving poor lovestruck antonio to risk certain arrest by following him

and that’s only act two

the soundtrack is entirely vampire weekend

But like,imagine having a school for fangirls

Like there would be joe teaching you how to make a band and the winchesters how to kill demons and ryan how to leave brendon in cape town,it would be so much fun :)))

The Dangers of Loving a Villain

Fandom: Gotham/DC

Character: Edward Nygma (The Riddler)

Reader Gender: Female

Request: “Edward Nygma’s gf defending him to Batman.?”

Summary: After seeing your boyfriend, Edward, and the infamous Batman duking it out on the streets of Gotham City, you can’t help but intervene when Batman has the upper hand. 

Warnings: Mild swearing, blood, implied violence

Word Count: 1062

Author’s Note: This is going to be like DC verse and the future of the Gothamverse, also, sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted exactly!

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