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neil and allison headcanons lets do it

☆WILL talk shit about anyone and look smug doing it. even if you call them out they just stage whisper behind their hands while maintaining eye contact
☆will talk shit about reporters IN FRONT of reporters
☆have the same shitty taste in shitty reality tv. they binge watch for hours.
☆paint each others nails bc why not
☆neil Tries to braid allisons hair and ties it into a knot on accident. allison doesnt talk to him for a week and a half and aims all the exy balls at his ankles during practice
☆allison tries to take neil to nice restaurants with actual high quality food but neil doesnt even like it he prefers garbage
☆neil: its good! its good i swear im just not that hungry. hey can we stop at dennys on the way back
☆they have a joint twitter account
neil: allison is gone so im gonna buy 25 new exy racquets matt: why neil: shes pretty much 85% of my impulse control
☆a million inside jokes between them so allison can just deadpan say ‘extra chunky’ and neil busts a fucking gut
☆allison ‘never talk to me or my son neil again’ reynolds
☆both pull all-nighters to finish schoolwork and in the morning the rest of the team finds them half-dead with their blood like 60% coffee
☆UNSTOPPABLE team at playing chicken
☆get mistaken for dating all the time when theyre out. allison immediately turns to neil and says ‘i want a divorce’
☆allison does that thing where she rests her elbow on neils shoulder and leans on him
☆they both overreact to minor inconveniences
☆’the wifi is out’ ‘i want you to kill me. i want to die Immediately.’
☆can have conversations completely through emojis



The Allagash Abductions 1976

One of the most discussed and well documented alien abductions to date, the Allagash abductions, take place in The Allagash Waterway in Maine.

Twin brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, along with their friends Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz(met in art school) decided to try some night fishing while on vacation in The Allagash Waterway. Before leaving the bank, they built an extremely large campfire to be a landmark light from the water.

While canoeing they saw a bright light which started to approach them after they shined their flash lights on it. Soon it was hovering above their heads and the next thing they remember is being back on the bank and wondering how their fire had been reduced to nothing but ashes, which should’ve taken hours to happen. They noticed that they had lost a lot of time. They didn’t really talk about it until they all started having the same nightmares.

In these nightmares, they saw beings with long necks, and large heads. The beings also had large metallic glowing eyes with no lids, and their hands were insect-like, with four fingers. They all had the same consistent descriptions of the beings and since they were artist, they could all draw the beings and the experience they had.

After psychiatric examinations all four of the men were deemed to be mentally stable, and they all passed lie-detector tests. All of the information gleaned from the detailed hypnotic sessions, and investigative reports provide strong evidence that something “not of this world” was encountered by these four men on the Allagash Waterway in 1976.

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Castiel works as a teller at his local bank, and Dean is a new mystery customer that brings in a wad of cash and crumpled singles once a week to deposit into his account.

Working as a bank teller was definitely a unique and interesting experience - and one that Castiel generally enjoyed.

Of course, there were always the customers that raised hell when they walked through the door, complaining about incorrect overdraft fees or loan interests, but for the most part, the people were pleasant and Castiel didn’t mind plastering a smile onto his face for five or six hours at a time.

He and the other tellers had their favorite customers that they always talked about, whether for the entertainment factor, or because they genuinely liked them.

There was the nice old woman who always updated the teller on her grandson’s theater career; the middle aged man who generally arrived drunk and so sure that he was a millionaire even though he wasn’t; the college-aged girl who came in with a different hair color every time; and a younger man who kept trying to convince the teller that he was haunted.

Yes, Castiel was sure that he’d seen it all - and then one day, Dean Winchester came through his line.

The moment Castiel looked up as the new face approached the counter, he was thrown off. Sandy and deliberately coiffed hair framed a perfectly symmetrical face that he was sure he’d seen on a famous statue in some museum or another. Soft green eyes blinked at him with an even softer smile as he leaned forward against the counter and tilted his head.

“Hey,” the man said, his voice almost as smooth as the marble his arms were resting against.

“Hello.” Castiel cleared his throat and smiled, praying to God that it looked natural. “How can I help you today, sir?”

The man pulled out his ID and slid it across the counter.

Dean Winchester, it read.

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I have this theory that Seungri became really interested in business because he accepted that he'll never have success as an artist like the other members. Now I see him drifting farther and farther away from Big Bang and focusing more on his business ventures rather than his role in the group and as an artist. What do you think? I used to think it was unimaginable for Seungri to leave Big Bang but now I think he has the financial security to do so.

I’m going with yes and no because of the many factors. This is gonna get lengthy so I’m gonna put it under a read more.

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the books weren’t written for children,

they were written for …the promise breakers.

This thread only applies to sugar babies LIVING IN THE US who want to put their cash allowance in their bank, or if they receive direct bank deposits from their sugar daddy. These answers apply to this tax year (2016). I am not a tax professional, so please keep in mind that it’s always best to consult a tax professional when dealing with money!

1. Can I put my cash allowances in my bank?

SITUATION A: Total cash deposit UNDER $14,000 a year: Yes, it’s fine to put your cash allowance into your bank account. But remember that ANY bank transaction leaves a permanent trace. Many banks are obligated to report any deposits over $2,000, but this depends on federal/state laws and rules with your bank. Considering the nature of sugar baby/sugar daddy relationships and the scrutiny it receives, you may still want to consult a tax professional to make sure you don’t face any issues with the IRS, especially if you have multiple SDs giving you allowances under 14k. For total allowance under 14k in a year, your sugar daddy is not required to file anything with the IRS.

SITUATION B: Total cash deposits OVER $14,000 a year: Yes, it’s fine to put your cash allowance into your bank account. You can receive an unlimited amount of money as gift without facing any taxation or legal repercussions. Your sugar daddy should report the gift on his taxes (Form 709), or else you may face issues with the IRS.

2. Do I have to pay income taxes on the money I receive from my Sugar Daddy?

No, you do not. Sugar arrangements are technically a “relationship”. If there were no services or goods rendered for the cash or property, this money falls under the classification of “gift", and you do not have to pay income tax.

3. Do I need to pay gift taxes?

No, you do not have to pay gift taxes. If the allowance you receive in a year is over 14k, your sugar daddy will have to file a gift tax return. Although your sugar daddy will have to report gifts over 14k (per person) to the IRS, he most likely will not have to actually pay any taxes unless he has given away $5.45 million in gifts in his lifetime. He’ll have to fill out a Form 709, but he won’t have to actually pay any money to the IRS.

4. What if my Sugar Daddy pays my medical bills or tuition?

If your Sugar Daddy pays your tuition or dental/medical expenses (including health insurance premiums), it won’t count against the annual exclusion (that’s the 14k a year limit I mentioned earlier) and he won’t have to file a gift tax return regardless of how much he pays – but only if he make those payments directly to the service provider, such as the school, doctor or insurance company. You won’t have to file anything with the IRS either. If he doesn’t pay it directly and just gives you money for your tuition/medical bills, it’s just treated as a cash gift.

5. I don’t want to deal with all these laws and rules but I don’t want to handle everything in cash! What can I do?

You can always ask your sugar daddy to pay your bills and expenses directly, he could give you a prepaid debit card, or he could give you a credit card. These are all safe ways to receive financial help without having to deal with your bank.

Please comment below if you have any other questions. :)
Please note that even if you deposit small amounts of cash throughout the year, if your reported income and your bank account $$$ doesn’t add up, you may get audited. Sugaring is legal and you DON’T have to pay taxes on it, but if you can’t prove it’s a gift, you can still get audited! On the other hand, it’s VERY rare. Unless you are making bank from sugaring (I mean like 5-10+k a MONTH), and saving it up all, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.


I remember she said to me ‘I hope he looks like his papa’, and I won’t lie she was right to hope it, because she was no beauty — and then she told me he was to be named Tom, for his father, and Marvolo, for her father — yes, I know, funny name, isn’t it? We wondered whether she came from a circus — and she said the boy’s surname was to be Riddle. And she died soon after that without another word.

Please keep my city, Guadalajara, Mexico, in your thoughts, right now there are shootings and narcobloqueos (burning vehicles blocking roads) happening all over the city because an important member of a drug cartel was captured by the authorities. We are being asked not to leave our homes because this people won’t go down without fighting. They shot down a military helicopter killing three people right now. Pray for the safety of my people.


As promised! There’s literally like 15 requests included in here. I hope it’s not garbage. I’m trying something new with the POV–it’s going to be third person limited from Hunk’s POV. I normally do a clumsy third person omniscient. Not that any of that was remotely interesting. And yeah, I know I’m weirdly inconsistent about how watertight the paladin armor is from fic to fic–I bend reality to fit my needs. It is what it is. Fic below! :D

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MAKE A BUDGET: and stick to it. making a budget can be confusing and difficult, but what we’ve found is that understanding where your cash flow is coming from is absolutely key. be realistic about the goals you set, and set aside a small buffer amount each week in case something comes up. budgets don’t have to be the same every week, because what you do in a week can change.

check out our second post in the finance series: how to budget

USE CASH: and leave your bank card at home. studies have shown that people are more likely to spend less when using cash because there’s a better sense of how much money they’re spending/saving. besides, using cash will force you to stick to a budget!

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD: we love food but food is expensive. buying groceries every week or two and making your own lunches/snacks can save you a lot of money in the long run. (see this buzzfeed article for some recipes)

BUY GENERIC BRAND: because most of the time, generic brand is just as good as name brand. don’t let prejudice keep you from saving money!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE THINGS: if you want to hang out with your friends, consider free events happening around you. there’s usually always something happening on campus. at the very least, you can always get the free swag from those events!

APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: yes essay writing can be a pain and it may seem like a snowball’s chance in hell that you’ll get it, but just do it. a lot of scholarships don’t get as many applicants as they make it seem so you have a better chance than you think you do!

TEXTBOOKS: borrow them from a library if you can and take pictures of the pages you need (or just do your work at the library.) failing that, see if your school bookstore lets you rent textbooks instead of buying them! If you absolutely have to buy your textbooks, buy used whenever possible. don’t be afraid to scrounge the internet for a cheap(er) copy.

EVERY CENT COUNTS: even though Canada has discontinued the penny, this still holds true. as broke students, we all know that sometimes that nickel can make or break your day. so save what you can, even if it doesn’t feel like much!

this is by no means an exhaustive list. if you have more tips, send us a message and we might make a follow up post!

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Do any of you know of any rp guides about how to play a thief, like from big targets like banks, museums and such? Or would that be a thing?

 First, here are some links I think could be helpful:

I can’t find a specific guide on how to write a thief, so here’s so extra information.

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And honestly, if Psmith doesn’t come off at least a little menacing you’re not doing Psmith right.