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For your blurb night could you do a super cuddly harry blurb with him spooning you and just saying how much he loves you pls omg

Harry held you close, arms tucked right around your waist, making it known he wasn’t letting go anytime soon. 

Your alarm had already gone off twice before this, and you sleepily looked at the red numbers staring back at you on the clock, knowing it would be just seconds before it went off again. 

“Harry,” you mumbled, trying to pry his hands from your hips, “I’ve got to get up, I have class today.”

He protested, but the words didn’t make much sense, only grumbles fell from his tired lips. Your struggles were no match for his strong arms, caging you into his chest. 

“Can’t leave m’jus’ yet, angel,” he yawned, “Too cold to sleep alone.”

“I’m not too thrilled to be up either,” you finally broke free of his arms with one final push and went to stand despite his whines.

“But I love you,” he pouted, “You’re not supposed’t leave the ones yeh love.”

You rolled your eyes, “I’ll be back soon,” you reached over for a pillow and playfully tossed it at his sleepy head, “Don’t get too comfy.”

Angel and Demon Prompts


  • I’m a guardian angel but really shitty at my -oh my gosh don’t walk into the street!
  • I’m the angel in charge of giving you a tour of heaven. 
  • Please stop kicking at the gates of heaven you’re dead and that’s that.
  • I don’t care how fluffy my wings are you can’t use them as a pillow!
  • You’re a new angel and I’m the one training you 
  • I’m just wandering around doing random good deeds and you look like you need the lords help but I can try.


  • I’m trying to harass you but you’re immune to my antics because you have a demon friend.
  • You summoned me to make a deal but I’m not sure even hell’s power can help you.
  • I dragged you into hell by accident but you actually like it here so it’s cool.
  • Found a human who likes causing trouble as much as I do.
  • You summoned me by accident and now I’m staying with you till you make a deal with me cause it’s difficult traveling to hell and back and I’m not leaving till we make a deal


  • We are supposed to be enemies but you just saved my life???
  • I’m just a humble demon trying to cause havoc and you’re the pesky angel who won’t leave me alone. What do you want from me?
  • You’re trying to save this human, I want to corrupt them, and they think we are both hot. 
  • Harassing this angel on duty turned into flirting??
  • Date planing is hard when you’re an angel dating a demon

oh look, a new animation. didn’t think I’d do anymore of those anytime soon thanks to fucking Soup taking five months but what do you know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

toenail stank was actually like, mad at sam for dodging that blast like, this binch was deadass up here blasting sam, who had only come to help, square in the chest and knocking him to the floor like “how dare you! you dodged the blast! we were trying to hit you, the guy in the air that doesn’t have a metal suit protecting him! but u moved and now rhodey is injured! why did you move, if it hit you, you probably would have died but like,,,at least rhodey would have been A-OK” and people still wanna defend him i am confusion

The art of flirting (Legolas x Reader)

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This shot is based on  this imagine by @imaginexhobbit

>>Imagine Legolas trying to flirt with you, but not actually understanding the correct way to flirt, so it’s just an awkward mess and Aragorn has to intervene and tell you what Legolas is trying to say<<

This sounded really cute, so I gave it a shot, I hope y’all enjoy it xx. I had a lot of fun writing it, at any rate.

Word count: 1658

Warnings: again a lot of fluff and a pretty OOC Legolas. I guess it was unavoidable, but I gave my best. 

Tomorrow I’ll work on anon’s request *excited* you others: feel free to send me some too! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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when i see the lil moles under taes eyes n on his nose :  💝💕💝💖💟💞💝💝💕💟💓💓💓🌸🌻💕💝💕💝💖💝💕💕💓💖🌻💖🌻💖💝💕👑💖💝💖💝🌟🌻💖🌻💖💟💖💟💖💓💕💝💕💖💝💖💟🌻💕💕💝💕💝💕💝💕💖💝💖💝💖🌸🌼💓💖💖💝💕💝💕💝💕💟💕🌟🌟💕💝💕💝💖💟💕💕💟💕💟💖💟💖💓🌸💖💖👑💖👑💖💓💕🌻💕💝💕💝💕💝💖💝💗💗💓💖🌻💖🌸💖💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💕💝


But my eyes are open
And everything still moves in slow motion
Breathless and blue, and behind your eyes, the sea
Oceans of light envelop me.

a ridiculously troubling part of bpd is the fact that we usually have so much love for so many other people but we cannot feel loved in return. for me it’s like my entire life is a one-sided relationship. like one long unhealthy uneven relationship, where i’m doing all the loving and the other person doesn’t even wanna be with me anymore. and i can try and try to shove them out of my life and move on, but it never happens, because i have absolutely no control over my emotions. it hurts.

People saying Lin “glorified” rapists and slavers.

I’m sorry, but Hamilton didn’t have slaves and didn’t rape anyone. And as far as I know, the musical was about Alexander Hamilton.

The others, specially Thomas Jefferson did have slaves.

Go relearn some history and then come back and hate.

Also, to those saying he can’t rap or “hasn’t done anything” better shut the fuck up and bend over to show you where his awards and all my 8 inch heels freaking fit.


Request for: @1daregreat

Pairing: Reader x Jensen and Jared

Word Count: 859


You yawned, walking down the hall of the bunker.

“Jensen,” You froze at the sound of Sam’s voice. “Jensen, why can’t we leave the set.”

“I don’t know.” You heard Dean respond while knocking on walls. “These are solid.”

“What the hell.” Sam panicked. “Do you think Eric is playing another joke on us?”

“Sam? Dean?” You asked, confused. “What’s gotten into you two?”

“Wait are we filming?” Dean asked.

“I don’t see any cameras dude.” Sam looked around before focusing back on you. He laughed. “Is this a prank. Good one Eric, you got us.”

“Who’s Eric?” You asked.

“Okay, ha ha, you got us. Didn’t she, Jared?” Dean asked.

“Who’s Jared?” You took a step back. “Did you two have a bad hunt with a witch again?”

“You’re not pranking us?” Sam asked, looking over at Dean.

“CAS!” You screamed. “CAS!”

“Y/N.” You turned around at the sound of Castiel’s voice.

“Sam and Dean aren’t Sam and Dean.” You blurted out.

“Shapeshifters.” Cas muttered.

“No.” You shook your head. “Humans, and they look like Sam and Dean and they sound like Sam and Dean but they’re not Sam and Dean.”

Cas walked up to the two men and took a closer look. He nodded. “They are not Sam and Dean. Dean is usually more muscular than that.”

“Hey!” Dean said.

“Even here it’s canon.” Sam muttered under his breath. Dean hit him.

“If you two aren’t Sam and Dean, then who are you?” You asked.

“I’m Jared.” The one that looked like Sam said.

“I’m Jensen.” The one that looked like Dean said, looking at Cas warily.

“Where are Sam and Dean?” Cas asked.

“We don’t know.” Jared responded.

“How did you get here?” You asked.

“We don’t know.” Jensen responded.

Jensen looked around the bunker before looking over at Jared. “Baby.”

“What?” Jared asked.

Jensen looked over at you, grinning like a kid in a candy store. “Can we see Baby?”

“Dean’s car?” You asked, confused. “Why would you want to see her?”

“Well we have one on set.” Jensen told you, excitedly. “But not the real one, obviously. I want to see the real Baby.”

“And the weapons they use.” Jared added, grinning like a child. “I want to see all the real weapons.”

You looked over at Cas. “What the hell?”

“I do not think we should let the tall one near weapons.” Cas whispered. “He looks too excited.”

“Agreed.” You told Cas before turning around and talking to Jensen and Jared. “Why don’t you two sit down while I call someone else.”

Reluctantly, you pulled out your phone and called Crowley.

“Darling.” You heard Crowley purr over the phone. “What can I do for you?”

“It’s Sam and Dean.” You told him. “Well, now Jensen and Jared.”

“Who are Jensen and Jared?” Crowley asked.

“Sam and Dean, except not really.” Crowley hung up the phone.

“What?” You jumped at the sound of Crowley’s voice behind you.

“Chuck!” You yelled.

“What’s wrong?” Chuck flashed into the bunker. “Is everything okay?”

“Sam and Dean aren’t Sam and Dean.” You threw your arms up in exasperation.

“Hi I’m Jensen.” Dean’s look alike popped his head through the doorway.

“And I’m Jared.” Sam’s look alike rested his head on top of Jensens.

“What in the bloody hell.” Crowley grimaced.

“Alternate reality.” Chuck nodded, understanding.

“Okay, but where’s Sam and Dean.” You asked.

“Probably in their world.” Chuck answered.

“Can you get them back?” You asked.

Chuck shot you an ‘of course I can get them back I am your Lord and Savior’ look before snapping his fingers. In an instant, Sam and Dean were back in the bunker and Jensen and Jared were back where they belonged.

“If there is a key,” Sam looked around the room. “Then there must be a lock.”

“I like the other two morons better.” Crowley mumbled, going straight for the liquor cabinet.

“Sam? Dean?” You asked.

“Yes.” Dean looked up at the ceiling and over to the bookcase.

“What are you doing?” You asked.

“Looking for a lock.” Sam responded.

“Well they aren’t on drugs. I’d be able to sense it.” Chuck shrugged.

“Thanks Chuck.” You gave him a grateful smile as he snapped his fingers, leaving you alone with the king of hell, an angel of the lord, and two moron brothers.

“Dean.” Cas walked over to your brothers. “You are home now.”

“What?” Dean took a look around before smacking Sam playfully. “Hey Sammy, we’re back.”

“Y/N!” Sam ran over to you and picked you up, swinging you around. “I missed you.”

“Put me down you tree.” You grumbled.

“Y/N!” Dean wiggled his eyebrows.

You stuck your hand out, stopping him. “No chick flick moments, and definitely no more going to other realities.”

Crowley gave your brothers a tight smile. “You’re even stupider than your alternative selves. Congrats squirrel and moose, you’re officially at the bottom.”

Crowley snapped his fingers, returning back to hell. You, Cas, Sam, and Dean looked around at each other.

“Pie?” Dean asked.

“Pie.” You all agreed in unison and walked into the kitchen to grab pie and celebrate your brothers return.