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Night Out.

Prompt: I was requested by anon to write a clique six rucas oneshot where they have a fun tipsy night out on the town so here it is. Hope you guys like it! xo
Word Count: 1,785

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The club is electric tonight, everyone feeding off of the good energy and genuine smiles. No one can see the dance floor, it’s wall to wall people dancing, all having the time of their lives. Riley and her friends slip in among the crowd, a beeline to the bar. She normally wasn’t a drinker. Not only did she hate the taste but she also hated the idea of not being in control of her body but tonight was a special occasion.  

Finals were over, with only 3 months left of their senior year of college and after all the blood, sweat and tears she put into these last few years of school all she wanted was to let go a little and have some fun. 

A whiskey later and she’s ready to move with the music, arms in the air, body moving to the hypnotic beat of the song. The immense joy she felt looking around at all of her friends was like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

Her two best friends Maya and Isadora giggling uncontrollably as they danced around each other. Farkle acting as if he was too cool to be enjoying himself but that didn’t stop his foot from tapping to the music and his shoulders swaying side to side. Zay was the master of all dance moves as he owned the floor, all eyes on him. Even her boyfriend Lucas who had no rhythm what so ever found himself moving to the beat, long as Riley was in his arms he didn’t care about anything else.  

As they danced the night away Riley couldn’t help but think that this, this is what life is all about. Not necessarily getting wasted, but laughing and having fun with the people you care about, that made everything else seem less important even if just for the night.

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i love my dad so much just a list of events that went down today:

  • i brought my laptop into the bathroom to pee and left the door open but ended up sitting there and watching 5 episodes of drag race and dad got home from work and looked in for a second and muttered, “why dont you have a fucking life?” before walking away
  • he dissed my vest by saying it was almost too gay and i replied “if you don’t look gay you don’t look okay” and he just started laughing
  • we were watching a show with my mom and the guy said something really romantic and i blurted out “that’s that gayest thing i’ve ever heard and i’ve had a guy say ‘choke on my cock’ to me” and i was about to shit my pants for saying that in front of my parents and my dad just goes, “yeah that’s a close second”
  • my mom started getting sick and my dad pulled me aside with this excited little face and whispered “now she can leave us alone at night and we can eat taco bell and watch the walking dead”

my dad is a 6'5" 300~ lb bald ex-redneck and i love him so much