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Honestly…It makes me really uncomfortable when people draw Leia’s Episode 4 Dress as being really tight with a big slit up the leg, because that’s not how it was at all??

It doesn’t even cling to her breasts or anything?? There’s like…a Small knee length slit, I guess, if you look hard enough. But this, and most other outfits of Leia’s, strike me as incredibly modest and professional. In fact, Lets take a look at that for a second. 

Look at what she chooses to wear on Cloud City in Episode 5.

Like…It’s a dress with pants? And I think this was probably an outfit she either A.) Packed for the trip on the falcon or B.) Was provided to her by Lando, And I find it hard to believe that Lando would force an outfit on her, considering he was very nice to her in previous scenes. She would have chosen it out of several different options.

I won’t add pictures, but her White Hoth outfit also consists of a jacket and pants. It’s sensible. They’re in the freezing cold. Why would she wear something sexy. She Wouldn’t.

There are honestly only two instances over the course of three movies where she /kind/ of shows skin. Instance 1 is at the end of Episode 1 where she…Kind of, I guess, Has some cleavage showing?

Like Barely. Keep in mind as well that this dress is floor length and has long sleeves. The second instance is at the end of Episode 6 on Endor

This slit is definitely more revealing, but to be honest, I can’t remember a single time in Episode 6 where it was apparent? They Honestly may have just done this for promotional material? Other pictures of the dress come off as much more modest

I’ve worn dresses shorter than this, so, I wouldn’t exactly consider this revealing by any means.

So when does Leia put on something a little sexier? There’s gotta be one instance right?

Yeah, Against her fucking will.

What I’m getting at here is that I hate the weird sexualization of Leia in Nerd Culture. It’s literally so rampant. It’s not surprising to me whatsoever, but it still makes me mad.

Leia Organa, a 19 year old Freedom Fighter personally fucking chose to dress modestly and people still depict her as this oversexualized Male Gaze Fantasy Being and it’s really disappointing tbfh.


“These are not the Star Wars/Zootopia AU artworks you’ve been waiting for.”

Did my Jedi Mind Trick work? 

Stu Hopps is Darth Vader. I even changed his lightsaber color from red to orange because… carrots. I’m a frickin’ genius. 😒 *gets attacked by ewoks*

Anyway, may the force be with you! ❤︎

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I don’t post much on Tumblr. I prefer to just lurk about, look at fanart, read fics, and stay tf away from all the toxicity and drama surrounding fandom.

But for right now - fuck all that noise. I’m entering the war zone.

I’ve been peeping on the SW fandom for about the last year and a half now, and something has come to my attention - some people… predominantly, it seems, anti-reylo shippers - are so incredibly vile, ruthlessly harsh, and just generally terrible to other people who are just trying to enjoy their reading of the film in peace.

And I mean, it’s not even like y’all (antis) have the correct reading of the film? You guys have CATEGORICALLY MISINTERPRETED everything you use as bait for why the Reylo ship is “wrong” “immoral” or “disgusting.” I’ve seen so many antis claiming that Kylo Ren won’t be getting a redemption arc and is a ruthless murderer with no regrets, yet the subtext of TFA, the SCRIPT ITSELF, dialogue in the novel, and specific comments from fucking JJ Abrams and Adam Driver himself refute that. You can’t argue that it’s incest, because at this point everyone associated with the series has essentially come out and said she isn’t a Skywalker or a Solo. To claim that Rey was “raped” by him and imply that it’s an abusive relationship is to -

1). Strip Rey of all her agency and overlook the fact that she has been established as a strong character who can defend herself (because, idk if you recall, but every time she encounters Kylo Ren…she defeats him). They have consistently been established as equals both in battle and in their abilities in the force, and to suggest she can’t hold her own against him is just blatantly ignoring the text. (And, going off the anti argument, when she enters his mind, that means she also “rapes” him, but I guess we can all overlook that because Daisy Ridley is a pretty, defenseless little woman and Adam Driver is a big, scary, superior man, right?).

2). To only have the capacity to understand text and character development as it’s presented to you in its most basic form. Y’all know this is a trilogy, right? See, what typically happens is that - over the course of a series of films - the characters change and drastically develop beyond what was presented to the audience in the first movie. This is what we call character development.

Do you guys seriously believe that every single Reylo shipper thinks they’re going to jump each other’s bones based on the mutual disdain for each other that was presented in TFA? FUCK NO! The Reylo speculation is centered around the potential we see for future development between the two, romantic or otherwise. It’s based on canon evidence in the novel and script. It’s based on comments from JJ Abrams, Lucasfilm and co. who suggest - nay, outright STATE - that the destinies of these two characters are specifically tied up in their relationship to one another. And now we have a poster, a trailer, and a whole host of spoilers to indicate that Reylo shippers are headed in the right direction in terms of character development and plot speculation. Don’t believe me? There are pages and pages worth of meta and Reylo-centered analysis circa 2015 - 2016 that has, as of recent news and revelations, pretty much hit the nail on the head. While y’all are still just hoping she’s a Skywalker.

The last thing I’m going to bring up is the the utter VENOM that is spat at people minding their own business, enjoying the SW series, and creating their art, totally unprompted, from antis. To call someone a pedophile based on a ship with a ten year age gap (the same age gap between Han and Leia, I might add, but you guys seem totes cool with that) is outrageous, offensive, and trivializes pedophilia. To call someone a racist because of their ship is, again, utterly outrageous, baseless, and wholly dismissive of POC shippers (like myself). Unless you see someone consistently posting pictures of swastikas and spewing hateful, anti-minority rhetoric, you - just another random, bitter asshole on Tumblr - have no right to call someone a Nazi, again trivializing the experiences of those who have had to deal with *actual* racism, stereotyping and social injustice. And if you think we’re sexist? I invite you to revisit Point 1.

Sorry for the long-ass rant. But people should just ship and let ship. There’s no need for the bullying, policing, name-calling, or even taking any of this shit so SERIOUSLY to the point where you would go out of your way to hurt others. Because at the end of the day, we’re all just watching a series of children’s films about space wizards with light-up swords. CHILL.

  • me: Maul's story is the ultimate tragedy because he gets so close to redemption but still misses it. His arc is so poignant, and I wish that there was a timeline in which he was able to repent and live in peace with people he loved and people who loved him.
  • also me: eff off cockroach-boi and let ezra live
Kalluzeb is not wrong

To all the people who treat kalluzeb as if its toxic or wrong because of kallus or zebs place in the lasat genocide please try to remember what happened to kallus with his old crew and how he has been trying to make up for his involvement in the genocide despite a reason to hate lasats heck zeb as forgiven him and if you dont believe me rewatch the honourable ones!

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Qui-Gon liked to say that Obi-Wan enjoyed bickering with the Duchess.

Loath though Obi-Wan was to contradict his master, that was complete nonsense. Satine was utterly impossible when her temper was up, and no one in their right mind enjoyed that.

(Even if she was undoubtedly attractive with her cheeks flushed and that imperious toss of her head.)


It was fairly clear that both Obi-Wan and Satine did enjoy the process of making amends, so perhaps Qui-Gon wasn’t entirely wrong after all…

you know I have endless gripes with reaper76 but what I’m never gonna let go is the tiniest, smallest thing: that gabe is taller than jack. I see it everywhere. it was always in fics, gabe is always taller than jack in art, and it seems petty, but they’re the same height! they’re both tall fucks. anytime I see it, all I can think of is the assumption that gabe, a dark skinned man, has to be taller, larger, more masculine. im never not gonna be mad about art that makes jack smaller and gabriel larger. it wouldnt JUST be a headcanon if it wasnt EVERYWHERE. i feel like half of yall think its canon at this point. not to mention that 9/10 times, lucio is portrayed as taller than he actually is, too. the only character shorter than him is torbjorn but dva and tracer are always shown as smaller than him.

think about why you do that. think about why fandom insists on making dark skinned men larger than they really are. ponder on why you always want to “headcanon” them larger and then get back to me on how it’s just your harmless fun. the hyper-masculinazation of darkskinned men is never not gonna piss me off, sorry.

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In the Chancellor Obi-Wan verse, I love thinking about Obi-Wan's resigned brand of horror as the vote goes on ever in his favor lol

You and me both, Anon. You and me both.

The time has come. If Obi-Wan feels like being dramatic, he would say that the fate of the Galaxy will be decided in a few short hours. It’s not exactly true, whether or not Chancellor Palpatine remains in office surely won’t decide the ultimate fate of the Galaxy. Nor will Obi-Wan being voted in or not do it either.

It’s not the fate of the Galaxy that’s being decided, more the fate of Obi-Wan’s sanity.

Perhaps he is feeling a bit melodramatic. 

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‘When he’s made his way to the kitchen, Hux comes to the stove and hugs himself around Kylo from behind. He watches Kylo cook, his chin on Kylo’s shoulder, arms wrapped around his chest’.

 - Ceasefire, Chapter 3, by @hollyhark.

Never have I ever spent as much time on fanart before. But then, never have I been as wrecked by a fic as I have by the CWU series. 

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my name is luke. literally every teacher i have had or met at this godforsaken school has made a star wars joke upon hearing my name and i just,, i haven't even seen star wars please leave me alone i just want to learn

I would have said something about them being dad jokes, but ya know, Luke’s father and all…