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Okay Jonesy, I'll admit you've got some skill. Writing in metaphors seems to be your forte, I'm impressed but you can't write a whole novel in metaphors. So how about it Juggie? Care to show me what else you can do? How about those amazing story telling skills I've heard so much about. Here's a challenge, tell me about the moment you knew you'd fallen for Betty. Or are you nothing more than a one hit wonder? -💚💚

It’s early morning so I apologise if this is below your standards ;)

My body was like clockwork, constantly working and turning. For years since my downward spiral, I had felt dysfunctional, like the cogs had rusted over. I needed fuel, something to keep me going, but this town was slowly draining me . Love can’t be defined. If you asked someone for a definition they would most likely stand, speechless. That’s what love does. It catches you off guard and leaves you breathless. It puts you in so much pain that it increases your ability to feel alive.

The day of the jubilee is when my clockwork started moving again. Her speech had not only moved me emotionally, but it had started me physically. I felt the room slow to a stop as the past few weeks I’d spent with this girl toppled on me like a pile of bricks. I lost all control of myself, my heart beating erratically at the thought of her smile when we connected eyes. I wanted to be the reason she smiled like that. 

It was overwhelming. You know you’re falling when time goes by in fast forward and you desperately wish there was a pause button on life so you could be with them forever, frozen in a perfect moment.

Product Reviews???
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