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First Love Chapter One: Meeting Misha

Story Summary: Hitting it off with everyone your very first week on the set of Sueprnatural, things take a bit of a turn when you meet and fall in love with Misha Collins.

A/N: Welcome to the official Unintentional prequel! I hope you guys enjoy this series!!!! The story is set up so that you can read it before or after Unintentional, or even on it’s own.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: language, smut

Word Count: 2.3k


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You didn’t expect to fall in love so quickly, or so suddenly. As a matter of fact, you didn’t expect to fall in love at all; but you did. You weren’t a believer in love at first sight; but you sure were now.

The second you laid your eyes on Misha, you were entranced. You knew who he was, you’d seen him on tv before; but meeting him? That was a whole nother story.

You’d only been in Vancouver for a couple of weeks. You moved up from Los Angeles a week before you started your role on Supernatural, and got settled into your new apartment.

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 Look i know it’s not the most creative name, but just go with it. Thank you so much @fanboyswhereare-you for sending this in.

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Hello! Could do one where the reader is an actress on the show and she gets really anxious whenever they don’t know if the show will be renewed bc her family used to be really poor before she joined the show? Thanks hun! ❤️❤️

It’s that time of year again, your least favorite part of the year. The part of the year where your anxiety triples. The season is coming to an end, and the entire cast and crew is waiting to hear if Supernatural gets renewed. 

Before you were cast on the show your family had very little money. Not from lack of trying, your parents worked their butts off to make your life better. But they had you when they were really young, so finding a job had become extra hard for them with a baby. They both eventually found a job, it was enough too feed you and them, and pay rent but that was about it. When they found an add for Supernatural needing a young child for an episode they decided to sign you up. They hated that they had to have you do this so they could afford buying you some clothes for school. You were only supposed to be on for an episode, but the fans loved you and your character so much they wanted to keep you on. Your parents didn’t want to but, your little toddler self loved being with the boys. So they relented and let you stay on the show.

Now your’re fourteen and the youngest person on set. Even though you where on a show you still went to highschool. You were a freshman, and semester finals were coming up, to make your anxiety even worse, you would soon find out if supernatural was renewed or cancelled. You hated getting super anxious but you couldn’t stop yourself. If supernatural was cancelled what would happen to you. The money you made was the main source of income in your family. Your parents still hadn’t been able to get well paying jobs, so the money you made was enough to let you guys live comfortably. But if you weren’t still acting, and you weren’t making money how would your family live?

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People need to understand that Jensen isn’t comfortable with answering ship questions. I mean seriously how long is it gonna take you guys to realize he just won’t become comfortable? He’s not comfortable so just stop asking them! Be damn grateful that he even opened up to us I mean he was such a shy person but now he talks and he’s nice and funny can’t you guys just be happy with that? Instead of asking your annoying questions about destiel or wincest or cockles or whatever ship you want to ask him about? He isn’t comfortable, leave him alone.

Okay, so at Misha’s panel today a girl asked him to prom, and it was very cute. But what was not very cute was the crowd’s reaction. Of course Misha can’t automatically agree to go to a stranger, and possibly underaged girl’s prom. Immediately, the crowd booed, swore and yelled at him. He was clearly upset and no one let up. It’s been upsetting me all day because he does not deserve that ridicule. He even said “I’ll try and work it out, but I’ll be in Europe at the time.” And still, everyone swore and yelled at him. It took up half of his panel, basucally. And still, he walked through the whole crowd, saw everyone. But most of the behavior was disgusting. Misha repeatedly said “I feel so guilty.” Leave the poor guy alone. Even still, he said “Let’s put a pin in this, I’ll try and figure it out.” It really upset me and I just really needed to say something.

“Well, he /is/ pretty hot.”

You can blame Jensen and Misha for this. (ao3)

Jensen is in the green room, relaxing for a few minutes before his trio photo-ops with Misha and Jared, minding his own business. He’s chatting with Jared about the panel when Misha slides up next to him, and wraps a possessive arm around his lower back. 

“So, you think I’m hot.” 

He states it matter-of-factly and Jensen almost spits beer all over Jared, who, traitor he is, starts keeling over in laughter. 

“You act like this is brand new information,” Jensen replies, flashing a cheeky smile at Misha. 

Jared tries to compose himself, but waves a hand between the two of them, huffing for air, and says, “I’m gonna go.” 

He practically runs out of the room, still laughing, leaving Jensen and Misha alone. 

“Well, color me surprised, but you’ve never blatantly expressed your love for my hotness in front of  fans.” 

Jensen shrugs, setting down his beer on the table, and turns, placing his hands on Misha’s hips.

“Maybe I just don’t care what anybody thinks anymore.” 

“Really?” Misha says, voice dropping it’s sarcastic tone into a soft uncertainty. They’ve been together for years, but it’s always been something hidden. It’s smarter that way, a lot of people wouldn’t understand the kind of relationship their two families have. 

“Yeah.” Jensen’s smile goes soft, and he leans in to press a kiss against Misha’s mouth. 

“So, you’re totally cool with me making out with you onstage then?” Misha teases, eyes twinkling clearly seriously considering the idea at the next convention. 

Jensen chuckles, “Okay maybe not that far, but I’m good with… ya know touching more, bringing up how awesome and sexy I think you are at every possible chance. Stuff like that.” 

“I can work with that,” Misha says, smirking. He presses a kiss against Jensen cheek and pulls back a little out of his arms, digging his phone out of his pocket. 

Jensen squints at him as Misha opens the twitter app and starts flipping through screens, searching. 

“What are you doing?” 

“You’ll see,” Misha giggles, tilting his screen away from Jensen. 

Misha taps away some more, and then pockets his phone, grinning, and wraps his arms back around Jensen. A few seconds later Jensen’s phone vibrates in his pocket.  He drops his hands from Misha’s body, eying him warily and pulls out his phone, reading the notification popped up on the screen. He raises an eyebrow, at Misha’s tweet, licks his lips, then re-pockets his phone. 

“Smoking, huh?” 

“Seemed more fitting.” 

“Yeah, well I’ll show you smoking right no-” Jensen hand’s slide across Misha’s hips, sliding down to grip his ass, coaxing a stuttered gasp from Misha’s lips. They’ve got a few minutes, and could make good use of a table nearby. Last night was good but Jensen’s already itching for another taste of Misha’s mouth. 

“Hey guys,” Jared’s voice sing-songs from the doorway, “I know you really wanna fuck right now but we gotta head upstairs.” 

Jensen and Misha sigh, practically in unison, kissing one last time before pulling apart and heading towards the doorway. 

“I hate you right now,” Jensen says once they get to the door, pointing an accusing finger at Jared. 

Jared smiles, slipping an arm around Jensen’s shoulder and flashes a grin at Misha, who stares back at Jared with a faux look of pure malice.  “Yeah, I love you guys too.” 

The three of them separate in the hallway once they see a volunteer, and together, head up to the photo-op room, where for the next few hours Jensen will desperately try not to touch Misha too much in front of the fans. You know, like always, just maybe this time he’ll let a little more touching slip through his reserves.

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I know this is impossible because Misha's brain but what could possibly be going through his head when he brought up Jensen's trailer? When they tease each other and imply the other has a crush on them, it just makes me think that maybe they are just friends. I mean wouldn't they want to keep it secret? I love cockles but I admit I don't understand this stuff and I just never know how to feel about these things. I think you have some great insight when it comes to Misha so is it a good thing?

Well—first of all, thank you. I love talking about Misha and Jensen’s friendship because at its roots, that’s what it is. Whether anything romantic is happening or not, those two are still very, very close. And like with any very, very close friendship—the people around them can wonder “just how close are they?”

It happened with my best friend. We were both considered lesbians while we were growing up because we were just so close … and we played into that because, well … why the hell not? It wasn’t really not true. We may not have been sleeping together, but we were extremely intimate. We always said we’d end up together some day. We called each other “my other half” and “my soul mate” so really—I think a very close friend is basically a lover without the skin to skin.

Now, with Jensen and Misha … I feel like they may be very much the same way. I (sadly) don’t have any evidence to prove the skin to skin stuff, so I can’t say if they are sleeping together … but it’s a lovely thought to have, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were; because the one thing that my best friend and I didn’t do, was check each other out all the time. Jensen and Misha always look one another up and down, and stare at the other’s backsides, and lick their lips when they are looking at the other speak. Yeah … I didn’t do that with my friend. So, the fact that Jensen and Misha do do that, probably leads all the people who are constantly around them—to tease them about being closer than they let on. Since that whole cast and crew is so tight knit, I imagine that this teasing soon turned into a running joke. Every actor has pretty much said so at one point or another. Ruth talks about the “crushes” on set and others talk about how Misha loves it when Jensen sings … it’s not a secret that they all are aware of the closeness between those two.

Now—as for Misha’s comment … let’s just think about Misha’s personality for a second. He is not one to hide from something. He doesn’t shy away or get embarrassed by most ideas and comments that are thrown at him; so when friends, family, fans … basically anyone, comes up and says “Dude, why are you flirting with Jensen so much?” he wouldn’t respond with “Me? No! I would never!”

That’s just not Misha’s style.

He’d more likely say: “Well, what else would you want me to do?”

Misha likes to play along, he likes to go with the joke—and he often likes to further the joke, because he enjoys turning things around on people. People who tease are usually pretty easy to tease back and Misha knows that. My friend and I did the same thing. When someone would be like “Are you two lesbians or something?” Instead of denying it, we’d grab each other, slip our hands into each other’s back pockets and just say “Maybe. So what?”

That person would usually get flustered and leave us alone. Misha defuses situations by playing into them.

Now, with that being said—when it comes to his close friends, I’m sure he’s not trying to get rid of them when they make those comments, he probably just enjoys the easiness of going with the joke. It makes him feel like part of the fun rather than on the outside of it, and I think that honestly—that’s all that “Jensen’s trailer” comment was. It was him just being part of the fun. Turning the conversation back to a running joke that is familiar to both him and Mark. It made that situation, that moment, more friendly and comfortable for the both of them. Everyone does this with their friends; and it usually always sounds weird to someone who isn’t on the inside with them.

But just because this all is a running joke on set, doesn’t necessarily mean that Cockles isn’t real … it’s just not that big of a deal.

The people who are on or work for Supernatural may know about the real relationship between Jensen and Misha, or they may know that there isn’t anything sexual between them, or they don’t know anything for certain and they wouldn’t care either way. No matter what, Jensen and Misha probably don’t go around announcing that they fucked the night before. And if they are trying to keep something secret… well, being really secretive is usually the quickest way of telling people that you have something to hide. However, again … if you go along with a joke or mock an idea, you come off looking less suspicious.

Again … Misha knows this.

And he’s good at it.

Unlike Jensen.

Jensen is my biggest tell that they might actually be romantically involved. Where Misha always acts like he’s just messing around and teasing and having fun, Jensen tries to do the same thing … but the boy kind of sucks at it.

Jensen will joke about Misha—trying to act like there’s nothing going on, but usually, he just ends up complimenting some physical aspect of the man, or saying something he didn’t intend to say, then he gets all flustered and quiet. Like the “that’s how he sounds in the morning” comment. He was trying to tease the guy about the squeaky voice he just used, but ended up putting the spotlight on himself.

God bless Jensen and his horrible subtly.

So, I know I rambled just now but hopefully you got what I was trying to say. Friendships and relationships and human actions and error are all multidimensional and can’t be defined in one instance. We often judge without thinking of how we ourselves do things. Put yourself into these situations, how would you act? What would you mean by doing it? What would you say?

There are no exact definitions and no one can climb inside someone else’s head to figure out what’s going on, but we can assume as long as we keep things based on human nature.

I truly believe that Jensen and Misha—at least once, have been romantic. That is just my opinion, but I do believe it’s true. How Misha acts and especially how Jensen acts lead me to that conclusion; but I am not going down swinging on that idea. If Chuck himself came down to me and said that those two were only friends, I’d accept that easily—because their friendship is beautiful and close, and I know from personal experience, just how happy a friendship like that can make someone. So just because kissing and sex wasn’t involved, doesn’t mean that a level of intimacy wasn’t felt.

Cockles is real … it’s real because those two care about each other.

But seriously, why is this happening? Suddenly its just cockles everywhere? They’re doing things they never would have done last year? Jensen is giving Misha cards, calling him his valentine, holding him. What happened?