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They Walk Again - Teaser

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Genre: Fluff | Angst | Zombie!AU

Pairing: Jimin x OC | Jin x OC

Warnings: Mentions of biting?

So, this is a short teaser of the oneshot I was rambling about a while back! This was inspired by the movie ‘Train to Busan’ (I teared up by the end of that movie, ah) and this is basically what I’ve written so far, a little teaser! This won’t be finished for a while, but please, as always do tell me what you think and please me leave feedback! 

“Jin? Can you help me with something?”

Seokjin peered out from his office, discarding the paperwork he had been scribbling away on to attend to his co-worker. The hospital was bustling with people that day, doctors and nurses alike rushing back and forth, Jin’s name constantly being called out, beckoning him to a different person each time. Children sat tugging at their mother’s sleeves in the waiting room, a couple of bored teenagers huffing and sighing in the corner, others tapping their feet impatiently. The clocks seemed to tick past eternally, every second fading into a minute, into an hour, of relentless waiting, the hospital staff slowly drowning in the workload.

“Just a second,” Jin called out in reply, pushing his hair back from his glistening forehead and looking around the room one last time before rushing out to the teeming reception area to locate his co-worker. He finally spotted her waving over to him, and he began to walk over to her. His eyebrows furrowed in concern as he neared, and noticed the worried expression painted onto her features, biting her lip anxiously.

“What’s the issue? Is something wrong?” Jin asked with a soft tone, staring at her intently as her eyes darted around in worry.

“There’s something strange up with one of the patients, one under your care…You really need to come and check it out…” She tried to keep her tone steady, and yet he could hear her voice waver, setting his senses on high alert.

“Lead me to them, now,” Jin insisted, and the two of them strode off quickly to the recovery rooms, others glancing over at them in curiosity as they went about their own tasks, eventually walking off to attend to their patients.

The doctor led Jin into one of the rooms, and he immediately spotted the problem, some of the blood draining from Seokjin’s face in shock. He rushed over to the man, who was shaking uncontrollably, the veins running along his neck beginning to bulge out and quickly darkening to a murky black, his eyes glazing over and becoming stark white. His pupils and irises quickly faded to nothingness, leaving nothing but white glaring back up at the doctor and nurses surrounding him, his skin sickly and discoloured. A painful snapping sound could be heard as his bones clicked in and out of place, his limbs hanging at unnatural angles, and he rose from the sheets, his unnerving stare directed right at Seokjin.

Across the room and throughout other rooms in the hospital, similar occurrences began to take place, to the horror and shock of everyone present, doctors and unaffected patients alike, frantic and bewildered. The sound of panicked screaming began to ring through the building, as the infected patients stared soullessly at the terrified and bewildered patients and doctors alike. A shrill, piercing scream was heard as one of the infected sank their teeth into a nurse’s arm, her body writhing around desperately in an attempt to escape. The first infected patient fixated his gaze on Seokjin, the startling whites of his eyes glistening under the artificial light, and fear spread throughout Seokjin’s figure at the lifelessness beneath them.

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Prompt 15 gen for Hunk, but it's the team cooking for Hunk instead of Hunk cooking for the team <3

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

Today was just unlucky.

Hunk was never the sort of person to wake easily or quickly.  He set himself three different alarm clocks to make sure he didn’t just smack them off in his sleep.  So when the alarms went off in the awful, wee hours of the morning, Hunk always found himself disjointed and out of it.  When there was a real purpose for it, the adrenaline kicked in and he was ready to go.

When there wasn’t, Hunk was just grumpy.

By now they were all used to the exercise - and the real version - so they managed to make it to the control room in the allotted time.  But their time was basically identical to the last few times, so they still got told to work on it and set to practicing with a scowl.

After that, it was agility training, which Hunk hated.  He could manage, physically, once he got started, but Hunk just wasn’t a ‘do it in a second’ kind of person.  He wanted to double check his calculations, wanted to think everything through.  And, yeah, he got that he didn’t have those things in the real world, fine, whatever.  Didn’t make it more fun in the moment.

Between Keith, who was naturally speedy and never second-guessed himself, Pidge, who was a bonafide genius and could recalculate on the fly, and Lance, who was fairly fast and incredibly competitive, Hunk managed to consistently finish last all morning.

By the end, Hunk was tired, he was sweaty, he was irritated and his pride was wounded.

“Did you see that!  Snatched victory right out from under Keith’s nose!”  Lance threw up his arms in jubilation, ignoring the way Keith visibly bristled from the other side of the room.  “Awesome, right?”

Hunk hunched his shoulders in.  “Yeah.  Great.  Good job.”

The lack of enthusiasm made Lance pause, and he frowned at Hunk.  “Something wrong?”

“No,” Hunk replied.  “It’s just a long day.”

Lance’s brows jumped up and he tried for a smile.  “It’s not even lunch yet, dude.”

“I know.”

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….if anyone ever decides to leave the fandom, to completely move on with their lives and leave this behind, just know I am so so glad to have had you as a friend, to have gotten to know you over the time we spent on this dumb site together. That even though we never met, that we never spoke in person, that I saw you as a friend and hope nothing but the best for you.

Just know there is a dork on this site that cares about you and is so so thankful for getting to meet you within this fandom. I love you and thank you for being apart of this crazy fandom and being my friend ❤️