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It’s my birthday! I’m 23 (so old, SO OLD)…

Anyway, I want to thank you all for being here with me and making my dashboard so beautiful! :) 

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Hi everyone! Since I just reached a new follower milestone and finished my first year of college, I thought I’d celebrate with a follow forever! Seriously, I love every blog that I follow, and thank you all so much for following me!

lovely mutuals <3

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amazing blogs :)

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I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

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2016, what a year, right? Even though I didn’t make a follow forever last year, I thought that it was important to close this year with one for several reasons. Just like for many others, 2016 hasn’t been an easy year for me…my life has undergone drastic changes on different levels and more than half of the year I’ve just been trying to digest it all and keep swimming. I look around at what’s going on in the world and I cannot help but feel discouraged and some sort of anger because it feels as though we (as human beings) aren’t doing enough to make the changes we so desperately need. Then, I look at my own life and see that some of the people I thought I’d always have aren’t in my life anymore. But not everything is bad…2016 has helped me realize difficult times are to be seen as challenges to help us get stronger and create the best versions of ourselves. Also, I’ve met wonderful people that have put a smile on my face when I was feeling drained. 2016 has brought the end of my academic life (for now) after getting my MA degree and I’ve found myself teaching and enjoying myself in a way that I never thought I would. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I also have many dreams that I hope to accomplish in 2017 :)

Since I created this blog several years ago, Tumblr has helped me express my feelings, meet amazing people (who I can now call friends) and escape my life when things seemed too hard. I have been pretty much absent from Tumblr since last summer because, as I already said, I was going through a lot. For the first time, Tumblr didn’t seem to help me when I needed to escape, and for once I decided to face my problems and focus on myself…and that has felt amazing, to be honest. Now I’m just trying to get back into the groove and I’m enjoying seeing you guys and your work all over my dash. Despite the fact that I have yet to regain inspiration to create things as often as I used to, I’m very excited to see where 2017 takes me. And I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride ;)

I wanted to thank those closest to me, who have stuck with me throughtout the years…those who I can talk and laugh about anything, those who I just know will always be there, no matter how far away we are or how long we haven’t spoken for. Anna, Zoey, Hannah and Jess, you are everything a friend could ask for and I’m so proud of who you are as individuals <3 <3 <3

I’ve made a huge list of blogs that I love just in case you’re interested in checking them out. If you’re tagged here, know that you’re loved and that your blog has had a positive influence on me this year (and probably previous years lol), maybe even inspired me…and for that I’m extremely thankful. If I have forgotten you, I’m deeply sorry…you’ve more than likely changed your URL and I cannot figure out who the hell you are anymore :S But you’re loved as well. Remember that.


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I hope you guys have a great New Year’s Eve and that we all rock the fuck out of 2017 ;)


Happy 2016! 10,000 followers is a number I can’t even begin to comprehend, I’m completely amazed that I managed to reach it on December 31st, it made the end of 2015 wonderful. I don’t know why you all follow me but I’m so glad that you do. I love and appreciate every single of you. These are the people who’ve brightened up my dash with their amazing posts. You’ve all made my year very special ❤️ extra thanks and love to:

  • @justplayingvideogameswithryan​: Danielle, thanks for being my first ever tumblr friend all those years ago. Thanks for helping me with this blog to begin with, I couldn’t have got here without you! Also, thanks for listening me ramble on to you about anything and everything. You’re okay most of the time I guess. Love ya.
  • @sloangrey​: Fran Fran Fran. You’re an absolute star, and I’m so glad we bonded over The OC however many years ago that was! 3 years ago now? However many, you’re one of my closest friends and I hope that doesn’t change. Someday we’ll write that book filled with our many (many, many) One Tree Hill opinions, because let’s be honest, the whole world needs to know about how problematic Lucas Scott is. You are an absolute angel and I can talk to you about just anything… as proven by the random word search on your mac. Thank you for being my proofreader so many times and for always being so supportive, and thank you thank you thank you for making this beautiful gifset for me! Love you!!
  • @dinahjaned: Kayla, I’m so glad we’re friends. You’re the only person who truly shares my love and pain for Stefan and Elena, and you always tolerate me gushing about the injustice of them for ages. You also make the most beautiful gifs and you’re always so supportive and lovely. I’m so sad that you’re taking a break from tumblr, but it’s well-deserved because of how hard you work at everything and I can’t wait for you to come back! In the meantime, I’ll send you all the painful stelena gifsets I come across so you don’t miss out! Love you!

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Guess who just became an adult (not mentally though), this girl! I still remember all the lovely messages I got last year, so as an overall thank you, I wanted to do a new follow forever. I love you all so much and I hope you never forget <3

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So I saw a lot of people doing these, so I figured why the hell not! even tho it’s not even 2015 anymore. Apologies if I left anyone out, but if I follow you then I love you regardless of whether you’re on this list or not! 

FAVES (a.k.a, the ones I talk to on a regular basis)

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It’s been a long time since I’ve done my last follow forever, so I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all of you amazing people for filling my dash with awesome posts every day and thank you for following me back! ♥


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Hello!!!! As you all may know, Christmas is my favourite holiday and so It only seemed fitting I did a good old follow forever for you lot. In the past year I have followed a significantly high number of new blogs, which I do not regret one bit because you’re all amazing and make my dash look wonderful! Not to mention i’ve become totally unhealthily obsessed with Gossip Girl (+ chair) which I also don’t regret at all, lol.

I won’t bold anyone here, as usual, because I love all whom I follow and if I’ve forgotten somebody I am very sorry. I’m kinda rushing this out but I really want to do it.

here we go…

#abc ~ @100slytherin, @22reasonstolove, @ahsgifs, @alycia-careys, @alyciadebnamcarey, @anotherjournalist, @aurorasnik, @badgrounders, @bashxkenna, @bassholee, @blakelovely, @bleightondaily, @bllairena, @bllankspace, @bloody-niklaus, @bonerception, @bonneibennett, @breakfast-at-serenas, @breathtakingqueens, @brockrumiow, @brosciles, @cabellosmila, @cantplaywithoutaheartbeat, @capturingbreakfastclub, @centralperkgifs, @centralprks, @chacecrawfords, @chair-obsessed, @chairdelenazade, @chandlerstyle, @chuckandblairdaily, @chuckskryptonite, @cityofandoms, @cityscapeswow, @clarkegroffin, @clarkeravens, @clarklexa, @clexadaily, @clexasource, @cosmokaramel, @crooked-queen, @cystalreeds

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ghijk ~ @geekorunique, @ggirlxoxoa, @giffingossipgirl, @ginnvs, @gleggie
, @godpenis, @gossipconfessions, @grontward, @haleysbrooke, @harrypotterdailly, @harrypotterhousequotes, @hissaviourqueen, @hmarshall, @hogwartshousehabits, @hopepeaceshehungthemoonmikaelson, @howeverlongs, @huckbass, @iamnotangel, @idiot–wind, @iheartchair, @iheartnewt, @immortalityspencer, @impossiblefandoms, @inlovewithchair, @insidethehouses, @itsleightonmeesterr, @jakegylleanhaal, @jeweljessicajones@kclvina, @khaleesiofthewolves, @kickassfu, @kindabamon, @kingcharlesbass, @klarolineepiclove, @klarolineforevermine, @klausmikelsons, @klausswordholder

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I usually make these things when I hit a milestone follow count but it’s the holidays (Christmas!) and most of you are lovely and I feel like doing another follow forever so you all have some great blogs to follow next year!


(If you’re in bold, you’re extra special to me!)

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Sorry if I forgot anybody but my blogroll is full of even more awesome blogs so check it out!  ♥


Brooke Davis quotes - |Part 2|


little-greysanatomy‘s 11.000 FOLLOWERS FOLLOW FOREVER

I’m not sure how I got this many of you to follow me, and I’m actually really sorry sometimes because this blog can be a little bit messy and I talk complete crap most of the time, but knowing you all seem to enjoy me/the blog/any of this, is lovely! :D Thank you for following me, and I really hope you keep doing so until I- well- die, probably. ILY ♥

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Since creating this blog, I’ve somehow managed to gain over 4000 followers and to be quite honest I have no idea how the hell that happened. But I want to thank all of you who follow me and those who I follow for making my dashboard amazing every single day and for being awesome people in general! If you’re in bold then know that I consider you a friend and that I always look forward to talking with you!

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If I’ve forgotten anyone, then I really apologize but you guys are all great and you’re definitely on my blogroll. x



Dear fellow Leyton shippers!

It’s been almost 5 years since our beloved couple rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after :) To celebrate all the beautiful moments they shared together, please participate in the Lucas and Peyton Appreciation Week, which will start on March 3rd and end on March 9th!

These are the themes and posting days:

Day 1: Favorite throwback/parallel - March 3rd

Day 2: Favorite quote(s) - March 4th

Day 3: The moment(s) that broke your heart - March 5th

Day 4: Favorite episode - March 6th

Day 5: Favorite hug(s) - March 7th

Day 6: Favorite ‘I love you’ moment(s) - March 8th

Day 7: Free choice - March 9th

The official tag for the appreciation week is #leytonaw2014

I’d like to ask you all to please help and support this week by reblogging this post & spreading the word. Thanks!