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em, i'm having a really off night so i dropped by to say that i hope you have a really good day. take care of yourself and be kind. love you and your cute behind (why am i like this lmao) xx

Aww, nonnie, sweetheart. I am so sorry, I didn’t see this when you sent it to me. I am so sorry you are/were having an off night. Let me know if there is anything I can do, okay? My message box is always open to you if you want to talk. 

Let me just leave you with the headcanon that whenever Derek is having an off night, Stiles orders Derek’s favourite pizza - the kind with mushroom and pineapple (how the fuck he still wants to kiss Derek with his poor taste in food, he’ll never know). 

After that, he carefully assess the situation. Sometimes Derek needs to be left alone but Derek is actually a very tactile person and he’s more than a little touch starved. So more often than not, Stiles just sits next to him and holds Derek’s hand, letting him know he’s there. That he’s not leaving.

He doesn’t encroach too much on Derek’s space because Stiles knows Derek is still funny about “taking up Stiles’ time” (like cuddling Derek is ever a waste of Stiles’ time), and so he sits there, tracing patterns on Derek’s hand, pretending to amuse himself by tracing his palm lines. Sometimes he makes up random shit: this line means you have many orgasms in your future, like you may die having an orgasm, dude. That’s how long this line is. 

Mostly though, he just sits there, checking Derek’s breathing okay, heart fluttering stupidly when Derek smiles at nothing, despite how shitty he feels. 

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Ruby x Weiss. "I can't believe you left me..."

“I can’t believe you left me…”

“Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t know they’d get you the minute I leave you alone, I thought you were safe there. So could you please stop being all miffed about it, this has been going on for hours now.” 

“I thought you had my back… I trusted you with my life…”

“Ruby, this is just a video game and I told you I had no idea how to play it!”

“Everyone I love keeps betraying me…” 


~When it comes to love in all it’s various shapes and forms and expressing said emotion, I’ve a feeling Makarov and Menendez function on the metaphorical representations of ice and fire. What does that mean exactly? When Vladimir cares about someone - really cares about someone, that is - the person in question is likely never even going to know he does, especially not by the way he treats them. He’s cold, aloof, distant, borderline disinterested, outwardly unimpressed, dismissive and often times - even rude and snide. For all you know, he hates your guts downright to the point where he wont even look at your general direction without a feeling of utmost disgust washing over you in the process. In fact, it’s safe to say that he’ll treat you harsher then anyone else he’s surrounded with that more he’s attached to you seeing as how he cant quite express feelings in a warm, amiable or comforting manner because it’s not really in his nature or his general habit. It’s simply a professional deformation with him. He’s a disciplinarian. A soldier. A seasoned killer. Rigid. Rough. Detached. Expect him to be cruel. But, not too terribly cruel. Frankly, it’s all your misguided impression. A twisted perception. Vladimir probably thinks that the very fact that he keeps you around and about or sheds a patch of attention your way once in a while obviously means something. Because if it didn’t - he wouldn’t do it and he wouldn’t bother. But, the truth of the matter is that all the long years of war, service, murder and misdeeds roughened him to the point where humane expression comes as a challenge and he might love you dearly deep down - but his emotions burn so slow that it’s quite hard to notice them at first. Doesn’t mean they’re not there. Quite the opposite. Makarov is just - well - very discreet, level-headed, closed-off, serious and private. He doesn’t like publicly showcasing something he sees as an exploitable weakness which could easily bring him down. Also, he thinks it’s kind of distasteful and immature as a whole. He has no patience for it. After all - as a tactician at heart, love is the first thing he’d personally exploit in an enemy or a target and he has on several occasions. That’s exactly why he keeps his own very much lower then lowkey. It’s a wise percussion.

~Meanwhile, this asshole Menendez is an impulsive, unhinged, angry piece of shit and he legitimately has no chill with affections or passions despite of his best intentions to prove otherwise. Or anything else as for that matter. He might firstly come off as suave, nonchalant, relaxed and smooth when it comes to romance - like a total player libertine who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about l’amour or the consequences of anything starting from a gun pointed at his face and downright to running into a burning, collapsing stable full of raging, stampeding horses - and he is - but, trust me - that all soon fades away when you scratch beneath the surface and realize that he’s one walking, breathing mass of rage, over-attachment, obsession, possession, madness, jealousy, hotheadedness and over-emphasized sentimentality. Raul falls hard and he falls pretty damn violently too, at that - behind that cocksure, sass-mouthing, cryptic, calculating attitude, of course. To the point of being murderous. Sometimes he doesn’t even need to have a concrete, strong reason to be considering how petty and vengeful he is when it comes to evening a score. The object of his affection might have spoken to someone for far too long or not given him as much closeness as he’s hoped for - and off he goes - on another furious rampage all while being sarcastically playful to you about it afterwards. Your new man wasn’t as much of a man as you imagined him to be, sí? You might actually think that part of him just likes fucking fighting people due to some kind of pent up aggression he carries deep down and will look for whatever excuse to do just that. Maybe the fact that he’s a deeply ingrained, hardcore Machista when it comes to his mentality on relationships due to how, when and where he was raised and he keeps a grip far too tight on his significant others? But in all actuality, the concept of togetherness, family, romance, community and love as a whole means a whole lot more to Raul then one can possibly imagine underneath all the sadness and emotional baggage he carries around. In fact, it’s a tiny bit scary how much. And there’s no telling how far he’d go to protect and preserve the same ideal, especially after a lifetime of loss. Probably pretty damn far, in fact.

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May I ask you to write headcanons for a sick Leo Valdez? *-* I just love him so much ♥ If you can't, it's totally fine!


- Leo’s a fiery boy… and he gets insane fevers.

- Like, from anything, stress, lack of sleep, etc, all leave him with a low-grade fever.

- So when the kid actually gets sick? Hot damn. Literally. High-ass fever.

- Leo knows he really shouldn’t be sick alone ‘cuz of his fevers, but he still doesn’t like bugging anyone with being sick because??? He is Not Hot Stuff, ironically enough

- Plus he’s used to just dealing with it on his own. He usually just retreats to a private corner to wait out his misery, or when he’s at camp, bribe whatever Apollo camper is in the sickroom to not tell anyone where he is

- Doesn’t work, Jason or Piper or one of his siblings or SOMEBODY will come look after him ;)

- And he complains and moans about it a lot, but it’s pretty clear to anyone actually paying attention that he adores the company

- The other thing is, Leo always KNOWS he’s getting sick. Like he doesn’t ignore it or anything he just keeps getting distracted?

- Like “Okay I’ll go rest–” *notices something off with the engine* “Okay this is a quick fix, NOW I’ll go–” *spots a potential spot for increased efficiency* “Okay, I’ll forget this if I don’t take care of it right away, NOW I’ll–”

- Eventually he runs out of stuff he can justify doing, but by then he feel Awful© and must Rest©

- Despite having a raging fever when he’s ill, he gets the. Worst. Fucking. Chills. Like damn the kid cannot stop shivering.

- One time it got so bad, Frank had mercy on him and turned into a cuddly sheepdog to keep him warm. Didn’t help the fever, but Leo was more comfy. (Hazel recruited help from the others to photograph the moment)

- Finally, despite AGAIN him being hot as hell (literally), when he’s sick his fire is just really weak. Think Charmander from pokemon; the state of the fire reflects the health of the maker, and Leo’s fire when he’s sick is just weak and sputtery. Like, it could MAYBE light a match. Maybe.

- Leo: I’ll show YOU who needs to be in bed *tries to summon fire* *weak sputtering* *fire goes out* *collapses coughing into bed*

stoned remus lupin is my favorite headcanon. (look, it was the 1970s, okay, you literally in no way can convince me that the marauders didn’t get fucking high as fuck on the regular leave me alone) 

but literally stoned remus lupin, OKAY. 

  • stoned remus lupin is a mess  
  • high af remus lupin is a fucking catatonic tangle, he can’t make words, he is enamored with blades of grass, he thinks James’ glasses are amazing, he realizes sirius has three freckles under his jaw and can’t. stop. looking. at. them. 
  • stoned remus lupin gets the fucking giggles and he’s just oh my god what a human disaster, he literally cannot stop laughing to himself and he’s just lying there in the meadow next to the Great Lake, with the sun in his eyes, laughing and laughing and laughing until he’s red-faced and can’t even breathe with how ridiculous the world is
  • (and, please, come on, you also will never be able to convince me that sirius black doesn’t think this is the most fantastic, beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his stupid young life)  
  • blaze it young remus lupin you are a gift

no okay but jily going out on their first date and they see a shaggy black dog following them, and james is thinking “no not today” so he starts yelling at the dog, saying “sirius i know it’s you okay just leave us alone” “those stupid begging eyes won’t work on me. get out of here!” and passersby are staring wearily. but then sirius, remus, and peter walk out of honeydukes and they watch james yelling and flailing his arms at this poor dog and they completely break down, leaving james extremely flushed and lily wheezing with laughter

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Okay anon just because you're thirsty for skeleton dick/pussy/whatever does nOT mean you can take it out on Ducky just cuz she actually interacts with her followers and has a life outside of her blog. She isn't a fucking machine. If you're so desperate for headcanons make your own damn blog. My god just chill the hell out and leave Ducky alone.

One of the things they yelled at me for was not posting enough content lol. I was just thinking about how they should make their own blog with a rapid 800+ follower growth, over 200 asks while handling school, work, and other obligations. Once they do that, then they can come talk to me about “not enough content” 

Miscellaneous Reaper Headcanons

I will never shut up about my edgy husbands.. just try and stop me.

- His body temperature is always around 100-105 degrees due to constant cell death and regeneration. Though his body is used to it by now, it still hurts him sometimes and can make bits of his skin red from inflammation at times. 

- His solid form disintegrates most severely at night when he relaxes, unless he has reason to keep himself together. By the time he wakes up in the morning he’ll be half solid human, which may take some getting used to if anyone shares a room with him. 

- Due to an incident in which Reaper eviscerated a recruit in front of their entire battalion, nobody at Talon calls Reaper ‘Gabriel’. Apparently the recruit had been killed because Reaper overheard him making jokes about the nickname Widowmaker calls him in private- Gabi - which someone had overheard and let slip. Nobody has mentioned it since. There’s still heavy bloodstains on the walls of that training room.

- Though he’s still a bitter over Jack getting Strike Commander over him (plus a million other Overwatch related things) he never talks about it anymore. Nobody who knows about it brings up his past around him, even as a joke, because he’ll get dangerously quiet and snap, “Don’t mention those idiots around me.” If they persist… Well, it’ll be hard to talk without a jaw attached to their skull.

- He never took another ward again after Jesse.

- He lapses into Spanish when he’s furious, but not murderous. Murderous Reaper says nothing at all..

- He still has old photos of him, Jack and Ana, but nobody knows where he keeps them or if he looks at them, just that he has them.

Can you add a V + saeran reaction to the thing about if MC was actually like 12 or so? I would love to see their reactions! (thank you:) )



  • He was really surprised when he couldn’t see you eye level lmao
  • He was also surprised at how squeaky your voice was
  • “MC, how old are you?”
  • You told him at the grandest party ever thrown
  • He was confused how you did it
  • From then on he let you stay in his guest bedroom
  • He treated you like his niece
  • He dives you to school every day even though he shouldn’t


((This one’s long))

  • When he broke in to kidnap you he was like
  • “Am I in the right place?”
  • He caused you to tear up, and he didn’t know what to do
  • “Um… w-what’s your name”
  • You looked at the broken window and reluctantly told him
  • “Really? What are you twelve?”
  • You nodded, ready to run to the kitchen and grab a knife
  • “…You should come to paradise with me. You’ll be happier there than living in this place by yourself.”
  • Seven had been watching on the cctv, already at the door of the apartment
  • “MC!!!”
  • You ran to hide behind him, grabbing on to his jacket
  • “S-Saeran?”
  • Saeran glared at his brother and then looked at you
  • He took out his gun and pointed it at Seven
  • “Give her to me. Now.”
  • “No.”
  • Seven  moved his body in front of you
  • “I’ll shoot, asshole.”
  • “MC stay- MC?!”
  • You ran back from the kitchen with a knife and ran right up to Saeran
  • He pointed the gun at you, wide eyed
  • You put on your most serious face
  • “I won’t let you hurt anyone, except me.”
  • He looked at you in disbelief
  • “Tch…”
  • Saeran lowered the gun, keeping an eye on his brother
  • He couldn’t bring himself to kill a child
  • Seven exhaled, tucking the machete he had brought in his pocket
  • “I’ll be back fuckers”
  • Saeran wore a wicked smile, jumping back out of the window
  • Seven snatched the knife from you
  • He teared up, but you went over to hug him anyways
  • “I’m going to stay here for a while… so leave me alone while I get my work done, okay?”
  • He whispered, opening his laptop
HOGWARTS AU (part one of???)

Okay Listen I know I said I was going to post something in this LAST NIGHT but I am complete garbage and spent my off day journaling instead of actually writing. I’m still working on chapter one of Werewolf Dex (Title TBA), and because I said I’d publish yesterday I’ll do my damnedest to get that up tonight. However, IN THE MEANTIME, I present to you these thoughts on House alignments and ages of our boys. 

Sorry…excuse me….Haus alignments.

Under the cut because this is getting long and starting to include ramblings on the background of the AU. This is something. @itsybittle​ I am so sorry and you so did not ask for this but your headcanon post will not leave me alone and it got me started on Actually Writing this au that my dear friend @actualhockeyrobot​ and I have been talking about since like, April, so it only felt right to tag you both in the MESS that is to follow. Without further ado….

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Okay. Imagine this thing happening:

Yuuri accidentally falls asleep in one of the empty rooms of his home (after a tiring day or whatever; you guys choose the reason). Makkachin finds him and lies beside him, and also falls asleep. Viktor was bathing in the hot springs when that happened, and when he came out, the first thing he looked for was Makkachin of course. He finds the two all cuddled up together and that’s when everything clicked inside his head. “Oh. I found my future husband.”

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what do you think happened with liams biological dad? do you think he was an abusive dickhead or he just walked out? i'd like to hear your take on it!

Anon, you are my kind of anon. Even though I’m supposed to be writing sterek.


(Disclaimer: I only watched season 4 once a year ago and so I may be remembering this wrong. DON’T CARE. THIS IS MY TRUTH.)

Okay, so let’s get this angst ball rolling and say that I 100% think that Liam’s biological father was an abusive dickhead. 100%!


  • Liam being so cocky about lacrosse in season 4. Of course, he’s cocky. If you’re loud and obnoxious and better than everyone, no one is going to look to closely at you. No one is going to notice if you take your time getting to class, walking slowly enough that you have a limp because they will assume it’s a strut, and if you randomly can’t come to a party or the movies- it’s not because your dad went crazy when you asked or you were afraid to leave your mom alone, it’s because you’re an asshole. And if there’s a bruise across your face but grin when asked about it, even teachers assume you’ve gotten in a fight. (see: logan echolls for a lot of this too)
  • Plus, he is good at lacrosse and it’s the one thing that makes his Dad happy, the one thing that he can do right for once and sometimes his Dad and his mom come to his games and they sit up there and look happy and he is good at lacrosse. He is. 
  • It’s when lacrosse season is over that it gets bad. His dad gets bored and Liam does things wrong and he can’t even blame his dad for getting frustrated sometimes. He is pretty stupid. He can’t do things right.
  • And he is angry. He’s angry all the time and the doctors had called it Intermittent Explosive Disorder but he’s angry all the time. At his dad because a part of him knows this is wrong, at his teachers because sometimes he wishes they would notice, at his friends who keep playfully jabbing in him the side and don’t realize that there is a bruise there, that that hurts, that he’s not messing around when he tells them to stop. 
  • Mostly, though, he’s mad at himself because he should be better and he should be able to hold onto his temper because he’s not his dad, he’s not but he can’t do anything and sometimes he sees red and even his old friends have started to hate him now and he can’t do anything about it.

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Though it might not be yours I have a headcanon that Lon'qu unknowingly serves as the cool older brother to the younger shepherds. (This mostly formed when pairing him with ricken in my first playthrough- though, Ricken still looks up to CHROM mostly.)

Lon'qu has a squad of kouhais

“Why won’t they leave me alone”, he thinks, as he runs away from Henry, Ricken, Donnel, and Nowi.

“Be our senpai!” They shout at him. “There’s no escape!”

Chrom is sad because no one makes him senpai. 

“It’s okay,” Ricken tells him as he stops to pick up his hat. “You’re still my senpai.”

Chrom sparkles in delight, and gets run over by the wannabe kouhais

Actual Conversation with my Significant Other About Fitzsimmons
  • Boyfriend: *normally doesn't like romantic storylines* *says he doesn't 'get' shipping*
  • Me: *discusses Will with boyfriend*
  • Boyfriend: He's either not real or he's evil, either way he needs to go so that Fitzsimmons can be happy and settle down in their cottage in Perthshire with their dog.
  • Me:
  • Me: Dog? Nobody mentioned a dog, hon.
  • Boyfriend: In my head they have a dog.
  • Me: Omg! You have cute fluffy domestic headcanons about Fitzsimmons and their dog! You're a total shipper! You'll be writing fan fiction next!
  • Boyfriend: Shut up. Leave me alone.
  • Me: *joking* Maybe Elizabeth's Maggie can play the dog.
  • Boyfriend: *immediately* No, Fitz would have a big dog. A black lab like ours.
  • Me: Wow. You have really thought about this.
  • Boyfriend: Maybe that last episode really got to me, okay?
  • Boyfriend: Also, they may or may not like to snuggle by the fire in their pyjamas. With the dog.