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your blog has "nothing real can be threatened" and "kaisoo" still people ask you if "sexy girl" confirm some stupid rumour. PEOPLE KNOW WHO IS SEXY ASWELL? JI. ALSO NICE SMILE? JI. Are people missing all kd moments this year... cause ks seem thirsty for his men.

I love my description. But STILL, here, WE ARE. It’s always ‘do you think kxk really dated’ or ‘do you think dks dated x girl”. NO, LEAVE ME ALONE.

Idk why people tell me “Oh well the Marvel movies aren’t that good” then proceed to point out all the flaws of it. I don’t care. I’m 16 and depressed. I’m not a movie critic man I’m just here for the fun stuff, leave me alone, Dave

it felt so right, he thought.

tom couldn’t help but look at you as you occupied the once empty side of his bed. he hadn’t realized how cold his bed was before he met you. he had spent many nights alone, it didn’t register to him how lonely he had been while constantly being on the road - it took you filling that space to wake him up.

he stares at your sleeping figure, you’re both facing each other and your eyes are closed. your mouth slightly parted, due to your face being smushed against the pillow. your hair is sticking out at different directions and if you were awake and saw what you’d look like, you’d probably joke about how you’d steal the spotlight from tom if you went into acting, your debut being a horror movie.

but tom swore no matter what you wore, smelled like, looked like, no matter how many different beautiful things he’d seen - you’d always be his favorite sight.

he could remember the first time you stayed over, you both were still just friends. it was late, you’d had one drink hours ago and even though tom knew you’d be alright to drive he insisted you stayed over. you didn’t put up much of a fight, though. you’d both tiptoed around harrison’s room and lounged in his room. he showed you some old yearbooks, a home movie he took from his parents’ house the weekend before.

threw himself on his bed, looking at the time: almost three in the morning. he looked at you, you were already looking at him. he returned the smile you gave him and lifted his hand, curling his finger in a beckoning motion. you sauntered over, crawling toward him on the bed. you hovered over him - you both didn’t know what to do, this was new territory. the only thing you both knew was that you wanted something from each other that you both had been too afraid to admit before. so, after having a stare off you leaned in slowly, only stopping when tom let out a faint ‘wait’. you looked at him, thinking you read the moment wrong. one of his hands reached up to caress your cheek and he continued to speak in a hush tone, “you’re not drunk, right?” you rolled your eyes, shaking your head, “i’ll prove it.” you began reciting the abc’s backwards to prove your point, causing tom to cut you off with a soft chuckle and an even softer kiss.

now here you both were, seven months later and he could still remember the way you felt and the shift in your relationship that night. his hand reached out to caress your face - just like that night, cursing himself wordlessly as you stirred in your sleep. even though he felt bad for waking you up, he couldn’t help but smile when your eyes opened and you rubbed at your eyes trying to clear your vision. one of your hands came up to hold the hand he still held to your face, turning your head slightly to kiss his palm. “morning,” he didn’t say anything, he just kept the smile on his face. you returned his smile, it growing when he leaned in to peck you.

you shivered a little bit, looking toward the open window. you pulled the covers up to your chin, “a little cold this morning, huh?” and he shook his head, “not to me. feels just right.”