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Why do you think the fandom find Azula hot?

Pffft. Don’t think I’m fooled for a second, anon. I know what your game is. Of course I know. I know it very, very well…

… but why not indulge you? xD

Since Jesus Christ wasn’t part of this ask, I am leaving religion alone this time. I’m sure the nuns from my school would be pleased for it (?).

Now, as it is for most fandoms, the Avatar fandom has no shortage of awful ideas supported by like 99% of the fandom community. This ain’t a place where the best ideas are generally well-known or supported, instead the worse ones are, and even cast and crew promote the bad ones, no less! I’ve seen absolutely ridiculous theories out there, debunked a bunch of them myself, yelled at people for hours about mischaracterization and misconceptions of characters from canon to fanworks…

… So, considering that the fandom has that sort of terrible streak, you’d think that something, at least ONE THING that’s actually true and wonderful will be supported by the majority of the fandom one day.

I’m inclined to believe that this wasn’t always as it is, but alas, times have changed. Many have come and gone in the fandom, and eventually, the truth came out, so loud and clear that NOBODY can deny it, no matter how hard they may try. The day has come when the fandom has reached a consensus about something, and I, for one, finally have nothing to argue with them about for once! Because the fandom knows the truth:


So indeed, why did the fandom, after such a long streak of popular and widely promoted bad ideas, suddenly come to accept such a reasonable truth? It feels… OOC??? Can a fandom have enough personality to be OOC at times? Who knows, but it seems weird that after so long, they’d be so reasonable about anything. But let’s, of course, examine the pertinent evidence to prove the fandom is right, shall we?

First things first: Azula’s heritage. I am well known as an Ursa critic. Like, man, I could rant for days about all the wrong she did. I am also someone who ridicules Ozai ten times out of nine. Like, I can’t lie, I love making fun of him, because it’s just so easy?? 

But alas. The evidence:

Mr. Hot Pants is her father. Look at those eyes. Those ckeebones. The lustrous hair. His fucking eyebrows are perfect. His smirk is crooked in the ideal angle, like fuck you Ozai, cut this out RIGHT NOW. Literally, Sozin was never this hot. Azulon was never this hot. Iroh was never this hot. Only Ozai, master of the genes of hotness, could ever have achieved this level of perfect handsomeness.

And now, introducing the mother:

… Far from the best shot there could be of her, but cut me some slack, she doesn’t show up in any other episodes and most her shots in this one aren’t all that good? Still, if the animation was better she’d look better, guaranteed! My complaints about her as a human being have nothing to do with how pretty she is, and she is. It’s true.

But okay, continuing with my point… 

Ozai, Ursa, together? This evil plan was masterminded by Azulon himself, who said “THOSE GENES WITH THESE GENES WILL CREATE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILD, I MEAN, MOST POWERFUL CHILD OF ALL!”

For fan proof of the hotness of this pair, look here. For fan proof of hilarity of this pair, look here. For further hilarity, look here too.

Anyways, point in case being: if you have such good-looking parents (who are hella messed up in the morals and human decency department but that ain’t the subject), the chances for them to create a beautiful child increase exponentially!

And indeed, we have our beauty eugenics experiment’s results back:

So indeed. Science and genetics that I can’t use for Ozai (because we have no idea what Ilah looks like) are in the works here: look at this lovely, beautiful girl! She’s so pretty! She’s glorious!

And of course, why hot?

Science, again, answered that easily enough:


According to the site I looked at?  “Anytime you see blue in a fire it is hotter than white.   The range is between 2,600 and 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit and its the most oxygen-rich type of flame.”


Basically, Azula isn’t just hot, my friend. She is THE HOTTEST. Only blue firebender we know! Possibly only one EVER! No one in this universe can get hotter than that!

So Azula, the beautiful, clever, smart, wonderful Azula, outdid her parents in terms of beauty and hotnesss. The apprentice dethrones the master, or something like that (okay she wasn’t learning from them but whatever, she still is prettier than them both XD). 

So, the fandom thinks she’s hot because frankly, anyone who denies it at this point is just trying to embarass himself. The Princess is the hottest. Only ignorant peasants disagree (?).

The problem with the idea that feminism is for everyone

A lot of feminists are lazy, they are passive, they have formed a clique just as women do but the only women who are allowed to join this bitchy high school girls club are those who share and believe in feminist theory. Believing these feminist-made theories is what determines you to be a feminist, just as believing and practicing religious beliefs makes you a member of that religion. Feminism is no different.

You can’t be a Christian if you have Hindu beliefs. You can’t be a Muslim if you have Christian beliefs. You can’t be a feminist if you have any kind of opposing beliefs either. This is where I have a problem with feminists smugly declaring that feminism is for everyone, everyone has to be a feminist, feminism is inclusive, tolerant and welcomes everybody. They tell us that if you believe in equality then “congratulations, you’re a feminist whether you like it or not.”

They simplify their ideology to “we’re all about equality" so if you believe in equality then of course, feminism should be the no brainer. What they don’t tell you though is even if you do believe in equality (most people do), if you don’t believe in the patriarchy, the wage gap, rape culture, male privilege, western women’s oppression, toxic masculinity, trigger warnings etc (most people don’t), then you are most certainly not a feminist, you are instead a lesser human being. The only people on earth who believe all of these theories are feminists because they were created by feminists and are taught to feminists.

They have no time for understanding if you don’t agree with them, they don’t care who you are, what your gender or race is or who you are as a person, if you do not share their beliefs and defend their beliefs, they instantly assume there’s something wrong with you and you cannot possibly be a feminist, even if you believe in equality which was their original claim. And if you aren’t a feminist then you must hate women, of course.

Take the Women’s March for example, a day all about the unity of women, they happily welcomed man-hating feminists and feminists who have been convicted of terrorism because they will accept anyone who shares their beliefs but they booted out a young girl wearing a Trump hat and protected a man who punched a female Trump supporter in the face because they assume these females are a threat to their beliefs without even knowing anything else about them.

If you stay true to the feminist beliefs and advocate them even by means of violence, censorship and misandry then you will always be protected, you will never be condemned for your actions because it’s the patriarchy’s fault for making you so angry, paranoid and resentful and your actions will be justified, you can never be at fault. “Well they aren’t real feminists who do this” is how they respond to this. How about show me a feminist who doesn’t do this and I will apologize and delete my entire blog tomorrow. Point me to a feminist who cares truly about equality of the sexes, who cares about all women and who doesn’t shriek at and deflect facts and scrutiny, show me one and I will delete my blog today.

Whenever a feminist does something bad, well they aren’t real feminists. Whenever a Muslim does something bad, well they aren’t real Muslims. Whenever BLM does something bad, well that isn’t real BLM. So let’s use their own logic in another example. Let’s say any man who rapes, murders, assaults and degrades a woman aren’t real men, they in no way represent real males so don’t you dare criticize men, don’t ever hold men responsible and you must never associate men who do bad things with real men. If you are raped by a man then you must not be afraid of any other man because not all men are rapists, it’s not men’s problem so just stop being a misandrist, sexist menophobe cunt and leave men alone… I can see why their logic is so popular, zero accountability for me, all accountability for someone else. 

It’s this blatant refusal of accountability, manipulation and hypocrisy which has stopped majority of women from joining feminism. Most women know better. Sure, feminism welcomes everyone, just as every religion does, but first you have to forget everything you once believed and instead accept their teachings as the truth. You must adopt it as not only your new set of beliefs but you must be prepared to defend it at all costs and it must become your entire identity, you are no longer a woman, you a feminist woman. If you don’t, then you’ll be outcasted and shamed. This fact can’t be even in the slightest refuted.

Yet they still want to act like they are the voices of inclusiveness, tolerance, diversity and open minds. “But anyone who outcasts and shames aren’t real feminists” they will continue to say. I dare any feminist to walk up to their feminist friends and tell them the wage gap and rape culture are both myths and women aren’t held back or controlled by patriarchy. Let’s see how long before your friends become ‘not real feminists’ when they scream at you and shame you, then try to tell them that they aren’t real feminists when they call you a disgrace to women. Give me a break.

WARNINGS: Details of abuse, suicide, slight torture, reader injured/kidnapped

“Can I please have a hint as to what you ‘announcement’ is?” He begged for the hundredth time

“I am literally around the corner okay?” You smiled “you will find out over dinner like everyone else”

“Okay fine baby girl, everyone’s here now, so you better have a lot to eat”

You laughed “Have you ever known me to be under prepared”

“That is very true babygirl, love you”

“I love you too” you smiled as you turned down the last corner, you felt one of the handles on the bag snap “crap” you whispered

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What does it matter

If I ship Pharmercy/Mercymaker/Raptoramaker/SpeedyRecovery?

What does it matter

If some of you guys ship Gency? 

Canon or not, what I ship are the things that make ME happy and MY own happiness matters TO ME.

What’s wrong here are people who go around imposing their own ships on others, saying that X is better than Y; it’s almost as bad as shoving religion down ones throat.

That’s nasty and leaves a bad aftertaste.

So what if the whole Gency thing turns out to be true?
Good for you guys then. I’m happy for you but I don’t give a fuck.

Just be an adult about it please and stop going around antagonizing people just because they don’t share the same opinion as you; or you repeatedly insisting that oh, Gency is Canon now therefore all your own ships are invalid.

Go away please, unfollow me, block me whatever! Just leave me alone with my 51654324687 ships and friends who share the same interest as me!

the zodiac signs as Halsey songs + lyrics
  • Aries: Ghost // "You say that you're no good for me 'cause I'm always tugging at your sleeve, and I swear I hate you when you leave, but I like it anyways"
  • Taurus: Colors // "It was early in the morning when the light came through and I've only felt religion when I'm high with you... You were red and you liked me 'cause I was blue, you touch me and then suddenly, I was a lilac sky"
  • Gemini: Empty Gold // "We're the underdogs in this world alone, I'm a believer got a fever running through my bones, we're the alley cats and they can throw their stones, they can break our hearts but they won't take our souls"
  • Cancer: Control // "And I tried to hide these secrets inside me, my mind's like a deadly disease, I'm bigger than my body, I'm colder than this home, I'm meaner than my demons, I'm bigger than these bones"
  • Leo: Castle // "Already choking on my pride, there's no use crying about it, I'm headed straight for the castle, they wanna make me their queen, there's an old man sitting on the throne saying I probably shouldn't be so mean"
  • Virgo: Hold me Down // "My demons are begging me to open up my mouth, I need them, mechanically, make the words come out, they fight me, vigorous and angry, watch them pounce"
  • Libra: SOS // "Crazy to think since 5 AM, all I see is green eyes and I'm lost in them... I wonder what it's like to run my fingers through your hair"
  • Scorpio: Trouble // "Lets cause a little trouble, oh you make me feel so weak... And I've got my mind made up this time, go on and light a cigarette, set a fire in my head tonight"
  • Sagittarius: Hurricane // "I'm a wanderess in a one night stand, don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man, I'm the violence in the pouring rain, I'm a hurricane"
  • Capricorn: Is There Somewhere // "And I promised myself I wouldn't let you complete me, I'm trying not to let it show that I don't to let this go, is there somewhere you can meet me?"
  • Aquarius: New Americana // "Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall, they're Monaco and Hampton’s bound but we don’t feel like outsiders at all. We are the new Americana, high on legal marijuana, raised on Biggie and Nirvana"
  • Pisces: Tilt you Back // "Come on and wrap me up, let me tilt you back and swim, I want your taste on my tongue, Won't you warm my bones within? Reveal yourself to me, on this dark and empty street"
badlands lyrics starters.
  • There’s no use crying about it.
  • If you wanna break these walls down, you’re gonna get bruised.
  • He’s got me down on both knees.
  • Taking what I want and call it mine.
  • All we do is think about the feelings that we hide.
  • Would it really kill you if we kissed?
  • All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign.
  • Don’t belong to no city, don’t belong to no man.
  • Do you remember the taste of my lips that night?
  • I’m searching for something that I can’t reach.
  • Kiss me in the corridor, but quick to tell me goodbye.
  • I swear I hate you when you leave.
  • You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope.
  • You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece.
  • I know I’ve only felt religion when I’ve lied with you.
  • I don’t have to fucking tell you anything.
  • They can’t believe I made you weak.
  • That’s the beauty of a secret, you know, you’re supposed to keep it.
  • You put a fever inside me and I’ve been cold since you left.
  • You’ve got a fire inside but your heart’s so cold.
  • You weren’t looking for me.
  • I’ve tried to wash you away but you just won’t leave.
  • These voices won’t leave me alone.
  • Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?
  • They’re coming for me.
  • Please stop, you’re scaring me.
  • I find myself alone when each day is through.
  • Yes, I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you.
the signs as badlands songs
  • aries: drive // "my hands wrapped around a stick shift, swerving on the the 405, i can never keep my eyes off this; my neck, the feeling of your soft lips. illuminated in light, bouncing off the exit signs we missed."
  • taurus: i walk the line // "i find it very, very easy to be true. i find myself alone when each night is through. yes, i'll admit i'm a fool for you; because you're mine, i walk the line.
  • gemini: ghost // "you always say that you're no good for me, cause i'm always tugging on your sleeve; and i swear i hate you when you leave. but i like it anyway, anyway."
  • cancer: gasoline // "i think there's a fault in my code. these voices won't leave me alone; well my heart is gold and my hands are cold."
  • leo: control // "i'm bigger than this body, i'm colder than this home. i'm meaner than my demons, i'm bigger than these bones."
  • virgo: coming down // "i've got a lover, a love like religion, i'm such a fool for sacrifice. he's coming down, down, coming down. it's coming down, down, coming down."
  • libra: hold me down // "hold me down, hold me down, sneaking out the back door, make no sound. knock me out, knock me out, saying that i want more, this is what i live for."
  • scorpio: castle // "i'm headed straight for the castle, they wanna make their queen. and there's old man sitting on the throne, saying i probably shouldn't be so mean."
  • sagittarius: roman holiday // "and i remember the fear in your eyes the very first time we snuck into the city pool, late december with my heart in my chest and the cloud of my breath; didn't know where we were running to."
  • capricorn: haunting // "cause i've done some things that can't speak, and i've tried to wash you away but you just won't leave; so won't you take a breath and dive in deep? cause i came here so you'd come for me."
  • aquarius: colours // "you're dripping like a saturated sunrise, you're spilling like an overflowing sink. you're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece; and now i'm tearing through the pages and the ink."
  • pisces: young god // "and i've been sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool, for a while now, drowning my thoughts out with the sounds."
Do not send messages like this to people who have left your religion.

“ Why in the world would you leave a  religion of peace? I was born a Muslim too, and you only leave if you have no faith! And trust me when I say your making a huge mistake! May allah help you! I’m not saying this to af fend you or anything I just want to get your point of view”

1. You’re right, I do not have faith in God. I once was a Practicing Muslim. But I no longer have faith in God and Identify as an Atheist. This is MY choice, and should be respected the same why I leave you alone and let you believe whatever you want to believe in. This also does not make me a bad person or make me a less worth while person or put me below you.

2. It’s no mistake, I’m beyond happy with my choice and I see no going back, EVER. Even if someone did want to go back or find another faith or change their views. It’s a very personal thing they’d be doing on their own terms. It’s a choice for them to make. 

3.I don’t need Allah’s help, or your help, or anyone’s help trying to coerce me back into a religion that’s caused me so much grief and problems in my life. I do not see Islam as a religion of peace, when that’s one thing It’s never given me. You don’t care about my point of view, you are insulted by me saying i’ve left your religion and speaking of it in a different light instead of the usual praise you’re used to. Don’t bother with the fake concern crap. 

4. It is offensive and actually horrible that you would message me this when you clearly don’t even know me or haven’t read the things I’ve posted about the abuse and shit i’’ve suffered and been through because of this religion and my religious family. It’s hands down disrespectful.

5. Learn to mind your own damn business. Despite being taught to try and convert every other person you know into your religion. How about respecting their choice? This isn’t arguable or optional. It’s minding your own, taking a step back and saying ‘hey, would I want someone shoving their views down MY throat??’ Then leaving them the fuck alone. 

You think you’re SOOOO great, don’t you? Well let me tell you this, you’re not great. You’re fucking garbage. You’re a sack of shit. You’re worthless. Yet you sit here and try to make me seem like the bad guy in this situation. Well let me tell you this, cutting you out of my life was the BEST decision of my life because I got to see how much of a bitch you are. Now fucking leave me alone before I have do make you do it myself. And trust me when I say they won’t even be able to identify your body once I’m finished with you. Burn in hell and tell Satan I said hello. :-)

fluff game; ft. taehyung

>> “ I swear on your grandmother, if you don’t leave me alone-“

Based off @taetaetown‘s  post.

Requested by: No one.                                                               

Word Count: 287

Photo Credit ((below)) <<                                                                                               

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

"If you were a booger, I’d pick you first." 

"Taehyung.” Your voice wavers slightly, and you shift in your seat. “I swear on your grandmother, if you don’t leave me alone-”

"You’re my religion, can I call you She-sus?” He presses on anyway, and you can practically hear his flirtatious grin. 

He would be the death of you, you swore mentally, then spun around, pushing a finger to his chest. “Tae, I need to study.”

“Why do math when you could do me?” He counters, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, my God, please stop.” You bite your lip, trying to contain your laughter. “I-" 

Suddenly, he presses his forehead to yours, and you stop, breath hitching under his intense gaze. 

"I..” Your cheeks flush lightly as his dark eyes bear straight into your soul. 

“You were saying?” He murmurs quietly, the air between you electric, before closing the gap and giving you a light kiss. He pulls away with a smirk. “Lips of an angel. Say, did it hurt when you-" 

"Is your dad a baker, because you have nice buns.” You blurt, watching his eyes go wide. “You… Um…" 

It takes you a full minute to realize what’s going on. 

"Wait- pause! I forgot my line!” He whines as you gape at him, the one with the flawless gaze and steady voice. “You’re supposed to be the actor!” You sputter as he grabs his phone, scanning the last lines of the story you had picked.

“Whatever, we’re starting over- what?!” He glares as you giggle at him, covering your smile with a shaking hand.“Nothing! Nothing, Tae, it’s fine, we can take it from the top.” You coo soothingly, reading over the story one last time. 

A/n: I tweaked the plot a little, sorry xD. It’s really short, but I hope it’s enough! I haven’t been on Tumblr in like, a week, school has me so busy. Any feedback is really appreciated, so please send some in! If you didn’t read the prompt or if you’re confused, the prompt is: 

“What if you were dating one of the bts members, and whenever you guys got bored, you would go on tumblr and look up fluff scenarios of him and you two would like act it out omg but then you would just break out into laughter halfway through xD” - Alex 

Last but not least, I’d like to give a big thank you to all my followers so far, you are very appreciated. 

- Gabby

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I am an atheist and you are a dickhead. Leave other religions alone. Don't moan they shove it down your throat and then try and shove your atheism down another's.

I doubt your claim to be an atheist, for a number of reasons I’m not getting into right now because it doesn’t matter. Logic and reason either work or they don’t, independently of how you feel about it, or what your personal beliefs may or may not be.

No one is forced to see any of my posts. You have to choose to read my posts or follow me. This is the exact opposite of what you’ve suggested.

On the other hand, I live in a country where blasphemy is illegal, the Catholics control the schools and the law dictates that a pregnant woman should die rather than save her life at the cost of an abortion.

It’s going to be some time before I can “leave other religions alone”.

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but....witches aren't real??? i'm taking a history of witchcraft course and the first thing our professor said was "if any of you are here because you think magic and witches existed, leave". so-called witches were victims of social persecution and cultural anxiety and couldn't even read let alone do magic

So what you were really asking me is do I believe in magic.

I’m sorry to tell you and your professor but witches definitely exist, and practice witchcraft every day as a religion. Do I believe that spells and potions work? Well no, but I’m not a witch. It’s not my religious belief.

People WERE victims of social persecution, mass hysteria, and probably some hallucinogenic mushrooms, but that doesn’t mean that witchcraft and witches don’t exist.

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Hi P-m. You are so kind and patient when you answer to question (*hugs*) but I wondered if there are some questions that annoy you or make facepalm. Not hate mail but just annoying asks. Thank you 💗

Hi anon!

Interesting question ^^

I’m trying to help people as much as I can and to answer as politely and as fast as possible (I still have 30 questions in my ask box_sorry about that) because that’s how I see interactions on social networks but honestly yes, there ARE some questions I’m fed up to see in my inbox. Here a list, sorry about the long post:

1) The “Google” question. Basically, you could have asked Google instead of asking me. When people ask me for instance the link to a fic with a very very recognizable name. I understand if someone contacts me to help them find the link to a story called “Blue” because if you don’t have the name of the author, it’s pretty impossible to find, but when it’s something like “Bro, you catch STDs, I catch Pokemons, you’re my soulmate” (no it doesn’t exist, no need to go to A03), you would have spent less time looking on Google than contacting me. Same with super basic stuff like “How do you do this in Photoshop?”. If it’s a very very precise question, ok, no problem. But when it’s something like “How to use the line tool?” Nope, sorry, learn to use the internet. :/

2) The “You are hiding some magical trick from us” question. Some people don’t want to hear that when it comes to art, you have to practice. Not hours but months, if not years. I don’t have magic brushes. I don’t have a magic recipe neither, some kind of “secret technique” that I would hold from my followers. So sometimes, I have rather upset reactions from people who are disappointed when I tell them that 90% of the brushes I use in my art come from the PS default brush set. What I manage to achieve in my drawings comes from my skills, not from my brushes, and I’m not responsible is they don’t manage to obtain the same result with the same software and the same brushes. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against technical questions and people asking me what brush or what program I use. I have problems when people insist and become aggressive because they think I don’t want to share some kind of “magic trick” or whatever.

3) The “You should have done the art I wanted to and I think that my opinion matters” question. Ex: This art of Sam Dean and Cas dressed as Harry Potter characters. I drew them all as Gryffindor. I I received messages telling me that “No, you don’t understand, Cas is definitely a Hufflepuff!” or that “Dean is Ravenclaw all the way!!”. Like…Do I look like I fucking care? It’s not even “WHY did you drew them that way? I’m interested!”, it’s “you are wrong to have drawn the characters like this and here is what I think the right way to draw them is.” I don’t care when people go into this kind of rant into reblogs. It’s the rule of a social network like Tumblr. Like it or not, it’s their blog, free speech, go ahead, have fun. Write me a 3000 word meta on why Cas is a Hufflepuff if it floats your boat. What I hate is when some entitled idiot feel the need to contact me in my inbox to tell me about their own head canon and explain me why I’m wrong.

4) The “I’m trying to push my head canon on you” question. OMG, this one happened I don’t know how many times with The Life of Bucky Barnes. Ex: I had this girl who contacted me every week to tell me that S&B should get married, have a kid and a dog, a service dog more precisely. I told her that sorry, I wasn’t into “kid/curtain” stories. Long story short, I’m a “horrible ableist" because I’m not interested to give Bucky a service dog and that I don’t know “how PTSD works”. Translation: “you don’t draw the story I want so I’m finding a way to guilt trip you by throwing words like “ableist” in order to reach my goal”. Blocked. Go commission an artist and let me work. The boys are gonna get married at some point (it gives me headaches just to think of how I’m gonna draw the proposal, the wedding and stuff T__T) but don’t hold your breath for the kid. In fact, expect some drama because I’m gonna go through the events of Civil War at the end of the year (but the boys will have a cute Xmas ♥). Blood, dark humor (VERY) and canon rewriting (mostly to make it fit what I already draw at The LOBB like Pietro being still alive or the fact that Bucky surrendered somewhere in the timeline) are coming up.

5) The “Captain America is not gay” message (99% on Instagram). I think that some people don’t understand the concept of fan art and that everything is allowed. If tomorrow I want to draw a story where Cap stops being Cap and becomes a bus driver in Hong Kong, it’s my problem. Out of character? I don’t care. Bus driver in HK, I’m telling you! Anyway, usually the “Cap is not gay!!” comments come from 16-30 fan boys who think that I don’t know about canon or who wonder “why you fan girls have to make everything gay?!!!”. Second category: religious girls who post two “boys” emoji and “no” next to them or just “Ewwww”. It doesn’t come from one religion in particular: Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, etc..Just take your pick! Ah. I’d like to thank the Buddhists for leaving me alone so far! Anyway: comments deleted and blocked, of course.

6) The “I know that you don’t take requests but…” question. Yeah. BUT. But would you draw me? But would you draw Merthur for me? BUT would you draw Sam and Dean at the Grand Canyon wearing these precise outfits like in my friend’s fic? Ok, not everybody takes the time to read my FAQ but if you know that I don’t take requests (I hardly have time for my own projects and answering to messages, let alone take people requests T__T) so WHY are you asking me? I know, I know, “it doesn’t hurt to try” but in this case I find it pretty rude and no, I don’t put this question in the same category as “Do you plan to draw in the future…”. This one is much more curiosity, I think.

7) The “I can’t draw a straight line” question. (ok, I’m joking here) Dude! Me neither!! ^o^ I CAN’T draw a straight line! A beautiful straight line! That’s why I use a ruler or the line tool in PS. I mean, seriously, drawing a beautiful straight line or a perfect circle is fucking difficult! Ok, of course, this kind of messages doesn’t drive me mad at all, it’s just that the expression amuses me because I don’t think that the people who contact me realize the difficulty of drawing beautiful geometric shapes. And don’t get me started on writing! When I write on white paper my writing seems to fall down to the bottom of the page like “somebody catch meeeeee”. Also, have you seen this gif of Sarah M. Gellar drawing a circle? It’s pure AWESOMENESS! 

Anyway, these were the 6 questions that annoy me (the 7th one doesn’t count of course). I hope I answered yours and sorry about the late reply! ^^

Holiday Bullshit

Today my mum and I ran to Walmart to grab some things for my brother. (We can only get said things at Walmart locally and my brother ran out otherwise we tend not to go there). While we were there Mum and I were discussing our evening plans of setting up the Christmas tree and get a start on decorations.

I was just telling my mother that I was all for decorating but she had to let me check the enchantments on the ornaments. Which led to a discussion of why I enchant ornaments and so on. Keep in mind, I don’t go into detail. Mum doesn’t really care, it’s just context information for the conversation we were having for her.

I finish up the short conversation with a wave of my hand and a blase “It’s all witchcraft bullshit anyway.” Now I say this as a means to tell people who aren’t interested in the details of my practice that what I’m discussing is important to me without harping on the nitty gritty. Because most people don’t actually give a flying fuck about the nitty gritty. If they’re really interested, they’ll ask more questions. They just want me to get on with the story. However, I can totally understand why someone would misinterpret that. And someone did.

“Witchcraft isn’t bullshit!”

We both turn around in the frozen food aisle and look at this woman. She’s in her mid-thirties, wearing a largish pentacle and outrage. We’re the only three people in the aisle on a Wednesday at eight thirty at night.

Calmly with a friendly smile I said “I know. I’m a professional witch and tarot reader. My mother here just doesn’t care about the details.”

The woman pauses, as I expected and I wait for the outrage to die. Normally this kind of chance meeting dissolves into a generalized, stilted conversation about our individual practices and I usually end up handing over my business card before moving on with my day.

That didn’t happen. Instead there was this awkward pause where the anger in her face began to die and then shifted. I knew that things were going to go wrong before she even opened her mouth. Then she said,

“REAL witches don’t practice Christmas. It was STOLEN from us.”

I straighten, cold anger filling me. My voice stayed calm but icy. I don’t come up to the woman’s shoulder and I’m wearing a shirt that’s covered in unicorns with a pastel pink flower in my princess-curls hair but she still took a step back when I straightened.

“Leaving aside the historical accuracy of your statement, which is debatable on the best of days and leaves aside the meshing of civilizations and religions which is a natural part of cultural exchange and trade which powers much of the world, are you telling me I cannot celebrate my family traditions simply because it doesn’t mesh with what you assume to be my religion?”

She starts to open her mouth but I cut her off.

“I have been a witch for almost twenty years. I’m pretty sure I know what my religion and religious holidays are. You, random stranger, do not. You’re welcome to your religion just as I am welcome to mind. Don’t be ignorant. And please leave us alone.”

With that I turned sharply on my heel, tossed a bag of shredded cheese still in my hand in the cart, and wheeled the cart out of the aisle.

We didn’t run into her again but the conversation played over in my head. Should I have tried to educate her more? Maybe but I shouldn’t have had to do that at all. She made huge assumptions by what little she overheard from my mum and I’s conversation and I just didn’t have the energy to cut through that amount of bullshit. 

Wicca is not synonymous with witchcraft. We do not all practice the Wheel of the Year (in fact my calendar has over thirty separate holidays in it). More importantly, holidays are meant to be shared with family and friends. Chiding people who do not follow the Wheel of the Year or celebrate Christmas “because it was stolen from us” is a dick move. I’m not going to abstain from participating in celebrations I’m invited to just because they don’t share the same religion as me. Furthermore, by saying “Christmas was stolen from us” you ASSUME that people’s Christmas celebrations are Christian based. As if holidays can’t evolve into something else. (And then obviously can otherwise you wouldn’t have your precious Wheel of the Year).

You celebrate your winter holidays, whatever they are. You can do it without pissing on other people’s traditions*. Leave people with what happiness they can get for fuck’s sake. 

anonymous asked:

Ok, I see your point. Islam is a pretty violent religion, but do you have any solutions to this? You obviously aren't gonna call for Muslim Genocide here so I'm genuinely curious if you have any solutions.

The solution first off is to stop pretending that it isn’t. Stop being afraid to defend yourself and call out wicked insanity. Of course genocide isn’t necessary, but fighting terrorism isn’t genocide. Are you nonviolent? Great, I have no beef with you. If you’re willing to leave me alone I don’t care if you believe in the flying spaghetti monster. But if you for one second think you can get away with hurting me or my family or my freedoms because of your faith, prepare yourself for a world of pain.