leave me alone i'm having an emotion

Thank you Jack

I’m having an emotional, boredom and bullshit filled evening so please, bare with me for a second.

I was thinking about my summer and came to a simple conclusion: This holiday fucking sucked

The amount of bullshit life was throwing at me (still does) these last 2 months is really starting to take a hold of me and it SUCKS

BUT in the pile of bullshit, there’s two weeks that stand out, two weeks of fun and good time: The 2 weeks of Antipocalypse

That’s right, the Summer Antipocalypse of 2k17 was one of the best times i had this year and definitelly the MOST fun i had this summer. Looking for secrets, hints, looking up theories, pictures, making fanart, talking to people, theorizing with people in this community was SUCH a fun time! Like seriously, waking up every other day to find out that Jack wrecked the fandom once again and the whole day just spending theorizing and being all hyped and shit for 2 weeks straight, i enjoyed the shit out of that, i’m not even kidding! So I wanna thank You Jack, for all the shenanigans you pulled at us, and thank you to the people i got to experience it with as well, i enjoyed the fuck out of it and it makes me happy that all of my holiday wasn’t a pile of shit XD

Seriously, Thank you @therealjacksepticeye, you and this community are one of the best things that ever happened to me, I love you all <3

a ridiculously troubling part of bpd is the fact that we usually have so much love for so many other people but we cannot feel loved in return. for me it’s like my entire life is a one-sided relationship. like one long unhealthy uneven relationship, where i’m doing all the loving and the other person doesn’t even wanna be with me anymore. and i can try and try to shove them out of my life and move on, but it never happens, because i have absolutely no control over my emotions. it hurts.

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I'm no troll i just like messing with people i'll leave you alone if you want have a good day

According to Wikipedia: “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll’s amusement.”

Sending me asks about the women in my profile pic being “thick bitches” and telling me a woman who helped organize the Women’s March wants to oppress women because she’s a Muslim (which wasn’t even an ask but a weird statement “disguised” as a question) is most decidedly troll behavior.

I didn’t sleep last night..
Sitting there in bed drowning in my own thoughts
Wondering if I did “this and that” it would’ve changed the outcome
Wondering if there is even a single soul in this world that cares about you
You see I think too much
Love to much
And NEVER sleep enough
I look for enlightenment in all the wrong places
Trying and believing that eventually I will be ok..
But there is always that part of me that doesn’t want to be ok
The part where I all want is the drama and the attention to just go away
To leave me in peace
To leave me be
All alone
To the silence of my heartbeat
No more hurt
And no more suffering
Caught up in my own ambitious greed
—  Daniel Price

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Hey please answer this How does your dairy work? You draw first then fill the blanks? And is it personal most of the time and does the character you draw go with the topic? I want one now..

actually yes there you go! 

I draw the character first. Sometimes it is me, sometimes it’s a character I can relate to at the moment. It’s why Raven and Terra show up a lot when it comes to the diary, I either am reminded of a certain Malchior or the loss of friends and someone who really cared for me, but I have to leave alone.

The writing is done last, It gives you time to think about what you are feeling and then you just wrap it around the sketch.  :> 

you have no much idea how much I regret not letting you in

especially the last time we were together, I was at your apartment helping you pack because your flight was the next morning

I had just finished folding your clothes for you and I went to tell you it was all done

you were surprised that I folded all your clothes so quickly and thanked me for helping you out

you pulled me in close and stroked my face and you were about to kiss me, but I pulled away 

I don’t know why

and I know I think about this moment more than I should but if I could I’d go back and just let you kiss me and let you in

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2p!FrUk maybe? I'm quite in love with that ship at the moment.

I hate him. Why does he have to make me feel like this?! I hate it. Everything was great when I had no emotions. But he just had to made me filled with this hate…

Francois was smoking his cigarette, as he stared at the brit, glaring slightly. Stupid. Why did he have to have such stupid, terribe feeling in his chest because of that brit.

Why didn`t that asshole just leave him alone, if he would`ve just stopped annoying him! Then- Then he wouldn`t have fallen in love…

God he despised that word. He thought he was better then that, but that stupid brit boy just had to chance everything when he stepped into that classroom. Of course it wasn`t love by the first sight. At first he could`ve given less then a fuck about him, but when that boy named Oliver, noticed him never smiling, the hell began for him.

Every second of his school day. He had Oliver in his face trying to make him to smile. That was the first time somebody had ever wanted to willingly be with him. But he didn`t enjoy it. He really didn`t, but when the Brit was with somebody else, then he also didn`t like it, at all.

He just didn`t understand himself. He didn`t want Oliver to be anywhere  near him, yet he didn`t want him to be anywhere near others either.

He felt so conflicted. What should he do? He would feel better if that freaking cheerful personality of his would take a break. He just wanted to see him frown for once, hell crying would be even better!

Maybe that`s what he should do. Make him cry and then he could bear his presence. That sounded like the best idea, because soon he knew he would go insane.

And he knew just how to make him cry. And it would happen soon. It was only a matter of time.


He couldn`t believe it. He was actually crying, right infront of him, and all he had to do was kill that another boy who the brit always hung out with, Allen. That stupid dick…

“W-Why?! Francois, W-Why?”

The sound of Oliver`s voice brought him back to reality. He glared down on Oliver and pushed him down onto the ground, putting his leg on Oliver`s chest, forcing it down, making the smaller male cry out in pain.

“You. This is all your fucking fault! If you would`ve just left me alone then none of these disgusting feelings would have happened! I hate you so much! I hate you so much!”

For the first time, a small grin made it`s way onto his lips and his violet eyes showed some sadistic pleasure inside of them.

“And from now on, you`re going to feel every bit of my love and hate for the rest of our days, and believe me neither is going to be good for you.”

He took the gun, that he used to kill the competition, and brought it down on Oliver`s head with full force, making him slip into unconciousness. He picked him up and started walking towards his home. It was late at night and nobody ever walked around the area where his home was anyways.

“Hate is the emotion that I feel the strongest for you, but you have also brought out my loving side. But don`t worry it will never leave. This hate will never leave.”

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harry and nick's dogs!!! what a concept!!! i bet they get excited whenever harry goes round to nick's and they don't leave him alone all night and nick's just sat there like yeah it's alright h not like they're MY dogs, not like i feed them and provide for them but really he doesn't even care he loves seeing all three of them cuddled up on the sofa together and i just made myself emotional i have no one to blame but myself

wow!!!!!!! this is an attack!!!!


Sometimes, I wish that Dean would have talked to Cas. I wish he would have told Cas all of things that he’s never told another soul. All of the things that he keeps trapped deep inside of him. All of things that he hides, even from himself.

Sometimes, I wish that Dean would have understood that Cas saw him at his worst, when he was less than human. That Cas embraced his ragged soul and raised it from Perdition. That Cas mapped every inch of his physical being, every inch of his soul as he rebuilt the Righteous Man. That Cas understands true evil and knows that his soul has been immersed in torture and filth and the decay, and yet it survived and it shone brighter than the Sun.

Sometimes, I wish that Dean would have sat down with Cas and told him his story. I wish that Dean would have told Cas about that little boy who gripped his baby brother tight as he watched his entire life burn to ground. I wish he would have told Cas about that time when he was just a little boy and couldn’t speak the words that drowned in his heart. When his daddy wasn’t home and baby Sammy couldn’t tell him that he’d be okay. I wish Dean would have told Cas that he’s never told a soul that he rock bottom at four years old and he’s never gotten back up. That the day the world went away, he became a four year old man under the weight of it all. That his biggest fear is dying one day, knowing that he never had the childhood that every kid deserves. That his only solace is that he tried his damnedest to give that to Sammy, and it was enough.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas about that time he broke because the tattered remains of his family fell apart. That he crumbled under the weight of the dissonance between following his daddy’s orders and letting Sammy leave. That he spent years lying, and cheating, and using, and being using in order to survive, in order to feel..something. That he finally found that illusive contentment that people talk about when his brother was back in the passenger seat, when he set out on an adventure to put the pieces of his family back together again. That when he found out contentment was a lie, when his daddy died after every trial and test of pure will, he finally realized that his both of his parents burned away in that godforsaken house. That he’d just been to blind, too hopeful, to see it.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas about the weight of knowing that Sammy would have to die. About how he stretched and reached every bit of his tired soul to the brink to find the will, to find a way to change his baby brother’s fate.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt it like to hold his dying baby brother in his arms. To know that he was too late. That no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t enough to save Sammy. That not being enough is what broke him in the first place. That at four years old, he thought that he did something wrong to deserve this - to lose his mom, to lose his life. That he never thought that he was enough and that’s why mom left, why dad left, why Sam left, why God left.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to sit in the room with his baby brother’s corpse. That the smell and the evidence of his failure was oppressive. That it beat down on him so hard that the fragile strands of his connection to this plane of existence broke away, leaving him in the free fall of self-deprecating grief. That in his desperate pleas for guidance, the thoughts of his own death that surfaced were akin to relief. That a part of him yearned for the reprieve of hellfire rather than living through Hell on Earth.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas how it felt to know that his days were numbered in every sense of the word. To know that his greatest fear was coming true – that he was dying, he was leaving Sammy behind, that he broke his promises to his dad, that he failed his momma’s memory, that he was headed toward a dead end in a life he never got to live.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to be torn apart, layer by layer, limb from limb, piece by piece until he shattered into nothing and was rebuilt again - for thirty years. To be tortured and used for thirty long, dark, filthy years. To feel the relief of the weight of the blade in his hand, to feel the control and the sense of utter, maniacal calm. To inflict the pains he suffered on others sevenfold under the guidance of his master.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to wake up in the suffocating dark. To wake up trapped inside a box that denotes deaths and decay. To have to claw his way out of his own grave, into the sunlight and the field of destruction that mirrored his own soul. To be reborn into this world of tragic hopelessness where his existence has no name to the masses and his purpose is to be used up by the Universe in some unholy mission of vindictive destruction.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas why he wasn’t strong enough to complete his mission. That it wasn’t because he was weak. That it wasn’t because he was broken. That it wasn’t because Hell left him a shadow of his former self. That Dean out of the hellfire was the same Dean that went in – broken, lost, hopeless, hapless. That the reason he wasn’t strong enough was because he knew, his soul knew, every particle of his being knew, that his fate was to watch his brother die. That he wasn’t strong enough because no man can live through the loss of the only thing that keeps him alive twice in a lifetime that never should have lasted this long.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to carry the weight of the world, the weight of Hell on Earth, the weight of Heaven, and the weight of the future of mankind on his shoulders. To know that one simple word would spell the fate of the cosmos. To know that being alive hinged humanity on his choices and his ability to kill his own brother. To know that the only escape was to just say yes. That in the alley, for a moment, he thought that Cas was going to kill him. That in that moment, he felt the weight ebb to the relief of being done. That being left alive was his torment. That always being the one left behind is a certain kind of destructive darkness that you carry in the deepest part of your soul, that grips your heart in such a way that it can barely beat.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it was like to think that, by some miracle, his brother was saved, only to discover that the man standing before him was a shadow of his former self without his soul to guide his conscience. That he was slowing walking toward the cliff of his own downfall. That while Sam wasn’t Sammy anymore, he needed Cas more than ever. That it was a whole new kind of pain that he couldn’t comprehend that he felt when Cas chose Heaven, again and again, over him.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to feel his heart shatter and crumble under the weight of Cas’ betrayal. That a more humane method of assisted suicide would have been to be trussed up and flayed apart by Alastair by choice. That knowing the only rock, the only constant in his life had deceived him. That after everything they’ve been through - the rebellion, the battles, the loss – that his one cornerstone of constant loyalty and camaraderie was a liar with the capacity to tear down Sam’s one shot at sanity while simultaneously tearing down every shred of trust that he has given freely from the bottom of his mangled heart.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what his life was like when he was gone. After Cas walked into the middle of a lake and disintegrated into a million pieces of broken promises and misguided intention. That he couldn’t sleep at night because his dreams were flooded in lake water. That he lost his ability to trust anyone, even his own flesh and blood, because the betrayal and the loss ran too deep. That while his nightmares were a Technicolor rehash of his failures, Cas remained an inverted, esoteric presence in his mind where the grip on his heart was too tight to release the coloring of understanding. That the only way to drown out the lake, the loss, the grief, the utter gut-wrenching pain that throbbed through the entirety of his soul was to sink under the weight of his alcoholism. That he drank because he couldn’t comprehend the burden that Cas’ loss placed on his soul, because he’s lost so many in the past, yet this was comparable to losing Sammy all over again. That without Cas and without Bobby, he wasn’t capable of living beyond his quest for revenge. That once again, death would be his release from this particular kind of Hell on Earth.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it was like to see him again. To know that Cas had no memory of him. That everything they had been through, everything that Cas had done had been erased. That he couldn’t find it in his heart to shock the truth back into Cas because, while he had his best friend back, to have a moment of simplicity amidst the chaos, he couldn’t bring himself to make him remember the terror and mass destruction that he inflicted on Earth and in Heaven.  That he tried so goddamn hard not to care anymore, but the things he felt for Cas ran too deep to be ignored. That in the end, on their last day on Earth, he wanted Cas by his side because there was still no one in this world that he trusted more than him and Sam.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to immerse himself completely in the purity of the stink and decay of the wasteland that was Purgatory. That he set his mind on the destruction of every beast within the realm that obstructed his path back to him. That the moment he laid eyes on Cas for the first time in months was the happiest he’s felt in longer than he could possibly remember.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it was like to fall through the wrinkles of time and space, landing back on Earth, alone. To know that he failed another person that he loves by leaving them behind. That knowing that it was Cas’ choice to stay to do his penance provided him with not a single drop of relief because Cas made the choice to leave him. That knowing the truth was just one more slice of Alastair’s blade through the lining of his heart, just a tighter grip on his heart that could barely beat by its own strength any longer.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to kneel at his feet, submissive to his violent intent. To look his certain death in the face and beg. To not beg for his own salvation, but to beg for Cas’. That the trust between them lay shattered on the floor amongst the rubble of the tablet encasement. That even within an inch of his life, he still fought for Cas. That he will always bring him back from the edge. That promises of brotherhood are illusions in the face of the emotional depth of a bond that runs deeper than they can fathom. That even “I need you” was insufficient to define the meaning and importance of family. That “I need you” was a forcible attempt at speaking a word with a connotation that burned to the ground thirty years ago.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to race to save his brother’s life again. To finally, finally make it there in time, to tear him away from the brink of death, only to watch him fall closer toward it in the end. To feel the weight of the inevitability of Sammy’s death fall across his shoulders again. To make a choice that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to see him sitting lifeless in that chair. To have to pull the blade out of Cas’ chest, to feel the give and take of human flesh under his hand. To feel the abyss open beneath his feet and swallow him, if only for a few moments of horrified bereavement. To feel the part of his heart that he allows to love under the duress of the ever-present vice around it cry its own lament. To feel the burst of relief when Cas was, yet again, saved. To feel a few more moments of completion and complacency in between the strains of abject desolation.

I wish that Dean would have told Cas what it felt like to walk a broken road of isolation and self-inflicted misery. That he was so far gone that burying his soul six feet under the essence of his existence was the preferable manner of feeling alive, of feeling anything at all. That propelling himself on a wayward crusade of mutually assured destruction of the enemies was a welcome chance at release from the life that he has been cursed with. That holding a blade that was drenched in the rot of millennia-old death and destruction was a rush of power that he had lacked for the entirety of his life. That staring death in the face no longer gave rise to feelings of fear or loss of the life that was taken from him by fate. That death brought him purpose. That death brought him a cold calm that encompassed his soul and dragged it down deeper into the shifting, growing depth of darkness within.

I wish that, in the face of his death, Dean would have told Cas how he felt. How everything he’s ever done his entire life has been about protecting his little brother. That Cas is family now, and he’s been family for a long time, and the he would do anything, give anything to protect him, too. That without Cas, his life stopped having meaning, stopped having purpose. That without Cas, he was lost in an incomprehensible flood of emotion and grief that continues to torment him to this day, the same way that losing Sammy twice continues to influence his every thought and every choice. That every loss feels like a failure because his job is to protect his family. That he is supposed to reconstruct that memory of a house and a life full of light and hope and love by building a new life with the two people who always came back to him. That a real life, a happy life, is hidden just under the ash and the rubble. That family is bound by love…and he loves. That he loves his brother more than anything else in the world. That he loves Cas in a way that is driven by the omniscient force of inevitability. That he loves Cas with a depth that finds their souls bound by an unbreakable long foretold divination. That he loves Cas in ways that he will never be able to express. That he will try every moment of each day, until he draws his last breath, to tell him.

More than anything, I wish that Dean would have been able to say goodbye…

Written for my dear friend, feandra.

Trouble Will Find Me sentence starters
  • "Don't make me read your mind."
  • "You should know me better than that."
  • "You're not that much like me."
  • "We have different enemies."
  • "I should leave it alone but you're not right."
  • "When I think of you in the city, the sight of you among the sites, I get this sudden sinking feeling."
  • "I've been awake for days."
  • "I'm going through an awkward phase."
  • "I am secretly in love with everyone that I grew up with."
  • "When I walk into a room, I do not light it up."
  • "I don't see what's strange about this."
  • "I have only two emotions; careful fear and dead devotion."
  • "I was not supposed to be here."
  • "I'm tired, I'm freezing, I'm dumb."
  • "I need somewhere to stay."
  • "Don't think anybody I know is awake."
  • "You keep a lot of secrets and I keep none, wish I could go back and keep some."
  • "You're fireproof, nothing breaks your heart."
  • "You tell me you’re waiting to find someone who isn’t so hopeless, but there’s no one."
  • "You’re a million miles away... doesn’t matter anymore."
  • "You are not the only one to sit awake until the wild feelings leave you."
  • "Will you say you love me?"
  • "If I stay here, trouble will find me."
  • "If I stay here, I'll never leave."
  • "I'll always think of you as the kind of child who knew this was never gonna last."
  • "You fell so fast."
  • "Sorry I hurt you, but they say love is a virtue don't they?"
  • "I could walk out, but I won’t."
  • "How completely high was I?"
  • "Things are tougher than we are."
  • "I wish everybody knew what's so great about you."
  • "You don't think before you jump."
  • "And I said I wouldn't get sucked in."
  • "This is the last time."
  • "Don't tell anyone I'm here."
  • "I got Tylenol and beer."
  • "I was thinking that you'd call somebody closer to you."
  • "You're the only thing I want."
  • "And I said I wouldn't cry about it."
  • "We were so out of our minds."
  • "I won't be waitin' anymore."
  • "I am in trouble, can't get these thoughts out of me."
  • "I know this changes everything."
  • "Baby, you gave me bad ideas."
  • "Baby, you left me sad and high."
  • "You can't imagine how I hate this."
  • "Just let me hear your voice, just let me listen."
  • "I'm in the city you hated."
  • "I'm having trouble inside my skin."
  • "I try to keep my skeletons in."
  • "I'll be a friend and a fuck-up and everything, but I'll never be anything you ever want me to be."
  • "I keep coming back here where everything slipped."
  • "I will not spill my guts out."
  • "I don't need any help to be breakable, believe me."
  • "I won't need any help to be lonely when you leave me."
  • "I don't want you to grieve, but I want you to sympathize."
  • "I can't blame you for losing your mind for a little while - so did I."
  • "I don't want you to change."
  • "I am good, I am grounded."
  • "I keep feeling smaller and smaller."
  • "I need my girl."
  • "Remember when you lost your shit and drove the car into the garden? You got out and said 'I'm sorry' to the vines and no one saw it."
  • "I know I was a lot of things."
  • "There's some things that I should never laugh about in front of family."
  • "I'll try to call you from the party."
  • "I survived the dinner."
  • "Babe, you're better off."
  • "Somebody said you disappeared in a crowd."
  • "I didn't understand then, I don't understand now."
  • "I didn't ask for this pain it just came over me."
  • "I was solid gold, I was in the fight, I was coming back from what seemed like a ruin."
  • "I was just getting used to living life without you around."
  • "I'm so surprised you want to dance with me now, you always said I held you way too high off the ground."
  • "You said it would be painless - it wasn't that at all."
  • "I wonder if you live there still, I kinda think you always will."
  • "You're beautiful and close and young, in those ways we were the same."
  • "I'm not holding out for you."
  • "I'm still watching for the signs."

“You know… I’ve always said I shouldn’t get a dog because I definitely don’t have time for one and it wouldn’t really be fair to leave it at home alone. I keep saying that… but it’s really unfair when they put the puppies in the window like that. I know what they’re doing and I will not have my emotions manipulated… no matter how cute they are. I’m more of a cat person anyway so I definitely don’t need to get a dog… right? Please, help me out here I’m trying to talk myself out of going back and getting the cutest golden retriever puppy I’ve ever seen.”

Will You Come Be My Companion?

Will you come be my companion?

My ship travels time and space.

I can bring you anywhen,

and anywhere

Just name the time and place

It gets a little lonely,

All these empty rooms

Thinking of times gone by

Will you come be my companion?

It doesn’t have to be ‘companion’

(Rose Tyler, I-)

Will you come be my companion?

Mysteries to solve! Planets to save!

It’s no fun without a hand to hold

And I’ve been told

We’d make the best of mates

(The TARDIS, she knows!)

I can’t be alone here

Haunted by

All the mistakes I’ve made








I can’t have a companion

All those people, I’ve caused pain

No matter what I try to do

It’s just no use

They die or go away

Please, just go, be happy.

And leave me here

The madman and his blue box

I can’t have a companion

Please take the time to read

If you give hate to Five Seconds of Summer, please read this incredibly lengthy post.

I understand completely if you don’t enjoy the music that they make, but when you insult them as human individuals, that’s where I draw the line.

Luke Hemmings is literally just an awkward penguin child who probably is more relatable then he seems. He doesn’t take shirtless pictures because he thinks he’s chubby. I’m sure all males felt like that at some point in their lives. He’s a dork who probably can’t ask a girl out. His self esteem is been so low his entire life, and now since he’s in the limelight, he isn’t letting that fame go to his head.

Calum Hood is like an oddball. He’s clearly a much different ethnicity then the other boys. He gets a lot of flack and gets ‘insulted’ for being something he’s not. Leave the boy alone. He can’t mention anything vaguely Asian without 'fans’ jumping on it. He got a lot of hate when he had his nudes leaked last August. As a fan, I was ashamed at him, but he recovered from that incident with grace and tried to make it better.

Ashton Irwin is like a ball of sunshine. The boy had #CutYourselfAshtonYoureTrash trend on Twitter. He doesn’t pay any attention. He had to stay at the hospital for some health issues, and received hate since he ended up preventing his band from attending a British award show last summer. His entire life, he spent feeling like trash. He wasn’t the smartest in school. He doesn’t know his father. But he always has the biggest smile on his face and never, ever stops thanking his fans and making sure we feel loved.

Michael Clifford also is like an oddball. He isn’t tan. He isn’t ripped, he’s buff, but not totally sculpted I guess. He dyes his hair bright and unnatural colors. He’s turning bald for God’s sAKE. He gets hate since Michael girls aren’t the majority of 5sos fans. But we fucking like that about him because guess what!? Girls are not always attracted to the blond, tan, blue eyes, fit one. Sometimes we like the sweethearts like Mikey that are all soft edges and bright colors and smiles and someone make me stop because I am rambling okay.

As a band, 5sos are basically a bunch of kids. They’re sweethearts who like to cuddle and yell songs that make them feel alive and pretend plastic dogs are real. They stay together, support each other, and treat their fans right. They never, ever miss an opportunity to cheer the fandom up. Concert tickets are becoming too pricey? YouTube concert videos have too much screaming? They produce a live album that has minimal audience noise, but captures the very essence of what their shows truly feel like.

So please don't diss this innocent band. Yes they’ve made mistakes. Yes, they’ll make more mistakes. But at the end of the day, their morals are right and they have never failed me.

Stop trying to make me feel ashamed of liking a band that brings me happiness and emotion. Stop trying to make me feel ashamed for being in a fanbase where I’ve met my best friends. Stop.  

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(I'm probably wrong but) I feel like Bee would say "hey you wanna go to Applebees?" to make you feel better but then drop you off and then drive away leaving you at Applebees alone with no way to get home because he wants you to feel better but doesn't want to have to put in the time or effort of emotional support and thinks this'll work

the sheer idea of him even saying the word applebees has me in tears