leave me alone i reversed it



Suppose Marinette just happened to be prepared one rainy day. Suppose Adrien never got the chance to apologize to Marinette because she already had her umbrella and was well on her way home.

Suppose Adrien’s awkward little self worried over and over his apology for days, letting Marinette’s first impression of him settle into something more concrete.

Suppose that by the time he actually decides to do something about the misunderstanding, Marinette likes him just about as much as she likes Chloe.

And then, we’ve got Marinette purposefully avoiding Adrien. Trying not to let him “get” to her, even though he’s always smiling and saying hi, he’s never apologized.

It doesn’t help that she spends every minute trying to not talk to him, going so far as to borrow Nino’s headphones during break and pretend to be busy.

(Poor Adrien doesn’t know how to broach the subject after weeks of awkward silences)

And Marinette is a proud girl, despite all her stumbling. Suppose she turns her dislike into competition and now we’ve got this amazingly heated competition between the two. Each trying to outdo the other in class.

Suppose Nino and Alya are caught in between, trying to navigate the tension of two people they know would get along if they gave each other the chance.

Suppose that because she was never love with Adrien, Marinette is head over heels for her partner.

And Adrien. Adrien cares for his lady very much, but there’s something intensely interesting about the girl in his class who he’s in a casual competition with and who seems genuinely like a wonderful person when she’s laughing with the rest of the class.

Marinette intrigues him because she’s kept him at an unfortunate distance, and that grabs his attention more thoroughly than he ever thought possible.

Don’t know where to go with this, but yep.

Just imagine the shenanigans that ensue.

if you weren’t so | “dreamland” (au) | wc: 2915

She finds him, Mulder, loading someone else’s suits into the back of a truck that someone else’s money paid for, and she has to remind herself, Mulder, that’s Mulder. When he asks what she’s doing here, an old pain flickers in the space between her eyes: That’s Mulder, and he thought he’d never see me again.

She tilts her chin up at him, at the usual angle, and finds that the geometry between them is the same.

“I need to talk to you,” she says. “Something’s happened.”

Behind him, his not-wife drags a recliner over the threshold in reverse, yelling at the houses that all look like hers.

“I have to talk to you alone.”

She says “alone” like she always says it and wonders if she meant to do that. There are days when she’s sure she could leave him in the dirt and still wind up in a room with him at the end of the world. As they slip behind the truck, she’s gripped by the idea that to Joanne Fletcher, she is the woman Mulder shouldn’t be with.

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Between marriage equality, Bill Cosby, Rachel Dolezal, the confederate flag and the Charleston shooting, people have really been showing their asses on my public Facebook page over the past few weeks. I don’t know how someone could possibly say they’re a fan of my work and then spew some victim blaming, rape apologist, “reverse racism!”, homophobic, transphobic and/or ableist garbage on my wall. But, here they are. Even though I’m incredibly disappointed, seeing these arguments and justifications from seemingly intelligent people reminds me why these conversations are so important. But dealing with angry, ignorant and abusive people online is physically and mentally exhausting. Today has been full of too many Cosby defenders and victim blamers. It’s just triggering and gross. So today I’m reminding myself to pick my battles and leave some of these fools alone. Today I hope you find the space to do that for yourself too.

A real thing that happened this morning
  • Nick: I was worried I didn't get the most amount of sleep last night
  • Douglas: How come?
  • Nick: 'Cause I had to work for you
  • Douglas: That is true. Working you hard *GIGGLES*
  • Nick: *GIGGLES* And now the roles are reversed
  • Douglas: And now I have to work for you!
  • Douglas: I feel bad I worked you so hard last night now
  • Nick: ..... You did
  • Nick: It was a hard-
  • Finchy: Wow
  • Nick: What? It was a hard- it was a lot of- lot of work
  • Finchy: What were you doing??

All of my Niall mutuals are turning into other blogs during the hiatus. I don’t know what to say to you people. Like fam we may only get two pictures a month, but we got multiple crops and multiple filters. We can reverse the picture maybe turn it upside down. We will make it through this drought. We will get golf Niall and more suit Niall. That should get us to the end of this break until we get more crotch grabs. Don’t leave me out here alone. I just need more Niall k thx.

Prison!Slaine + OrangeBat Headcanon

I’ve been reading all the Prison!OrangeBat fanfics and they seem to start off with Inaho curious or invested in Slaine before eventually growing fond of him. And I like that, I really do. In fact, I think about it too much  ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ which results in me wondering…

At the end of episode 24, it didn’t feel like Inaho was particularly interested in Slaine. He didn’t hate him, but he didn’t care about him either? It was more of a duty he had.

So I thought, what if I reversed it and instead of Inaho, Slaine got closer to the prison guards instead? Maybe a guard was troubled over something, and he couldn’t help giving advice? Or they overheard him having a nightmare, crying and screaming, and couldn’t leave him alone after?

The more they learn about Slaine the less he seems the dictator the media painted him as. And if there are rumours whispered around that there was a cover up, well all the better.

And, hey. Playing cat’s cradle with him IS watching him. If I brought a book that I didn’t want to read, someone might as well right? My cousin is free-loading at my house, and I just want him to leave, so here, you can have his blanket. We bought too much cake, you want a slice?

Meanwhile, Inaho’s been busy with studying and/or climbing the hierarchy in the army. Other than the biweekly reports from the guards (Slaine Troyard is behaving; Slaine Troyard has been eating.) he didn’t give much thought to the prisoner. After a few months, he figures its time for another visit just to verify that there isn’t any problems.

He enters the building but where are the guards? He finds them in Slaine’s cell, which by now has a bunch of random items (Is that a plushy of an anime character? The one about vampires that the girls in class were talking about…) having tea and cake.

One of the guards was recounting a story about the time his sister dyed his uniform purple and Slaine was laughing, a beautiful smile and his face flushed pink and Inaho just can’t look away.

Because under the nurturing of his friends, Slaine has blossomed and Inaho is mesmerised.