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“please don’t leave me.” for the anon, end!destiel angst

Castiel stared at his fingers. They were soft, softer than they should be since his fingers had life in them. They should be roughed and lined, there should be dirt under the nails, scars on the palms and callus on their tips. But they were soft. 

He wished he could fight, use them to do something, to help, rough up those hands with anything. But he couldn’t because he had no orders. First, he used to serve heaven and its orders without thinking. Now, he did the same for Dean. Dean was a harsh man sometimes, especially in the last few years, where the rests of his happy self disappeared.

Castiel knew that with it, his own grace had been gone. He’d never told Dean, but his happiness, his glowing soul, the hope in his heart was what kept Castiel from becoming fully, undoubtedly human. And when Dean turned into the stone, cold-blooded fighter he was today, Castiel turned into the human, meditating fool he woke up as every single morning. It wasn’t that he forgot himself or how he used to be- but he couldn’t stay like that when everything else around him changed. When Dean, his tower of strength, his last gleam of hope, changed, there was no reason for Castiel not to. 

So he laughed humorlessly, talked about love and peace on earth in which he couldn’t believe in himself, had orgies with girls he couldn’t sense the souls of, smoked until he was high and thought he felt his wings, and cried when there was no one to hear him.

But when Dean showed up, he showed none of that. He would do whatever he could, whatever he had to do, to please him. There was only one thing that had positively changed over the years. His love for Dean never died. He wasn’t sure if it was the old Dean or the new Dean he craved at night, but when Dean went up to him in the middle of the night and slipped down at his side, his naked body cold against Castiel’s, he took him, warmed him up until Dean’s skin was sweaty and his breath quick and desperate and they grabbed onto each other harsh and painful until both of them were coming, sometimes quiet, sometimes muffling their sounds into each other’s skin and whispering their names until they had calmed down.

It was everything to Cas, waking up the next day and watching Dean’s face screwed up in a frown, snoring softly. He would kiss his forehead in the hope of taking away Dean’s problems, but they never seemed to leave.

Castiel was awake. He didn’t want to sleep- not yet, it was too early and he was hoping Dean would come tonight. He hadn’t been there the two nights before. Cas had missed him. He lit another candle and blew at the match, stretched, popping his muscles. His mind wandered off to the idea of getting high if Dean wouldn’t show up- but then he heard a sound from his door.

“Hey.” Dean always said it like that. Soft, gentle. It reminded Cas painfully of the way Dean used to be. But Dean had changed and he knew like no one else.

“Dean,” Castiel said, not turning around. His fingers slid slowly through the dust on the nightstand. “How have you been?”

“Like normal,” Dean answered as he got inside further. “The usual problems. Chuck mentioned we’re running out of bullets, so we’ll have to get some more in a few weeks, days maybe even.” He was quiet for a moment. “You? How are things here?”

It always went like this. Dean asked Cas how he was, what he had done, pretending to care, pretending to be interested in Castiel… Normally, Cas pushed that away and was happy with pretending, but tonight, Cas’ thoughts had wandered to the wrong places.

“Not important,” he sighed and turned, faking a smile. “So why waste any time on… how I feel?” He stepped towards Dean, kissed him without waiting for a reply. He wanted Dean to go with it so they could ignore whatever they were feeling, but Dean pushed him away.

“What?” He asked. “Cas, why are you like this?”

“Like what?” Cas asked, tilting his head. “Needy?”


“I’m not.” He leaned in again, tasting Dean’s lips slowly. “Just missed you.” His hands wandered over Dean’s chest.

Dean seemed to go with it and Cas hoped he’d let it go, but as Dean started undressing him, he spoke again.

“There’s more,” Dean hummed. “I know you. But fine, if you don’t wanna talk, not gonna force you. Not now.” Cas kissed him rougher, pushing him against the wall. He really didn’t want to talk right now.

It wasn’t much later that they lay next to each other, half an hour at the very most. Dean’s arm was under Castiel’s head, but neither of them spoke. Cas had his eyes closed, breathing in Dean’s scent of earth and gunpowder.


“Yeah?” Cas opened his eyes and looked at Dean.

“What’s bothering you?”

Cas didn’t answer, not sure what to say. “Because, you know, if there’s something I could…”

“You can’t,” Cas said way too fast. “What would there be?”

“Alright.” Dean sighed and started to get up. “I can leave you alone, if you-”

“No.” Cas grabbed his arm, pulling him back, feeling desperate to have him next to him. “Please, don’t leave me.”

Dean turned to face him.

“I won’t.” He lay back down with Cas and stroke a lock of hair from his forehead.

Castiel didn’t know why exactly, but suddenly he felt tears in his eyes and blinking them away didn’t help. He knew Dean saw it, too, but didn’t mention it.

“Do you remember us?” He asked. “I mean… How we used to be?”

“I remember how you used to be.” Dean lay down again, his hand finding Castiel’s. He never held his hand, or stroke hair from his face, and Cas was confused by the sudden acts. But he gripped on Dean’s hand.

“I remember you,” Cas mumbled. “And I miss you.”

They found each other’s glance and stared.

“I miss you, too.”

Castiel swallowed. He still tried to blink away the tears, but they only seem to get worse.

“Why did you ask, Dean? You shouldn’t care, y’know. it’s just me.”

Dean gripped his hand more and pushed himself on his elbow to look at Cas.

“But I do,” Dean blurted, biting his lip. “I care- too much, it’s dangerous and I shouldn’t because you… I can’t… If I care like this and I lose you, I won’t…-”

Cas cut him off with a kiss. He tasted one of his own salty tears but he kissed until both of them were out of breath.

“You’re not losing me, Dean. Wherever we’re going, whatever we do, whoever we are, I’m right next to you.”


“We’re a mess, we both know that, but that can’t keep us from fighting for… this. Us.”

“It won’t.” Dean kissed him again. Castiel couldn’t remember if he ever kissed him this caring and sweet and he fell for him all over again.

They fell asleep late, listening to each other’s breathing. They weren’t okay, with more problems than they could handle and half of the person they used to be, once. But together, they had found a thing worth fighting for.

The Temp

Letha has been Idol Im Jaebum’s temporary makeup artist for the past two years and after years of him toying with her, things finally reach a breaking point between them.

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[song inspiration: Ed Sheeran - Shape of you]

info: Jaebum x oc
genre: smut, oral, fingering, dirty talk, light choking, slight dom!
word count: 5.1k

For two years, two insanely long years I have been Idol, Im Jaebum’s “temporary” makeup artist. Two years of endless awful pick up lines, suggestive comments, devious looks, “harmless” touches and just straight up eye-fucking me. Part of me honestly thinks I’m still around because he doesn’t want another artist anymore. I mean, who would let him get away with those things, if not me? Probably no one.

I was older than him by a few years and was technically his elder, even though my culture didn’t do honorifics. I respected it and always used it with people older than I, unless directed otherwise. I gave all the boys the choice of using it if they chose to and they all always referred to me as Letha noona or simply noona. But not Jaebum, he never did if he couldn’t help it. I was either Princess, Kitten, Leth or on rare occasions, Letha. Of course, he only used Kitten or Princess in whispers, when no one was listening or we were alone.

He was good looking and charming, there was no denying that. I had a hard time not getting beat red when he’d use one of his nicknames on me or shamelessly teased me. And he obviously knew that it affected me or he wouldn’t continue to do it.

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high maintenance

you want me? if so:

bring me flowers, but make sure there are no red roses because clichés make me want to vomit blood

when i am having an episode, you will never be able to do the right thing for me because i am on another planet, i am out of this world, and the small back rubs and the quiet reassurances mean nothing to me. the best thing is to leave me alone and be ready to do damage control when i get back to earth.

when i start to overthink, rip me open at the seams and remove the new part of me that has begun to rot, new memories and impulses that have resurfaced and threaten my sanity.

my bloodshot eyes and scratched forearms will make you want to lock me up, put me someplace i can be safe. just remember that the smell of rubbing alcohol makes my stomach turn and that hospital food never satisfies a picky eater like me. remember that the drugs they give me turn me into somebody else and you won’t recognize me when you visit, the cream colored walls will be more animated than my dull, sedated eyes. remember that i will never forgive you.

- i will not allow myself to be taken care of

Legion Sentence Starters Part 3

Quotes all from the fox TV series Legion Chapter 8

  • “ It’s okay, we’re here. “
  • “ How do you feel? “
  • “ I think you ruptured my spleen. “
  • “ Did we win? “
  • “ All right, that was a mistake. “
  • “ Remember how you told me not to be afraid? “
  • “ Uh, you see that, right? “
  • “ I was just wondering What am I without you? “
  • “ Use your power. “
  • “ You’re smart, for a lady. “
  • “ Darling, hush. “
  • “ Give me the God damn mirror. “
  • “ Who are you people? “
  • “ I ask the questions. “
  • “ We were ambushed.”
  • “ Men died. and I am going to finish what I started.
  • “ Me? Not so good. “
  • “ Yeah, you can kill the others. “
  • “ Intelligence gathering. Let’s see what happens next.”
  • “ So you’re just gonna whip up some kind of peace accord, what, before lunch or by dinner? “
  • “ I don’t care if you save me or the world if you don’t save yourself. “
  • “ You have super powers.
  • “ I can help. “
  • “ We can’t just murder people. “
  • “ To be fair, the second time, they were just gonna kill you. “
  • “ With that kind of thinking, wars would never end. “
  • “ I thought you might be thirsty. “
  • “ You two have a fight? “
  • “ Well, we can figure it out over dinner. “
  • “ Watch it, it’s vibrating. “
  • “ Well, uh, I’m on a mostly liquid diet. “
  • “ You know, uh, you remind me of someone. “
  • “ Can we move past the threats? “
  • “ Dinosaurs once ruled the Earth. And remind me what happened to them.
  • “ They’ll bring an army. “
  • “ It just doesn’t, for some reason Is this real? “
  • “ War is over. If you want it. “
  • “ You don’t have to be afraid. “
  • “ Why don’t you just leave us alone? “
  • “ You’re gods. “
  • “ You’re gods. “
  • “ Look, front door closes, I go in the back. “
  • “ But you have to help me get away. “
  • “ So I’m gonna give you a chance here. You wanna help? “
  • “ Why am I tied down? “
  • “ Hold on, it It’s fighting back. “

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The Megatron visiting the human family is hilarious omg I would just sit there either scratching my neck or snapping at everyone to leave me and Megs alone about it. I'll even makeout with him to make the situation even worse 😭

( Melly’s Mod Notes: JESUS ON A MERRY-GO-ROUND.


Where did it go wrong?

That’s the million dollar question for tonight as you stew in what has to be the most awkward welcome back party ever. You’ve been to some awkward parties before too so this is saying something.

When your friend returned to Earth for brief spell of shore leave and catch up with Optimus’ group, you and the others took the chance to meet up with them for an evening of food and conversation at your house. So excited you all were to see them again after all this time, everyone agreed to your friend’s (surprisingly hesitant) request to bring their partner to the get together during the weekly chat session you were allowed to have with them.

Your friend being a robot fucker is no surprise to the group. Personally you can’t blame them either. A lot of the robots were hot when not fucking up your city and your planet over whatever they’re fighting over.

The fact they kept mum about who they were seeing, on the other hand, was. You think they would be excited to tell you how they were the first human to do the actual robot. Soon bets were being made to see if anyone could guess the mystery ‘bot. Some thought it was Rodimus, the fratboy co-captain of the ship. Others thought it had to be the moody mysterious purple guy who you can only remember as Cy from the chats. A friend was insistent on the one with tit guns but hey it’s their money they’re betting so.

Somehow you all had such little imagination. None of you would imagine they’ll be bringing Megatron - Megatron! - to the dinner. He brought muffins in hopes to win your hearts somehow.

No heart is won via muffins. No one wins the bet. No one wins in general.

Food is left untouched. Gazes stay averted. A certain friend, Janet, keeps commenting on Optimus Prime and fusion cannons. Megatron looks like he’s suffering and you can’t help feel some pity for him. Some. A tiny bit. It’s there somewhere.

While trying to decide if you impressed or embarrassed by Janet’s refusal to take the hint to stop talking smack against an ex-warlord, you feel a hand rest on your shoulder and oh Jesus fuck. Give a person a heads up-! “Yeah? Hey? Um, ah, a little warning next time?”

“Sorry about that.” Flashing you a smile, your bestie knows they can get out of trouble with that smile of theirs and they’re right. The smile of theirs gets bigger while you huff yet say nothing, allowing them to continue speaking. “Didn’t want to get the others’ attention. How are you holding up?”

“… We’re not dead.” It’s a little sad that you can consider that a big tick for the evening. Hey- Considering how nine years ago you were trying to, you know, not die from Decepticon attacks so it could be worse. “It could be worse, right? He could be trying to-”

And there’s a sudden explosion of commotion across the table, people shouting and laughing and screaming over something. It causes you and your best friend to look over where the source seems to be coming from and oh.


Apparently your friend decided to climb on the lap of a surprised Megatron, all but grinding against his lap while shoving their tongue into his mouth. Their expression one of grim determination and stubborn stubbornness. Perhaps that’s their sexy equivalent of flipping the bird at Janet and co…? You’re not sure. Your brain is kind of dead right now.

“You know what this means right?” Your friend is hissing, eyes narrowed in thought like some great and terrible thought has just occurred to them.

You shake your head and keep your stupid mouth shut, trying to squash any traitorous thoughts that so much have the hint of ‘threesome! threesome!’ in it. Last thing you need is having the others psychoanalyse you for wanting to fuck a giant gun. Janet is getting a lot of mileage from your  friend at the moment.

“It means one of us has to tell their parents about this turn of events. Preferably before they get here.” And this is how you find yourself getting a faceful of phone and your friend pulling back, raising their hands to keep themselves well away from your reach. “And I’m not it.”


This is going to be a long dinner.

the things we said sitting still

pairing: klance
summary: keith can’t sleep. lance is homesick. talking ensues (takes place early season 3)
word count: 1700

It’s nighttime, at least by the paladins’ standards, when Keith steps outside of his room, pulse fluttering in a tempo much too fast for his liking.

The castle is silent, lights dimmed down to their lowest setting. It’s a flimsy imitation of the endless night outside the ship’s bounds, but it’s dark enough that he keeps a hand pressed against the wall as he makes his way down the corridor.

To be honest, he doesn’t know exactly why he’s out wandering the hallways instead of forcing himself into an uneasy rest. Maybe it was the pressing silence of his room, the darkness almost stifling, that compelled him to roll out of bed. Or the ever-present stress wearing him thinner and thinner, an aching pit in his stomach that won’t let him close his eyes for more than a few moments.

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don’t lie.

Carry On Countdown // Day three {November 25th} // Opposite Day 

In this fic Simon was kidnapped by Numpties and Baz got a visit from Lucy

I felt my stomach drop to the floor as I walked into the Great Hall that morning. I had given up hope on Snow returning to Watford, he had been missing for weeks now, but all of a sudden he was there again. He was sitting at his usual spot with Penny and Agatha who both looked at him with great concern showing in their eyes. This concern wasn’t misplaced; Simon looked like he was barely alive. His usual tawny skin had paled at least a few shades, the skin around his cheekbones tight. He was scrawny which had never been the right word to describe Snow, but now he really was scrawny.  Snow’s eyes had dark circles around them and the look he gave me…

I realized that we were both staring at each other. Not just that; I had my walls down, I realized. I must have been looking at Snow with the same concern that Penny and Agatha were.  I quickly drained all emotion from my expression and simply arched an eyebrow at Snow. I’d let Snow make of it what he wanted and I made my way to my seat with Niall and Dev. I didn’t look at Snow for the rest of breakfast, not trusting what I would do if I’d look at the broken Simon Snow across the Great Hall again.


I went to the catacombs earlier than I normally would have, giving Snow the space he needed in our shared room. I also still didn’t trust myself with him yet. I’d either break him more or I’d grab hold of him without being able to let go of him; needing to know he was and would be okay. Both didn’t seem like great option so I stayed hidden in the catacombs.

Then there was also that thing I needed to talk to him about… but I knew he wouldn’t be ready now. I knew I wasn’t ready. How were you supposed to tell an orphan their dead mother came through the Veil to talk to her son only find out her son wasn’t there?

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Ghosts Part 2 (CEO!Luke)



Luke’s mile-long legs lay spread out on the floor as he leaned on the side of his desk and a slouched posture. Your favorite hard liquor laid in a bottle he had saved for your wedding sitting next to him. He was almost done with the Vodka bottle. He had the photo of you two kissing on your first anniversary when he took you to Rome in between his legs, tear drops scattered on the glass.

Luke wailed. He missed you. He missed the way your hand fit perfectly into his. That your smaller body fit just right in his arms. The three freckles that lined near the corner of your lower lip. Your laugh that made him feel like he was complete. He missed everything about you.

Luke picked up the alcohol, but just before he could remove the cap, he passed out.

C’mon, Y/N! It was just a petty fight! Are you really breaking up with me because of it?” Luke whined to you who was walking down the steps of your shared penthouse and towards the front door. You ignored him and strode past him wanting to leave. This was the second time in the three years that you had broken up. The first time was hard enough.

“Y/N!” he yelled as you shut the door. Luke groaned, feeling his soul be incomplete. This new feeling, this empty feeling made him feel sick. He you back, but didn’t know how to tell you.

“Y-Y/N-y?” Luke stuttered into the phone, nervous, using one of your various nicknames.

“L-Luk-ke?” you stuttered through your tears. Luke felt his heart break that he was the one who made you cry.

“Darling, come home,” he whispered. You were his home, he felt no need to call the empty house his home anymore without you in it. “Love, come back,”

“Lukey, I wanna come home…” you trailed.

“Then why don’t you?”

“This relationship, our relationship, is only you coming back from work only for me to be asleep and you leaving only for me to wake up alone. I don’t want that…”

Luke jumped awake at the memory of the phone call. He wiped the tears from his aching eyes and grabbed frantically for his cell phone.

“Hi! This is Y/N Y/L/N, I’m sorry I couldn’t answer your call, I– Luke, stop it…” then your voicemail ended. You hadn’t changed it. And he loved you even more for it. He kept calling but he was always sent to voicemail.

“Goddammit!” he cursed, swiping his hand over his desk, forcing his laptop, lamp, pens, and business cards off the platform. He started seething, breathing so deeply that it was hard to inhale.

Luke strutted out of the office and stopped in front of Aubrey.

“Aubrey, I’m going to go out, I don’t know when I’m going to be back.”

“I’ll see you then, Mr. Hemmings.” she nodded.

Luke impatiently waited for the elevator to get to the parking garage and went to his car. He revved the engine and sped towards your new apartment, which he found via your best friend. He parked his Ferrari sloppily and dashed to your door. He knocked rapidly, eager to see your face, hear your voice, this time with sober senses.

You opened the door to see your ex-boyfriend’s red, puffy eyes. He quickly pulled you by your neck into a soft, loving kiss that made you weak in the knees. Your mind went into over-drive. All of his emotions poured into your kiss, anger; sadness; grief; depression; loneliness; love.

He pulled away and rested his forehead on yours.

“Please don’t leave me, you’re all I have. I love you so much.” he whispered to you with so much passion like you two were the only people on earth.

“”I love you too, Luke. So fucking much, ”

“Darling, come home,” he pleaded, “Come back,”

“I can’t…”

“Why not?” he said getting angry. He pulled back and glared at you.

“Because I don’t want to be alone anymore.” you whispered only loud enough for him to hear.

“I won’t leave you alone, ever. Not after the hell I’ve been through for six months that only your love can pull me out. That I promise.”


“I love you more than anything, my world.” You grinned and kissed him on the mouth, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Marry me again,” He pulled out the ring from his pocket, getting down on one knee, proposing. “Y/N Y/L/N, I’ve loved you since the day I met you. I knew when you ran into me, spilling your lemonade on my white shirt, I knew I was going to marry you. And I know we haven’t had he best relationship, but you can’t ever doubt my undying love or you. The silence was driving me crazy. The echoes that weren’t actually there haunted me. The silent screams in my head made me angry. So angry because you weren’t there anymore. And then I realized that I did leave you alone. But I love you and only you. You’re my family, I mean, we dated for six years. Darling, you’ll always come before my job. I love you, and I wanted this relationship. I never wanted you to feel lonely, I never want you to feel neglected, and I never fucking wanted you to feel second-best… and if you leave me, then I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore. You’re my everything…
“When you left, I could feel my heart shatter in his chest, the love of my life left me because I had taken her for granted. All I wanted to do was crawl up in a ball and die. I love you too much for my own good. When we had broken up the first time, I went into depression. And if I thought that first time was depressing, I didn’t think I would have been abele to survive that. I was something that was merely just being. I was broken.                                                                      “This ring is the exact one I gave you on our fifth year anniversary, the first time I proposed. The day I promised to be with you forever. The day I promised to love you until I don’t exist. That I would never love anyone as much as I love you. The empty closet, the music-less house, the biting silence, the echoes of you that aren’t actually there, the silent laughs of happiness in my head that had pained me. When you left, this ring told me that this was really happening, this was my wake-up call. I just wanted to hold you in my arms and hear with sober ears that you love me… So will you marry me? Again?”

“Yes!” you squealed, leaping into his arms and kissing him deeply, reminiscing in the feeling of his lips on yours.

Ten Years Later…

“Benji!” you begged at your six year old who was running naked in the kitchen, “Please put your clothes on!”

“Mama! I’m Captain Underpants!” he giggled and ran right into his father who was entering the room. He scooped the small blonde boy into his arms and looked him in the similar azure eyes.

“Now, Ben, why are you not listening to your mother?” he scolded.

“Because I’m a big boy!”

“Benny, I still listen to her and I’m a man.”

“Okay…” Your husband placed Ben on the ground and he sulked off to go put on his clothes.

“Luke…” you sighed, placing your head on his broad chest. “I love you. Thank you so much for taking Ben to school today.”

“It’s fine and I love you too–” Luke was cut off by a wailing noise. “Ellie’s awake…”

“I’ll get her. Bye,” you leaned up and kissed him on the lips. Luke left the kitchen and took Ben to the car.

You wandered up the stairs and into the first room on the left, Ellie’s room.

“Elizabeth Hemmings, what on earth do you need now?” you teased your two year old daughter.

“My tummy hurts bad,” she pouted, Luke’s pout. Her hair was a strawberry blonde, but her eyes mimicked Luke’s as well. 

“Aw, baby, you wanna get in bed with mommy?” The little girl nodded her head and stuck her arms out. You picked her up and placed her on you and Luke’s shared bed, pulling her into your embrace as you climbed in with her. 

When Ellie fell asleep, you heard your phone buzz from the bedside table.

From lukey :))

At least the ghosts don’t haunt me anymore. Love you




The last Ha-huuur (Lucaya fanfiction)
  • At school, free period after classes. Just before cheerleading and basketball practice.
  • Riley: Hey has anyone noticed how Maya hasn't hahuured at Lucas since forever now?
  • Farkle: Yeahhh, Now that you mention it, she hasn't...
  • Lucas turns to stare at Maya but finds her staring at the floor.
  • Maya: well Maybe I don't wanna do it anymore. And isn't it your job to hahuur him now?... since you are his sister now...
  • Lucas: she's not my sister! And No! She's very bad at hahuuring... She skweaks like a donkey...
  • Riley: Hey!
  • Farkle: is true Riley. Hahuuring is not your thing.
  • Riley: well I haven't got a lot of practice... I'll do it better next time...
  • Lucas: No! Please, no next time... Besides, I miss to hear Maya say it.
  • Maya: Well, you'll keep missing it cause I'll never do it again. And you know why (glancess at Lucas). Anyway I have to go finish a proyect, see you guys latter.
  • Riley: What did just happened? Lucas?
  • Lucas: I think she's mad at me...
  • Riley: Why would she be mad? You didn't said anything wrong?
  • Zay: is not what he said, is what he didn't say.
  • Farkle: that's crazy. It doesn't sounds reasonal to get angry for something that hasn't happened yet.
  • Zay: that's the thing. You know nothing about a women's mind. It's all crazy and irrational.
  • Riley: No is not! We are just different.
  • Farkle: But what does it has to do with the hahuur thing?
  • Zay: Is what it stands for. Is the closeness and the meaning behind. Is too complicated for your young minds...
  • Farkle: you are only one year older duffus.
  • Zay: one year of wisdom and aquired knowledge you cannot underestimate.
  • Farkle: Damn, you're right.
  • Riley: but what is it that you didn't say?
  • Lucas: I'm sorry guys, I gotta go. I just realized something.
  • Lucas goes to find Maya in the artroom. Painting a new canvas. She just started with orange and yellows in the background. Looks like dry grass.
  • Lucas: Maya...
  • Maya: hello Sundance. Can I help you with something? Are you lost?
  • Lucas: I came to talk to you.
  • Maya: You can talk, just don't expect me to listen.
  • Lucas: C'mon Maya. Can we just talk it out?
  • Maya: There's clearly nothing to talk about.
  • Lucas: There is a lot to talk about.
  • Maya: Like what?
  • Lucas: why won't you hahuur at me anymore?
  • Maya: cause I don't feel like it.
  • Lucas: I know that. The question is why? What changed?
  • Maya: You know what changed. You know what you did last time.
  • Lucas: Maya, I said I'm sorry I almost kissed you. What more do you want?
  • Maya: What I want? You wanna know what I want?
  • Lucas: Yes! I want you to be happy.
  • Maya: First, stop apologyzing. Second, I told you this before. Third, I also said I like you! I said I liked you and you didn't say anything. So clearly, you don't like me back. So there's nothing else to talk about.
  • Lucas: Maya, I'm sorry!
  • Maya: Stop apologyzing already... And leave me alone...
  • Lucas: Maya... (Whispers something)
  • Maya: what? I didn't get that... I don't speak Huckleberry...
  • Lucas: I said "Ha-huur" (and he hahuurs in her face)
  • Maya: what on earth are you doing? We all know you are officially a Huckleberry... You don't have to hahuur me... I'm the last person you need to hahuur... What gave you the idea to do such a thing?
  • Lucas: Actually no. You said you hahuur me because you like me. So I'm hahuuring you back. And actually the idea just came after zay said something...
  • Maya: well for a huckleberry, you are terrible at hahuuuring. Cletus did a better job.
  • Lucas: well, why don't you show me how?
  • Maya: I told you I didn't wanted to.
  • Lucas: Then, I'm gonna keep hahuuring in your face until I get it right, and you understand what it means.
  • Maya: I already know what it means. I've been doing it for two years...
  • Lucas: HaHuuuuur
  • Maya: (starts laughin)
  • Lucas: HaHuuuuuur
  • Maya: just stop already
  • Lucas: HaaaHuuuuuur
  • (And Maya just very anoyed grabs his face with both her hands and stares at his eyes while saying very low voice)
  • Maya: Ok, I get it. Now what?
  • Lucas: Now we go on a date.
  • Maya: You have no idea what to do right?
  • Lucas: No.... Meet you at Topanga's after practice?
  • Maya: I guess...
  • Lucas: see you later?
  • Maya: yeahhh... See you later Ranger Rick. And you better get me my own milkshake... I don't like to share.
  • Lucas: will do Ma-am (tilts imaginary hat)
  • Maya: you are such a Huckleberry sometimes....
  • Lucas: no hahuur?
  • Maya: Not yet. Lets see how the date goes...
Niall Imagine (Requested)

Here you go hun! I had fun writing this, hope this is what you wanted! Enjoy <3

The day is finally here. Niall is finally back in the UK for European leg of the tour. He was gone for far to long and I haven’t seen him in 5 months. And I just can’t wait to spend some time with him before baby arrives. Now here we are, backstage chilling out with the boys before the show.

“What if your water breaks or something goes wrong and I’m not able to make it because I’m performing ?” Niall asked worriedly.
“Just relax hun. Ever since you came back you get so nervous for no reason, everything is going to be fine. Yes the due is very close but I think baby can wait till you get your week off” I reassured him.
“How can you be so calm for Christ sake?” he said giggling, putting his head on my shoulder to play with his hair as he waits for boys to get  their hair done.
“I don’t know, but I am”
“Hey we still didn’t give him a name” Niall said suddenly.
“Liam is a good name” I said smiling to Liam.
“Best name ever if you ask me. That’s least you can do since SOMEONE didn’t pick ME as godfather” Liam yelled at Niall making us all laugh.
“Thanks once again for making me and Perrie the godparents it’s an honor.” Zayn said smiling.
“Yeah but it’s not named after you so..” Liam added.
“Can’t believe our little leprechaun is going to be a dad” Louis sighed giving Niall little pat on the shoulder.
“We’re finally going to be uncles. Can’t wait to see little buddy. He’s going to be perfect since he will have amazing parents” Harry said.
“Awww that’s so sweet of you Haz” I said kissing his cheek.

“Come on guys, 15 minutes till show time” somebody yelled down the hall.
Guys slowly got up and got to the hallway leaving just the two of us in the dressing room.
“Meg you know what to do. Incase-”
“-Something happens I ask for Lou or whoever to get you and you’ll be there as fast as you can because you’re not going to leave me alone. Blah blah blah pathetic but cute bullshit. You love me, I love you. Have fun up there. Murder it!” I finished his monologue which he repeated way too many times, I kissed him quickly and smacked his butt.
“Who on the Earth did I marry?” Niall said with fake offended tone .
“The most fabulous person in the world” I said pushing him out of the dressing room.
“Is that how you treat your husband?”
“Ok then” he turned around and looking back with every second step he took to joining the boys and start laughing.
“Poor kid will be traumatized” Lou commented laughing at as.

Show was nearly halfway done and Lou and I were dancing around singing and laughing at the stupid stuff the boys did.
At one point Niall pushed Liam and he fall straight on butt.
Lou and I started to laugh like maniac and at one point I felt something dripping down my leg.
“My stomach hurts, I think I’m gonna piss my pants ” I continue to laugh rushing to the bathroom.
“MEG YOUR WATER BROKE” Lou yelled making me look down.
“Seriously? Right now?” I sighed slowly grabbing the towel I found by the speaker to clean up the mess.
“ OH FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T CLEAN THAT JUST GO” Niall said yelled  picking me up and rushing to the car.

After surprisingly short drive to the hospital and little longer that we hoped  labor, our little Liam (M/N) Horan was born.
After I got stitched up and baby got cleaned and checked up, I was able to hold him, boys came first and our parents were on their way to the hospital.
“Oh look Louis’ tearing up. He has emotions, I’m so proud of you” I said crying tears of joy.
“Oh screw you” Louis said and got us giggling, trying not to laugh to loud because of little Liam sleeping.
“He’s so adorable. He’s unbelievable” Zayn said.
“Of course he is. He’s Horan” Niall proudly said softly touching his little hand like he’s going to break him in thousand pieces.
“ I love you both Meg. So much it hurts” he whispered.
“Same here Ni, same here” I said leaning my head on the shoulder as he gives me a kiss on crown of my head.
Suddenly we saw little flash of light from the corner of the room, Harry grinning at us.
“Sorry I had to, moment was just too perfect. Now do you want it in black and white or should I go with classic Valencia?”

But can you imagine Damon realizing that no one gives a shit about Bonnie although she is the one who always sacrifice herself, can you imagine him  getting upset about that, can you imagine him realising how Bonnie is the selfless person he ever knew, and also the stronger one. Can you imagine him leaving his house upset and screaming “ok, if life still goes on for you although one of the most beautiful and amazing person on this earth is stuck on the other side with a sociopath, it’s not for me, so I’m going to get her back because I miss her and I’ll do it even if I have to do it alone.”