leave me alone

me, a latina: *is happy because of el diablo, one of the best things about suicide squad, the first major latino character i ever saw in a superhero movie, and who is an amazing character, a former gangster who couldn’t control his powers, but regreted that life and is shown in a very humanized way, has a tragic backstory, loved his family and accidentally killed them, which made him give up on crime life, and at the end found another family and even became a hero*

someone who is not even latinx: “ but,, he’s a stereotype!!!!! you shoudn’t enjoy him or this terrible movie!!”



“We know that night was 24 years of constant joy.” — Steven Moffat of the Doctor and River’s last night 

 "What a night that was.“  Indeed. The night the Doctor managed to show River Song she was loved and worth it, and pushed away all her demons and insecurities.