leave marriage alone



liam and louis are together for ages and EVERYONE thinks liam will be the one to elaborately propose

 but louis–not to be outdone or underestimated–plans an huge dance number with all of their family and friends involving balloons and fireworks and matching outfits to “marry me” by jason derulo

liam is crying the second he realizes what the song is is and louis is crying through all his dance steps and lip synching and wants to make everyone just stop so he can get on one knee but they see it through

the dance ends with jay, dan, geoff and karen all holding hands and walking up to liam, only to part to reveal louis looking handsome and like the love of liam’s life and trembling and before he can even get down on one knee liam is nodding and pulling louis into his arms and kissing him and everyone is clapping and cheering

louis gives his speech even though liam rudely interrupted him and liam says yes about a million times until louis shuts him up with another kiss and the rest is a fairytale