leave lydia alone

Didn’t JackASSon leave Lydia alone and heart broken at the beginning of season 3? Why is she running to him like they have been dating this whole time and haven’t seen each other in a few years? I hate this.

And did y’all see Stiles’ face? He’s like, “Really? After all he did to you, you are going to run to him like nothing happened?” Poor Stiles.


Prompt Request #17 - Isaac Lahey

Requested by Anon

Isaac Lahey x Reader

12. “It looks good on you.” 
43. “Don’t touch her!”

”Y/N?” Lydia asked with a smug smirk. ”Is that Isaac jersey you’re wearing?” she pointed towards the jersey you were wearing and a shy smile appeared on your lips.

”Yeah, I slept over at his place yesterday and forgot a spare shirt.” you explained as Lydia nodded with impression. ”Ah, I see.”

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You were leaning against your locker while Lydia was facing you. It had been a long and boring day, which you completely accepted since those were rare for you two these days. ‘‘Well, If that isn’t Theo Raeken back at Beacon Hills’’ wide eyes struck the redheads face as she remarked his appearance, not finishing her story about how Stiles had done something stupid. It wasn’t long before she added a quick ‘‘don’t look around’’ to her previous comment, aware of the fact that Theo had a thing for you and not wanting to ruin the perfectly boring day you two were having. She sighed as you had decided not to listen to her advice. ‘’Sorry’’ you whispered to her while laying your eyes on the dangerous chimaera making his way down to you.  

‘‘Y/N, Lydia’‘ Theo said as his eyes scanned you from head to toe. Not very subtle you told yourself before greeting him back. ‘‘Leave her alone, Raeken’’ Lydia said protectively as she linked your arm with hers. ‘‘Don’t worry, Lydia. Theo won’t hurt me here, right Theo?’’ you questioned. ‘‘I wouldn’t hurt you period. But you already know that’’ he said with a smooth grin and left you wondering what that was supposed to mean. 

‘’Let’s just go, Y/N. Don’t trust a word he says’’ Lydia warned which only caused Theo to take a step closer towards you. He leaned in to whisper something in your ear: ‘’You didn’t have to trust a word I said if you listened to my heartbeat Y/N, he gently placed your hand on his chest before continuingcuz it’s going crazy for you’’ his whispers gave you chills. And he knew that by now,  your heart was going crazy for him as well. He locked his eyes with yours for a second just to establish some intimate contact before he walked away without looking back, leaving you behind speechless. 

I thought we had something (Aiden Steiner x reader)

        You tightened your grip on your book you were holding. Gritting your teeth, you spun your head not to witness the scene in front you anymore.

Aiden and Lydia.

Aiden and you became a ’ thing ’ last Saturday but here he was flirting with her, again. You knew Aiden was bit of a player but seeing him with Lydia fuelled your anger. More mixed with jealousy.

             You should’ve known when he approached you at the library for  studying. You should’ve known when he ’ accidentally ’ sneaked upon you everyday. You should’ve known when he took you out in his bike  for a ride, just cause you told him you haven’t on a bike before. You should’ve known when he made you feel like you are the only girl on the planet, occasional light kisses, random unique gifts in your locker. You should’ve known when he asked you out of all the girls in the Beacon High school that you were merely another one of his plaything.

           You broke down in the girl’s restroom. Hot tears welled in your eyes out of anger and disappoint. You loved him, but to him, you were just another girl in his list. Wiping away you tears with the back of your palm, you exited the restroom.You tried to avoid him the whole day. 

         "Hey babe! “ he made himself comfortable sitting at the chair opposite to yours facing you. You knew his voice very well.

"Hello Aiden ” you didn’t even glance at him, your eyes fixed in the book you were currently reading.

“y/n, wanna hang out at my place today? ” he suggested with a wink. Normally you would blush but right now you don’t care. “I can’t ” you said with monotone still looking at your book. “are you okay? ” he asked with slight concern.

“why wouldn’t I? ” you got up from your chair. Placing your books in your bag you made your way not bothering to meet his eyes.

“y/n wait!  ” he blocked your way. “something is wrong” he stated. “well, aren’t you a genius” you muttering walking past him. You stopped when you felt him grab your left hand. 

        “what happened? ” his voice was calm yet demanding. “why would you care?! ” I snapped. “what do you mean? ” he gazed into my eyes. “why don’t you go and flirt with Lydia and leave me alone?!  ” you tried to tell but your voice cracked at the end. 


        ” I thought we had something….. “ you mumbled, tears pooling your eyes. You left him. What hurt  you the most was he didn’t even try to stop you from leaving.

Teen Wolf rewatch

So tonight, at the sleepover I had foisted on me (“Hey, Aunty Winter, we told Mum we’re sleeping over at your house tonight!”) the nephew and the niece and I watched the first three episodes of Teen Wolf, Season 1.

We watched “Wolf Moon”, “Second Chance at First Line” and “Pack Mentality”. Which plot-wise, takes us up to the death of the bus driver, and Scott discovering that Derek is not the one who bit him and that there’s something called an alpha in town…

The nephew is 13 and has chosen the codename Alpha 06.

The niece is 10 and has chosen the codename The Shrug. Well, she shrugged when I asked her what she wanted her code name to be.

And these are their impressions:

Alpha 06 liked the opening sequence. “Very suspenseful. Like a crime movie.”

The Shrug said, “Scott is a normal boy.”

Enter Stiles:

Alpha 06: “He’s sarcastic.”

The Shrug: “He’s awesome!” That may have been because he was hanging upside down at the time.

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“Scott and Malia getting together is going to leave Lydia all alone” THE REACH. Scalia being together should have nothing to do with Lydia. She’s not a factor. It’s not Scott and Malia’s responsibility or the writers responsibility to constantly cater to Lydia. I swear some of y'all think she’s the main character of this show and SHE IS NOT. The same people saying this kind of stuff LOVED when Malia was left out of all the remembering Stiles moments that Scott and Lydia had together. Y'all wanted your Stiles/Lydia endgame and you got it. That also means that since Stiles isn’t there, Lydia will be a little left out when Scott/Malia have scenes together. That was your hill to die on, that shouldn’t be a reason to not want Scalia together. My girl Lydia is independent, she doesn’t need people up her butt and attached to her hip at all times. She’s not fragile, calm down. And she won’t be alone, McMartate are going to have tons of scenes together, but Scalia deserve romantic, intimate, soft scenes between just the two of them as much as every other couple got on this show.


Part of the Pack

Pairing: Malia x Reader Friendship
Warnings: Stalia, Anti Stydia. Stiles gets slapped.
Please guys, I don’t want to be mean but if you don’t like it, don’t read it.
Word Count: 1686
Notes: Okay, so this fic is basically a huge fuck you to Jeff Davis’ shitty writing in season 6? I still love Stiles, I still love my blog but Season 6!Stiles treated Malia like shit and it made me mad. So yeah… this happened.

“I’ll never get it, Scott! I still don’t understand why I need math in the first place.”
Scott shook his head at the Coyote but couldn’t stop his smile. “I bet you’ll get it soon. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”
“No, I’m not being hard on myself. I’m being honest!”
Malia frowned at Scott’s laughter but didn’t comment on it. A look at the clock on her mobile made her realize that she had to leave soon, if she wanted to bring you back your notes.
“Scott, I gotta go. I promised (y/n) to bring her stuff back today.”
Scott followed Malia down to the front door and was about to say goodbye, when he opened the door and made his friend freeze in her spot. Even if he hadn’t been able to smell it, Scott would have noticed Malia’s anxiety by just taking a look at her. She was shaking.
Stiles and Lydia were looking up from their kiss and Malia could already feel her claws grow.
She had to get away as fast as possible.
“See you guys in school tomorrow!” without looking back, Malia hurried away.
Ignoring Scott’s calls after her, she passed her car and started running.

Malia just run away upset. Please call if you see her!

You frowned at Scott’s text message before typing in a reply.

What happened?

Before Scott had a chance to answer, your ringing door bell made you look up in surprise. You just hoped it was Malia.
Crashing down the stairs, you ripped the door open and almost yelped at the sign in front of you. It was, in fact, Malia who was staring at you wide-eyed, but her fangs and claws were free for everyone to see.
After taking a view looks around, just to make sure that nobody had seen her, you pulled Malia inside and closed the door behind her, before gently grabbing the girl by her arms. “What happened?!”
“I can’t turn back!” 
“What do you mean you can’t turn back?!” you tried to stay calm, for the sake of both of you, but you could already feel your puls rise. You had thought Malia had gotten the anchor thing under control!
“What do you think, (y/n)?!” 
“I thought you’d found another anchor!” 
Avoiding eye-contact with you, Malia pulled you closer and tried to steady herself but it wasn’t working. Her mind was still thinking back to how she had lost her anchor to one of her best friends and the fact that it was hurting even though she didn’t want it to hurt! She was stronger than this!
“You have to tell me what got you so out of it or I won’t be any help!”
Malia hated this day.
“I lied, okay?! I lied.” 
Now, that was more confusing than it was helpful.
Malia looked back up and let go of your arms, sinking to her knees instead.
She wasn’t able to control her coyote and she hated it!
“GOD, (Y/N)!I lied about the new anchor! I never had one! I… when I left Scott’s place I ran into Lydia and Stiles kissing and I can’t …(y/n), I don’t know how to turn back without Stiles.”
The coyote once again tried to avoid your gaze, because she already knew that you were watching her with pity in your eyes. The poor Beta not being able to cope with her feelings.
It was stupid and it made Malia want to turn fully so she could hide in her old cave but she was upset and a full turn only worked when she was content and able to focus.
On days like today she really wished they had never found her in the first place.
What use did it have when the only thing that she had gotten from it was more pain?
“I know this sucks,” you interrupted Malia’s thoughts, “but you have to become your own anchor, at least until you find a new one.”
Malia didn’t want to find a new anchor but she also couldn’t stay like this and so she tried. She tried to calm her nerves down but as she looked down, she could still see her claws.
It wasn’t working and the lack of control made her panic again!
Before she could stress herself into a full blown panic attack, you placed both of your hands on her shoulders and tried to shake her out of it.
At least that had gotten her attention.
“Malia, we’ll try something. You’re going to close your eyes and listen to my voice and if that doesn’t work I’m gonna call Scott, yeah?”
You went on after the girl gave you a short nod.
“We’re going to breath together okay? Breath in through your nose and when I tell you, try to slowly breath out again through your mouth.”
Repeating the breathing exercise a view times, you were relieved to see that it seemed to work.
Her claws turned back into her human nails and her fangs got smaller and smaller until they weren’t there anymore.
You slumped down besides Malia and pulled the girl into a hug.
“I’m proud of you! You did it.”
But Malia wasn’t feeling very celebratory, you realized, as she burried her face in your shoulder, hugging you back tightly.
It would have been a lie to say that you had expected Malia to cry over her lost anchor but you still kept quiet as you let her cry on your shoulder, trying to rub her back in a comforting manner.
How could Stiles hurt her like that? 
He hadn’t even really broken it up between them, too cowardly to even do that right. He simply hadn’t cared.
In fact, it seemed like both Stiles and Lydia didn’t seem to care one bit for Malia’s feelings and it was pissing you off!
They were hurting their own pack member, their friend, and they didn’t care.
If you were honest it didn’t just piss you off. It made you furious.
A view minutes later, Malia was sitting on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands and your anger had yet to subside.
Normally you hated getting in the way of an argument but you had also seen just how hurtful the whole situation was on one of your best friends and ignoring it simply wasn’t an option anymore.
“Malia, where’s Stiles right now?”

“Scott, open the door!” your fist was heavy against the wooden front door and Stiles frowned at his best friend, who was sitting between him and Lydia in the living room. “Is that (y/n)? She sounds pissed.”
“Yeah.” Scott returned the frown before getting up from the couch, leaving Lydia and Stiles alone, and walking to the front door to let you in.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
As you shoved the Alpha out of the way to call for Stiles, Scott was more than confused.
“What got you so fired up, woman?” Stiles voice spoke up from the living room even before he had reached the hallway.
That’s when Scott smelled it. The sour smell of anger.
The Alpha wasn’t sure if he’d ever smelled that much anger on you, always the optimist and always the one person trying to stay positive, but something had you furious and Scott wanted to know what it was.
Or rather who.
As Stiles fully entered the hallway, you instantly dashed forward.
“You fucking asshole!”
Scott was frozen as he watched you reach back and smack Stiles with your flat hand across his cheek. 
His best friend turned away with a hiss. “What the hell! Are you fucking insane, (y/n)?!”
“No, but you are the biggest fucking douche in existence! That was for Malia by the way!”
“Wait, did she told you to slap me?!”
“No, asshole! Of course not.” you rubbed your temples in annoyance before glaring at the boy in front of you. “Are you… like do you even KNOW how heartbroken she still is about your break up?!”
“Well, it was a break up. They tend to suck but I’m not responsible for the way she feels.”
“YES YOU ARE.” you didn’t care that you were screaming. Stiles was still as dense as always and you had watched them stepping on Malia’s feelings like it was nothing for long enough. Stiles tried to take a step back as you got into his space but you weren’t having any of it. “Maybe you shouldn’t have used her in the fist place if you were still crushing on the Banshee.”
“(y/n), that’s unfair and you know it.”
Lydia’s voice made you turn your attention away from Stiles and fixate her instead.
“No, you know what’s unfair? Treating pack like they don’t belong in it!
Looking back up into Stiles shocked eyes, a new wave of rage hit you.
“Don’t look so fucking surprised, Stiles! You ignored Malia ever since you broke up with her! You even ignored her feelings because you were too busy running after the girl you had been crushing on for years and you don’t even care! You don’t care one bit about your ex-girlfriend and maybe she is too nice to say something but I’m not and you are a fucking asshole for breaking her heart.”
“It’s not my problem that she can’t get over it.”
“SHE can’t- … wow.” a dry laughter escaped your lips and you got the urge to slap Stiles a second time. “You’re even worse than I thought.”
You realized that it had no use. This took more energy than it was worth.
“You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, both of you!
But I still hope you guys get happy together. You definitely deserve each other.”
And with that you were out of the door and back on your way home where Malia was waiting.
You couldn’t say that your anger had magically dissapeared by yelling at Stiles, but you had said anything that had been on your mind and maybe, just maybe it had made Stiles and Lydia think about how unfairly they were treating their own pack.

No Heart

Originally posted by velarix

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Characters: Reader, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Natalie Martin, Malia Tate

Requested: Yes, by a nonny that asked 43 with Stiles 😍 

Prompt: “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

Warnings: Angst, Hurt character

A/N: I know you probably wanted something smutty, and I even started out that way, but the story decided against it.

Request a prompt from here

You and Stiles had been together for a while, even before Scott was bitten. You loved the dork with everything you had, no matter if you had to watch Star Wars a thousand times or if you had to deal with him leaving to help save the town. You were never worried about him when he was near Lydia or Allison, you knew he loved you as much as you loved him. It wasn’t until Malia showed up that you began having doubts.

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I feel like Lydia will spend 6b alone, can anyone please look after her, can she spends her time with the Sheriff or the other parents or even the 2.0, please don’t let her be alone and please don’t let Parrish close to her. I really do hope she will be with Scott and Malia but I lowkey think they will keep putting scalia together and leave Lydia alone. I hope it’s doesn’t happen.


My new Teen Wolf video ♥♥ I still can’t believe that it’s over 😭💔

Teen Wolf x Supernatural Crossover Things I Need RiGHT NOw
(where the boys arrive at Beacon Hills and “join the pack”)
  1. Stiles and Sam parallels
  2. Stiles and Dean parallels
  4. Lowkey Derek x Dean fling thing
  5. Scott and Sam are friends af bc they’re so similar in certain ways
  6. (the Winchester boys and Cas would be a bit younger ideally like Sam would be 20 and Dean would be 24)
  7. Dean and Stiles working with Lydia on cases/to gain control of her powers
  8. Dean and Sam learning there’s different types of were-creatures
  9. Lydia finding out about demon deals and makes one to bring Allison back, but Crowley is a nice little child and gives her soul back, as well as bringing Erica and Jo back too.
  10. Cora, Allison and Jo all being alive and well and joining the girl squad
  11. Everyone sensing Destiel after a while
  13. Crowley killing Gerard bc Crowley is literally so sick of his bullshit
  14. Crowley and Peter conversations (how interesting would that be omg)
  15. Isaac never leaving and sassing the shit out of Dean for fun and Sam and Stiles just pISS themselves laughing
  16. Dean helping Malia find the desert wolf
  17. Stiles being very suspicious of Dean bc he’s a bit rough and ruthless but then unknowingly Dean proving himself somehow (maybe by saving someone??) and and eventual frIENDSHIP FORminG
  18. Sam helping Kira learn more about the legend behind Kitsunes
  19. Bobby and Sheriff Stilinski working together by the Sheriff bringing Bobby to crime scenes as a FED or criminologist and assessing the situation together
  20. Ellen and Melissa bffs (i neED THIS ONE)
  21. Ellen telling the Sheriff to jusT GO FOR MELISSA BC ITS OBVIOUS AF
  22. The sheriff saying “only if you tell Bobby” and then BOTH COUPLES GET TOGETHER and I die
  23. Dean telling Parrish to leAVE LYDIA ALonE bc she’s underage and he’s creepy (sorry marrish shippers)
  24. Stiles and Sam talking about Sam’s soulless period and Stiles’ nogitsune times
  25. KIRA AND CAS FRIENDSHIP i need this so bad
  26. DEAN KILLING KAte and then Derek hUGS him
  27. Dean and Derek parallels (losing family, staying strong for “little brother” figures, etc)
  28. Isaac and Dean lisTENING TO STILES abt Theo and they kill him eventually
  29. Sam realising that if Parrish is a hellhound the pack should be worried about heaven/hell elements (and Parrish answering to Crowley)
  30. Sam helping out Liam with his control
  31. Sam, Scott and Liam fighting the dread doctors
  32. Gentle stalia break up (sorry Stalia shippers) bc it’s not working and their feelings aren’t the same as they used to be (bc Stiles still loves Lydia)
  33. DEAN AND SAM TELLING STILES TO GO FOR LYDIA AND HE DOES AND EVERYTHING IS HAPPY AND GOOD bc srsly both shows need some GODDAMN LIGHTENING UP (after Lydia tells Dean how she feels about Stiles)
  34. Malia x Isaac????????? maybe idk
  35. Lydia being AWESOME at research because she can read Latin and Archaic Latin and she translates lots of Bobby’s documents for the boys
  36. Hayden, Stiles and Dean all having the same appreciation for classic rock
  38. Scott having Sam as an older brother figure and Melissa loVING HIM and he comes over for dinner all the time
  39. Dean and the Sheriff making crap jokes all the time and embarrassing Stiles in front of Lydia
  40. Cas loving how nice all the girls are to him (but they’re really just returning the kindness he shows them) and he always watches movies with them etc. bc they insist he has to watch it
  41. The boys making everyone carry around salt and holy water just in case
  42. Allison being fASCINATED BY THE WEAPONS the boys have and they and Jo train her
  43. I’m rly feeling the whole Jo x Allison thing idk why (maybe a relationship???????????)
  44. Cora and Jo also getting along rly well
  45. I love the Malia and Kira friendship and I need more of it
  46. The pack finally having some people who know their shit (apart from Deaton) and being able to help even more people i just love this dynamic so much
If We Go Down - Stiles Stilinski imagine

Originally posted by readersleepingintheforest

Summary: Basically a whole different interoperation of 3B also Allison is alive here.

A/N: srry its so short 

It was truly terrifying knowing my boyfriend was being possessed by the Nogitsune. “Y/n” Scott pulled me out of my thoughts “hmm?” I looked up at him “I was saying it’s going to be hard but you gotta be brave” Scott looked sympathetic “I know” my voice coming off as weak.

We arrived where the voices said to go. Scott and Isaac went ahead with Allison,Kira and I trailing closely behind “Lydia” Allison pointed out Lydia was tied to a chair and looking at us scared “why did you come?” Lydia was whisper shouting I approached her and tried unlocking the chains using a technic my dad showed me.

I froze hearing a evil chuckle from behind me the door slammed shutting Scott,Isaac,Kira and Allison out. I turned around and came face to face with Stiles well not exactly Stiles since it wasnt him this moment. “Ah Y/n am I right?” he questioned looking at me with dark eyes I gulped and nodded “He speaks of you all the time” the Nogitsune went on “He’s actually telling me not to hurt you” the Nogitsune grabbed me by the neck “leave her alone” Lydia shouted as the pack banged on the door. 

I internally wished everything would go as planned “I’m not afraid of you” I told him confidently “oh yeah? why is that?” the Nogitsune questioned quirking his brow “If we go down then we go down together” I breathed out looking directly into his eyes. The Nogitsune let go of me and started screaming “Nooooo!” he clutched his eyes dropping to his knees “you little-” he was cut off and started throwing up but it was wraps of tissue. 

I unlocked Lydia’s chains and she ran to open the door letting the pack in. The wraps of tissues started moving and someone came out of the wrappings. Kira and Scott went to work and attacked the unsuspecting Nogitsune,Kira stabbed him with her sword and Scott bit him changing the host. The Nogitsune turned to ashes and a small evil fly flew out but luckily Isaac had the triskelion box from the Nematon to capture it.

The person from the wrapping removed his tissues and it was Stiles but I knew it was my Stiles. “Stiles?” I approached him “Y/n” Tears spilled down his beautiful face “Yes Baby it’s me” I hugged him kissing his cheek as he held me and cried into my shoulder. “shhh” I soothed “you’re okay now,you’re safe” I rubbed his back gently. “You knew what to do” Stiles breathed into my shoulder “of course I did,I always do” I smiled into him.

If we go down then we go down together is a quote we tell each other when we’re going through some stressful situation it keeps us grounded and safe. Funny enough a song came out this year with the same quote included.

*two weeks later*

Originally posted by amazing-otp-moments

Stiles’ night terrors have calmed down thankfully. I couldn’t sleep tonight so I unwrapped myself from Stiles and just laid flat on my back,staring up at the ceiling. I felt Stiles stir awake, he turned and pulled my body close to his “you know I hate it when you stop cuddling” Stiles groaned his voice laced with sleep “yeah I know. I’m sorry I just couldn’t sleep” I informed him moving my hand to caress his face. Stiles’ eyes lit up like he just thought of the best plan fully awake now “let’s go out for a drive” Stiles smiled expectantly “right now?” I asked him laughing a little “Yes right now. We’re both awake c’mon let’s go” He got up looking at me “okay” I smiled.

We both quickly changed into some casual clothes and made our way out to his jeep. Getting in and playing some soft music. Stiles drove carefully through the city holding my hand in his.

I smiled to myself hearing our favourite song ‘Paris’ by The Chainsmokers “Babe it’s our song” I beamed turning up the volume. Stiles glanced over at me “I love how excited you get” he place a delicate kiss to the back of my hand “I love you so much” I breathed out “and I love you” Stiles smiled.


Teen Wolf: Said The Spider to The Fly

Okay lights, camera ACTION… Oh it’s Lacrosse
Oh hey Scott
I’m ready to see Stiles, please. 😛😛
Coach Finstock!! The bigger they are… The Bigger. They. Are. / Cream Cheese lol I love Coach 😂😂
Scott stop pimping Liam out and give him a hug!!
Aww Liam, Mason and Corey. I literally love them so much. 😍😍
Hayden. Moved!?! 😲
Lol Liam said Scott’s leaving too and I laughed because of how cute he said it 😂
Aww Liam, Corey, and Mason haha
College talk
I’m ready to see Stiles, please. 😛😛
Liam shot up like “What? Captain that’s my spot!!!”
Haha Coach didn’t know it was Liam
No wonder everyone is starting to suspect the pack of being supernatural. Liam and Scott literally walked to a wounded wolf with the lacrosse team watching!! Think first!!😒😒😒
- I’m ready to see Stiles, please! 😛😛
Awww those poor wolves 🐺🐺🐺
… .Special Guest Star?: Dylan O'Brien, yeah whatever. He is the star!
Malia doesn’t care, she wants French dudes. GIVE HER FRENCH DUDES!!
Scott/Liam Father/Son The(Wolf) Talk
Where’s Stiles?? 😛😛
Who are these people and why do I care??
Ohh they released the new hell hound guy. That’s why I care. Okay.
Is she the new Morrell?? Well, that’s a problem because I liked Morrell, I need more from this lady. I NEED SIZZLE!!
Liam’s tough year. Corey’s invisibility complex. Mason’s. Just. Perfect! 😄
Where’s Stiles? 😛😛
… I saw this guy on a few episodes of One Day At A Time. I like him! Go Froy!/Nolan
What’s a scarow? Scarerow? Whatever? The books they’re gone
Screaming *Why does this keep happening to our school!!??“ Sydney girrrrlll didn’t you take the SATS why are you even still in a classroom?
Eww Sewer. Eww oh god what is that!?
I’m dead Holland got that cigarette commercial looking like a movie
Lydia your mom just LOVES YOU!! LET HER LOVE YOU!! 😢😄
SCOTT YOU CRAZY! Awe Melissa holding down her own! Yeah Scott’s got plans!! Oh shit Melissa you held the button
I want Stiles, please. 😛😛
Yay Malia!!!! 😁😁 Paris, she’s going to Paris! No more supernatural problems for her.
… I hear Parrish. My body is ready now point me towards the sexy!! 😉😉
Don’t you ignore Melissa when she is talking to you, you Hellhound!!
Oh Parrish
Aww they brought her dinner! That’s not dinner. Mama McCall I would bring you breakfast, lunch and dinner 😄
Sexy Hellhound Face Off!!! And GO!!!
You hot precious baby Liam. NO ONE HITS PRECIOUS BABY LIAM!! 😠😠
LYDIA No! Now is not the time! Someone almost got Liam!
Lydia where does your mind take you!?!?
…So Stiles(😛😛) isn’t really going to be in this is he??
… That puppy, monkey, baby kickstart commercial makes me uncomfortable 😕😕😕
After what happened earlier they’re still letting students in and at night too!!?
Lmao if I was Mason and Liam told me to get behind him I’d be like “dude I wasn’t going to get in front of you, soooo… no worries ✌✌”
Oh is she giving me SIZZLE!?! What’s up home girl?!
Aww Stiles told Scott to Be Gentle with his jeep Roscoe in a note 😢😢 so sweet
Lydia just help and leave as much info as you can and they’ll be fine. You can leave!
Liam is hurt HAAAAAALLLLPPPPP… he and Mason are so brave 😭
Hahaha Malia doesn’t have time for this! She’s going to stay isn’t she???
Yeah, I knew it. Lol she really wants to gobto Paris.
Always a price to pay why can’t the people of Beacon Hills catch a break!!!
Oh I think home girl is trying to get hot enough to sizzle!! I need more!!!
Oh shit she’s hot!!! She practically on fire! She gave the sizzle!! Okay, she can stay. You know what I’m going to keep her at a lukewarm for now. .
Are… we… talking… about… STILES!?!?
Stiles voicemail!!! 😲😲
Stiles sounds so cute!! I love him. He’s so grown up!!
Oh shit there he is!! I can’t breathe someone help me!!! Stiles is with the FBI OH MY DAMN!! AHHHH!
He keeps interrupting THAT’S SUCH A STILES THING TO DO!
Stiles spit his water everywhere and I just want to run through all of it like a sprinkler… I want to be that girl that is sitting in front of him
He can’t pronounce Stiles’ actual name hahahahah 😂😂😂 I love how Matt(hew) Shively’s name is on the list and he starred on Teen Wolf when Stiles was in Eichen House
I just want to lie down and thank Colton Haynes for talking Tyler Hoechlin into coming back for the last half of season 6. Thank you Colton 🙌🙌
Who recorded Derek running through the woods though?? Hunters!?! And how does the FBI have it & who did Derek kill?!?! Leave Derek alone he didn’t do anything to anyone.
They are giving us Sterek and no matter how small their scenes are together I am here for it!!
End episode… BANSHEE SCREAM 😱😱😱😱😱😱 to the death(until next Sunday) 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Teen Wolf 🐺🐺

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