leave lydia alone


Marrish feat. Stiles → Eye Candy AU

In an effort to get over a bad break-up, genius hacktivist Lydia Martin is roped into joining the world of online dating. Things quickly take a turn for the worse, when one of her online matches appears to be a cyber stalker out for blood. She enlists the help of her tech-savvy friend Stiles and reluctantly agrees to cooperate with Detective Jordan Parrish of the Cyber Crimes Unit, in order to find the killer.  

Seriously if you hate on Stiles or Lydia, you better hope I don’t find you on my dash.

The two of them have suffered as much as Scott, if not more than Scott because both of their bodies are human. They have both been forced to do things they didn’t want to through mind control and then they sucked it up and kept going for the rest of the pack. And now they’re fucking breaking down and still determined to help people because that’s what they know. Because they have learned to have zero respect for their own lives since Scott is the one who has the power to save them all.

Leave Stiles and Lydia alone, assholes. Scott McCall would want you to.

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  • Lydia said "THEY saved me" before she said "Stiles saved me" : )
  • Lydia was aware of the way her mother treated Stiles when she was catatonic and wanted her to know that Stiles is not in fact demon spawn : )
  • Lydia was also aware of the fact that it was STILES' PLAN that they ultimately used to save her : )
  • Lydia knew that Stiles needed to hear someone give him credit/praise/say he did a good thing more than anyone, because she knows him better than anyone at current : )
  • Lydia, even after she almost died multiple times, was taking this all into consideration and did the best she could to make the people around her feel ok and not rip eachother apart : )
  • Lydia herself understands how it feels to feel like you're responsible for death and destruction and how it feels to NEED to save someone : )
  • If absolutely nothing else convinces you, how about this- Lydia Martin has been at death's door for an eternity now and in her exhausted and pained and scared state she called on her BEST FREIND as the one to save her because it felt familiar and safe to her, so stop invalidating her feelings because she didn't list every single person who she may or may not have known helped her : )

Stiles and Lydia are together in 6b and they get into this fight. It’s really big, and they’re frustrated and angry and hollering and they’ve never quite fought like this. It’s clearly killing both of them, but neither of them know how to stop. Stiles is basically pulling his hair out, so he decides to leave. Just storms out the door and slams it behind himself, leaving Lydia all alone in the center of her bedroom. 

Lydia swallows, staring at the door, then slowly sits down on the bed and just breathes, her eyes wide and her mouth turned down like she’s fighting with herself not to cry. And then the door flies open and Stiles walks back into the room, still looking totally harried. And he’s like “Okay, no, nope, we’re not doing this.” 

Lydia blinks up at him, totally silent, and Stiles shuts the door to the bedroom, symbolizing that he’s not leaving until they fix it. And he says, “I’m not letting us lose this over anything, do you hear me?Not for anything. Not this. This matters too much. Okay?”

He stares at her nervously, waiting to see if she’s okay with that. Waiting to see if she’s in the same place as he is, because he is always so afraid of being miles ahead and scaring her with how in this he is. But Lydia’s lips turn up slightly and she nods and stands up and he strides over to her and kisses her until they’re breathless, then just wraps his arms around her body and strokes her hair and they stay like that until the scene changes.