leave it to nbc

glenn howerton right now in his castle of darkness
  • glenn: tell them about the ap bio pilot today
  • nbc: but glenn the sunny season finale is tonight and people are already worried that you're leaving
  • glenn: I Said Tell Them
  • nbc: glenn........ why..............?
  • glenn:
  • glenn: >:~) it's funny!

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 137: Another Frederick Chilton. This time showing his wound and blind eye.
Omg that hair. That alone took me over three hours… 😄

Anyway, I’m back from NYC. As always, seeing Raúl was beyond amazing. I had a really great time with wonderful friends. I’m glad to be back at drawing, but sad I had to leave the city of my dreams. ❤️

nhl commentators be like
  • *OT2 game 7 of stanley cup finals. it's capitals and ducks*
  • commentator 1: let's talk about mcdavid!
  • commentator 2: okay!
  • *ovechkin scores game winner, verizon center explodes, the capitals are screaming and crying and throwing their gloves everywhere*
  • commentators: *keep talking about mcdavid*
  • *ovi lifts and kisses the cup, passes it to nicky who is crying niagara falls, holtby wins conn smythe trophy*
  • commentator 2: ... and one day, mcdavid passed a puck!
  • commentator 1: WOW!! amazing!! no player can do that!
  • commentators: *still keep talking about mcdavid*
  • *ducks have already left the ice, capitals are now taking the cup to the locker room, fans are leaving satisfied*
  • commentators: and that's it from NBC, great things happened today-- we talked about mcdavid for no reason and totally ignored capitals winning their first cup in franchise history, good night!

Reela+ ‘Roomie’

I was just thinking about this whole roomie situation thing… And I just wanted to make sure everything was cool.

Lucy/Wyatt fanfic; Friction

Sooo I did a thing based on THAT spoiler pic of the finale. Whatever that picture means, even if it means nothing. I don’t care because I love it.  That just ARRRRGMYGOD made me so obsessed and stupidly happy lol  I know it’s probably a stunt BUT I DON’T CARE, IT JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY. I’m so stupid in love with these two idiots GAH.

Title: Friction.
Summary: Somewhere along the way the lightening bolt hit for a second time.
Notes:  I wrote this super quick right now because it was supposed to be a flash fic for @maereed. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this little piece and I’ll try to update the other fanfic soon.

READ HERE ON AO3 or under the cut.

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