leave it to me to spell something wrong

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"What do you mean 'you're pregnant' Simon?"

“I mean I’m pregnant! I just got back from Dr. Wellbelove’s and he says something happened when I spelled my wings and tail and now we’re going to have a baby!”

I wake up with a gasp, jostling Snow, who shifts in his sleep.

“Baz?” he mumbles. “What’s wrong?” 

Nothing, love. Just a nightmare,” I say. 

 A horrible, horrible nightmare.

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HAI I found your Tumblr recently and I would like to practice what your teaching but im afraid to do it wrong, I am young and still live with parents that think I might burn the House down if I have a lit candle on my room and would like it if you gave me some tips or easy spells or maybe just some good advice for beginner beginners. Sincerely, ~shy child~

Well welcome to the community! I am so glad you have come around :) Feel free to ask me anything, anytime! (Note** I usually answer quicker by messenger than ask box)

I highly doubt you will burn down the house by one candle, just never ever leave them unattended!

My advice is to never stop learning. I learn something new everyday and I love it. So just take your time and enjoy your craft. Also know that your craft is yours, you will never do it wrong. Don’t feel like you have to follow someone else’s practice. It is all you!

A great place to start is learning sigils, learning candle magick and go from there! See what interests you. You will go one way then something may pull you another way. Just go with the flow!

Goodluck dear :)