leave it right there pls xx

Larry shippers, here we go again~ (I lost track the no. of evident, so don’t mind that, K?)

Aww let’s see the part we love most: HAZZA TAKES CARE OF HIS BOOBEAR (Louis if u are new to this fandom ;p)

Even my mum won’t do my laundry, look at Harry and Louis…

Next is cooking for his dearest Boo. aww~

Friends or roommates will do the same thing? Uhm how about this? Will you carry ur frd’s glasses case?

Yes? How about someone’s jacket?

Haz didn’t just carry them around for Lou, he picked them up for him like Lou-Lou is his princess!!!

So worried about Louis’ health… Caring Harry~ (Louis got a sore throat)

These are not that recent? No prob bae!!

Help him charge his phone? He is a grown-up, Harry! Why don’t you help us teen girls instead? ;p

Let’s see the most recent one on WWA Tour!!!

Why can’t I find a man that love me like Harry loves Louis? T.T

This is out of the focus, haha~ Love larry stylinson xx

P.S. If you dislike (or hate) people shippin Larry, pls just skip this post and simple ignore it. Don’t send us hate pls, I take those srsly. I don’t need everyone to believe it or prove it to be real, but can’t you just leave a space for me to imagine it? I think I have the basic freedom for that, right? I respect you as I take every comment srsly, so pls respect my imagination and feelings too. (Sorry for my rambling)

P.P.S. Thanks for readin all those if you read till this thank you note. Love you xoxo