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Only If

REQUEST : Write something where y/n had done something bad to harry and thats why H suddenly became cold to her and he makes it hard to earn his trust back but then y/n got into an accident? - Anon

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BTS when they slap you: Jimin version

Ayyyy what’s rolling bishesss 

I’m back with the ‘Slap’ series, and this time it is Chim-chim :)) which means that now only Hosoek and Taehyung are left. 

For Hyung line(without hoseok) click here 

For Jungkook version click here 


You both had been out on a date when you got into a fight and you had said some nasty things but so had he. Not to mention, you had a good reason to be angry.  

You got out of the car before it even fully stopped and and slammed the door shut, making Jimin grip the steering wheel tightly, in efforts to control his anger. He couldn’t though. He stepped out of the car as well and ran after you and closes the door behind him once he enters his apartment. 

“What is your problem?!” He yelled at you, clearly angry with the way you were behaving. You turned around sharply, with an incredulous look in your eyes. 

“What is my problem? Are you seriously fucking asking me that, Jimin? We were out on a date after god knows how many months and you got your ‘rumoured’ girlfriend along?! What the fuck is wrong with me?! No, Park Jimin, what the fuck is wrong with you?!” You yelled back. 

Jimin took a step closer to you, eyes red due to his efforts to keep his anger from taking a form which he might regret. “What the fuck, y/n? You know there’s nothing going on between us! She wasn’t feeling too good, and she wanted me to be there for her. You already know how hard things are for her right now, her career’s taken a hit after the news of the scandal broke out. She is not feeling okay and-” 

“What about me?” You asked him with pure disbelief written on your face. “Did you think about how I felt when my man was being linked to some other woman? Or is she the only person you’re concerned about?” 

Jimin let out a frustrated sigh, he was dangerously close to losing his temper. “Don’t be fucking ridiculous y/n. What you’re going through is completely different from what she is going through. You don’t know shit about our business, you wouldn’t understand. How can you be such an insensitive….bitch? You just walked out of the restaurant while we were having dinner. She must be feeling so awkward. Is this the way you should fucking behave?” 

The only thing you could see was red. “Yeah? what about how I’m feeling? You don’t give a shit how I’m feeling, do you? All you’re concerned about is her.” You let out an angry scoff. “Well, you listen to me you asshole. Do whatever the fuck you want with her. You’ve clearly shown me who you care about. Go. Get out. Go to her and ease her awkwardness. Just let me tell you one thing though, whatever little plan is in her mind, it’s clear to me. Crystal clear. I’m not being fooled.”

Jimin frowned in anger and confusion. “What plan…what do you mean?” 

“If she was that concerned about getting her career back up, she would be avoiding you at all costs right now, Jimin! Why would she accompany you to a public place? If you ask me, she planned this and she wants this rumour to be perceived as tru-” 


You head snapped to your left as you stood there in shock from the impact of his slap. You didn’t bother to stop the tears. You just turned back to look at him with wide eyes.

Jimin stood there shocked looking at his hands, his breathing heavy and shaky, eyes shining because of unshed tears and his hands shaking. He finally turned to look up at you and let out a broken cry as his hands reached out to soothe you but froze as soon as he saw you flinch. 

“No, no..” He stepped forward and fell down to his knees.”I-I didn’t mean to do that, y/n..I…I love you.” He said through his cries. 

“Step away from me Jimin.” You finally brought your hand down from your cheek, you face blank. “We’re done.” 

“NO!” Jimin was suddenly on his feet, your hands in his own, sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of what was going to happen. “No, please, y/n d-don’t leave, okay? Honey, I love you, I SWEAR! I am so sorry, p-please don’t go, hm? Please-” More cries “Don’t leave me, please y/n I swear I won’t ever, ever meet her again. I’ll do everything you say, just don’t leave me. Oh god y/n please..” He fell to his knees, your hands still in his own, looking at you with eyes drowned in tears.

You looked at the man you loved, begging you on his knees to stay and even if your sub-conscious mind was screaming at you to take him back, you couldn’t. You knew your soul wouldn’t forgive you, if you forgave him and let yourself be okay with what he had done. He had just…hit you. 

You yanked your hands back and he let out another cry. Without turning back you picked up your purse and walked out of his apartment, leaving behind a sobbing mess of a Jimin crying out for you. 

Then and maybe forever. 

YAAAAAAAAAAS I’m such an angst-whore I luuuurve it.Tell me how you liked it babies. *Hitting someone is not acceptable at all. Please don’t ever give this pain to someone. Treasure your partner and if you can’t, then leave them. Don’t ever, ever trap them in an abusive relationship. Stay blessed my babies. 🤘🏻


Much love,


Feel Better?

Summary: You’re antisocial and one who doesn’t like help from others, when a solo mission goes south, Bucky’s there to help you feel better.

Warnings: smut (just reader receiving oral and fingering), sexual tension

A/N: I was listening to Chains by Nick Jonas and then this idea came to me but I’m also thinking about doing a fic based on the song Chains bc I really like that song. I don’t have a plot for it yet, just smut and fluff, so if you have any ideas for what that fic could be about feel free to put it in the replies down below. Also, I wrote this in a different environment and I’m curious of my writing style or anything related has changed so I know where I write the best; that means feedback is more than welcome! 

Rain plummeted from the grey clouds, making rhythmic noises as they shattered against the roof of T’Challa’s place, the mansion you had called home since the Avengers had split. It wasn’t like you weren’t used to living in such a large place, you had your own room back in the tower, but you weren’t used to all the people who worked along side the new King of Wakanda.

T’Challa had specialists called in to help Wanda learn to control her powers, to train in the air with Sam, create new arrows for Clint, make sure Scott didn’t hurt himself while using his suit; there was even a guy to work with Steve to teach him how to use the latest technology. Bucky joined in on the lessons every so often after he was unfrozen, but most of the time he kept to himself. 

Bucky had his own team of specialists, working with his mind and trying to help him unscramble it. When he got his new arm, a gift from T’Challa, he spent time in the health center getting tests run. They had to make sure it wasn’t malfunctioning.

You, on the other hand, were always out shopping or doing solo missions. You hated being locked up in the mansion, surrounded by people you didn’t know or fully trust. T’Challa, and Steve, reassured you that they were trustworthy, but you were still weary. 

Steve offered to go on the missions with you, but you always turned down his help. You could do them yourself, they weren’t anything too dangerous. They were just simple undercover missions and obtaining information, you could do them in your sleep. 

When you weren’t out looking around Wakanda or going on missions, you were in T’Challa’s library. The only person you’d ever run into there was T’Challa himself or Wanda, so you were always safe from the others and the socialization. 

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Red: So you’re going to be piloting Black then?????
Keith: Only until we find Shiro!
Red: ಠ_ಠ
Keith: but I’m leaving you on god hands until then!
Red: ….yes, Lance is going to be piloting me isn’t he?
Keith: …?
Red: yes, this’ll be good, I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun things to discuss
Keith: wait no
Red: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Just a Little Too Late

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean has to decide to save you or Lisa. (Set during 6x21)

Warnings: Oh boy, this one’s sad; get ready. Mentions of blood, torture, death, some spoilers and brief cursing.

A/N: I’ve been planning this angst for a while. Let me know how I did :)

Originally posted by spn-spam

“Coffee?” Dean offers, handing you a steaming cup. You grin; you’ve been researching this journal for hours and you need caffeine as soon as possible.

When you tap a sip, you splutter, choking on the liquid. “Dean Winchester, is there whisky in this?” He gives you a cheeky smile before shrugging playfully.

His happiness doesn’t last long before the phone rings. Dean’s face morphs into a state of horror in a matter of seconds.

As he hangs up, you look at him cautiously. “Dean?”

“Crowley took Lisa and Ben.”


“Hey”, you whisper, putting a gentle hand on Dean’s tense shoulder. His green eyes barely flicker toward yours. “We’ll get them out. Don’t worry.”

He only grunts in response, shaking out of your grip roughly. “Let’s go.”

The three of you slip into the warehouse, all splitting up. Sam gives you a cautious look, but Dean doesn’t look back. You have to admit, it stings. You and Dean hadn’t taken the final step to an actual relationship- you just stayed as really close friends. You had thought you had a chance, that is, until Sammy fell in the pit and Lisa and Ben kept him for over a year.

Regardless of the hurt you feel in you chest, you keep moving, keeping your salt gun aimed. It’s oddly quiet, that is, until you hear the sounds of multiple gunshots.

You swiftly head over to the sounds, noticing this is where Dean was passing. Stepping over the bodies of multiple demons, you head into the room. 

You arrive just in time to hear Lisa, or presumably a demon possessing Lisa, taunt Dean and Ben, holding a knife under her son’s chin.

You see Dean’s face morph into one of agony as her words sink in. You can’t take it any longer, so you aim your gun at her head.

Dean seems to hear and see you before yelling, “Y/N, don’t!”

Lisa’s head turns toward you, flicking her hand and crashing you down the stairs. Your vision blackens as soon as you hit the ground.

When you open your eyes again, you see Dean and Ben leaning over Lisa’s bleeding body. 

“Ben, grab the salt gun. I have to carry your mom.” Dean’s voice is like maple syrup- deep and thick.

Ben hesitates before meekly asking, “What about her?”

Dean pauses for what seems like hours, but was probably only a few seconds. 

“Leave her.”

At first, you can’t believe your ears. You and Dean were like glue, and have been for ages. He was the guy you know you could rely on.

You see Dean’s boots as he rushes past you. He doesn’t even look down.

With that, you vision goes black once again.


Dean sits in the hospital, gently holding Lisa’s cold hand. The doctors said she wouldn’t wake up, but he had hope.

Sam had pleaded with him to go back to help you, but he only responded with a “She’s tough. She’ll be fine. You’re not going in there alone.” Angrily, Sam had left the hospital, presumably to get coffee.

That is, until he got a phone call. He reluctantly lets go of Lisa’s hand before heading outside the room to answer the call.

“What?” He asks roughly, tone sharp and crude.

“D-Dean”, your voice shocks him a little, “I need help.” There’s a pause and choking, sounding like you’re coughing up blood.

Dean curses before looking over at Lisa. She’s safe now, he reassures himself before grabbing his coat and car keys.


When he arrives, the warehouse is silent, and the bodies are still there from yesterday. His wet boots squeak on the hard floor as he takes careful steps.

When he enters the room Lisa and Ben were in, he sees your battered body tied to a chair with your head lolled to the side. There’s blood everywhere- on your face, on your shirt, on your arms and legs.

He gently shakes your shoulder. “Hey, I got you”, he says while grabbing Ruby’s knife and slicing the ropes that held you in place. Your eyes glance up to meet his. “My hero”, you whisper, before your eyes flash black.

With your arm lifted, Dean flies to the pillar next to him, pinning him in place.

“It’s about time, Deano”, you tease, grabbing the knife that Dean had dropped.

He struggles against your strength, but to no avail. “Leave her alone”, he growls, his eyes and jaw hard.

You laugh hysterically, tracing the knife along Dean’s face. “Like you care! From what I recall, you left her here for…”, you look at your cracked watch sarcastically, “about 12 hours.”

You see Dean’s expression turn into guilt. Had it really been that long?

“Cat got your tongue? What’s the matter, Deano? Feeling sorry yet?” You mock, pouting dramatically. He stays silent, looking at the floor in shame. “You know what’s funny, Dean?” He looks up at you reluctantly. “I didn’t have to try very hard to torture her. I mean, come on, one of the only guys she’s cared about leaves her to save another girl? It’s priceless! Also, a little too easy, for my taste.”

Dean gulps thickly, tears forming in his eyes. “Gonna cry, Dean? Well get ready, because shit’s about to get real sad”, you smile raising the knife towards his throat.

Before you can land the final blow, your body stops, and your face contorts in pain as you fight to gain control of your own body.

You shakily lower your arms as Dean takes a deep breath and is released to the floor. Your body is shaking terribly, the demon already taking control again. 

You know you don’t have a lot of time. This demon is one of the strongest you’ve faced. If it takes control again, you know Dean’s blood would be on your hands forever. You know what you have to do.

You look into Dean’s beautiful eyes and whisper “I’m sorry”, before plunging the knife into your stomach.

You and the demon screech as the demon fizzles out of your body. You slump to the ground, knife leaving your hand as you struggle to breath. 

“Y/N, oh God”, Dean chokes out, crawling to your dying body. He puts his hands firmly on the wound futilely, his tears dropping in your face and shirt. “You’re going to be okay, it’s going to be okay. Stay with me. We can go to Bobby’s after you’re better and watch shitty movies all day, your favorites, come on babygirl, hold on”, he rambles, his eyes not leaving yours.

“It’s okay, Dean”, you pause as you cough up more blood. With your heart swelling for the last time, your last dying breath goes to a simple phrase.

“I love you.”

When Sam comes five minutes later, all he can see is Dean sobbing over your pale, crumpled body, simple ‘I love you too’s leaving his brother’s lips and filling the cold, dusty air.

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I Want To Try Something - michael clifford smut

here’s a new writing piece, a little more mature this time.

Originally posted by dirtyprettymgc

word count: 1501

warning:  straight smut, mention of 50 shades (all i could think of in the moment)

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Promise (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Originally posted by kyloholic

Imagine being the significant other of Kylo Ren and being the only one who can calm him down.

A/n: I wrote this back in march, thought I’d share it with you guys!~

She stood by the entrance of the large cargo bay, her (e/c) orbs watching as First Order ships were taking off, traveling to exciting worlds and exotic places she’d never seen. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she realized that they would be places she’d never travel to in her lifetime. She wasn’t a soldier like the others found on First Order base. Merely a civilian, a guest or rather a student, of Kylo Ren. He’d found her when she was still young, just starting to come to grips with the new power she was beginning to possess. He explained what she was and offered to become her teacher. Soon after that, she was brought here, the First Order.

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Originally posted by assbutt-trumpet

Originally posted by lovershub

Request:  Opie imagine where you haven’t seen him in a week cause he’s on a run, when he gets home your waiting in the bedroom for him.

Contains Smut 😉💦

Everything about Opie was a turn on to you.
His dark brooding eyes, his long thick hair, his soft lips, his height, his strong muscly arms, his tattoos. The way he looked at you in the mornings when he’s just woken up, the way he looked at you when he was angry, the way he looked at you when  he came home after a long day. The way he looks at you with such hunger. The way his booming laugh echoed through your quiet house. The way he walked with such confident strides, danger radiating off him. The way he rode his bike, his large strong hands gripping the handle bars, the wind blowing through his hair. The sound of his voice, so loud and deep his words  left goosebumps on your skin. Opie wasn’t much of a talker, but when you were in the bedroom it was a very different story. God, that man knew all the right words to say to have you begging for more.
You had always had a thing for bad boys, and as much as Opie wanted to be good, you loved him even more when he was being bad.
It had been a week since he had left on the run and you were counting down to the very second he would be back.
You knew when he asked you to be his ild lady that there would be times when he’d have to go away. You just didn’t expect it to be in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of your relationship. The last few weeks the two of you had been fucking like rabbits.
Being away from him for so long hadn’t been good for you.
In fact, you’d been a grumpy bitch ever since he’d rode out of Charming.
You’re work mates were sick you. Hell, even your boss had sent you home early today after having enough of your mood swings.
Gemma was sick of you moping around the clubhouse too.
She was used to it. Having Clay go away on runs had become common for her, and for Tara and the rest of the old ladies.However, this was your first and if you had it your way, it would be the last.
Opie had called you a few hours ago, to let you know they were on their way back and you had been ecstatic ever since.
The house was spotless, the sheets were clean, your skin was practically glistening and your hair was freshly washed and dried.
Now all you had to do was wait.
And so you sat on the edge of your bed, the black lingerie clinging tightly to your skin and the scent or your perfume lingering in the air.

You bit your lip when you heard the front door open and all the built up lust and hunger came flooding through you like a wave.
“Babe?” Opie called out.
“Im in the bedroom.” You called back.
You heard his bags drop to the floor and you tucked your hair behind your ears, the anticipation almost becoming too much for you to bare.
You heard dull thumps as Opie kicked off his boots while he walked down the hallway and before you knew it the door flung open and there he was.
His tall figure loomed in the door way and you blushed under his gaze as he took in the sight of you.
You stood, letting your hair fall down your shoulders and you walked towards him.
The matching lingerie set had been a gift you’d purchased for him, but you’d never had a chance to give it to him. Yet.
“Holy shit.” Opie whispered as you sauntered towards him, swaying your hips as you walked.
You had to fight the urge to run and leap into his arms, but you had missed him and you wanted him to yearn for you the way you had for him.
You stopped before him and traced your arms along his shoulders.
His rough hands laid gently on your hips and you reached up on your tip toes to kiss him.
The moment your lips touched the heat built within you and neither of you could contain yourselves.
You moaned into his mouth as he lifted your body, your legs wrapping around his waist and he carried you to the bed, a sudden urgency taking over.
He laid you down and hovered over you as your lips moved in harmony.
His body laid between your legs and you lifted your hips, desperate for some kind of friction and Opie growled against your lips.
Eventually you came up for air and he lifted his head only for a moment. You both grinned at each other before his lips were crashing down on yours once more.
His kisses became soft and slow, teasing you as his tongue licked along your bottom lip.
You could feel how hard he was already, his bulge was pressed against you in just the right spot.
Opie lifted his body off you and stood as he lifted his arms to removes kutte.
Before he could, however you sat up and stopped his hand from moving.
“Leave it on.” You said.
“God I love you.” Opie said and pushed you back on the bed, his lips crashing down on your once more.

“You are so beautiful,” Opie said between kisses as his lips left yours and began to trail down your neck.
He sucked at the soft skin, making you whimper and you knew you’d have a bruise there in the morning but you didn’t care.
His lips moved lightly over your skin, sucking and licking his way along your collar bone.
“I missed you so much, baby girl.” He said against your skin.
His words sent goosebumps over your skin and the heat pooling within you was almost becoming too much to bear.
He loved teasing you, getting you worked up til you were begging for him and he knew exactly how to get what he wanted.
You bit your lip as his lips brushed over your skin and you wanted desperately to push him off of you and climb on top of him, to take control.
But Opie had other ideas and he slid his hands beneath your body and unlatched your bra.
The fabric left your skin and you blushed as his eyes looked at your bare chest hungrily.
“So beautiful.” Opie whispered as he bent his head.
His lips wrapped around your right nipple and he swirled his tongue around it, feeling it tighten into a peak. His hand massaged your left breast and you moaned as you felt his teeth graze over your nipple ever so gently.
With every flick of his tongue you felt the warmth within you grow hotter and you know when he finally got to it you would be coming within minutes.
Hunger ran through your veins and you arched your back, giving him more of your breast to take in his mouth.
“Please, Ope.” You moaned as you clutched at his hair, hiding him tightly to your breast.
Your other hand traced along the cool leather of his kutte and you lifted your hips, desperate for more friction.
“Please what?” Opie growled.
He left your breasts and kissed you hungrily once more before returning to your chest, this time taking your left nipple between his lips.
“Fuck me, Opie.” You moaned.
You could feel his smirk but he ignored your request as he sucked at your breast.
He continued for only a moment more before you felt him lift his body from you.
He knelt on the bed and eyed your core hungrily through the black lace.
He moved his hands down your body and slipped his fingers in the waist band of your panties before wiggling them down your body.
He tossed them to the floor behind him and licked his lips as he looked at your bare body beneath him.
Through the fabric of his jeans you could see the shape of his bulge and he palmed his length, adjusting the fabric that had become too tight.
The image of your bare body spread out beneath him, ready for him was enough to get him hard but the soft whimpers you were making were becoming almost too much for him to bare.
“Fuck, babygirl.”
His fingers traced along the inner of your legs and he teased them agonisingly slow from your ankles to your knees, but no higher.
Seeing him kneeling between your legs, completely dressed in his leather, watching you writhe beneath him was turning you on even more and you moved your hips on the bed, desperate for something to grind against for some friction.
Opie smirked and stood before grabbing your ankles gently and pulling your body to the edge of the bed.
He placed your feet spread along the edge of the bed, keeping you spread wide for him and you blushed slightly as he eyed your core.
You began to massage your breasts, squeezing them tightly as your hunger for touch grew deeper.
“Good girl,” Opie said and he removed his kutte and his shirt, his eyes never leaving you.
Opie unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the ground and you moaned when you saw his member standing tall and hard.
“Look at that pretty little pussy,” Opie said as he stepped out of his pants and stroked his cock slowly.
“Ive missed your tight little pussy.”
You moaned and with each word he spoke you felt your walls flutter and tighten, clenching around nothing as they were desperate to be filled.
Opie knelt on the floor in front of you and you lifted yourself onto your elbows.
He began to kiss you slowly, from the inner knee right up your thigh, leaving a trail of wet kisses and you ached for his touch.
Slowly he kissed closer to where you needed it most and you moaned in anticipation.

Opie licked song your folds and you spread your legs wider, thankful to finally have some attention where you needed it most.
You moaned and your body squirmed as his wide tongue licked along your slit.
His tongue moved slowly over your clit and you arched your back as you felt his fingers near your folds.
He slid one finger inside you and you moaned softly, the sensation combining with that of his tongue, circling your clit.
You were so worked up, so desperate for his touch that it didn’t take long til you were in the brink.
But Opie knew how close you were, and he wanted to tease you for a little while longer.
His lips left you but he slid another finger inside you, stretching your walls for his large cock.
“Such a pretty pussy baby,” Opie said.
He licked around your clit once more as his fingers pumped inside you.
“You taste so good, baby.”
You moaned and squeezed your breasts, pinching at your nipples as he sucked at your clit.
He was growling against you and the vibrations from his mouth were bringing you closer to the edge.
His fingers moved faster inside you, stretching your walls and you arched your back as you felt yourself go over the edge.
Your thighs clenched, holding his head between them and your back arched off the bed as his tongue continued to move over your clit.
“Fuck, Opie!” You moaned and you clutched at his hair, holding him to your core.
Your walls began to loosen around his fingers and his tongue slowed as you rode out your high.
His fingers pulled out of you slowly and you gasped at the sudden emptiness.
He lifted his head to look at you, red-faced and panting and he smirked before lowering his head and lapping at your juices.
Slowly he stood and you looked into his eye, seeing the primal hunger that now dominated his dark irises.
You lowered your eyes and licked your lips as you saw his large cock, already so hard for you.
“Mmm baby, you always taste so good.” Opie growled and you squirmed on the bed.
He grasped his large member and stroked it slowly.
“You want this?” He asked you.
You licked your lips as you watched him pump himself, tugging agonisingly slow along his length.
You nodded.
“Say you want it.” He ordered. “Say you want this cock inside that tight little pussy.”
“Please Opie!” You moaned. “Please fuck me.”
Opie smirked and hovered over you, pressing your body against the bed and you squirmed beneath him.
He held himself in his hand and moved himself against your folds.
You were already so wet for him and he coated himself in the slick juices.
“So wet for me babygirl,” Opie growled.
You moaned and your body writhed beneath him and you lifted your legs and wrapped them around his waist.

Opie growled and kissed along your neck, the skin tender from his earlier attacks.
He moved his cock in his hand and rubbed it between your folds, against your clit, moving easily along your wetness.
“Please Ope.” You begged and bucked your hips, making his cock slide further down your folds and closer to your entrance.
Without warning he plunged himself inside of you and you moaned as your walls stretched to take his large length.
He rocked his hips slowly, allowing you to adjust to his size and you dug your nails into his broad shoulders.
Opie pushed forwards, pushing himself deeper within you and he pressed against your clit.
You whimpered beneath him and rolled your hips,signalling to him that you were ready.
He didn’t hesitate and he slid himself out of you slowly while he pressed his lips against yours.
He sucked your bottom lip between both of his and he thrusted hard inside of you, making you gasp.
His lips released yours and he removed your arms from his shoulders before pinning them either side of your face.
“You want me to fuck you baby girl?” Opie growled.
Only the tip of his cock was resting inside of you and you moaned at his words.
You bit your lip and nodded. His face was close too yours and he stared into your eyes intensely.
“Yeah?” He slid his cock inside you and you moaned as his whole length entered you. “You want me to fuck you?”
“Fuck me Opie!” You begged and Opie smirked.
His hips pulled back and he slammed into you, making your eyes roll back in your head at the sensation.
His thrusts pounded into you, hard and fast.
Over and over again he entered you, every inch of him and you couldn’t hold back the moans that were leaving your lips.
Your arms fought against his, holding yours to the bed and he didn’t release his grip, he liked being in control.
“Fuck, Ope!” You screamed as he pounded inside you.
Both of you knew you were close and Opie finally released your arms.
You grasped his shoulders and scratched along his back, making him hiss.
He reached his hands beneath your hips and lifted them slightly, allowing him to enter you deeper than before.
Your back arched off the bed and you weren’t sure if you could hold off for much longer.
His thrusts never let up and the sound of his skin slapping against yours filled the room.
“You gonna come for me, baby girl?” Opie growled.
You couldn’t answer him, the sensations were becoming to much and so you threw your head back as a loud moan left your lips.
Opie lowered his head and sucked at your neck, leaving a harsh dark mark.
His lips left the skin and he lifted his lips to your ear, his hips still pounding into you.
“Come for me baby, come all over my cock.”
You screamed his name as your walls tightened around him and you dug your nails into his shoulders. He buried his face into the crook of your neck as your body shuddered beneath him.
His hips continued thrust inside you as you came and Opie growled as he felt you become wetter, coating himself in your juices.
“Good girl.” Opie cooed in your ear and you squirmed beneath him as you came back into focus.

His lips crashed against yours and he kissed you fiercely, with such passion it left you slightly dizzy.
When he pulled apart you smiled at him before pushing him off you slightly and in one swift movement you rolled him of you and straddled him.
You always did love being on top.
Opie stared up at you, his eyes devouring every inch of your bare skin and you smiled and shifted your hips slowly.
You squeezed your breasts and rubbed your wet pussy against his cock, making him growl at the sight of you.
Beneath you, you could feel his cock tense and you knew he was aching for his release now.
His hands ran up your back and pulled you down towards him so he could kiss you once more, and you let him for only a minute before you pulled back.
Your eyes met his and you but your lip as you reached down and grasped his bulging cock before sinking down on it, making both of you gasp.
Slowly you rolled your hips, your eyes never leaving him as you rode him.
“Your pussy feels so good, baby girl.” Opie said and you moaned.
he always knew how to make you come undone with his words and tonight was no exception.
You pulled your body up and plugged down on him, hard and fast and Opie began to thrust his hips to meet yours.
Opie wrapped his hands around your hips and thrust into you while you slammed down on him and his eyes watched your tits bounce hungrily.
“Fuck, Ope!” You cried out as his large cock pounded inside of you.
Opie growled and grasped your hips tighter, taking control once more.
He lifted your hips and slammed them back down, letting his full length pound inside you.
You leant your body forward and buried your face in his neck as the pleasure took over your body.
His thrusts were hard and fast and before you knew it you were on the edge once more.
“Opie Im gonna come!” You whined into his neck and he growled and thrust into you even harder.
His grip on your hips was tight and you were sure you’d have bruises there in the morning.
“Come for me baby girl,”  Opie growled and you moaned loudly.
Your walls tightened around him and your body shook as white hot pleasure pulsed through your veins and you clutched your eyes shut.
“Look at me,” Opie growled.
“Ope!” You screamed.
You could hear how wet you were for him, each thrust was loud against your soaking wet pussy and you knew Opie was close too.
“You want me to fill you up?” He growled.
You could only nod but that was enough for him.
He thrust into you a few more times before you felt his hot side spill inside of you. Your walls pulsed around him and he continued to thrust, riding out your highs.
Both of you were wanting heavily and you rolled off of him and collapsed on the bed, both of your bodies shining with sweat.
Your skin was tingling from the overwhelming pleasure and your thighs were still trembling as you tried to catch your breath.
After a moment of silence you felt Opie shift his arm and you slid your body next to his and rested your head on his chest.
His fingers traced up and down your back softly.
“Maybe I should go away more often, huh?”

anonymous asked:

Could you share some information about the norns and the threads of fate? I normally leave my fate in the hands of the Gods and I'm now curious about the sisters.

Velkomin(n), vinur minn,
(Welcome, my friend,)

There are three norns who dwell beneath the world tree, Yggdrasil, and they are the most famous: Urðr (Fate), Verðandi (Being), and Skuld (Necessity).(1) There are others, however, and they each can have various roles, although generally centered around fate, childbirth, fertility, and “the protection of hearth and home.”(2) Those that are related to the gods “visit everyone when they are born to shape their lives.”(3) Their kinship with the gods, and with the divine in general, seems to be a bit of an obscurity. There are several other norns, though, which stem from the álfar (Elves) and even the dvergar (Dwarves), which is told to us in Fáfnismál:

“From very different tribes I think the norns come,
they are not of the same kin;
some spring from the Æsir, some from the elves,
some are daughters of Dvalin.”(4)

Snorri’s Prose Edda leads us to believe that the norns who govern fate are those of the Æsir: Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld. Yet, it seems likely that the norns were far more regionally diverse, especially given their connection with localized fertility beings like álfar, and perhaps even with landvættir (land-spirits). The role of these women seems to play most heavily into that of fertility and childbirth, since that is when a child is to be given its fate. All of the roles mentioned above relate to each other during the time of childbirth, which would have occurred in the household — a very localized place. There is an example of this from Volsunga saga, in which norns come during the birth of Helgi, but they are not the three that reside among the Æsir (as suggested by the use of the indefinite rather than the definite — ‘norns’, rather than ’the norns’):

“…when Helgi was born, Norns came to set his destiny, saying that he would become the most famous of all kings.”(5)

Although Snorri says that the norns of the Æsir are the ones who “shape men’s lives”,(6) I suspect that the Norse would have considered otherwise, believing instead that local norns, those related more closely to the álfar, and perhaps the dvergar as well, were responsible for the fate bestowed upon themselves and their children. As they gave offerings to the landvættir for the prosperity of their farm and livestock,(7) so too could they have given offerings to ‘household’ norns for a prosperous life. The three named norns of the Æsir just seem to be a bit too specific for such a variety-rich and regionally-diverse religion. They do, however, symbolize and represent the norns as a whole quite well.

The norns share roles with various major deities, such as Frigg, Freyja, and even Odin, to some extents. Frigg actually knows the fate of all, although she does not bestow it as the norns do:

“Frigg knows, I think, all fate,
though she herself does not speak out.”(8)

Freyja governs the fertility of women, and yet the norns determine the fate of the children that they give birth to. In fact, both Frigg and Freyja are called upon during childbirth, as the poem Oddrúnargrátr suggests when Borgny is in labor:

“May the kindly beings help you,
Frigg and Freyja and more of the gods,
as you warded off that dangerous illness from me.”(9)

Despite this overlapping, the norns still have a unique role. Although they help ensure a successful birth, Frigg and Freyja do not decide that child’s fate.

Furthermore, Odin decides who lives and who dies in battle, and even Freyja has a choice in the matter herself, and yet the norns have already decided this long before they went to battle. A famous poem from Njal’s Saga has much to tell of both the valkyries and the norns during the Battle of Clontarf, which took place in Ireland in 1014. This poem tells of the valkyries coming for the slain (and it is mentioned that even they chose who lives and dies), all while maintaining the metaphor of weaving fabric on a loom with their guts, which is very characteristic of the norns, but with a battle-reddened flare:

“A wide harp

warns of slaughter;

blood rains

from the beam’s cloud.

A spear-grey fabric

is being spun,
which the friends (valkyries)
of Randver’s slayer (killed by Odin himself)
will fill out

with a red weft.

The warp is woven

with warriors’ guts,

and heavily weighted

with the heads of men.

Spears serve as heddle rods,

spattered with blood;

iron-bound is the shed rod,

and arrows are the pin beaters;

we will beat with swords

our battle web.

Hild sets to weaving
and Hjorthrimul
and Sanngrid and Svipul, (names of the valkyries)
with swords drawn. 

Shafts will splinter,

shields shatter;

the dog of helmets

devours shields.

We wind and wind

the web of spears

which the young king

has carried on before.

Let us go forth

amongst the fighters

when our dear ones

deal out blows.

We wind and wind

the web of spears,

and then stand by

our stalwart king.

Gunn and Gondul,

who guarded the king,

saw the bloody shields

of the brave men.

We wind and wind

the web of spears,

there where the banners

of bold men go forth;

we must not let

his life be lost —

valkyries decide

who dies or lives.

The men who inhabited

the outer headlands

will now be leaders

in the lands.

I declare the mighty king

doomed to death.

The earl has fallen

in the face of the spears.

And the Irish will

endure an evil time
which will never lessen

as long as men live.

Now the web is woven

and the war-place reddened;

the lands will learn

of the loss of men.

Now it is gruesome

to gaze around,

as blood-red clouds

cover the sky;

the heavens will be garish

with the gore of men

while the slaughter-wardens

sing their song.

Our pronouncement was good

for the young prince;

sound of mind

we sing victory songs.

May he who listens

learn from this

the tones of spear-women

and tell them to men.

Let us ride swiftly

on our saddle-less horses

hence from here,

with swords in hand.”(10)

It is not surprising, though, to have such overlapping roles, and they are not meant to contradict. Why give offerings to the landvættir for a farm’s prosperity when one could give those offerings to Freyr instead? Well, Freyr can bring rain and sunshine, but the landvættir inhabit the very land that needs those ingredients for growth; they must be willing to share their prosperity. The same goes for the norns. Although Freyja grants female fertility, the norns can still play a role in protecting and guiding that fertility through childbirth. The fact that the norns share roles with the gods shows that there is a great deal of interwoven complexity in the completion of their tasks; many forces are at work in this world, and even the gods are subject to them (Ragnarok).

In the end, there is no decisive answer for what the norns are, nor for what their roles and boundaries may be. It seems that the norns intermingle in many of the gods’ tasks, but that fate is their primary domain, especially during childbirth. The most important aspect to remember about them, though, is that there are more than the three that Snorri mentions. The Norse likely would have considered them to be localized deities, perhaps even unique to each community or household, or perhaps even abstract entities with no locative affiliation, rather than the same three that dwell among the Æsir.

I hope my insights were what you were seeking. As for the threads of fate, some believe that was influence from Greek mythology.(11) I would be happy to write more on this topic. I could have written much more, but this should suffice for now. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to ask!

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

1. H.R. Ellis Davidson, Gods and Myths of Northern Europe (repr., 1964; London: Penguin Books, 1990), 26.
2. Ibid., 112-13. The Germans and Celts both worshipped female deities that had similar roles as the norns, and so although they are not always regarded by the name ‘norn’, their roles suggest that they were linked in some way. In Germany, Holland, and Britain, for example, these deities were known as ‘the mothers’, and they were often depicted in groups of three.
3. Snorri Sturluson, Edda, translated by Anthony Faulkes (repr., 1987; London: Everyman, 1995), 18.
4. Carolyne Larrington trans., The Poetic Edda (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014), 155.
5. Jesse L. Byock trans., The Saga of the Volsungs (London: Penguin Classics, 1999),47.
6. Snorri, 18.
7. There is a case of this in Landnámabók, the Icelandic Book of Settlements, where a man name Thorstein Red-Nose “used to make sacrifices to the waterfall and all the left-overs had to be thrown into it.” (Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards trans., The Book of Settlements: Landnámabók (repr., 1972; Winnipeg, Canada: University of Manitoba Press, 2012), 134.) As a result of his offerings, the landvættir gave him 2400 sheep and even the gift of foresight.
8. Larrington, 85. (Lokasenna, stanza 29, lines 3 and 4.)
9. Ibid., 200. (Oddrúnargrátr, stanza 9.)
10. Robert Cook trans., Njal’s Saga (London: Penguin Classics, 2001), 303-7.
11. Lee M. Hollander trans., The Poetic Edda (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2014), 4. (Footnote 17)


The Boss

Pairing: Klaus × Reader

Request & Masterlist

Her black heels clicked on the flooring as she walked down the hall of the ‘still in the process’ renovated mansion.

“If they keep playing these games I’LL RIP THEIR BLOODY HEARTS OUT!” The hybrid yelled.

“Now, now…” A smirk appeared on her pretty face. “What’s got the big, bad hybrid all upset!?” She asked amused as she wrapped her arms around his torso, leaning her chin on his back.

“-Mystic Falls gang always getting in the way!” Klaus mumbled as he walked away towards the liquor cabinet.

(Y/N) chuckled, shaking her head.

“So you’re going to let them ruin your plans baby!?” She asked, the pet name rolling off her tongue. “You didn’t fight for a thousand years to have some newbie vampires, a witch who doesn’t know how to fully use her powers, and an annoying doppelganger who acts like a fucking drama queen get in your way.” (Y/N)’s voice rose.  

Klaus looked at his beloved and smiled that oh so famous devilish smile.

“Now here is what you’re going to do!” (Y/N) began as she ran her finger over the tons of books that littered the shelves.

“You will wipe your hands off and show them who the boss is! You use your damn hybrids and shed blood if you have too. Got it?” She snapped her fingers at him.

He looked at her still, the smirk not leaving once.

“Klaus!” She waved her hand in front of his face. “God, do I have to take matters in to my own hands and get shit done.”

(Y/N) threw her hands in the air dramatically as she made her way out of the room.

But as soon as she went to leave, Klaus had sped towards her and pinned her up against the wall.

Klaus hoisted her up, her legs wrapping around his waist as their lips were in perfect sync.

He sped up stairs and entered the twos shared bedroom.

“You know you drive me absolutely mad when you think you’re in charge. But I will admit love that it’s a very sexy look on you.”

(Y/N) smiled as she used her strength to flip the two around.

Her on top and him now of the bottom.

“Well baby, sometimes I have to take control to get things done around here.”

“I guess every king does need help-”

“From his queen.” (Y/N) finished.

it’s all everything with you (ao3)

an unofficial sequel to “it’s all nothing without you[x]” (check out the accompanying art piece by @erwinsalive here[x]). inspired by a trip to the ocean a few weeks ago (and then forgot about because of all the prompts i was doing lol).

They start by remembering each other’s names.



They know the names are theirs, even though they’ve lived this life by another for over three decades. The other memories bubble from the bases of their brain stems, pop against the surface of their consciousness like the champagne they share. They clink their glasses at New Year’s–another year, another one together. They kiss when the ball drops. Erwin says into Levi’s lips, “Eight years together, darling.” And Levi doesn’t correct him when they sit back into their seats, because it really doesn’t feel like a lifetime away since they had parted.

Love was easy. Instantaneous. Erwin said it after they first met. Took his face between his hands, hands so big and familiar they made Levi’s heart ache with a pain he thought he had forgotten in death. Their lips fell together like they always did, like they had been chiseled from the same stone. And as they lived on together again, they masoned the pieces of this life with the last. It was interesting to see how parallels were formed–how certain phobias transcended through spirit and left them bodily weak. They haven’t remembered everything, they wouldn’t even know when they would have reached the pinnacle of remembering anyway, but they remember enough.

Levi remembers the ocean the following year.

He sits paralyzed in the passenger seat. His hands gripping his pants as if he’s trying to rip them off. He knows now why he has always hated the ocean. He was able to compose himself around imagery and video of it, choking down the anxiety like a pill too big through his throat. But now it was here, undulating like a maggot’s backside, and vast like the sky that sits atop of it. Inside the car, he’s drowning. Inside the car, he’s safe. He swallows, but he can’t move anything else. He’s drowning, he’s…

“Levi?” Erwin takes off his sunglasses and folds them, placing one arm of them into the collar of his polo shirt.

Levi can’t come up with the words. They’re parked right along the beach. He can see the waves rolling in. He can see the brats wadding in the shallow waves. He can see Hange shin deep in water so blue he never knew the specific word for it (he learned in this life it was “turquoise”). He brings his hand to his forehead and shakes out a breath.

“Levi, darling. Talk to me. Did you remember something?”

Levi bites his lip and nods shallowly. He rests the side of his head against the window. It’s cold from the air conditioning blowing on it for the past hour. He feels fevered, sick, disgusted.

“About what?” Erwin leans over and places his hand on top of Levi’s, and Levi’s fingers relax slightly, the denim of his jeans releasing from under nails. “Maybe I can help you through this, like when you remembered…”

“We made it…” Levi starts, because he’d rather talk about this than about the serum. “We made it to the ocean.”

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anonymous asked:

Can i ask for some bros helping their s/o out during a panic attack? Class has been stressing me out OTL ALSO i love love love you guys' writings! Thanks for the hard work ❤

My personal apologizes for the stressful classes, anon. I can totally relate to that 😳

With that said, I hope you can find a small means of escape through Leigh and I’s writing!

I’ve found that literature is a good way to step away from it all 💕


Song: “Beach Baby” by Bon Iver


You weren’t exactly sure what it had been to set you over the edge.

Between the extra shifts you had been picking up in between classes, the endless deadlines drawing near, and the stress of maintaning your relationship with the prince, you had been worked to the bone for what felt like an eternity.

Sure, you had been managing, what with can after can of energy drink and minimal eating to stay awake and get everything done.

But you can only manage for so long, and everybody has their tipping point.
A long awaited Friday night date with Noctis just so happened to be that tipping point.

You had been looking forward to it for weeks, your excited red scribbles of pen scrawling out each coming day on the calander, anxiously counting down.

Knowing how hard you’d been pushing yourself, all of the guys had chipped in to make this a special night.

Gladio and Prompto had offered to go on a hunt and score some extra Gil to pay for expensive ingredients, whilst Ignis had taken the role as chef to prepare the meal.

They wanted to make sure you didn’t lift a finger.

You felt like a princess, being taken care of by everybody to have a relaxing night with your boyfriend.

You should’ve been at ease, in the comfort of your and Noctis’ shared apartment, sitting across his smiling face illuminated only by the soft light of flickering tea candles.

But you weren’t.

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This actually happened

me: *giggling to myself while watching destiel smut on phone*
friend: can I borrow your phone?
me: *carefully close everything and feel proud I succeeded*
friend: *opens lockscreen, freaks out, hands it back and leaves*

Hold Up

Pairing: Lydia x Reader

Summary: Who knew two females could be so oblivious? Lydia and (Y/N) share a kiss causing Malia to get the wrong idea and reveal their secrets.

Word Count: 1.3k

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: I completed this, and queued it for last week along with other imagines and my queue just disappeared??? Annoyed, tired and angry so I think I’ve learned my lesson to not trust Tumblr!

On another note, I’ve rewrote this imagine so many times; I hope it’s good to read, I really wasn’t happy with it :(

Originally posted by stitchingtheredstring

Lydia Martin was a strawberry blonde haired girl with piercing blue eyes and a smile that can light up your life which she does, on numerous occasions. It was no secret to everyone surrounding you that you had built up feelings for her – it was always you laughing at her stupid jokes, or running to protect her whenever something supernatural hit Beacon Hills; which was always. You’ve been friends with her for years but never built up the courage to tell her, she always had a new fling now a day.

That is the reason that you were sitting in the booth, a strawberry milkshake in front of you staring at Lydia who was waiting for her order at the till. She had her hair in the plaits that you loved and your favorite lipstick on, her lips matched yours. Jealousy grew in the pit of your stomach as a tall, dark coloured skin guy walked up to her, smiling his pearl whites. He seemed confident, maybe more than that; extremely cocky. You rolled your eyes, taking a sip of the delicious freezing drink turning your attention away from them.

Lydia looked away from the girl making her drink to focus on the handsome guy beside her. “Hey, how you doing?” He smirked, Lydia shrugged her shoulders not wanting to get into a conversation with him. She glanced at (Y/N) who was playing what she presumed was candy crush on her phone; something she always did when she was bored and by herself. Lydia noticed a lot about (Y/N); the way her eyes twinkle when she sees donuts or milkshakes, the way she would chew on the red straw wanting to savour the taste of her drink, or the way she would always paint her finger nails to match the colour of the top she wore. Lydia adored (Y/N) to the point that she was beginning to think if it was love or not.

If it wasn’t love, Lydia wanted to experience it because it is probably the best feeling in the world. Her stomach was full of butterflies when she saw (Y/N), she would stumble over her words and spend one or two more seconds staring at her lips. Everyone around them knew that each other had feelings towards the other, they also never realized how oblivious two females can be to not notice the signs themselves.

“That’s my girlfriend over there,” Lydia sighed, nudging her thumb towards (Y/N) who looked up and waved brightly at the pair. A smile that was obviously forced. “Here’s your order, Lydia.”

You shuffled in your seat, fixing your shirt as Lydia made her way back over. “New catch of the day?” You teased, trying to hide the jealousy and hurt in your voice. It was a feeling you got used to, Lydia was very fond of males these days and there was nothing you could do about that. You wanted to scream from the rooftop that you were in love with her, but you feared rejection; something that you read was the worst feeling in the world.

Lydia rolled her eyes, sucking on her straw, “Definitely not, he pulled a Joey Tribbiani on me.” She laughed, her eyes twinkling and your heart racing with the sound. You chuckled and continued playing the game opened on your phone.

It was a good thirty minutes before the tanned boy walked over to your table, he pulled up a seat and sat on it. “What do you want?” Lydia sighed, pushing her empty glass to the side. “I’ve been watching you two for the last hour,” He exaggerated, “And you don’t even talk; there was no need to lie to me about you having a girlfriend.” His brown eyes never looked away from Lydia who looked nervous.

“Excuse me?” You snapped, you jumped with the sudden pressure of a foot on yours under the table and you looked at Lydia who was making gestures with her eyes. Nodding, you understood what was happening. “Look I don’t know who you are or what you want but please stop bothering my girlfriend, okay?” It felt odd calling Lydia your girlfriend but you liked it. Smiling at her, she thanked you with her eyes for playing along. “Prove it.” The guy said, causing both you and Lydia to roll your eyes at the immaturity.

“Fine,” You snapped, standing up from your seat and leaning over the table and towards Lydia whose eyes were wide open. “What are you…” Your lips pressed against her pursed lips, it was strange and tense at first; you didn’t know how Lydia would feel after this, if it would ruin your friendship but it was her plan – she drew the first straw.

Lydia settled into the kiss, moving her lips against yours wanting more than what you were giving her but you knew you had to end it, you wouldn’t be able to stop if you continued. You pulled back, smirking at the guy before grabbing Lydia’s hand and leaving the diner.

“Oh my god,” You laughed, fixing your lipstick and lead you to the car. “I can’t believe that lad.”

Malia was walking down towards Stiles’ house when she passed the popular diner, she spotted (Y/N) and Lydia sitting there with a stranger. She looked through the window to get a better view of them, when suddenly (Y/N) was kissing Lydia. Malia couldn’t contain the smile that spread across her face, finally this was happening. She took her phone from her pocket, dialing Kira’s number before walking towards Stiles house, almost running.

“Hey, Mal-“ “You won’t believe it…Actually you will, Lydia and (Y/N) are finally together.” She screamed down the phone with excitement. “What? How do you know?” Kira questioned, and Malia started to tell her what she seen before she reached Stiles’.

It was seven in the evening now; you and Lydia were walking towards Scott’s house where a pack meeting was being held. It wasn’t awkward between you two, but there was something different floating around the air. Lydia was very affectionate and so were you, you wanted to be close to her or be holding her hand. “Do you think we should talk about the kiss?” You questioned just outside Scott’s house. Lydia shrugged, blushing and looking away. “After this?” You nodded and opened the door for Lydia.

You were the last to arrive, the pack were in the kitchen sitting around a laptop. Lydia entered first and got a massive greeting, especially from the girls. Kira skipped towards her, swinging her arms around Lydia’s neck squealing with excitement. “Congratulations guys!” She shouted, throwing her arms around you now. You looked at Lydia confused, but hugged her back. “It’s about time you two realized your feelings for one another.” Malia added causing the rest of the pack to laugh and nod.

“I know, right? I could actually smell the sexual tension building up.” Liam laughed, “It kind of sucks though, I thought me and (Y/N) would have a chance.” Your eyebrows raised, looking at the youngest member of the pack. “But congrats guys.” He added, winking at you.

“Hold up,” You exclaimed, “What is going on?” Your heart was racing, glancing at Lydia nervously. “You two aren’t together yet?” Scott asked, causing you to cough trying to cover up what he was saying. Lydia shook her head, her smile faltering. “But I saw you kissing, and you like her and she likes you, so I put one and one together and….” Malia stopped talking once she realized what she said. “Malia!” You and Lydia screech at the same time causing you to snap your head to Lydia who stared at you with wide eyes.

“You like me?!”