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5sos Fanfic: Grown Up 5sos (Prologue)

A/N: Set in an AU present and future.

“The Next Big Thing?”

By Katie Cooper, Staff Reporter, Page One Music: Music: Opinion

Flooding the charts this week, pop punk band 5 Seconds of Summer is one of the many names following the latest revival of this music genre. Can’t just be punk anymore, can we?

The members: Ashton Irwin (20), Michael Clifford (18,) Calum Hood (18), and Luke Hemmings (18) have won the hearts of adolescents male and female (mostly female) across Europe, Australia (their home country) and even various parts here in the U.S.

And it’s not just their boyish good looks and bad-boy attitudes, these musicians have some serious talent. Their hit “She Looks So Perfect” has rightfully topped the Billboard Chart at Number One for a solid two months, and has been used in various Victoria’s Secret commercials for the lingerie shopper with some pop punk coursing through their veins.

Dammit, now I have their chorus stuck in my head.

Their fame is instant and, so far, withstanding. Personally, I think these guys might have what it takes to make a lasting impression in the music industry, but that’s not just up to me. But, according to their 4 million twitter followers, I might not be the only one who shares this opinion. Leave in our comment sections or tweet us @Page1Music with your thoughts on this band.


(Almost Two Years Later)

“Only Lasted 5 Seconds”

By Rose Stone, Sugarscape

Nope, I’m not talking about your ex! I’m talking about the pop punk fad 5 Seconds of Summer. I, along with millions of teenage girls, was devastated to hear that the Australian band broke up due to “creative differences” just this past week.

“Creative differences” my ass. It’s the fact their major, epic, awesome, stadium tour didn’t sell enough tickets to break even or even fill a high school. Looks like they were just meant to play those smaller crowds. And, unfortunately for us with eyes and good taste, that just wasn’t enough for them.

None of the boys were available for personal interviews, but they have tweeted about the breakup.

@Ashton5sos: “We will love our fans always. But this just isn’t the right time for us now xxx”

@Michael5sos: “It sucks fucking balls, but we will always love you guys. *<3*”

@Calum5sos: “We just needed to go to different places in our lives. But you deserve to know we thank you for getting us to where we are. Love you guys!”

@Luke5sos: “I’ll miss my brothers *lots of sad emojis*”

Aww, Luke, you’re breaking my heart.

Even though fans are, rightfully, heartbroken, some have handled this in terrible ways, including a trend stating #Fuck5sos. (Unfortunately, not the happy kind of f*** either.)

Various friends have tweeted in response to the hate 5sos is getting for the breakup. There were many, but we just HAVE to look at Calum’s longtime girlfriend Blair’s tweet.

@Blair_Murr: “They decided to do what’s happiest for them. I’m proud of the boys, even tho it had ran them shattered. #Love5sos”

Nothing like the love of your life to give you support. AND start a whole new worldwide trending tag! (If you don’t know Blalum’s story, check out this timeline of their relationship, starting when Blair was just a groupie/hardcore fan!)

What are your guys’ thoughts? Leave them in the comments or tweet us @Sugarscape!


(Two Months Later)

“5 Seconds of Education and Love”

By Rilee Greene, Sugarscape.

Ex-5sos’s lovable nerd Luke Hemmings (he graduated high school on tour! Dork *heart eyes emoji*) was seen walking around Greenview Community College in Los Angeles. According to an inside source, Luke started taking classes before the official breakup (recently, rumors have stated that there was tension in the band long before they broke up) and all of them seem to be music-related.

How shocking.

What actually is shocking is the fact he’s been seen canoodling with an unidentified girl on the ground and, inside sources say, during classes.

The girl has been identified as Avery Lake, another student in his class. Apparently, she’s also in one of the best all-girl a Cappella groups we’ve seen to date! And that’s including Pitch Perfect! Here are some links (video 1) (video 2) (video 3) to their most popular renditions to date! All those have over 15 million views!

Unfortunately, “because” she’s half-black, people have been sending her hate to her twitter, @AcaAvery, saying she’s “not good enough” for Luke because of her race. (Which, speaking as a decent human being, is bullshit.)

Because he’s a good boyfriend, Luke tweeted:

@LukeHemmo: “Leave my girlfriend the fuck alone. She doesn’t deserve any of the hate your spewing.”

The tweet received two major responses: One: “AWWWW!” Two: “*You’re”

Looks like Little Lukey hasn’t changed a bit.


(½ Years After The Breakup)

“5sos: Where Are They Now?”

By Katie Cooper, Entertainment Editor, Page One Music




(Katie’s POV)

“Whatcha doing there?” Jack, my favorite coworker and someone who’s been with me since we were both fresh staff reporters, says as he walks into my office.

Seeing me.

Sitting at my desk.

Bashing my head into my keyboard.

“I thought that only happened in movies.” He adds condescendingly, giving me that stare he does when he knows I’m being dumb and I know I’m being dumb, but I’m still being dumb.

“Fuck you.” I say without any heat, rubbing my face.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, plopping down on my sofa. Being Music Editor of a popular music-based online mag has its perks.

“I have to go interview Ashton Irwin.” I explain, flopping back in my swivelly office chair.

“Why is that bad? You’re in love with the guy.”

“No I’m not! It’s a celeb crush thing.” I flail a bit as an explanation that doesn’t explain anything.

“That you’ve had for over two years.”

“It’s not my fault he’s really talented! And really hot.” I tack on, thinking of his face. His beautiful, beautiful face-

“You’re right, it’s his parents’ fault. You should write them a meanly-worded letter.” Jack growls like a kitty.

“I hate you.”

“You love me.”

“Tell me you can do the interview instead.”

“Dude, I would. Sincerely. But Chief said that it had to be you, to run that whole comparison thing.”

“No one even remembers that article.” I complain.

“It’s the most trafficked piece on our site. You did really well for the greenest piece of shit on that year’s staff.”

“Wow, Jack, you’re so good for my self-esteem.” I deadpan.

“That first part was.” He winks, then lunges over and steals my planner. “Oh shit, Kate, you only got half an hour. Better get going.” He tosses it back at me and quickly exits the room before I have time to throw something at him.

Damn him.


(Ashton’s POV)

I play with my phone in the middle of this random-ass coffee shop. I play with my phone often, but I’ve never done that here before. I guess that’s a new experience.

I get an email from Leni, Michael’s girlfriend, and I open it to find an engagement notice. What, Michael finally proposed? What the fuck? What is my life right now? I’m single, 24, and own a small music shop when I should’ve been a fucking musician.

Oh wait, it’s not about me.

After I send them a thoughtful congratulations, that even though I hate Michael I sincerely mean, I look up at the door, for the billionth time. And only see rain. No new customers whatsoever. Yeah, the reporter is only 5 minutes late, but I’m all fidgety.

My whole musical career (spanning a measly three years and two albums) is about to rehashed. The beginning, the middle, the awards, the groupies, the breakup. Fuck, I’m about to relive all the shit I’m finally starting to move on from.

Fuck whoever this reporter is. I don’t care if she’s one of the best in the industry or whatever, I can’t believe she’s making me open up about this stuff.

I’m about to stand up and leave when someone bursts in, setting off the bell on top of the door.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

This girl is so beautiful.

Long, brown, wavy hair doused in rainwater, tall with amazing legs, and when she, finally, looks up, I see these dazzling brown eyes.

I actually know what our songs are about now.

Well… not the ones about breakups and whatever, but our old love songs. And I suddenly get this weird feeling of longing to the band’s old days.

God, who is this girl?

She makes eye contact with me and smiles sheepishly, rushing over to extend her hand. “Ashton! Hi, I’m Katie Cooper, your interviewer. Nice to finally meet you! Sorry I’m late, traffic was worse than I thought it’d be.” She sits down across from me. “Mind if I record this?” She pulls out her phone and opens the voice memo app.

“It’s nice to meet you too!” I rush to say, then laugh at myself. “Sorry, yeah, totally fine.” I tap my fingers against the table. Not the same as drumming, but it has to do these days.

I see her eyes dart at my hand, and she smiles slightly. Wow, her smile is great. “So, I have some basic questions first, then we can get into the ‘juicy’ stuff.” She rolls her eyes, like she was told to make this like a tabloid. She reads my mind… Or, I read hers. “They keep telling me to make this as juicy as possible or whatever but I just want to write a good story about you guys. I was a fan of your band.”

I can’t help but perk up. Two years after the fact, I still love hearing those words. “Really?”

“Yeah, I had to listen to your debut for my article, but I really loved it. You guys did a great job.”

“Thank you.” I respond. “I read your article, when it came out.”


“Yeah, it was all over Twitter. The boys and I used to try not to read those things, but we read yours. Nice, sweet, flattering, short.” I ramble. Why does she make me so fucking nervous?

Katie looks down while biting her lip.

Whoa, maybe I’m making her nervous too.

“Thank you…” She trails off, smiling gently. “So, onto the interview?”

After she asked all the questions and I answered them all, and even got to know her a bit better, I decide to take a chance. “So, what’re you doing later?”


“Yeah. I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner with me… or something.” God, I feel so dumb, what am I, 16 again?

“I’d love to but…” Damn the but. “It’ll pose a conflict of interest for my story.” My shoulders still slouch. Damn journalistic ethics. “But…” I perk up slightly, “We can exchange numbers and I’ll text you when it’s done so we can go on a date then. If you like.” She offers.

“I’d like that.”


(one month after)

“5sos: Where are they now?”

By Katie Cooper, Music Editor, Page One Music & Entertainment: Music: News.

Looks like a lot has happened these past two years for the broken-up band 5 Seconds of Summer.

Starting from youngest to oldest, Luke Hemmings (21) graduated from Greenview Community College, one of the most prestigious for those aspiring to be teachers, and got his teaching certificate in Music History and Theory. He already has a teaching gig lined up in Los Angeles at Alissia De Santos High, a prestigious, private high school know for being for Children of the Rich and Famous in the suburbs of L.A. Since we want this to get more traffic, I’ll also inform you he’s still in an amazing relationship with Avery Lake. Lake has gained her own fame by being in one of the biggest a Cappella groups in the United States that has transcended their college years and onto the iTunes Charts, Hear the Belles. Rumors of an engagement are circulating, but you didn’t hear it from me.

<Selfie of Luke and Avery, cheeks pressed together making cute, ridiculous faces>

(Credit: @AcaAvery on Instagram)

Calum Hood (22), on the other hand, went the “jock” route. He is now the star forward of Manchester United, and has been for over a year. Many Man U teammates and fans have credited him with winning the World Cup. Him and his longtime Scottish girlfriend (and, notably, ex-groupie of his band) Blair have been living in England for over a year, and she’s working for A Bit of a Mouthful, a British catering company that caters to the stars. Best of luck to them!

<Paparazzi Photo of Calum and Blair walking hand in hand down King Street.>

(Credit: People Magazine)

Meanwhile, Page One would like to extend a formal congratulations to Michael Clifford (22) on his two recent announcements via Twitter just earlier this week:

@MikeyClifford: “BIG NEWS PEEPS my girlfriend @LeniTats and I are engaged! fuck yeah!!! *picture attached of her flipping off the camera with her ring finger*”

@MikeyClifford: “ALSO NEWS @LeniTats is pregnant!! Don’t worry, we were getting married anyway lol *selfie of Michael standing, shooting down to get a shot of Ellen acting like she’s throwing up in the toilet*”

@LeniTats: “@MikeyClifford don’t say “lol” in regards to our engagement/pregnancy announcement you asshole”

@MikeyClifford: “@LeniTats oh no the hormones are starting”

In case you didn’t know, Michael has started his own makeshift radio station through posting the audios on YouTube, which have been gaining their own popularity. His fiance, Ellen “Leni” Walker, is a well-known Boston tattoo artist, known for working on Punk musicians and famous actors at the famous tattoo parlor Ink Addicts. Apparently, she did at least five of the tattoos on his right arm sleeve.

Last but not least, Ashton Irwin (24) is said to be working here in New York at a music education center for children to learn various instruments. He specializes in teaching guitar, piano, and, of course, drums.

Unfortunately for the fans everywhere, 5sos haven’t been seen together in over a year and a half. Add this with fact none of them entered performance-oriented careers, fans are going through a bit of a withdrawal. They’ve started multiple twitter trends: #WeMiss5sos, #Bring5sosBack, and more. Which, I think after such a time, is dedication.  

What are your thoughts? Tweet us @PageOneMusic!


(three months after that article)

“Last One Snatched: Ashton’s New Girlfriend!”

By Ava Isaacs, Seventeen.Com

“Unfortunately” for the fangirls, Ashton Irwin has been reported to be in a very serious relationship with journalist Katie Cooper

<picture of Ashton and Katie eating at a restaurant, laughing>

(Credit: @AshtonSexiiiiiiiiii)

Katie is the well-known journalist for Page One Music & Entertainment. She’s a couple years younger than Ashton (the largest age difference of 5sos’ relationships), but has accomplished so much, to be fair. She’s even credited with an influx with more “legit” rock authorities saying 5sos is a legit punk band, regardless of how pop they can be.

Unfortunately, people have been spreading hate about her. Personally, I think it’s the whole “I want to date Ashton waahhh” mentality the immature “fans” have. Luckily, the other girlfriends have taken to defending her, even though we’ve never seen them meet!

@LeniTats: “Don’t hate on @KatieNews , that’s such a dick thing to do like wtf #GoKateton"

@Blair_Murr: “Listen you bloody bampots, everyone REALLY needs to back off of @KatieNews #NoHate #ThatSimple"

@AcaAvery: “@KatieNews doesn’t deserve any of the hate she’s getting. She and @AshIrwin look happy, leave them be.”

Girlfriend power!

Use your twitters for good not evil, don’t send hate.


(Leni’s POV, Two Months After That)

“Why the fuck were we flying? It’s so close to the end of your pregnancy.” Michael snaps at me, clutching my hand as we walk out of the plane and into LAX. It’s not like he needs too; I’m as big as a blimp, no one will miss me if I get lost.

I roll my green eyes at him, like I often do when I think he’s being an idiot, “I’m safely in the second trimester, Mike. Plus the flight’s already over. Didn’t you read those pregnancy books I gave you?”

“I google stuff when you yell at me, I practically know everything about pregnancy. Why aren’t you telling me why we’re going to L.A?” He asks.

I sigh. “I wanted it to be a surprise, because it’s not definite yet, but I have an interview at L.A. Electric Ink.” I hate ommitting things from my fiance, but desperate times.

He perks up, but still looks travel-tired. “Wait, hasn’t that been your dream for ages?”

I smile, “Yeah, and I wanted it to be set in stone before I told you-”

He pulls me close and kisses me hard, even though we’re rushing to baggage claim. “Holy shit, Len, I’m so proud of you!” He picks me up and spins me.

“Dude, you’re going to break your back!” I squeal, but let him spin me.

“Never.” He pecks me on the lips, “Let’s get going then!”

“Okay, just one little detour first.”


(Avery’s POV)

I go downstairs to find Luke asleep at his desk. Again.

I trill a B sharp. I still need practice, but as long as it wakes him up.

He jumps in his seat, suddenly awake. “Hi!” I greet him.

“The fact you’re a morning person really gets on my nerves.” He says grumpily, rubbing at his eyes with ink all over his hands.

Sighing, I sit on his lap and clean his face with one of the washcloths I make him keep around his desk, because he’s such a klutz he spills everything constantly, and say, dismissively, “You have no claims. Technically it’s 12:01. It’s afternoon, sweetie.”

“I didn’t fall asleep ‘til, like, 5 or 6. Too many papers on how Purcell influenced the Who. I have ‘Pinball Wizard’ stuck in my head.” He wraps an arm around my waist.

I kiss his cheek, “C’mon, let’s go get breakfast somewhere.”

“Somewhere? No specific place in mind?” He raises his eyebrows in surprise.

“Nope. Let’s drive around until we find a place.”

“Ms. Organized doesn’t have a plan? What’s happening to the world?” It’s seriously adorable how he can be dead-tired and still tease me.

“I can cook something for us instead…” I trail off. His blue eyes widen in horror while my brown ones twinkle with mischief.

“I take back my teasing.”

“Smart move.” I kiss his cheek again as I get up. “Go get ready, I’m driving.”


(Katie’s POV)

“What kind of story requires you to go all the way to a park L.A.? And why do I have to go along?” Ashton grumbles next to me in the back of the taxi.

“Sorry, Ash, it’s the life of being the WAG of a journalist.” I tease him, trying to distract myself from the fact I was lying to my boyfriend.

“I’m a Husband and Boyfriend! I’m a HAB, or a BAH, if anything.” He cries out, indignant.

“You’re supposed to want to support me when I go out on stories! And I thought it’d be fun if you came with me.” I make a sad face.

He pulls me close so I’m leaning on his chest and his arm is around my shoulder. I’m not with Ashton for his looks, but the fact he’s kept up with weight-training is just really, really great.

“Of course I love supporting you, babe. But we woke up so early this morning-”

“I think you mean 7.” I interrupt but he continues.

“And I’m already jet-lagged. Add that on with my exhaustion-”

I cut him off by taking off my seatbelt quickly, straddling his lap and kissing him damn hard.

“Excuse me ma’am, seatbelts on.”

“Sorry.” I tell the cab driver, situating myself. Ashton smirks to me.

“You naughty, naughty girl.”

“Shut up, HAB.”


(Blair’s POV)

“Taking a cripple to a park is just cruel and unusual punishment, B.” Calum bitches, struggling with his crutches.

I sigh and try to help him, but he’s too stubborn and proud to let me and keeps floundering. “I told you to stop calling yourself that.”

“It’s not like I’m wrong!” He pouts that pout of his that makes him look like a puppy even though he’s 22. “I can never play football again. I’m pretty sure that means-”

“If you say that fecking word again, we won’t go doggin’ in the limo they gave us.” I wince at myself. My Scottish always comes out more when I’m angry.

“Sorry, babe.” He lets me put an arm around his waist to help steady him and leers into my ear, “You knew I really wanted to fuck in that limo, you’re pure evil.”

“It’s the whole lack of soul thing.” I say, gesturing to my red hair. He giggles, watching his feet to make sure he doesn’t trip on the way to the park benches when the sounds of a boisterous voice rings through the park.

“When our kid is born, I’m gonna take him to the park at least once a week.”

Calum freezes and straightens like electricity suddenly coursed through his veins.

I follow his line of vision.

Leni and Michael are here.

Fuck, they weren’t supposed to be here, yet.

“What the hell is going on?” Ashton’s voice appears from the swing set with Katie, all while you can see Luke and Avery appear.

“What. The. Fuck.” Luke starts.

And then it all explodes.


(Leni’s POV)

All the boys are screaming and yelling and being furious and I have a baby inside me and I don’t know what else to do except for just shout, “SHUT UP!” in the loudest voice I can muster.

Thank you pregnancy hormones, because I was loud enough I was able to be heard and listened to.

Putting my hand on my stomach, I turn to Michael calmly. “Lead me to one of the benches, I need to sit down.” Then I face Blair and Calum. “You probably need to get off your knee, right? Come sit with me.”

I get us all to surround Calum and me on the bench. “Before any more screaming is done around the baby, the girls and I are going to explain what the fuck’s going on.”

The boys all look like they want to say something, but they, rightfully, stay quiet.

“When I heard Leni was pregnant, I sent her my congratulations, and we ended up talking about how much we wish all of you were still talking. And soon, all of us were talking. About all that happened with you guys.” Blair starts.

“I remember watching the beginning stuff. You guys were happy together. Stressed and tired, but happy together.” Katie admits.

“We don’t know what happened-” Avery goes to start, but Blair interrupts with a “Because you won’t fecking tell us.” I send her a look and she looks down, mouth pointedly closed.

“We don’t know what happened,” Avery starts over, “Or why it’s still happening. But we want it to stop. So I got them all to come to L.A.”

“And we might want to stay.” I add.

Ash, Mike, Cal and Luke all start talking at once and all over each other. I wince, but am too lazy to scream again.

Luckily, I don’t have to.

Avery, with her damn good pipes, releases a melodious yell that gathers any and all attention. “Listen up.” She says once she does. “We know we didn’t talk it over with you guys yet, so that’s what we’re doing. You’re still not allowed to talk yet. So be quiet.”

“I didn’t get a scoop in L.A., Ash. I was offered a position as the Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor at the L.A. Times.” Katie starts. “I’m meeting with them in four hours, and I was going to tell you all about it, well, now. Surprise.”

“And I actually did get that opportunity at L.A. Electric Ink, Michael. But I didn’t mention as a partner, not just an artist.” I add, rubbing my stomach because the poor thing is kicking all over the place.

“Cal, I didn’t just want to take you away from the press in London. I’ve been thinking about starting my own catering business. And I found all sorts of great, organic resources here.” Blair says.

“We’re sorry we didn’t tell you guys before.” Katie says.

“We just knew you’d react shittily.” Blair adds with a half-shrug.

“And before you respond, keep in mind we’re the love of your lives and I have a baby in me.” I add.

Michael rolls his eyes a bit, but that’s because he’s heard me say that and variants of it since we found out I was pregnant when I was two months along.

“You may now speak.” Katie says slowly.


(Avery’s POV)

The boys all open their mouths to speak, again, but this time they all look at each other first. Then, slowly, Calum then Michael then Luke all turn to Ashton. Like he holds all the answers to the universe.

“Okay, I’ll start then.” He clears his throat, seemingly looking both stunned and pleased that he has slipped back into the role of leader. “Umm, wow, okay, babe, you’ve got me really confused fuck.” He stammers and starts drumming his fingers on his thigh. “Okay, umm what about me? I have my job. I teach children things! I like that!”

Katie gestures to me. My turn to explain. “The band teacher at De Santos just retired. And they have no idea who to replace him with. So I was going to see if you were interested.” Ashton turns to look Katie in the eye, and I have no idea how but they seem to be having this silent conversation with the weirdest hand gestures.

Having Skyped/Google-hangout-ed with Katie multiple times, I shouldn’t have expected anything less. That girl flails instead of speaks so much it’s like it’s its own language.

Cal clears his throat and Blair straightens, looking nervous as hell. I never thought that brash, loud girl could be afraid, but here I am.

“Just because I can barely walk, doesn’t mean I don’t have a say where we go? What the fuck am I supposed to do?”

Blair bites her lip then gives the floor to Leni. “I tattooed the L.A. Galaxy’s coach just a week ago, right when you got hurt. They were having a game in Boston and he wanted a tattoo of a galaxy on his shoulder. That was five hours of my life.” She rambles, cuts herself off, breathes then continues. “He told me he was told that his assistant coach was thinking about leaving applying for a transfer because he was getting sick of L.A. And I dropped your name. He said you looked like you’d be a great coach and he’d love to hear from you about it.”

Calum says nothing, just lets his jaw drop. Blair tenses, like she’s waiting for an outburst, but none come.

“Well, we all know Luke’s fucking great and already has a job here, so let’s go onto me. What the fuck, Ellen?” She winces at the use of her name, and so do the rest of us. The first thing she said when she introduced herself to me was Call me Ellen and I’ll beat you up. So this is bad. “We’re a family now! How can you make these decisions without me? We’re about to have a fucking kid!”

Ellen looks like she’s about to cry, but manages to say, “Mikey, you don’t understand, everything happened so fast. We only wanted you guys to speak to each other again but then we were talking about our futures and how the three of us” She gestures to Katie, Blair and herself, “weren’t really happy where we were and Avery had the idea that everyone should move here and it happened so, fast, and I don’t know enough sane people back in Boston and I didn’t want to go back home but I didn’t want to raise our son without anyone helping us and fuck.” She bursts into tears, hunching over to sob into her palms.

“Fuck.” Michael instantly kneels in front of her, gently taking her hands off her face and tries to calm her down. Except for Leni’s sobs, everyone is quiet.

I share a look with Luke. He looks so uncomfortable, hands shoved in his pockets and one of his feet on top of the other. Poor Lukey.

Once she quieted enough, Blair speaks up, “At an event we catered, one of the runners of KROQ,” Michael suddenly looks up at that, shock on his features. “Told me they knew I was ‘associated’ with 5sos and they really wanted to get in touch with you about having your radio show on their station.”

“Holy fuck.” Michael says. “KROQ? Dudes, I love those guys.”

“Yeah, I remember.” Calum snorts, “You took over the radio whenever we were in L.A. and only played them.”

“Because they’re fucking amazing.”

“Not 24 hours a day!” Luke says, laughing.

The boys all laugh then trail off once they realize what happened. Then Michael freezes.

“Wait. Len, did you say… we’re having a son?” All the boys’ jaws drop in surprise.

“Dammit, you heard that.” She frowns.

“We said we were gonna be surprised!”

“Well that was fucking dumb!“ Leni bursts out, indignant. "I mean, why bother? So I went when you were visiting your parents and they said it’s a boy and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I thought you still wanted for me to keep it a secret-”

Michael runs his hands through his hair, “Holy fuck, I’m having a son.” Then he turns to the other boys, “HOLY FUCK I”M HAVING A SON!” And then he lunges forwards and tackles the standing members of Ex-5sos with Calum hugging Leni from the bench and everyone’s screaming again but this time it’s really happy.

The girls and I all share the same look: Thank. Fucking. God.

A/N: Sorry this is really long but I had a lot of the universe to clarify and set up. This is based off all those "parent 5sos” posts that gave me emotions and Grown Ups 2. Hope you like it!

PS hecticirwin had a text post like this idea, but I had already written this when I saw it but I figured I might as mention her.