leave her alone people

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Why is Lauren getting death threats and suicide threats on Twitter like seriously people need to leave her alone in so tired with all this fighting between fans, the amount of negativity on Laurens SM Is making me worried about her

Because people are fucking assholes, but she’ll be okay. She’s got good people around her

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Do you think if Lauren was less private and more honest with her fans people would leave her alone?

Yes. 😂 People bombard mysterious species. 🌚😎

The Problem With Cringe Culture

From what I’ve seen, the phenomenon dubbed Cringe Culture is a paragon of insecurity, internalized misogyny, and self-loathing.

Let me elaborate a little here:  here on Tumblr (and in life in general, honestly), a lot of folks are very pre-occupied with what is or isn’t Cringey.  It’s a dynamic somewhat reminiscent of an eighth grade schoolyard, but that’s really not the issue here.  

What Tumblr folks dub Cringey are typically things that are enjoyed by young teens (in particular, young girls) exploring fandom and fan creativity for the first time.

Yes, these teens are frequently obnoxious, overzealous, and loud, but it’s an exciting time for kids:  we as adults may have comfortably settled into our interests, but for them it’s an avenue of unsupervised self-expression they may not have experienced before.  Moreover, they have little to no experience in moderating themselves, which is one of the reasons why I believe the act of mocking them to be a somewhat callous one.  

Are they occasionally annoying?  Subjectively, yes.  I frequently find young teens and tweens annoying, particularly when they’re being loud and obnoxious during my allotted writing time.  But I don’t shame them for it, on here or in real life, because I’m an adult and they are literally children .  

And most importantly, so are the people mocking them.

I’ll elaborate once again:  I’m nineteen.  Most of my friends, both on here and on my other blog, are fellow chill late teens and twenty-somethings.  And I’ve never seen any adult who’s secure in their own self-image do anything other than Do Their Own Thing and allow everyone else do the same.

In other words, I’ve been involved in fandom for a few years now, and almost everyone I’ve seen actively participating in cringe culture has turned out to be no older than seventeen or so themselves, and probably (consciously or otherwise) attempting to distance themselves from their “embarrassing” younger alter egos and feel more confident in their purported maturity. 

Because they probably did some Cringey things when they were fourteen, too:  maybe they drew manga OCs on DeviantArt with needlessly elaborate hair, ran a passionate SuperWhoLock blog, read Homestuck, wrote angsty poetry about turning into wolves, et cetera.  

Of course, the whole point here is that there is literally nothing wrong with any of these things:  they’re harmless examples of children exploring revenues of creativity for the first time, that we’ve been conditioned to find embarrassing.  

Now, I’m not going to pretend I didn’t have this phase myself:  I once got into an impassioned argument on Facebook with a bunch of One Direction fans when I was sixteen or so, in which I dismissed their obsession as being Stupid and Juvenile and proclaimed my favored Heavy Metal as being far superior.  

Now, I’m still not into One Direction in the slightest, but if I could go back in time I would probably smack my sixteen-year-old self upside the head and tell her to leave people alone and let them do their own thing.

Of course, a large part of my reasoning was also driven at the time by my unfortunate Not Like Other Girls phase, in which I wanted to distance myself from the silliness of my fellow teen girls as much as possible.  I may or may not have still been in my “I hate pink” phase, which I still shudder to think about to this day.

Which brings me to another one of Cringe Culture’s more problematic aspects:  it’s inherently a little misogynist, in that almost everyone who partakes in it is attempting to distance themselves from the interests of teenage girls.

Shows like Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Voltron, Supernatural, Yuri on Ice, and many others all have passionate and predominantly young female fanbases, and as such, people seem unwittingly inclined to see them as inherently vapid, annoying, or Cringey in a way that equally vocal male-dominated fandoms simply aren’t.  

Even being a Trekkie (Star Trek fan) was considered embarrassing when the fandom was predominantly female populated, although the means by which fanfiction and discourse was exchanged was via fan-run zines rather than Tumblr blogs.  Now that men are in on it, it’s considered one of the best fandoms there is.

More male populated fandoms such as Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, the DC and Marvel cinematic universes, and Star Wars are just as impassioned, and have had just as many ideological issues in the past.  Yet are these things ever denigrated as being Cringy or annoying?  Not that I can recall.

Another one of my greatest issues with Cringe Culture is that it discourages passion:  I have never encountered a fandom, Cringey or otherwise, that hasn’t produced genuinely stunning works of art and fiction.  Moreover, I’ve never encountered a fandom that doesn’t have fans who have cited it as what saved them from depression or even suicide.  

So if someone’s passionate about something, even if it’s something of no value to you, it costs absolutely zero dollars to mind your own goddamn business and not taint their joy with your own insecurity, cynicism, and internalized self-loathing.  

Similarly, I can speak from experience when I say my interests and fandoms got me through the very worst period of my adolescence, and I’d be a significantly less happy person if I didn’t have still have them to fall back on.  Not everyone’s sole source of enjoyment and comfort in life comes from nihilistic memes.

So if you want to take a step towards fostering a more creative generation, take a step away from Cringe Culture.  Respect other people’s interests, and openly and unabashedly enjoy your own.  Question why you think certain interests are Cringey, and try to distance yourself from the mentality that you’re a better or cooler person for being less similar to young women.

And finally, try and forgive your fourteen-year-old self for whatever cringiness they may have been culpable of, and tell them that you love them anyway.

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Jojo is now saying people who believe Louis relationships are fake are 'accusing him of being a lying closet gay' and 'the same people believe in little green men from mars' and are 'very odd and sad'

this is honestly so vile but unsurprising, considering she’s taking money for contributing to exactly that image. also “a gay”? really? really?? shows how little integrity she has about basic lgbt stuff right there. why would she have any integrity when it comes to louis. 


Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Draco x reader- cuddling in the common room and reader trying to make pansy jealous because she likes him and draco catches on and tries to show pansy that he likes reader and not her

Warnings: Language

A/N: Kinda short :)

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

Y/N takes a seat in her usual spot on the couch, right next to her boyfriend Draco. “How was your day, love?” The question makes her smile. Draco doesn’t ask anyone else questions like that – his sweet side is reserved for her.

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I love how Taylor tries to stay out of everything and people just continually drag her through the mud. If there is one thing I have learned from taylor is that actions speak louder than words. I hope she is sitting back enjoying this well deserved break and writing a kick butt record that is going to punch all the haters in throat. She continuously works hard, keeps her head down, let’s her music do the talking, and always shows love and kindness to others. People need to take a page out of her play book and learn some kindness. Okay rant over.

Which One (NSFW)

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dom!Bucky x sub!Natasha x dom!Reader

Warnings: Smut, dear god so much smut, Принцесса = princess, Мадам = madam, Котенок = kitten, сержант = sergeant

A/N: I’m just cranking out fucking stories today, jesus. This is such a long fucking fic and I’m not even remotely sorry about that. I might need to bathe in holy water after this…

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do you ever think about Professor Malkin, Head of Slytherin, standing up and screaming his lungs out while furiously clapping when the sorting hat yells out “Hufflepuff” for his youngest daughter, while said daughter turns red and hisses back, “PA you’re embarrassing me sit down!!!!!” but she’s pretty stoked that she’s in the same house as her Dad and that Pa is so on board with this.

Don’t Leave Me

word count: 1 885
warnings: character death

summary: Y/N and Kai had started a relationship before he was sent to the 1903 Prison World. Now, at Jo and Alaric’s wedding, he comes back. 

26 - “Wake up. Please, wake up. You can’t leave me here alone.”

*gif by me

It was the day of Jo’s and Alaric’s wedding. Y/N was sitting next to Stefan, watching the ceremony. Everything seemed to be perfect, and she felt a twinge in her heart as she realized she would never be able to have this with the one person she loved more than everyone else - even more than her own life. Kai Parker. 

Bonnie had ditched him in a Prison World, leaving him there alone and in isolation, far away from Y/N. When she had learned about it, she had nearly snapped. He had been willing to change; he even had changed already yet they hadn’t given him a chance to show it. They were still judging him for what he had done in the past.

And now she was probably never going to see him ever again.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Y/N asked, clenching her fists. She was standing in her living room, looking at a disinterested Damon with a glass of bourbon in his hand, a sympathetic looking Elena, and a relieved and angry Bonnie. They all had been going here after they had come back from their mission into the 1903 Prison World to get Stefan’s and Damon’s mom. 

Bonnie had just informed her what they had done, leaving her boyfriend alone with some creepy witchpires as Damon called them. People who were hundred years older and had both the abilities of vampires and witches. Y/N could only imagine that these would be the worst possible companions someone could wish for. 

“Why won’t you understand it’s better for everyone?” Bonnie seemed to get just as furious as Y/N. She still couldn’t understand what she did see in him; she had just done it to protect them all. 

“’Better for everyone?’ God, are you really that blind that you haven’t seen he was changing? Who do you think is actually responsible that you’re even standing here right now, hm? Without his help, you would still be stuck in that 1994 Prison World!” Y/N blurted out, her eyes burning with anger. She felt that sudden urge to punch her until she would finally understand that it had been wrong.

No one knew Kai better than Y/N did, and she was sure he was already trying to find a way to come back and this time he would wreak havoc like never before. He would find a way to pay back for what they had done to him.  

Bonnie moved a step closer towards her, but Elena grabbed her friend’s hand, holding her back. 

“I nearly killed myself because of him!” Bonnie exclaimed. 

Y/N rolled her eyes. Yes, Kai had done some terrible things and leaving Bonnie there alone when he could’ve taken her with him was definitely one of them, but he had even tried to apologize to her. And it’s not like Damon or some others had never sought to kill her before so why couldn’t she just forgive Kai for it while she was able to absolve everyone else so quickly? Everyone else was fully capable of dealing with their emotions while to Kai all of this was still so new and he hadn’t the real hang of it yet. 

Y/N felt tears of anger building in her eyes, blinking a few times to try not to show them. 

“Get out. Now.” Her voice was quiet and firm but trembled with slight rage. She couldn’t stand seeing them anymore, finally wanted to be alone to grieve and maybe to even find a way herself to bring him back. Never was she going to give up on him. 

It had taken some days of alone time before she even had gone out again. Days in which she had completely locked herself up from the outside world. She hadn’t answered her phone, never opened the door and had kept everything quiet and dark. But somehow she had finally managed to forgive her friends - everyone, except Bonnie. They both still didn’t talk, and so Y/N wasn’t too sad about her not being here at the wedding currently. Although she had this strange feeling, it wasn’t by her own choice. 

Y/N was so engaged in her thoughts she hadn’t even realized they had already gotten to the vows. Alaric was speaking now, being all happy and smiling. With the end of his speech, he put the ring on Jo’s finger, giving everyone watching the time to wipe possible tears away. A small smile crept on Y/N face as she saw how happy they seemed to be. This wedding was going to be one of the best days in their life. 

“Oh god, that’s a tough act to follow.” Jo began her vows, wiping away a single tear rolling down her cheek with the back of her hand. Everyone let out a laugh at her words, before she continued, “here it goes - Alaric Saltzman, you are…”

She let out a gasp as a red stain built on her white dress. Suddenly, everything happened quickly. People got up from their seats, confused about what was going on. Jo stumbled, nearly fell on the ground if it hadn’t been for Alaric who was there to catch her. At the moment she let out a scream someone materialized behind of her; Kai. 

He was wearing a black suit, holding a bloody knife in his hand. Y/N’s eyes grew large as she saw him standing there, her heart beating uncontrollably in her chest. He is back, she kept repeating over and over in her head, not sure if she should be happy or angry or afraid or disappointed. It was evident he came here to get his revenge but the least he could’ve done before was going to his girlfriend to warn her about all of this. 

“I was gonna wait ‘til the ‘death do us part’ bit, but it seemed a little on the nose. Am I right?“ Kai asked, a devilish smirk on his face. He turned towards the shocked crowd, seeing his father who was about to rush up. He stretched out his hand, followed by this high-pitched sound, making everyone scream and put their hands on their ears.

Y/N couldn’t take her eyes off him; she even tried moving closer to him, overcoming the pain the noise caused her. She was just human, so it didn’t affect her as much as the others with super sensitive hearing. And maybe, if she could just get to him, he would stop all of this. Or if he would just see her, since to her it seemed he hadn’t even realized yet that she was there.

“Missed me? No? Oh well.” He holds up the hand with the hunting knife, a mischievous spark in his eyes. Abruptly the glass windows shattered, the chandeliers fell, bursting into million of little pieces.  

Y/N covered her face with her hands, trying to prevent any of the shards cutting into her skin. But despite her effort, she felt a sharp pain on her neck, as a large shard cut deep into her throat. Warm blood trickled down, creating a stain on her dress. She moved her hand to the wound, feeling unconsciousness taking over her. Her back lay flat on the ground; her chest was lifting and lowering in irregular intervals. Her eyes fluttered closed as everything around her became black.

Kai opened up his eyes when he felt the life rushing through his veins again. Quickly, he got up, removing the glass shard which was stuck in his neck. A satisfactory smirk spread on his lips after the realization the plan had worked. He could feel even more magic inside of him now as he was literally able to siphon from his newly obtained vampirism. 

He glanced around, seeing the damage he had caused. His eyes fell on his father first but when he was about to hold out his hand to use his blood to complete the transition he saw her. Y/N. His Y/N. The only person he had ever cared about and who had ever cared about him.

“No.” He whispered, unable to look away from the puddle of red blood next to her. Moving closer to her, he kneeled down next to her, lightly brushing his fingertips across her cheeks. Her skin was cold, her eyes closed and he couldn’t hear her heartbeat. 

“No. No, no, no. This can’t be happening.” Over and over again he repeated this words, hoping that if he kept saying them, she somehow would come back to him. He wasn’t willing to accept that she was gone yet. There was still a little chance he might find a way to get her back. 

Tears were building in his eyes, and he placed his hand on her chest, directly above her heart. With the thumb of his other hand, he traced over her lips, remembering how good they had felt on his every time they kissed. He could even remember their first kiss as it had just happened yesterday. 

Getting lost in memories, he felt the salty liquid flowing down his cheeks, slowly dripping on the ground. His face hovered only inches above hers, their noses already nearly touching. 

Like it had happened so many times. 

But this time, her eyes were closed, and he could never see the little sparks she got every time she spotted him, again. Never would he see her smile or hear her laugh again. 

Wake up. Please, wake up. You can’t leave me here alone.“ He begged, his voice not louder than a whisper. Following an instinct, he brushed his lips against hers, feeling them one last time. Though it wasn’t the same than before. She wasn’t kissing him back, didn’t wound her fingers around her neck to move him closer towards her. She was just lying there. Cold. Dead. 

Still unable to move away from her, he kept kneeling next to her. Unable to let go of her - physically and emotionally. He intertwined his fingers with hers. 

“If I would’ve known you’d be here I had done something to protect you. I never wanted you to die.” He trailed off, and his voice broke the same time he gave a sudden sob. He didn’t even bother with wiping the tears away, being sure they would keep coming. 

Suddenly it hit him that he hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye to her. The last time they had seen each other was on the day he had helped her friends to go into the 1903 Prison World, the day they had ditched him there. She had still been asleep when he had their shared apartment, and he didn’t want to wake her because the whole mission had been planned to proceed quickly. 

No, he couldn’t remember the last words they said to each other, the last moments they spend together. It seemed like everything was wiped from his memory, every nice moment they had shared was now overshadowed by the image of her lying on the floor, dead. 

“I’m so sorry.” He breathed as he got up. There were things that needed to be done, and there was still time to grieve later. But he made a promise to himself to come back and get her. 

“I love you, Y/N. I always have and I always will.” 

It’s late and I found a bunch of good Supernatural gifs to explain my dog’s reaction to things that happen in public.

Someone pets her without permission:

Someone tries to feed her:

Another ‘service dog’ screams at her:

When both of us see a child being dragged out of the store by a parent because they’re being a brat:

When a child screams “PUPPY” for more than 2 minutes straight:

When someone says that “she so cute”:

When someone baby talks her:

When someone tries to ask me about my disability/why I need her:

Honestly, if Marisha ever leaves the group for good I will not blame her. People need to leave her alone and stop policing the game and all of her actions. There’s a lot that she could have done last night, sure. Factor in that the game took 5 and a half hours after a long week. Factor in that they were told not to kill the Kraken and that the survival of the city rested on the fact that the Kraken would still keep shitting out lodestones for them in the future. Factor in that Keyleth was willingly going to a place where her mother potentially met what would have been a terrifying end and that no one survived in her group. Marisha played an anxious, terrified, conflicted character last night because that’s exactly what Keyleth would have been. There’s plenty of things that could have been done done by the whole party to make this go smoother, by sometimes that’s not how the dice roll.

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OKAY! I saw that your accepting prompts and was wondering if you could do a platonic Lance and Pidge?! I love them so much <3 If you do end up doing this one (You don't have too, I was just thinking about them by chance when I saw your post) then maybe just like them having fun and them saying they remind each other of their siblings?? Ending up crying and hugging or something?? Love your work btw

ok, so I had this whole thing typed up before, but then my computer glitched and I’m pretty sure that I lost a piece of my soul when the entire thing was erased. I had to just..NOT focus on this for a while, but I’m finally gonna tackle this again. (fyi, thank you so much for the piece you did base off of my spy au!)

“Ok. we can do this. we’ve spent the last 4 hours to get to this point, I just need to know…are you with me?” Pidge asks, completely serious as she looks to Lance, who nods his head in agreement. they both look back to the hologram, the game that they’ve been playing none stop for hours on end to get to the final boss.

“let’s do this.”

“pidge jump! no! yes! now go and-”

“Lance watch out for that attack! no no no no, don’t jump! yes! aha!”

“Pidge use the sword now! yes! Yes! YES YES YES!!”



the final animation begins to play as Pidge and Lance whoop and holler, Pidge jumping up and tackling Lance in a hug as they laugh and cheer over their victory. Lance retaliates with a bear hug of his own, rolling onto his back and dragging Pidge with him onto the floor. Pidge tries to jab him in the side to make him let go, but all it did was make Lance do his own jabs, laughter spilling out of both of them as they roll around on the floor, each trying to tickle the other as much as possible to make the other concede defeat. by the end of their impromptu tickle fight, both were heaving on the floor, still giggling at each other very chance they could.

Pidge can’t remember the last time she laughed this hard, having to hold her sides from how much they hurt. she rolls over and looks at Lance, who has somehow managed to sit himself up on the bed, taking in deep breaths to try and stop the bursts of giggles that come up between every few breaths.

wait. she does remember the last time she had this much fun. it was when her brother and dad were still on Earth. they had a game night the night before they had to leave for kerebros, they all ended up laughing the night away, trying to get in as much family time as possible before they had to be gone for a year. but then…then the galra took her father and brother and they were still lost out there. Pidge’s once happy mood went somber, thinking about where her father could be. she knows that Matt is out of Galra hands, but she still has no idea where either of them are. she can’t help but think about her mom, and how upset she was when the garrison told them that their family was dead.

‘I wonder what they told my mom if they told her at all? she must be worried sick about me.’ Pidge thinks to herself, curling up to try and hide away from that train of thought. ‘I could have called her before all of this happened. let her know that I was alright. now she has no one there with her. why didn’t I call her? I just left her all alone without any answers, and now I don’t even know when I’ll get back, or if I’ll even find Matt and dad. what if we never go back home? what if my mom never knows what happened to any of us?’ Pidge is shaken out of her train of thought by someone’s hand on her shoulder, she looks up from her hands to see Lance above her, looking worriedly at her, all sense of laughter and happiness gone.

“Pidge? you okay?”

she wants to say she’s alright; that she’s fine. but she knows that it’s a lie, and she’s not sure she’ll be able to speak without her voice breaking with the sob she’s holding back, so she simply nods her head hoping that Lance will take that as an answer.

“Pidge, don’t lie to me. what’s wrong?” dang it. why does he have to be so good at reading people? why can’t he just leave her alone so she can handle this herself? why does he have to be so caring? Lance reaches down and wipes away at something on her cheek. oh. she’s crying, she didn’t even realize it, but now that she knows, she can feel the wet tracks down her cheeks as she continues to silently cry. finally, the sobs that she was trying to hold back came flooding out, racking her body as she bawls her eyes out, a hand reaching for Lance although she’s not sure

Lance scoops her up from the floor and carries her over to the bed; positioning himself in the corner with her in his lap, held close to his chest as she continues to cry into his shirt. he doesn’t complain though, he rubs her back in soothing circles with one hand, the other carding through her hair. she cries for what felt like hours, the tears stopping and leaving her dry heaving, trying to catch some sort of air to sob out as the raw emotions that she’s worked so hard to keep in the back of her mind run their course and leave her an emotional wreck. holding on to Lance as if he’s the only thing keeping her there in the present.   once she finally quiets down to sniffles and gets some control over herself again, Lance asks “feel better?” she’s not really sure, still drained from all the crying, shrugging her shoulders. “okay, just take your time, I’m right here if you want to talk about it. just take your time.” she nods her head in thanks into his shoulder, not wanting to look up from the fabric. Lance shifts around to lay down more, dragging a blanket over the two of them while Pidge holds on tighter to his shirt, not wanting to let go.

it takes her awhile to finally gets herself to say something, her voice raw and quiet from all the crying, “I miss my mom.” Lance starts to card his fingers through her hair again, giving her a hum in response showing that he is listening. “I just left. no explanation. no call. I just left her without anyone there to look after her.” she chokes out, tightening her grip on Lance’s tear stained shirt. “what if we never find my family? what if we never-”

“I’m gonna stop you right there, okay? I promise that we will find your father and Matt. I promise to get you back home to your mom. and besides, I’m pretty sure your mom is going to be alright; I mean, someone had to have taught you to be such a badass, and no offense, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t get it from your dad.”

Pidge lets out a wet chuckle, thinking about how Lance was right. her mom is the strongest person she knows, she’ll be okay. Pidge lets go of Lance’s shirt and wraps her arms around him, “ Thanks, Lance, I needed that.” she can just imagine the smile on his face for being able to help her through her breakdown. they stay in the calming silence for a few minutes, Pidge stifling a yawn as she tells him “ you remind me a lot of my brother. he used to do this whenever I got really worked up over something.”

“ I did this a lot with my little sisters whenever they were upset about something. I’ve even done it for my older sisters. ou remind me a lot of them, especially Maria, you bot have that stubborn drive to anything you put your mind to. it usually ended up with her getting in more than a few fights, but she always held her head high no matter what.” Pidge can’t help but smile at the image her mind supplies of a young girl sporting bruises from a fight, but smiling like the sun anyways. Pidge tries to stifle another yawn, unsuccessfully.

“It’s okay Pidge, get some rest, I’ll be right here.” Pidge sluggishly nods, the exhaustion of the day and from the emotional turmoil catching up to her. she doesn’t have to wait long as she’s slipping into sleep moments later, Lance still running his fingers through her hair, and a simple tune being hummed between them.


viola! I love me some Pidge and Lance platonic bonding, especially when it comes to family. I hope you enjoy it! thank you so much for the prompt!

Autistic Percy Jackson characters

•Percy liking the feel of water and sometimes stims by pouring water on his hands or sticking his hands in water
•Annabeth having a lot of special interests and talks about all of them excitedly while waving her hands in the air
•Jason stimming by cleaning his glasses and not making eye contact and following rules bc he needs structure
•Piper using braiding as a stim and using her charmspeak so people will leave her alone
•Leo not understanding people and wishing they worked like machines, one of his special interests
•Hazel going nonverbal sometimes and clinking jewels together because she likes the sound of it
•Frank turning into animals when he goes nonverbal and letting people pet him
•Reyna escaping from social situations to play with her dogs and running her hands up and down them
•Nico having a lot of nonverbal moments and sometimes blurs right with wrong bc he can’t tell what’s bad and what’s good and likes the feeling of his jacket around him
•(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ AUTISTIC PERCY JACKSON CHARACTERS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The most important life lesson my mother taught me.

“No, is a complete sentence. It is not the beginning of a discussion, it is the end. It is not up for debate nor does it require an explanation. No simply means No.”

nonstop-laurens  asked:

YouTuber Jack plz

Hi this is gonna be Jack and Davey combined because I had a great idea so consider this an answer to both asks!

  • So Davey loves to rant about anything he knows a lot about
  • Jack already has a YouTube channel, the one I talk about in the other YouTube AU that’s basically he has an art tutorial channel that evolved into a vlog/art combo and it’s pretty popular
  • his subscribers also follow him on snapchat a lot because his story is always high quality
  • so one day at lunch somebody (probably Race) gets Davey on the topic of how bad the Disney Pocahontas movie is (like go ahead and like it but I’m with Dave on this one the real history is a) more interesting and b) now getting rid of how horrible the colonizers were? I hate Disney Pocahontas)
  • and Jack gets most of it on snapchat and his followers love it
    • Who is that boy I like him
    • He’s so cute!
    • I love the way he tells history
    • I want him to be my history teacher I’d actually learn
    • U should do something with him!
  • they’d seen Davey before but mostly in the background or getting peer pressured into doing something dumb like the floor is lava
  • and Jack is like “I’m working on animation??? why didn’t I think of this before???”
  • and he asks Dave if he can use his Pocahontas rant for a video and Dave says yes
  • so Jack takes his recording of the rant and animates over it, so Davey’s voice is telling the story shown by Jack’s drawings, kinda like History of Japan? only…not
  • and it gets POPULAR
  • like, not quite as big as History Of, but to the point that misquoting certain lines does become a meme
    • “And that’s when Powhattan said, fuck the white men! But, according to Disney, Pocahontas said, no, fuck the what men! But really, she just said, leave them alone! because she was a good person!”
    • “She’s eleven and just wants to learn the ways of her people just leave her alone!”
    • “And then the scary tree grandma told her what to do? No! And then this badass girl did what she thought was right!”
  • Davey kind of liked that he was getting attention without people having to see him talk because he’s always self concious of how he looks and moves when he’s speaking
  • Jack loves that he gets to practice his animation and make videos that people like
  • so he gets Davey to record another one and animates over it, this time the story of the Edison-Tesla feud, and people love it
  • after several more of these they make a new channel that’s just those videos
  • at first it’s like once every two or three weeks but Jack ends up getting good enough at animation they get to one a week and they’re pretty popular
  • also at first it’s only Jack’s original subscribers subscribe on the new channel but eventually they get their own fanbase
  • and there are some top quality quotes coming from them
    • “Henry said “I wanna divorce!” and the pope said “no!” so Henry gets his cabinet real close and says “so. here’s the deal. You can’t so now, I’m the king, and I’m the pope of the…English church. yeah, the church of England, and I’m in charge” and that’s what happened.”
    • “Martin Luther said “Fuck the church!” and the pope said “Fuck you!” and that went on for a few years while Martin hid in Germany.”
    • “Tesla just wanted to build his death ray in peace, that’s all.”
  • They also branch into other topics that Davey’s passionate about and Davey officially comes out online during a Pride Month video that’s just an overview of the fight for gay rights all over the world
  • he also does one specifically on Stonewall and it’s really good
  • so good, in fact, the teacher in charge of the GSA plays it without realizing it’s Davey and Jack’s and they’re sitting in the back with their friends laughing quietly at them while Davey is passionately yelling about Stonewall and how important trans women were to the movement
  • There is, of course, also discourse because there always is
    • Just because Davey is gay doesn’t mean you can ship him and Jack!
    • Jack is bi, and we can ship who we want!
    • Simplifying history doesn’t do what needs to be done!
    • Just because it’s pretty to look at doesn’t mean it’s good!
  • It’s? Good? idk I like it