leave footprints

this is a callout post for beyoncé

how come you recorded the song superpower ft. frank ocean if you hate it so much and you never wanna perform it live? why was it the only song left out of the self-titled album medley at the vmas? how did you even find frank ocean to record it when you did? also how come you pay schoolin life dust? why don’t you appreciate your own art? in addition, is there a reason why you hate i was here? you performed it like once and idg why bc it’s so good? how do you expect to leave your footprints on the sands of time if you never let anyone hear you sing that damn song more than once? and since we’re on the topic of sand, have you heard the song sandcastles? it’s great. you know what you make it better? if you sang it live and i dont wanna offend anyone or anything but resentment/sandcastles mashup should have been on the setlist for fwt and speaking of fwt how come you only performed 7/11 on tour once but you kept on that damn red and white linoleum tile looking ass gucci outfit for half of the american leg of the tour?

it was never Icarus’ intention
                 to make a myth of himself -

let the boy fly

let him leave footprints of a boy who
               held his breath and
                                             loved a god

let him make a home in the
                                             s u n.

—  still the wings refuse to stretch further | b.s.h
The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 2)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Mentions of nightmares, panic attacks

Word Count - 846

Notes – This new series has me so excited!!!  I can’t wait to delve deeper into this.  I hope you guys are enjoying this so far!  Please feel free to send me some feedback, I would love to know what you think!

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You quietly opened the closet door and stared at the lifeless forms of your parents.  Blood had covered the floor between the bed and closet where they lay.  You had no choice but to walk through it to get out of the room.  It was cold and sticky, coating the bottoms of your feet, leaving macabre footprints throughout the house as you made your way back downstairs.

You walked to the end table by the sofa and picked up the phone.  Your fingers were shaking as you dialed the number your parents had drilled into your head since you were old enough to count. The operator answered, inquiring as to what your emergency was.  Just as you were about to answer, the sound of a floorboard creaking had you quickly turning around.  The man was back, and this time the gun was pointed straight at you.

**Italics are flashbacks 

Reader - Present Day


You shot up in bed, throwing the covers off, your body covered in a cold sweat.  Your heart was racing in your chest as you gasped for breath.  "It was only a dream, it was only a dream, it was only a dream.“  You repeated the mantra in your head over and over again.

The nightmare was the same every time.  You knew that in reality you had made it to the living room and placed the call to emergency services, and the monster hadn’t come back.  That was just the nightmare that played out in your subconscious every night.

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a field guide to hiking

find a trail (or trails) that you enjoy

i always start by looking up trails locally online 

  • this is always a good start because some trails have rules that others do not
  • some trails allow you to harvest mushrooms and bring your pets
  • and others (like a lot of trails in nature preserves) do NOT allow you to pick anything or bring your pets. take only pictures, leave only footprints. 
  • some sites will also tell you what the trail is physically made of, like asphalt, dirt, gravel and the difficulty of the trail. this is great since not everyone can enjoy a step, dirt trail. 
  • lots of trails have the amount of miles they run for. i tend to chose trails that loop around to the parking lot, or the original location that i started, this makes me manage my time better. 
  • managing time is key as well, sometimes i get carried away with photographing and i find that i have 15 minutes of daylight and 25 minutes of trail back to the car, so be wary of your time!
  • STAY ON THE TRAIL, the ecology of your area sometimes depends on it. lots of times you’ll see something really interesting off trail but try to resist the urge!!! 
  • a lot of trails feature a variety of wildflowers and fungi that are specific to that area (prairie, wetlands) 

searching for local wildflowers/fungi 

so you’ve picked your trail, now you would like to see some beautiful wildflowers and fascinating fungi, where do you start? 

  • first, i take it that you’ve picked a trail specific to the types of plants and fungi you would like to see and it’s the correct time of year for the plants and fungi to be fruiting. 
  • lots of wildflowers are either perennial or re-seeders, which means they drop their seeds in the exact place they are now, and you will likely find them in the same place, the same time next year. 
  • the “timing” tends to be the same and important for fungi as well. there are fungi that fruit in the winter that do not fruit in the summer and vice versa. like if you would like to find a morel, you would look in the spring. 
  • fungi fruits when its humid and hot. if it rains for a nice period of time and the weather is warmer (high 50s, 60s, above) that’s the perfect recipe for fungi to fruit. btw i’m saying fruit because fungi are the fruiting body to the myceilum beneath. 
  • fungi are similar to plants in the way that if you are looking for a specific species it’s good to know what they favor. lots of puffballs mushrooms i come across favor being among pines and pine needles, chaga almost exclusively grows on birch. 
  • fungi are not similar plants in the way that if you harvest fungi, it does not effect the ecosystem as harshly as harvesting a plant. again, fungi is the fruiting body to the myceilum. the best analogy i can use is that you are simply picking the apple from the tree when you harvest fungi and not cutting down the tree when you harvest a plant. 
  • contrary to popular belief, it is safe to hold any mushroom, the only danger of toxicity is when the mushroom is ingested. some mushroom IDing even involves a “taste and spit” method. 
  • even (FULLY COOKED, NEVER RAW) edible mushrooms can sometimes cause discomfort in your body. everyone’s body is different, so if you are trying an edible (FULLY COOKED, NEVER RAW) mushroom for the first time, eat it sparingly. 

*bonus* spore printing 

if your mycology obsession has grown a great as mine and you start IDing, you’ll find spore printing sometimes is only difference in a species. (also its kind of fun to do!) 

you will need: a mushroom, paper (white paper, and a darker color paper are best for contrast but if you only have white, no worries) and a cup that is big enough to cover the entire cap.

  • first you find a nice mushroom with a nice complete and intact cap, they don’t always have to be nice and complete but it yields better results. 
  • then you snip off the stem rather close to where the cap and the stem start so that when you place the cap on the paper in rests evenly. 
  • some spore prints are white, so that’s why it’s best to have two contrasting colors to spore print on so you can make sure you don’t have any ‘ghost’ spore prints. put the cup (gills side down) on the paper. 
  • then simply place a cup over the cap and make sure it’s evenly on the table and no gaps are between the cup and the paper, if there is any airflow it will disrupt the spores and you won’t get a nice spore sprint 
  • leave the cup and cup beneath for 24 hours and check back to find … a spore print! very cool. spore prints are hard to save because they …. are tiny lil spores and they shift. i sometimes spray the ones i like with hairspray and it preserves them for a little while longer. 

Taurus know the things that bring them comfort and tend not to stray away from them. They can watch the same film a bunch of times, listen to the same song to emulate the feeling they had when they first heard it, leaving them vulnerable to the criticism of being limited in some way, of not experimenting or breaking through their personal barriers. Yet it is in these familiar experiences that they leave a kind of footprint, a feeling to return to, to ponder and reminisce. It is in this that they find a sense of magic. Sometimes, the same is enough.


“No one said this would ever be easy, my love! But I will be by your side when the impossible rises up. We will travel this life well-worn, No matter the cost, no matter how long. We will leave our footprints behind, And carry on.” -Olivia Holt “Carry On”

you strip off my fairy wings
beneath a night-bitten moon,
breath like a forest fire,
kiss simmering into ashes
on my tongue. my glitter relocating,
finding homes under your fingertips,
twisted into your hair like smoke
or a child’s ghost. i never knew
something could cleave you in halves
before it began, never knew
love tasted like a blood sacrifice.
but you do. you with tsunami-fingers,
leaving casualties easy as footprints
in your wake. you with a tsunami-heart,
spiraling away. me with naught
but shredded fairy wings to bury
next to my heart in a shallow grave
marked with my name.
—  a.c. | check out my poetry chapbook unmythologize!

I’m not going to pretend that I believe that there is a God or some higher power which determines our lives. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and we can do nothing but trying to keep their memory alive and hope that there is a place, somewhere, where their voice is not jut an echo in our earth and they’re still laughing, waiting for us to meet them again. (Perhaps, not too soon.) What I believe is that people can leave a footprint on earth. I didn’t know Johannah in person, obviously, most of us didn’t, but I can see the kind of footprint she has left in people’s hearts. We know the lives she’s changed. While she’s gone, and probably nothing we, as strangers, can say can soothe the scar in her loved ones, we all can see that what she did in life is still in this world. These last three tweets from Dan are yet another proof of the caring, kind human being she was. She raised seven incredible kids, changed people’s lives, and she’s still doing good after she’s gone. Here’s another toast to the girl woman almighty. Rest in peace, Johannah. Thank you for everything.

i’ve been telling bad jokes again, the ones that scare my friends but that’s alright. it doesn’t bother me all that much. it doesn’t scare me. my horoscope says i am fearless so i’ll try to prove it right. you never believed in them anyways so maybe tomorrow it’ll tell me to run away. i’m good at that, i’m good at leaving footprints on things i’m not meant to. let me know if it’s working, i’m trying my best.
—  a.m

thunderbird headcanons

- newly sorted baby thunderbirds who feel like there was a mistake because they never even left their town before coming to ilvermorny

- thunderbirds turning the common room into one giant blanket fort and telling spooky stories until they all fall asleep in a pile

- thunderbird camping trips where the heads of the house teach the importance of not disturbing nature while exploring; “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”

- disabled thunderbirds using spells in order to go along with their able-bodies peers, and the faster students slowing their pace to make sure everyone can keep up

- introverted thunderbirds who explore the world through books and technology and have probably seen more beautiful things than anyone else

- thunderbirds consistently getting lost in the wilderness and needing to call back to ilvermorny for help, even though they insist they totally knew where they were going the whole time

- thunderbirds who would rather sit and write their own stories of untold places than follow along with the others

- thunderbirds sneaking out their windows at night becomes such an epidemic that the professors have to charm the thunderbird dorms to keep them inside

- even though the school is hundreds of years old, every once in a while a curious thunderbird stumbles across a forgotten wing or classroom nobody knew was there

- every semester thunderbird house celebrates with a castle-wide game of hide and seek; the school record for length of time without being found is 6 days

being a witch feels
like walking through the world
in my bare feet
soles always
the road and the frozen grass
the stones and the sea’s salt
shattered unseen bones of
the restless dead
forever leaving their mark upon me
exacting their toll from my flesh

and with each
bloodied footprint
i leave behind
i walk on –
(as I, Oðin’s child, always will)
taking them with me
wherever i go

—  untitled, 13th Feb 2017