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Ties That Bind Us

Part 1:
“Lance… may I please speak with you?” Allura asked sounding nervous.
This worried Lance because he had never seen the princess lose her cool before, but right now she looked truly shaken.
“Yeah sure” Lance followed Allura towards the infirmary.

They had just finished a training session where the team had to focus on a reason to keep fighting.
Everyone had pictured their family along with Lance. However Allura had been staring at the image projected by the blue paladin with a scary kind of intensity before suddenly going pale and calling for everyone to leave.
Well everyone but Lance.

Now as they sat in the infirmary Lance was buzzing with nervous energy trying to figure out what he could of done wrong to warrant such a reaction from the princess.
“So wanna tell me what’s going on?” Lance asked right before Allura plunged a needle into his arm and drew some blood. “Ouch! Allura a little warning please!” He huffed rubbing his arm while she put the blood into a computer muttering to herself seeming like she hadn’t heard him.
“Allura?” Lance asked in a concerned tone as he put a hand on her shoulder.
Suddenly the screen flashed green and Allura gasped turning to look at him.
“Please tell me what’s going on, I’m getting freaked out here.”
Allura swallowed looking from the screen then back to him.
“Lance where is your father from?”
Lance put his hand to his chin thinking for a moment “now that you mention it. I don’t really know. I mean mama never liked talking about him and she would only really say he traveled a long way before I came along.” He shrugged “why do you ask?”
Allura was silent “I… your farther was Altean.”
Lance blinked once. Twice. Three times. “W-what?”
Allura pulled up a photo on the screen of the original Paladins. All but Zarkon were Altean. The blue paladin was younger then the others, maybe a few years older then Lance and with dark orange hair and blue markings on his face. But other then that the resemblance was uncanny. It was like Lance was looking at a pale version of himself.
“B-but that’s…”
“The original blue paladin. His name was Crace. He was the youngest paladin and one of the bravest. He volunteered to hide the blue lion despite knowing he would never see Altea or his family ever again.”
Lance felt like he was going to be sick. “That makes me…”
“That is correct, your half Altean Lance.”
“B-but how is that possible, I mean 10,000 years is a long time!” Lance gasped feeling panic rising. He wasn’t human! He wasn’t all earthling!
“I’m afraid I do not know… but Lance there is more you need to know… Crace was Coran’s son.”
That was the last thing Lance heard before his vision tunnelled and he fell to the floor hitting his head on the side of the table on the way down.


Living World Season 3: Everyone Leaves Commander Alone And Worried.

I needed a commander figure so I put my rat here, could be anyone really. :’D It’s exactly my feels so far. *rubs face* Why must everyone run off, some to a certain death or big trouble. I’m itching to see if it’s intended and what moves Anet does have planned next.

I hope you like it, please don’t reuse these images anywhere.

Supernatural season finale

The CW, Thursday, May 18, 8 p.m.

The long-running drama has explored just about every option when it comes to season-ending suspense for its characters. Facing the apocalypse? Done. Being dragged to hell? Check. Killing death itself? Yep. (Try to wrap your head around that one.) But the season 12 capper will find Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) surrounded by enemies — and, thankfully, a few friends — as they deal with Lucifer and the British Men of Letters. 

“We’re going for a more traditional Supernatural season finale, where people will die, people will live, and people will be in danger,” showrunner Andrew Dabb says. 

“[The episode] leaves everyone in an extremely precarious position. We are very conscious about this whole idea of opening new worlds.”

- Entertainment Weekly

anonymous asked:

I feel like in some ways Tim was the better detective in RR because he had less to lose so he could enact dangerous as hell plans

True, another reason is the fact that Tim is fundamentally a different detective, and different person, than Bruce. No matter how deep Tim fell and began relying on more unhealthy Batman like traits, he was still a pretty optimistic and loving person. Ra’s has years fighting Batman and expected that Tim would follow suit making him predictable.  

This panel right here is amazing and brilliant and highlights my point. Because Bruce totally would be a amazing lone hero and be an idiot and go and try save everyone himself because he’s that extra. Or he even just leave everyone alone because he expects them to save themselves. Depends on his mood really. And Tim expected Ra’s to think this and led the immortal along before unveiling the ace up his sleeve that he was playing a different game. And that’s why Tim is so brilliant because he was able to predict what other people thought he would do and go a completely route which is what secured his victory. It’s what makes Tim absolutely one of the most dangerous Bats and what gave him Ra’s al Ghul’s respect.

I always used to have the mind set that everyone dies, and everyone leaves this world a different way.
Its just that my way of dying was going to be suicide.

My posts and posts by other autistic people have mysteriously vanished from the notes of that autism mom I reblogged, but the two notes from other parents who praised her were left untouched.

I can’t tell if she blocked me too or not. I’m not going to try sending her a test ask to find out.

I have a feeling autistic voices got shafted yet again by a mom who won’t listen. :/

Don’t go send that person hate. It solves nothing and I don’t want cruelty to beget cruelty.

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but what about eggsy?

* Is as swift as a coursing river with all the force of a great typhoon.

* Can coldly break human necks but cries uncontrollably at donkey charity ads.

* JB really stands for Justin Bieber because he’s Eggsy’s baby baby baby ooh.

* Smuggled the sheet out of Harry’s house wrapped around his body under his baggy clothes the morning after he slept over so Harry couldn’t see how copiously he’d masturbated.

* Shrieks when he sees a bee.

* Formed a boy band with Jamal and Ryan in Year 9 called the Black Princes. Made a blood pact in Year 10 to never mention it ever again.

* His karaoke song is Take On Me, but everyone discreetly leaves the room before the high bit so they don’t have to tell him to shut the fuck up.

* Merlin’s text tone on his mobile is the Last Leg BULLSHIT button.

Growing For You (song lyrics)

Verse 1
Sitting in the corner of the room
Staring at you as you dazzle and bloom
Everyone leaves, and I’m still here
And I see your smile disappear

I see you cry and I come up to you
You turn away and turn a new hue
You force a smile upon your face
Then you go and look to space

I want to take you up above the clouds
To save you from all the crowds
I want to hold you close
And see as the feeling grows
Grows, it grows for you

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How did Connor and Freddie become "Connor and Freddie"? (can be either SFW or NSFW, your call)

I think Freddie is enamored with him to start, the way brownie smiles and laughs and is just so adorable and happy and good. he just. wants to be around Brownie all the time. SO he does and Brownie likes people so i don’t think he notices at first but then Freddie tries to flirt and it’s bad. like they’re blunt and stated as observations about Brownie and they leave Brownie confused liek “Was that…supposed to be a compliment?” and everytime Freddie says it he like, has to walk away beacuse he hears how stpid what he just said was and he doesn’t need to stick around.

Then i think freddie has people over at his place and they drink and party a little and then everyone leaves except Brownie is there and he’s laughing and telling freddie all these stories and talking with his hands and tumbles over into Freddie’s lap and laughs and Freddie is like, “i can’t take this,” lmao and he kisse shim or something and Brownie is so…enthusiastic and kisses freddie back and then they bang and freddie is…just…so good at it thatn Brownie actually has big wide eyes afterwards staring at the ceiling like “holy shit. and Freddie is like “What?” and Brownie is like “give me and few and then wer’e going again.”

I think Brownie gets attached really quickly after and Freddie doesn’t deny him and they end up just, they’re living together now and freddie looks around and is like “okay yes, this is my home with him now”

  • Me: hey I can't remember shit, can I bring notes to the exam if I wrote them myself? Please just one sheet of paper
  • School: aw sorry didn't you know? this is a memory test, not a comprehension test, literally nothing you learned this year will matter if you can't recall it all by yourself under pressure. We can give you an extra hour to sit miserably trying to remember while you see everyone else leave until you're alone in the room crying?

okay but when picard had to walk out on data’s performance in the ensigns of command it was literally that pathetic moment when a parent leaves a kids’ talent show or something and the kid is like “why is my dad leaving does he not approve of me am i not performing well am i failing” and dATA MY HEART