leave behind the bad

Making up with Draco after a fight would include…

- The way you would make up would actually depend on the kind of
fight you had

- If it was a rather small fight, it wouldn’t take you long to make up

- You would normally sit in silence for around five minutes, until one of you would turn to the other and apologize

- Neither of you wouldn’t really be mad, and those five-minute-fights would prove how much you cared for each other, not really being able to be mad for long

- If the fight was worse however, it could last up to two days (which isn’t exactly that long, but compared to your usual little fights it seemed like an eternity)

- One of you would storm off at some point, leaving the other one behind

- The thing is, both of you would feel bad. The one that stormed off for leaving the other one and the one that stayed for letting things get this far

- If it was one of those really bad arguments though, both of you would refuse to give in for quite some time

- But in the evening you would both miss the other one even more, which is why sometimes after a fight, Draco would just stand in your dorm room

- He wouldn’t really say something, but he’d pull you in for a hug while kissing the top of your head

- This didn’t mean that the argument was forgotten completely, but to him it would be important for you to know that he loves you, no matter if you’re actually kind of mad at each other

- Sometimes this would be it, you wouldn’t only hug him back, but also apologize to each other, for being childish, selfish or whatever caused the argument

- If this wasn’t the case, both of you would literally stand in the common room the next morning at the same time

- Neither of you would be able to sleep well, knowing that the other one might be hurt or sad right now, so after a long night with very little sleep, you wouldn’t really care about the argument that much

- Draco would often blame himself, which would cause you to gently take his hand and shush him, saying that it was no one’s fault, that this things just happened and it didn’t change how much you love each other

I want you to promise me something. Promise me that no matter how 2016 treated you, whether it was the best or worst year of your life, that you’ll make 2017 your year. Promise me that you’re going to smile more, that you’ll try to find the good in everything, that you’ll be nicer, happier, better. Promise me that you’ll leave all those bad memories, bad friends, and bad feelings behind. Promise me that you’ll finally see yourself as the amazing person I know you are. Promise me this and I promise to be by your side through it all.
—  2017 is our year.
2016 was one of the hardest years of my life, but it helped me grow. What I want to leave behind in 2016 is you. I know I can’t do that. So what I am leaving behind is bad memories. I’m leaving behind the past. I am going to move forward whether you are there or not. 2016 can have my confusion and hatred. Let’s move on to happiness and a new beginning.
—  H.M

this picture is 3 years in the making…

Patchouli and lampent (and an extra litwick) for @unmovinggreatlibrary

If we go down, we go down together  ♪
Requested by @aslee82 - a drawing of Saeyoung based on the song Paris by the Chainsmokers. It made me imagine running away with him, leaving everything behind like in one of his bad endings and only having each other. Driving in his car and watching the starry night sky~


Gendrya Spies Au

And it kills her - more than any knife or bullet that inflicted her pain in her work - that he would rather agree to be transferred than stay with her in the field.

“This is all a means to an end for you, Stark. Any mission is about your father, your mother or your brother. For me is about belonging. The unit is like a family, and I’ve never had one of those.”

“Just make sure your death is not another one I have to avenge or I’ll bring you back and kill you myself Waters”

Hey Taylor, so I’ve been doing some song writing lately and I wanted to share it with you… it might be really bad haha i dunno?

but it was a couple of months ago when my Grandma had her stroke and i was there and had to help her with the ambulance and put her into the stretcher and hold her hand when she couldn’t move or communicate and try to tell her everything was okay…  but i really truly didn’t think it was going to be.

that night i had to get my flight back to Sydney and leave her behind in Adelaide and things were so bad i honestly didn’t think i was going to see her again… it was one of the hardest times in my whole life. i said goodbye and left and she couldn’t say anything back, she could barely move.. she was just blank

the day before she was perfectly fine and it’s so scary how things can literally change in overnight. we said goodnight and the next morning we woke up and found her on the floor, a totally different person.

thankfully for miracles, she is getting better and getting back to her old self.  slowly but she is alive and at 88 she is okay, she is the strongest person i know, but at the time it was so touch and go.

So i guess this song doesn’t really make sense anymore, but it is what i felt in that moment.

So here it is.

love you.

One Last Time

How do you say goodbye
When it could the last time?
How do you say I love you
When you know it’s the dead end?
How do you tell yourself not to cry  
When you know that time is ending

Something’s different now
Something’s changing now

You used hold my hand and pushed the swing
Everything was so innocent  
Can we go back to then

We ran through the grass you held my hand
Nothing could stop us we knew that we can

I still remember that day back in 93
We said goodbye and you held me so tight I felt free
Things didn’t make sense then and they still don’t now
you’ve reconnected someway some how
You’re holding each other’s hand once again
Because love hurts, but it never ends

I wish I could tell you one last time everything I kept inside
I wish I could tell you one last time everything you’re the reason I fight
One last time and maybe that last hug wouldn’t have left memories tumbling down on me
What would we change if we only one last time

Everything’s different now
Everything’s changing now

You used to hold my hand and pushed the swing
Everything was so innocent  
Can we go back to then  

We ran through the grass you held my hand
Nothing could stop us we knew that we can

I still remember that day back in 93
We said goodbye and you held me so tight I felt free
Things didn’t make sense then and they still don’t now
you’ve reconnected someway some how
You’re holding each other’s hand once again
Because love hurts, but it never ends

When I close my eyes I see your smile
When I breathe I feel you next to me
I will look for you forever in the crowd
I will never forget the fear in your eyes
I will never let go of your hand
I would give it all up just for one last time
It’s okay
I’m scared too
We will do everything we can
You don’t have to be strong anymore
It’s our turn

Go to sleep
Close your eyes
You’ll be my sleeping beauty and I promise I’ll make you proud
This is where your story ends
I would do anything just to read it one last time


On today’s episode of Giving Darth Maul My Bad Habits: Maul has trouble leaving the bed behind in the morning.

Does Darth Maul sleep in the nude? And other serious questions being asked right here on this serious blog. Happy Sunday.

If I’m going to keep drawing this asshole I’m going to have to map out my own version of his tattoos because as far as I can tell there is zero consensus below the neck.

The Littlest Winchester - Save a Hug for Me

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 663

Prompt: “You did a bad thing for a good reason.”

A/N: Hey guys! I’ve decided to do the occasional writing challenge. Right now I only have one person signed up for my first one, so if you like writing challenges, go over to my challenge side blog @angelschallenge for details! Hope to hear from you guys!


    “Save me a hug, okay?”

    “Okay. I’ll stay up all night until you get back. Don’t take too long because I’m tired.”

    “I’ll drive fast. I love you, baby girl.”

    Those words were what Dean and his four-year-old daughter said to each other the last time he called her. The call was placed six hours ago while he and Sam packed to leave a very bad few days behind them. When her voice answered his, he nearly started crying, but he held all that back, repressed all of his bad feelings, because she didn’t need to hear them. When he gets back to the bunker, though he wants to see his little girl more than anything, he stays in the car long enough to clean off blood and dirt so she won’t worry about his physical well-being. Then he allows himself to be heard as he enters the foyer. Moments later, the toddler is running at him and all but leaps into his arms. Picking her up, Dean kisses her cheek.

    “I saved you a hug, Daddy,” she announces. “Do you want it?”

    “Of course I do.”

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I love new years. I love the fact that I’ll be leaving a whole year behind me, no matter if it was good, bad or average. I like that kind of closure. I love this feeling of starting over again and having a fresh year ahead of me, filled with new chances, new experiences.
Gift Fic: Tales from the Past


Rated: M


Tales from the Past

Request by @koheli

Post One Year Gap, Canon Divergence

Levy was quietly sitting in the guild; it was a rather nice day since the guild had once again been rebuilt and re-established after Tartarus. It had been a year since she was last in Magnolia, since she last saw many of her friends and family.

Lucy was happily talking to Natsu and Happy, and Levy was happy for her. The blonde deserved happiness, and well… Levy felt some guilt. She left her friend, after Lucy had pushed her to take the job at the Magic Council. She felt bad for leaving Lucy behind.

Yet, in that year so much had changed. She was no longer the fearful, emotionally weak girl she once was. Being in the Magic Council had changed a lot. Her powers, especially with having activated her second origin before the Grand Magic Games, had allowed for her to learn and improve quicker.

Under the guidance of Jura and Warrod, she had learned of Holy Script and several other types of letter magic. With these lessons, the two older men helped the blunette build up her confidence, with some help from Gajeel and Pantherlily.

Levy couldn’t help but glance up at Gajeel and Lily from her seat at one of the large tables. A small smile hidden by her book appeared on her face.

So much had happened between them. They—

“Levy?” Lucy’s voice broke the Script Mage from her thoughts.

“Hm?” She hummed, moving to close her book. Her honeyed eyes looked at her blonde friend.

“I have a question for you. It might be a bit on the personal side though.” Lucy said lightly, taking a seat next to Levy.

The blunette waved her hand motioning for her to continue.

“Well… with the guild being back… I was just thinking about everything… My mom, Natsu and the other’s parents, Guildarts..” Lucy was avoiding what she actually wanted to ask, and it was frustrating Levy to hell and back.

“Yes, Lucy?” She pressed lightly. As well off as she and Lucy both were with words, dealing with her own team at the Magic Council made her short with anyone who beat around the bush.

“Why’d you join Fairy Tail? I mean… I’m not trying to pry, and I’m so sorry if… I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked that. It isn’t any of my business.

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Confession:  I actually like Stroud and deciding to leave him behind was never an easy decision for me. Sure it’s worse to choose between Hawke and Alistair, but Stroud’s a good person who has been helping the Inquisitor even though he could have stayed hidden and safe. Plus, he’s saved Hawke’s siblings so many times in my playthroughts of DA2. Yet most people leave him behind without a second thought, I feel so bad for him.

yet another thing I realized while watching “Still” for the umptienth time

“Help me take her down.”
“Don’t matter. She’s dead.”
“It does matter.”

See that’s most likely why he’d feel guilty for leaving her body behind in a trunk. Yes, bad enough she had to die right on his watch, but he knows it mattered to her, respecting and honoring the dead, so just dumping her body is extra hard on him.

I hope you all start the new year with a smile.
I hope you all kick 2017’s arse.
I hope you all achieve something incredible.
I hope that you all leave behind the bad and only welcome the good.
Most of all, I hope you have a bloody great new year!
Love you all XOX


Start everyday with a new hope, leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow.