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please don’t unfollow me but i did some stupid shit and my dad decided to come in so i’m going to be running on queue for a while. you can message me on here and i don’t know if my parents are going to send me to inpatient or not but i might not answer. if i’m on any gcs with you i’ll be mostly inactive or leave it for a while but here’s to a hiatus yeehaw

(i’m queueing this way ahead of time, bear with me)

so hey!! it’s valentine’s day!! i know i normally do a valentine’s day art with my ship du jour (and, putting this in over a week ahead of time, i still might), but this year i obviously need to do somethin’ special for somebody special!

a very happy valentine’s day to a fantastic DM, a great friend, and a wonderful girlfriend; someone who always makes sure to call me on my lunch break and leaves me good morning messages, does everything she can to make me blush in public, and makes my every day a little bit brighter.

can’t wait to see you again in just a few more weeks. 💖 have a good morning, baby–i’ll talk to you at lunch~

Queue’s out and that means I’m officially leaving this blog

lms and i’ll follow u on my new blog or send me a message asking for my new url

I’ve already started refollowing mutuals on my new blog btw

528. After the Second Wizarding War, Hufflepuffs begins doing a weekly 'bake day' where they bake all sorts of goodies and distribute them to the other houses. No one is sure when or how it started, but Ravenclaw starts producing study guides for the other houses during exams, and then Gryffindor students make it a point to befriend a first-year (from any house) and show them the ropes, and then, finally, Slytherin admits to leaving those little inspirational, "you can do it!" messages everywhere.

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Black and Yellow

I’m going to be out of social medias for a while.

I don’t know why I’m explaining things but I want to clear things out that I’m not leaving or what, I just need some time to sort some important matters.

Please take care bloggers. God bless you all!

Some of my post (with a tag “q”) will going to be on queue. So don’t expect me to reply on your messages fellas. Bare with me.

The Irony of Harley Quinn’s Existence

The thing about Harley is that she shouldn’t even exist by almost all accounts. 

Let me explain. Her debut episode in Batman: the Animated Series was Joker’s Favor. She was created as a one-shot character because the writers thought it would be considered too silly to have the Joker jumping out of the cake dressing like a woman.

Well, not only did they have him jump out of the cake anyways, but we have such later moments in Joker history like this:

Which is from the exact same universe and set of writers.

gif source

And we have this:

Which came from a more serious adaptation of the Batman universe.

And the fact that Harley was so popular that people actually wanted her to come back is pretty cool considering that she could’ve very well been simply used for that one episode and never be used again. And the fact that she wasn’t even used for the purpose she was created makes her existence even more miraculous in a way.

Ohkay so I’ve now seen Rowena called a ‘c*nt’ 4ish times, among other things. I’m gonna take a few days and leave queue running before I get into a full-blown unpleasant argument with someone. I will check messages once a day

Tag Lists

So…I received quite a few messages about wanting to be added to the #DateMeBuckyBarnes tag list! Because of this, I decided to create a list of everyone who sent in a request to be tagged in my series and/or be added to the permanent tag list. If you see your url, you’ve been added to the tag list for the series. If you don’t see your url and I haven’t answered your message yet, it’s more than likely that your message is currently in the queue and you’ve already been added to the list. 

Thank you guys so much for reading my stories and for leaving such wonderful messages! It really means a lot to me :)

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queue names

i haven’t been able to find a really long list of queue name recently so i made one :)

  • the general has queued his armies
  • there is a queue for tickets
  • that’s what people queue
  • queueing for looks
  • long live the queue
  • avenue queue
  • queue is better than one
  • that’s just what girls queue
  • roses are red violets are queue
  • this is how we queue it
  • winnie the queue
  • i’m right here for queue
  • queue queue ca choo
  • queen of the queue
  • praise be the queue
  • fuck queue is what you were invited to
  • that would be my queue to run
  • if i believe in one thing i believe in this queue
  • ain’t got a queue in the world
  • saving posts queueing things the tumblr business
  • it’s called queuecraft shortbus
  • ain’t no me without queue
  • queue can keep a secret
  • an unexpected queue
  • thank god i queued it
  • oh don’t be such a sour queue
  • gone with the queue
  • queue are my sunshine
  • this queue is made for walking
  • a more profound queue
  • hey MTV welcome to my queue
  • please leave a message after the queue
  • i prayed to queue every night
  • i wanna queue bad things with you
  • if queue’ve got my back i’ll go on
  • there are no bargains between queue and men
  • the world is not a queue making factory
  • queue is at four don’t bother knocking
  • she’s queueing a stairway to heaven

these are ones i have previously used:

  • the taming of the queue
  • queuelification
  • you have got to be queueing me
  • i can’t keep my eyes off of queue
  • i think some company is overqueue
  • it’s just queue and me and all other people
  • you’ve got claws i’ve got a queue
  • i bid you aqueue
  • the parisians do not know how to queue
  • you can’t run from the queue now can you
  • the friendly neighbourhood queue
  • only the strong survive the queue
  • the school is in but the queue is out
  • q

i tried to avoid the really obvious fandom ones but you can always go for those if you prefer :)

So I mentioned last week that I was possibly going to be accepted for a new job and the training might affect how active I would be here for a while…
There are a number of asks I want to get to, and meta I want to write, but I’ve been thrown straight into 10-hour trial-by-fire training days (and continuing this week), and coming home to slowly work through the hundred pages of material to learn for this new job.
For those who have followed me for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I tag everything and almost always leave comments in the tags of posts that I reblog. If this stops, and my queue runs without tags, then that’s an indicator of how crazy it’s gotten on my end. 
I just wanted to say something now before I worry anyone.
Hopefully things will calm down after Tuesday (unless things escalate even more quickly) and I’ll be able to get back to nightly Japanese studying and responding to asks/messages.

Thank you all for your patience!

Leaving tumblr

hey guys so I have basically been on hiatus for the past couple months and my queue is almost out and I’ve realized how much I don’t care to get back on tumblr so I guess I’m leaving? Im keeping my blog for archiving reasons and you guys can still message me on here as I will drop by occasionally but it really won’t be that often! 
Feel free to message me if you want to be able to keep in touch other ways (facebook, twitter, insta, snapchat, all that stuff) 
but yeah, once my queue runs out there won’t be anymore posts from me!