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John Wick (2017)

*whispers* imagine having a “talk” with John while he trails alongside you.

anonymous asked:

First off, I'm a big fan of yours. Your text posts are PERFECTION SPACE MOM. Second, I sent a message to my crush about how I like him in a different language. And I promised to tell him on the last day of school what it meant in English when he's leaving. I thought you could make a text post of something Lance confessing to Keith in a different language ( cause I'm Klance trash ). Sorry to bother😅 just really wanted to ask. Hope you have a wonderful day !


secondly, i made a post similar to this a while back but i love this trope so much and couldn’t help myself so here we go!!

 translation: (to the best of my ability - please correct my spanish if anything is wrong ) 

“i’ve been thinking about you…”


“do you like me? i adore you…”


“i wish you were mine.”

“i’m sorry…”

“please ignore this”

~ and now because ur spacemom is a sappy piece of shit and couldn’t leave this open-ended~ 


keith: “You make me happy… I love you and I can’t live without you. :)”

lance: “i love you too!!! :)”


“…That’s a little creepy, even by my standards.”
“Wha- hey! It’s not my fault you have really cute bunny teeth, okay?”
“…Bunny teeth.”
“Yeah, bunny teeth. Cute lil’ bunny teeth to go with your cute lil’ peanut ears and your cute lil’-”
get it, Stiles, shut up.”
Make me.”


also here have a song just for you:

Amy nooo, Amy noooo
Your love for teeth has grown once moooore
All the teeeeth, white as snooooow
At least Hoechlin’s, that’s for suuuuure
I can’t taaaaaake your cuteness aaaanymoooore
But let the love rage oooon
The teeth never bothered me anywaaaay hAH!

[dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun] etc

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!! i said i’d draw you teeth despite my inability and reluctance to draw them sO HERE YOU GO!!! I hope you have a lovely day, bby.

hi sunshines!! first things first, i would like to thank you for the constant love and support that you’ve been giving me since day one! as i reach 28k, i would like to give y'all virtual kisses n hugs for sticking up with me for the last two years!! in line with this, i decided to conduct a lot of fun activities and parties for everyone!

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Pairing: Brett x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

Warning: swearing, mention of Brett Buns lol

A/N: i enjoyed writing this, thank you for requesting. storytime; I wrote this imagine and when I went to queue it, I deleted it so here is the second draft enjoy

Tagging: @joeynihil (hope you enjoy it girl <3)

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You barged into Scott’s house, the door slamming against the wall, no doubt leaving a mark but you didn’t care, your heart was racing due to anger and you were ready to give your pack a mouth full about what you thought of them. They knew you were out on a date, because it was a Friday night, but that didn’t stop them from blowing up your phone with messages and voicemails. So what if it was an emergency meeting, the pack is full of other werewolves and banshees that could help; one werewolf wouldn’t make a difference.

Just as the words were about to swirl off your tongue in an unlady-like manner, your eyes spotted the ignorant, broad shouldered man standing in the corner near the fridge, his head tossed back, a smirk resting on his face; oh how you’d love to box it. Your face turned to a scowl, anger practically radiating off your body, a growl escaped from behind your teeth when he waved his hand in a little gesture, “Hey babe.”

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Listen. Listen, kids, I want to tell you something important.

I am not a therapist.

I am not a saint.

I’m not your father, don’t make a daddy joke or I will reach through the internet and slap you.

I am a person. 

I have good traits and bad traits and neutral traits.

I joke about it.

But I am not always right.

I make mistakes like any other human being.

I hurt like any other human being, no matter how much I joke about not feeling anything. 

And I can’t always help you with your emotional problems. 

I’m not a professional, and I can’t even help myself most of the time.

I’m a college student, I have intense fits of mania that often come out in the forms of nonsensical rants on tumblr. 

I have irrational bursts of hatred for certain things, for certain people.

I know my hatred is irrational, but I can no easier “chill out about fictional things” than you can make depression just vanish overnight.

This is how I feel.

This is who I am. 

It’s not a good person, it’s not a bad person, it’s just a person. 

I can’t be looking out for everyone’s feelings all of the time, so I don’t. 

You…people just leap on people you don’t even know.

You forgot that people on the internet are people, the same as your siblings, your friends, your teachers, whatever. 

I’m not a perfect human being. 

I appreciate your support, but I’m not perfect. 

And I never will be. 

I’m a mess. 

You know this. 

I feel too many things, too strongly. 

I’m impulsive and will say anything I feel like saying. 

It’s mean sometimes, it’s unnecessary. 

You say it causes drama, well, that wasn’t my intention, but was I the dumbass who said it anyway?




I go through highs and lows. 

I’m going through a low right now.

I’m sorry, but I can’t make that go away. 

Real life just has to be dealt with , and this is how I do it. 

I’m sorry I can’t always be fun or happy. 

I’m sorry I say things you don’t like or disagree with or you think are unnecessary. 

But I’m a real life living breathing human with a fucked up brain chemistry that keeps me from being happy all the time, or even any of the time. 

I don’t have any obligations to any of you.

You’re not PAYING me.

You’re not giving me anything but your attention, which I appreciate, but still isn’t enough to dictate what I do, online or in real life. 

So to sum up?

I joke about it, but I’m not a deity here.

I’m a person. 

I’m flesh and blood same as you, and I can’t always guarantee that this personal blog, YES this is a personal blog, will always be kind. 

Will always be happy.

Or righteous. 

It’s an imperfect blog run by an imperfect person. 

I’m sorry about that, but I’m also not, because I can’t change that. 

And I wouldn’t, either. 

I happen to think my imperfections make me interesting. 

But if you only like certain parts of me and not others, well that’s unfortunate. 

All you’re ever going to get from me is all of me. 

Good and bad and neutral. 

And if you know me even a little. 

If you’ve been here for a while or even just a bit. 

Then you should know, you should just know, that I’m many things. 

Because at the end of the day, I’m a person, same as you, and no person is perfect.