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John Wick (2017)

*whispers* imagine having a “talk” with John while he trails alongside you.

SKAM S04E08 Clip 4 - It was me, not Isak

[Welcome to voice mail from Telenor*. Please leave a message after the beep.]

SANA: Hi, Eva. I just wanted.. I just called to say I’m sorry again. I’ve said sorry to everyone on the bus that it was me, not Isak.

[Dear Sana, happy birthday to you and Jesus Christ*, you’re AWESOME!! We dig you and we love you a lot Sanasol! Love from Eva, Chris, Noora, Vilde]

SANA: And I’ve apologized to Sara. Yeah, that’s all I wanted to say. Hello?


SANA: Have you talked to them?

CHRIS: No, I haven’t talked to them yet.

SANA: Nothing at all?

CHRIS: No.. We chatted a bit..

SANA: Yes? What did they say?

CHRIS: No, they’re a bit mad, but I think it’ll pass soon.

SANA: Just be honest. What did they write?

CHRIS: They wrote that ever since the bus.. That.. You’ve changed and that.. They don’t like you as much anymore. I don’t know.

SANA: Do you know if they’ll come to the bus meeting tomorrow?

CHRIS: I don’t know. But I’ll be there. Don’t be upset, okay? I’ll get them to come to the bus meeting. I promise. We’ll be there.

*Mobile company

*Sana’s birthday is on Christmas

*sighs heavily*

black women are never championed for who we are as individuals or as unique beings. we’re never cherished and treated like we need protection (BECAUSE WE DO) and are often left to fend for ourselves. we’re only applauded for what we can do for EVERYONE ELSE.

so, with that being said, when y'all can give me a reason as to why you love black women aside from us being “strong” and “independent” gimme a call.

until then… kindly stay out my mentions and/or notifications talkin’ absolute nonsense about “divisiveness” whenever a black woman brings up the fact that we often harvest the crop, set the table, and prepare the food,,, but we never get to eat.

Armand: i love you, i need you 


Lust & Errors 02 (AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: Dom themes, marijuana usage, inappropriate step-siblings stuff, very light dubcon.

SummaryStep brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: If you read all this, you deserve a kookie, forreal. The other BTS members feature in this (briefly) and SHOUTS OUT TO TOP FOR MAKING AN APPEARANCE. Also, to clear things up, I switched the ages around and Jungkook is a year older than the OC, Taehyung and Jimin. The three of them are seniors in high school and Jungkook graduated last year so he don’t go to school with them anymore. OH AND THE FIRST SCENE IS INSPIRED BY BLACK SWAN THE MOVIE. LOL BYE.


01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05.

Four days later.

It was a Monday. 

Humiliation washed over you like a fucking Tsunami. Your chest was heavy, palms sweaty, heart pounding, eyes stinging with tears, bottom lip quivering and a lump in your throat that was disabling you from speaking. 

Choi Seunghyun was an esteemed dance director - known all over the country and the day you auditioned and were accepted into his Studio, to say you were thrilled was a complete understatement. He was every bit professional, focused and dedicated to the art of making well-rounded ballerinas like yourself. Yes, he was tough and ruthless and sometimes even cruel when it came to instructing, never really even cracking a smile, just one hundred percent intent on working hard with his students - but that kind of behavior was what crafted good, professional dancers.

However… With your entire year of knowing him and being his student, you never knew he could be this cruel. After all your hard work, endless hours practicing in the studio, basically living, breathing and eating ballet all for the sake of the lead position in the upcoming show - he had the nerve to take it away from you

You were utterly shocked and mortified by the words that had come out of his mouth.

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SKAM S04E09 Clip 1 - Guru Advicing

[Welcome to voice mail from Telenor*. Please leave a message after the beep.]

SANA: Noora, please call me.

ESKILD: Hello?

SANA: Hello, Eskild? Is Noora home? It’s Sana.

ESKILD: Oh my God, they’re just in that penthouse of William’s to fuck. She’ll be back when she’s newly fucked, my little generous girl.

LINN: I think they went to London.

ESKILD: Yeah you think they went to London, but you also thought Grunde was going to win Paradise*, so you have bad judgement, Linn. Be a bit humble.

SANA: I’m just a little worried she’s mad at me.

ESKILD: She didn’t look very mad when she went off in that Aston Martin car to 3 million kroner. 3 million is a lot of money.

SANA: I sent William an e-mail.

ESKILD: E-mail? It’s been a while since I’ve written one of those.

SANA: Yes, but I sent it from Noora’s account.

ESKILD: You sent an e-mail from Noora’s account to William? Okay, what did you write?

SANA: I just wrote “I love you and if you love me, come to Oslo”.

ESKILD: That’s what made him come? An e-mail.

SANA: Yes.

ESKILD: You wrote an e-mail.. Why didn’t you think about that before? You write e-mails all the time, you brag about it. You’re a grown up, Linn. Is that what it took? She’s been stomping around in this self-pitying heartache for 8 months and then all it took was an e-mail? You shouldn’t feel bad about that, that was well done. I’m a bit proud of you. High five.

SANA: But.. I didn’t really do it for Noora’s sake. I did it because she was with a guy I like.

ESKILD: Which guy?

SANA: Just a guy called Yousef.

ESKILD: Yousef? Isn’t that the guy you were trying to pick up last night?

LINN: Once, I sent a used tampon to a girl who made out with my ex.

ESKILD: Have you had a significant other?

LINN: Yes, in the 7th grade.

ESKILD: That was the first and last one?

LINN: Yes.

ESKILD: But now we’re talking about Sana, Linn. We can talk about you later. Right now we’re talking about Sana and cute Muslim boy.

SANA: He’s not a Muslim.

ESKILD: He’s not? Okay. Hm. Do you want some guru advicing?

SANA: What’s that?

ESKILD: I was with this guy, a year ago, a very good relationship - best I’ve ever had. That was with a Turkish son of an ambassador and his name was Lito - you remember that. He was really cool, went to Blinder’n*, cared about human rights, sensitive soul, shared a lot about himself and had the most shapely cock I’ve ever touched. He was also a Muslim and not that I’m religious or anything, because I’m not, but I’ve flipped through the Bible a couple of times and there it says that the most important thing is love, or “love on top” as Beyoncé says, so I think like “What would Jesus and Muhammad do?” and that’s “let the love flow”. So we tried that - “love on top”, meaning I topped and going right into the love and you know about that because you heard. We did that lots of times, and then we started talking about other things, important things, grown up things like life and humanity and stuff and we disagreed a lot. So the conclusion is that relationships between religious and non-religious people are difficult. I cried a lot. Aren’t there some other hotties in that gang? That Elias, isn’t he cute?

SANA: That’s my brother.

ESKILD: That’s.. Yes, that’s your brother. That won’t work. That would be weird. Which religion would you follow? Buddhism or something?

LINN: Bahá'í, maybe.

ESKILD: Bahá'í , maybe. Now I got a bit inspired to research and stuff online. What are you doing today?

*Mobile company
*Reality show
*University of Oslo

Bananas Vs Chocolate

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kaxpha! Your real gift will be up by this weekend I HOPE! <3 This is a pre-gift bc I can’t do much with the little time I have but well, I tried.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. Just Tiny Sunshine Rey, that one’s mine.


Lance groans at the calling and rolls over, burying his face on the neck of his husband and hopes the tiny quiet voice by his side disappears.

“Papa, up.”

Maybe if he stays quiet and don’t say anything it will go away?

“Papa, you already failed at being quiet, you’re mumbling.”

Well, Keith has always said that he thinks out loud most of the time.

“Papa’s not here.” Lance mumbles groggily, his hand patting the bed around him until it caught the end of his blanket and pulled it over his head. “Leave a message after the tone. Beep.”

He hears a soft giggle by his side and it makes his heart warm. “Papa, come on! It’s Sunday! And Sunday means Pancakes! Normal pancakes! Not the banana thingy Daddy makes.”

“I heard that.” Keith complains sleepily on his side, eyes still close and face buried on his pillow.

Lance bites his lower lip to suppress the chuckle that threatens to escape from his mouth. “Buddy, it’s Lazy Sunday. Why aren’t’ you being lazy?”

“Because, Papa! Pancakes with chocolate chips and strawberries!” It’s not even seven am and Lance wonders how his son can have this much energy so early in the morning.

“Nope, Papa’s not here. Ask Daddy.” He says instead, huffing when he feels a tiny knee on his stomach over the blanket and tiny hands patting his head.

“Daddy’s offended by the insult on his Banana Pancakes, ask Uncle Hunk.” It’s Keith’s muffled reply.

“Uncle Hunk lives half an hour from here.” Rey says pouting and Lance’s so close to give in but he needs to be strong, because it’s Lazy Sunday, that means no getting up until ten, cuddle with his husband in bed and –

The blanket above him suddenly falls, two small hands pulling it away from him and then Lance’s knows he’s a goner as soon as his blue eyes meet a bright pair of amber ones.

“Hi, Papa.” Rey giggles and Lance’s heart beats happily at the sound.

He smiles back softly and so tenderly at his son as he raises one hand and strokes Rey’s wild bed hair. “Hi, sunshine, good morning.”

“Okay, looks like we’re up then.” Keith says, yawning loudly and big before rolling over and meeting his family, “Hello, hello.”

Rey beams at him and leans down, dropping a big sloppy kiss on his cheek, “Hiya, Daddy.”

“Hi, buddy. You slept well?” He asks, smiling softly when he feels his husband’s lips on his forehead, pressing a soft kiss on it as a greeting.

Rey nods, “Yep!”

Lance shift a little and sits on the bed, bringing Rey closer to him gently and placing him on his lap, “Okay, alright! Tiny Rey Alejandro has defeated us bravely and now we must give him his reward.”

“Chocolate chip pancakes?” Rey exclaims happily, raising his arms in the air and Lance smirks down at him.

“No ~” He sing-songs and shares a quick look with his husband, who smirks back at him, getting the message, “It means…”

“Tickle Fight!” Keith finishes, throwing himself on top of the pair and starting to tickle his son’s sides as Lance holds him down on his arms.

While Rey’s squeals and laughter echoes around their room as he trashes wildly on his Papa’s arms, both parents grin wide at their son’s happiness.

“D – Daddy, no! S –Stop! The p – pancakes!!” Rey giggles and Keith chuckles under his breath.

“Say my Banana Pancakes are great.” He says playfully and Rey laughter grows as Keith moves his hand around, now tickling the five years old’s tummy.

“Now that’s just torture, Keith.” Lance teases from behind Rey and Keith sends him a flat look.

“You’re next, Mister, but first I’m gonna take care of this little fella.” Keith declares and the next thing Rey knows, his pajama top is up and then Keith blows a raspberry against his tummy.

Rey’s laughter just grows at that. “Daddy! N – No!! Haha! Stop! Papa, s – save me!”

Lance chuckles at his son’s plead, “I don’t know, Rey, I say you should surrender.”

“B – But the panca – Haha!! Daddy! The pancakes, P –Papa!”

Lance hums and makes a face as if thinking it over, “You’re right, Rey! We can’t let Banana Mullet –“

“Really, Lance?”

“ – Steal our precious chocolate chip pancakes with no bananas!” In a quick move, Lance pulls Rey out of his husband’s grip and then grins at Keith.

“It’s time for our come back attack, Rey Alejandro. What is your command?” He says, saluting formally at his still giggling son.

“Tickle Resistance!” Rey shouts between giggles and Lance nods firmly.

“Tickle Resistance!” He echoes and then he tackles a confused Keith on the middle of the bed, laughing loudly as he feels the tiny body of his son on top of him.

“Oh my god – You nerds! Haha – Lance! Watch your knee! Oh my god –“Keith grunts but laughs gleefully on the bottom of the pile, dropping his head back in defeat, “I, Keith Kogane the Second, surrender under Rey Alejandro’s power. Banana Pancakes shall never see the light of day ever again.”

Rey’s head pop out from Lance’s shoulders, meeting his Daddy’s eyes, “Except Thursday’s Nights right? It’s not movie night without Banana Pancakes.”

Keith manages to free one of his hands and scratches his chin as in deep thought, “I don’t know, Mister, my Banana Pancakes feel a little underappreciated right now.”

“No, Daddy!”

“They might never be at our table again.”

“Daddy! No!”

“You’re gonna make him cry.” Lance chimes, slapping his husband shoulder playfully.

Keith chuckles, “Alright, alright, Banana Pancakes will make their comeback on Thursday’s Nights. You’re lucky you’re so adorable, Mister.”

“Why, thank you.” Lance grins and Keith raises and eyebrow at him.

“I was talking to Rey.”

“Why, thank you, Daddy.” Rey says pleased, nodding in approval.

“Are you going to move anytime soon or?” Keith asks after a few minutes in silence, when Lance and Rey haven’t moved from their spot on top of him.

Lance and Rey share a smile between them before looking down on him.


“What a morning.” Keith says flatly but smiles big and wide as soon as his family laugh freely and happy at his words.

It’s a good day to have chocolate chip pancakes, anyways.

“You’ve reached the Maheswaran residence. Please leave a message after the beep. And keep it short.” 

“h-hh-HH-hewwo?? Connie!! It’s stweven~. >w< !!! jwust seeing wut u were up to. dunt know if u knew, but deres some cwazy stuff goin on wif a gwiant spwace hand (/ω\)!!! wwe all mwight die!! (⊙△⊙) soooo.. i gwess call mwe bak when yew get dis (。^//w//^。) twalk to u soon!~~ hh,,,boi boi!!! o(≧∇≦o)”

just in time

@vlhoria asked: can you do an angsty fic that maybe ENDS with fluff but it’s peter x reader (and she knows he’s spider-man) and gets kidnapped and tortured reallllyy bad (almost dies) and peter almost doesn’t make it in time to save her? (i would prefer for it to end with a lil fluff but  you can run with it haha)

warnings: torture and angst 

word count: 2k

author’s note: this sucks but the request didn’t so i am deeply sorry for how rank this is.

Originally posted by winter-hunters

You hadn’t showed up at school today which Peter normally wouldn’t have worried much about, but the fact that he had only told you he was Spider-Man yesterday worried him, a lot. 

And now the sinking feeling of regret and panic settled in Peter’s stomach only growing more with each passing hour, it only seemed as the clock on the school wall moved slower and slower and him fearing for you safety he ditched the rest of the day and ran into the nearest alleyway to change into his suit.

He looked around making sure that no one was near before he pulled his blue sweater over his head and opened his backpack to get the red and blue suit Tony had made him. 

After he had removed his pants only leaving him in his plaid boxers, he quickly pulled the red and blue fabric onto his body along with the mask. He looked around one last time, seeing no one he pressed the spider on the front allowing the suit to wrap it self around his frame.

He first swung by your window landing on the fire escape with one hand in front of him and the other one behind his back. He pushed your window open and crawled into your room, and there was no sign of you there either.

He then pulled his mask off and walked around your house calling your name every once in a while knowing it was still a whole week until your parents got home from the business trip they had left for a couple of days ago.

It was quite obvious that you weren’t there so he picked up his phone and dialed your number for what felt like the hundredth time today. He waited and he waited until he finally heard the “Hi it’s Y/N sorry i can’t come to the phone right now leave a message after the beep!” 

He let out a frustrated sigh at this pulling his backpack off his shoulder so he could place the phone back in it, but before he could do so his phone dinged signaling that he had gotten a message.

His eyebrows furrowed in a questioning manner as he turned the phone around pressing the turn on button on the side. His phone screen lit up showing a notification that read ‘video message from Y/N’ he was quick to swipe right and unlock his phone to see what you had sent him.

He was hoping that it would be a video of you explaining where you were and why you hadn’t come to school today but judging by the thumbnail of it that was not the case.

He took a deep breath before pressing the play button, the video filling his entire phone screen. “Hello Peter” a rough man’s voice was heard as the camera pointed towards you hanging from two ropes that were tightly tied around your wrists, purple and yellow bruising already starting to form where the ropes were bound.

“Y/N here tells me you and Spider-Man are quite the ‘best buds’” the man laughed picking up the camera as to bring it even closer to your face, and when he did so Peter could see the multiple bruises and scars that covered it.

Anger bubbled inside him as he continued watching the video “so if ‘Spider-Man’ isn’t here within the next 24 hours I’ll make sure Y/N here gets what she deserves. Time starts now Pete so don’t waste it” and with that the screen went blank and it was replaced with a timer showing that he had exactly 23 hours 59 minutes and 45 seconds to find and save you.

He cursed to himself running back up to your room where he had left the mask laying on your bed. He was quick to climb out of your window and when his feet had landed on the fire escape he thought of every possible place you could have been held captive but his mind was blank and he was now aimlessly swinging around the city ignoring everything and everyone around him the only thing on his mind being to find you.

He eventually stopped on top of a fairly high building where he sat down on the edge of it groaning at how stupid he had been, before an idea popped into his mind. “Karen, can you track down Y/N Y/L/N’s phone?” he spoke remembering that your phone had the ‘find my phone’ feature “let me see” she spoke, a map appearing in front of Peter’s eyes as Karen tracked your phone down.

“Y/N’s phone is located at an abandoned warehouse not so far away from here, would you like me to lead you to it?” Karen asked, Peter’s ears perked up at this and he quickly answered with a yes the GPS that was installed into the suit leading him to his destination.

He quickly jumped off the building raising his arm up as he shot out a web that connected to another building, Karen’s voice telling him when to turn and where to go.

“Karen how much time do i have left?” Peter’s panicked voice asked as he swung from building to building “you have exactly 19 hours 29 minutes and 10 seconds” She spoke Peter pulling himself forward with much more strength and determination now.

“I don’t think you’re understanding the question little lady, so I’ll ask it again. Who is Spider-Man” the man yelled in your face a punch in your rib following soon after as blood spilled out of your mouth and tears made their way down your face.

“Go to hell” you spat at him, he could torture as long and as much as he wanted to but you would never give him the identity of the person you loved and cared for the most in this world, even if it would be the death off you which now seemed to be what would be happening.

“Wrong answer” he growled walking over to a metal table where he had numerous of weapons and tools laid out. Many of them he had already used on you and every single one felt as painful as the other but you had a feeling this would be the final straw.

He grabbed two items, the first being a knife and the second one a taser. He turned around a smirk playing on his lips as he tapped his finger on the silver material of the knife, painfully slowly making his way toward you.

When he was standing right in front of you he raised his arm up in a way so that you could clearly see the 6 inch blade he was holding a chuckle leaving his lips as he started dragging it down your cheek a blood curdling scream making it’s way passed your lips as he did.

“Do you want me to repeat the question?” he asked. You didn’t answer and kept your brave face on your lips forming a straight line “and again that’s just not the answer I’m looking for” he chuckled—yet again, as he pulled the taser out of his pocket and jabbed it into your side pressing the red button as electricity ran throughout your body and pain like you had never felt before consumed you.

You screamed, you screamed so loud you were sure everyone in the city had heard you. Your sobs filled the room as your legs gave out the only thing holding you up being the two black ropes he had tied you up with.

“Please stop” you begged finally finding the strength to stand back up but a fist connecting with your cheek sent you tumbling back down. Your vision started to blur and you knew in that moment the face of your kidnapper would be the last one you ever saw.

But a cold liquid pouring over you brought you back to consciousness and you gasped, your teeth grinding against one another. “This is no time for sleeping” the man chuckled “this oughta wake you up” he grinned going to tase you again so you closed your eyes and screamed yet again clutching the rope in both your hands as you prepared for the impact—but it never came.

You slowly opened one eye and saw the all to familiar red and blue suit consume your vision, you were glad he was finally here but you couldn’t keep your eyes open much longer and watching Peter fight the guy that had been torturing you tired you as you let your eyelids close and your body give out underneath you.

Peter had saw you slip into unconsciousness and a sudden rage bubbled up inside him a feeling he had never felt so strongly before. “Karen, activate instant kill” and with that his previously white eyes had turned into much smaller red ones as he lunged himself at the guy not caring for any damage he caused, the only thing he wanted being revenge.

“How dare you!” he yelled throwing the guy to another corner of the warehouse quickly picking him up again so he could toss him back down again. He had never felt anger like this before and he couldn’t control it. 

It was pulsing through his veins and he kept on screaming and yelling at the guy soon going in for the final punch that would definitely kill the man but before he could cause any more permanent damage his eyes landed on you.

He immediately dropped the guy and reached his arm up so he could swing toward you. When he landed in front of you he quickly cut the ropes that were bound around your wrists and let your body drop into his arms.

“No, no hey Y/N you’re okay it’s going to be fine” he tried to reassure himself “Karen call 911 and send them to this location now!” and after that Peter ripped his mask off and his gloved finger pressed against your neck a sigh of relieve falling from his lips as he felt your pulse.

“You’re going to be okay” he sobbed bringing your limp figure as close to him as possible. Strangled cries left his mouth as he brushed a lock of your hair out of your face and tucked it back behind your ear.

“I’m so sorry Y/N this is all my fault” he cried even harder feeling the previous anger that had consumed him being replaced with nothing but emptiness “I am so sorry”

You had woken up a few days later in a hospital bed where Peter sat next to you, his quite snores filling the room as his cheek rested in the palm of your hand.

You smiled at this and tried to move your hand so you could run it through his brown locks but as you did an overwhelming feeling of pain consumed you and you groaned squeezing your eyes back shut.

Peter quickly woke up at this and as his eyes met your now opened ones he grabbed your hand tightly in his and he smiled for the first time in days “you’re awake” he croaked out, a few tears slipping from his eyes as he pressed a kiss to your forehead so carefully you barely even felt it.

“Yeah I guess so” you managed to get out, although a burning feeling consumed your throat as you did. Peter seemed to notice this and immediately jumped into action “here drink this” He said as he handed you a plastic cup filled with water. You thanked him as you placed your hand on the cup and slowly brought it up to your lips.

The liquid ran down your throat and the previously burning feeling immediately faded away and you finished the entire cup in less then a minute handing it back over to Peter when you were done, where he placed it onto the table next to him.

“Thank you” you said smiling up at him but he only looked down at his lap and shook his head “why are you thanking me? This is my fault. It’s my fault you’re in here and it’s my fault-it’s my fault that you-you almost died!” he cried out standing up from the white chair he had previously been sitting on.

“No it’s not Pete, you saved my life and i can never thank you enough for that” you said your Y/E/C eyes meeting his brown ones. Peter quickly rushed forward at this and connected his lips with yours.

Your lips moved against one another for a few seconds before you both pulled away and smiled lovingly at one another.

“I love you”

I love you so much I've forgotten what hating myself feels like. [c.m x reader]

Warnings: anGST, anxious reader, worried tree bros, swearing bc connor duh lol

Requested? Yes! by anon

word count: i thiunk like 2-3k

sorry this was a vent source, I might change it in the future to hopefully improve it!

xoxo cass

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Hatred (Part 2)

So many people were requesting a part 2 I decided to start that right away! Hope you all like it!

Part 1: https://beronica-josie.tumblr.com/post/157668611423/hatred

Part 3: https://beronica-josie.tumblr.com/post/157992846283/hatred-part-3

Masterlist: https://beronica-josie.tumblr.com/post/157919516668/masterlist

Summary: After what happened at Betty’s party, you decided you needed to talk to Jughead. At first he doesn’t want to discuss it, but later he invited you to the drive-in to talk about it. Things get a bit heated just before someone finds out.


It’d been days since your and Jughead’s make out session and you were still reeling from it. You wanted to see him so badly, but you didn’t think it was a great idea. You saw Jughead in the hall on Tuesday, but he refused to even look your way. You had to do something to get his attention.

On Thursday, you saw him and Betty talking after school. This was your opportunity. You rushed over to them, smiling at Betty. “Hey Betty, do you want to hang out and study for the history test tonight?”

Jughead glanced over at you. He knew he had to keep up the act, but he wanted an excuse to see you again. “Actually, Betty, I was going to ask if you wanted to go to Pop’s with me after school?” Jughead said, his voice rigid.

Betty never liked to let anyone down, but this could be a problem. “Um, how about we all just study for the test together at Pop’s?” She smiled brightly, hoping it would encourage you and Jughead. “Can you guys handle that?”

You glanced at Jughead quickly, before looking back to Betty and smiling sweetly. “I think we can get along for a little bit.” Jughead nodded, looking away. This could be great, or it could be a huge mistake.


You and Betty have your last period together, so you headed over to Pop’s together. You both sat down in a booth and pulled out your history notes. Jughead showed up a few minutes later, and sat next to Betty across from you.

“Okay, so let’s quiz each other.” Betty suggested. She looked at you first. “[Y/N], who was the fourth president of the United States?”

“It was one of the James’s… Monroe?” You guessed hopefully. Memorization was always hard for you.

“Madison, stupid.” Jughead said flatly, rolling his eyes at you. You looked at him, annoyed. Why was he being a jerk again?

“Be nice, Jughead.” Betty warned him. “Okay, this one is for you. What party did Jefferson belong to?”

He thought for a few seconds. “The Anti-Federalist party?”

“Actually, they were called the Democratic-Republicans.” Betty told him.

If Jughead was going to be a jerk, you would, too. “That was so obvious.” You stated.

“You two need to be nice or I’m going to leave.” Betty threatened. You couldn’t let her leave yet. You hadn’t gotten to talk to Jughead yet.

The questions continued for quite some time. You continued to get questions wrong because you couldn’t really focus on history with all of the questions about Jughead floating around in your head. Eventually, Betty excused herself to go to the bathroom. This was your chance.

“What’s your problem?” You whisper-hissed at Jughead. “Why are you being an asshole again?”

“Nothing’s changed. We’re continuing like we always have.” He crossed his arms across his chest. His eyes gave nothing away.

You looked at him, incredulous. “So that didn’t mean anything for you? You’re the one who started it!” You glanced around to make sure nobody was listening.

He sighed. “Just let it go, [Y/N]. It’s a bad idea to let things escalate.”

“Why? What are you afraid of happening? Betty would be super excited about it! Nobody would care!”

“It’s more complicated than that. Just let it go.”

“Fine, but here’s my number in case you change your mind.” You hissed. You quickly scribbled your number on a napkin before throwing it at him. “I’m leaving. Tell Betty I felt sick and went home.” You quickly gathered your things and walked out.

What was Jughead talking about? How could this be so complicated? He was the one who told you not to worry so much about what others thought, but he was too scared to let anyone know something happened between you two? Whatever. Screw him.


The next day went by uneventful. Jughead had put you in a bad mood, so everything was getting on your nerves.

“How do you think you did on that test?” Betty asked you after school. “I think that study session really helped. We should do that more often.”

You sighed. “I’m pretty sure I flunked it. I’m not sure why-” you knew exactly why- “but I felt really distracted. Maybe I’m getting-” before you could finish your sentence, your phone beeped, indicating you had gotten a message. “Sorry, Betty. I should probably take this. My mom probably wants me to pick up something from Pop’s for dinner.”

“No problem. I’ll text you later.” She said before leaving.

You checked your phone. It was a message from an unsaved number. “Meet me at the drive in” it read. Was this Jughead? You desperately hoped so.

You rushed home to change. You changed into a shirt that hung a bit low and swiped a bit of your favorite lipstick on. You were going to show him what he was missing.

As you walked through the entrance of the drive in, you heard someone call your name. You turned, seeing Jughead with his head poking out of the door of the projection booth. You walked over and he let you in.

You stood awkwardly near the door while Jughead leaned against the opposite wall.

He eyed you up and down. “Why are you dressed like that?” He laughed.

You crossed your arms over your chest. “This is how I usually dress.” You tried to keep a straight face.

“I don’t think it is. You came prepared to seduce me, didn’t you?” He laughed again.

All the color drained from your face. Why was he being so mean? “No!” You weren’t going to let him laugh at you anymore. “Why did you even tell me to come here?” You asked, annoyed.

He sighed. “I wanted to apologize for being so mean to you at Pop’s the other day.”

“Damn right, you should apologize.”

“It’s just…” he sighed again, looking away from you. “I don’t understand why. You’re the most annoying person I’ve ever met.” You rolled your eyes at him. He looks back at you before adding, “But I like you.”

“That’s it? You invited me over here to tell me the reason you kissed me was because you liked me? Even though you actually hate me?” This boy was so confusing.

“No. Yes. I’m not sure.” You could see he was conflicted.

“Why did you even kiss me if you thought you hated me?” You asked.

“You looked so pretty. And you were so closed to me. I just couldn’t really stop myself.” He refused to look you in the eye. You walked closer to him. You placed a hand on each of his cheeks, forcing him to look you in the eyes. Before you could stop yourself, you connects your lips with his.

He quickly unfolded his arms and placed one on each side your waist, pulling you closer to him. You could feel the same hunger on his lips as you felt that night in the closet. You moved your hands so you could dig your fingers into his soft, dark hair.

After a few minutes you pulled away. Your lips ghosted over his jawline up to his ear. “I bet you like the way I’m dressed now.” You whispered. You could feel him smile against your neck. Your lips travelled down to his neck where you lightly placed kiss after kiss. He let out a soft sigh when your lips passed over a certain spot near his ear.

Before you could do anything, Jughead pulled your face back to his. His eyes were dark. He moved his hands to cup your cheeks and crashed his lips onto yours. His kiss was rougher than before. You sighed, enjoying the feeling of his body so close to yours.

All of a sudden there was a sound at the door. It opened and a figure came in calling for Jughead. You quickly broke away from him, turning towards the door. It was Betty. You moved a few feet away from him as fast as possible, but you knew that she had probably seen you.

“Ok wow.” Betty said, shocked. You looked over at Jughead. His eyes were wide with shock. Your lipstick was smeared across his face and parts of his neck. If he looked like that, you could only imagine how messy it was on your own face.

You turned bright red. This couldn’t be happening. “Uh, I need to go.” You said before practically running out of the door, pushing a still shocked Betty.

Becoming a Father Overnight Part Two

This chapter is a little short, but it’s good set up for what is to come.

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter. 

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“Just tell Y/n I’ll call her back in the morning,” Jared sighed dejectedly, dropping his phone onto the couch next to him. He dragged a hand down his face, suddenly feeling exhausted.

What had started out as a normal day had taken quite the unforgettable turn. A daughter, wow. It was all pretty overwhelming. Jared didn’t know anything about her. How was he supposed to quickly learn everything he missed out on? How did he get her acclimated to his family and life? Jared also didn’t really know what to do with a teenage daughter. He couldn’t just wrestle around with her like he did the boys. 

Jared had a lot of questions, but the one thing he was sure of was that he wanted to get to know his daughter. Yes, this was a shocking surprise, but not necessarily a bad one. He loved being a father and he’d accept the challenge of being a dad to another one. Jared couldn’t wait to get to know his wonderful daughter.

Jared was drawn from this thoughts when he heard the back door slam closed. Little feet came thumping down the hallway and Jared looked up just in time to see two little blurs come flying at him.  

Tom and Shep giggled as they attacked their father with hugs. Jared forced the biggest smile he could, but he was distracted and Gen could tell. His mind seemed to be a million miles away.

“Boys, go put on your pjs on,” Genevieve instructed her sons. The boys nodded before racing up the stairs. Gen slowly and carefully sunk into the couch next to Jared, rubbing soothing circles across his upper back. “Babe, is everything alright? You seem distracted.”

Jared sighed, and Genevieve brushed his hair out of his face, trying to comfort her husband.

“Talk to me, what’s going on?”

“I got an… interesting phone call earlier. Guess I’m still reeling from it.” Jared exhaled slowly, unsure how to explain the situation to his wife. Gen stayed quiet, trying to give her husband the second he needed to think. “I’ve got a daughter.”

Gen’s jaw dropped and her eyes were big as saucers, “What?”

Jared shifted and faced his wife, “A girl called me, said she’s my daughter.”

“You believe her? How old is she? When?”

“She’s seventeen,” Gen let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding. “I talked to her mom, my high school girlfriend. Apparently, she found out after I left for LA, and didn’t want me to give it all up.”

He held out his phone and Genevieve studied the picture of the young woman. Genevieve understood Jared’s certainty; she defiantly looked just like him. It wasn’t a far stretch that she could be his.

“Wow,” it wasn’t the most supportive response, but she was at a loss for words. Jared had a daughter; with another woman. And how could this woman have just kept him from his daughter? That was wrong, “I can’t believe she didn’t tell you. This isn’t something you just keep from a person.”

Jared nodded, “I’m still in shock. Finding out you have a teenage daughter is something else. I feel like I just became a father again overnight.”

“What are you going to do?” Gen asked softly.

Jared twirled his fingers, “I’m not sure that’s really a question. She’s my daughter, I want to get to know her. I want to be her father. I can’t just forget she called me.”

Gen smiled, of course Jared wanted to step up. That was just the kind of man he was. “Well then, I can’t wait to meet her.”

“You’re cool with it?” Jared looked at her hopefully.

“Jared, she’s your daughter, our kid’s sister, she is a member of this family, and if you want to be involved in her life than so do we.”

Jared couldn’t sit still as he waited for Y/n to answer the phone. Finally, her answering machine picked up, “Hi, this is Y/n Y/l/n and I’m unable to come to the phone right now, but please leave a message after the beep.”

Jared sighed, “Hey Y/n, it’s Jared, or Dad, or I don’t know. It’s me. Anyway, I said I’d call… so I’m calling.”

Just as Jared was turning off his phone, it light up with a message from Y/n, Sorry, I’m in class at the moment. Thanks for calling though, I was worried you might not. Can we talk later? Tomorrow would be perfect. I’m free all day? We could skype or facetime or something?

Jared couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, Sounds perfect.

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Never Give Up Hope

Okay…I’m up for another angst fanfic. I was gonna wait for a little while, taking a little breather from fanfics, but this is not gonna get out of my head until it comes out and type it out. 

Like all the fanfics, this is based on @shinyzango 2D Bendy AU. It is very angst as far as I can type it (I apologize in advance if I break any hearts in the progress) and I can’t help but throw this that she drew in as well (So heart wrenching as well) I was unsure how to add Ink!Henry into this, but I think this’ll help out.

So here we go! 

Bendy was waiting patiently for Henry to return home from work, watching the clock tick away until it will reach four in the evening. Usually, Bendy is pretty good with waiting for Henry to get home from work, but very rarely, he will start to feel queasy and nervous. 

So he waits, watching the time tick by. 

It soon turned to minutes, then two hours since past four…

…and Henry has not come home yet. This made Bendy a bit nervous, but then again that he could possibly ran into traffic. So this made the little devil stand up and reach over for the home phone. 

Usually, he doesn’t call Henry all the time, but mostly when he’s on his lunch break at work and when he’s on his way home. So the cartoon starts to dial the number and waits for Henry to pick up. 

It rings a few times, making Bendy tap his foot nervously. 

Hello, this is Henry. I can’t reach the phone right now, so if you can leave your name and message, I will get back to you.” 

Bendy gulped a bit, but he was smiling nervously as he heard the beep. “H-Hi, Henry. This is Bendy. I, uhh, just want to see when you are on your way home…umm…h-hope that you get this message. I love you, bye.” He hangs up. 

He was starting to get nervous. 

Henry is never this late before. Just as he was gonna put in Henry’s phone number in again after waiting a half an hour, the phone rings, making him jolt. Maybe it was Henry? He answers the phone. “H-Hello?” 

Is this Bendy?” It was a female voice, but he knew who it was. “Y-Yes, Mrs. Caster. It’s me…is…is Henry there with you?” Bendy asked. He knows that Henry’s boss, Mrs Caster, would call the house every now and then about work and talk to Henry about it. So he was use to her calling here. 

But it was now getting more nervous that she didn’t answer Bendy’s question. “…listen, I am gonna come and pick you up to take you somewhere, okay?” She said softly. Bendy’s form was starting to melt a bit from the stress he’s getting right now.

Is…is Henry….is Henry there with you?” Bendy asked again. 

….something happened to Henry…he’s in the hospital…” 

Bendy froze at the spot, the phone slipping out of his grip as he starts to breathe heavily and fast.  

As they arrived at the hospital, Bendy was a nervous wreck, Mrs. Caster having a hold of Bendy’s hand with her own, trying to keep Bendy calm the best she can. Her blue eyes glanced at Bendy, who had a hand on his head to keep himself calm and under control. 

“He’ll be alright, Bendy…he’s in surgery right now. All we have to do is wait…” She said softly, squeezing his hand. 

….h-how did this happen?” He asked, looking at her as inky tears welled up in his eyes. 

“It was a hit and run….a drunk driver rammed his car from the side….they got the driver and Henry got transported to the hospital…” 

Bendy looks away from Mrs. Caster, inky tears rolling down his cheeks. The woman sighed as she wrapped one arm around him to pull him into a side hug, letting him bury his face into her side, silent sobs wrecking his body. 

A doctor walked up to them, making Mrs. Caster look up at him. 

“Mr. Ross has suffered a concussion and a mild eternal bleeding. and we had to do surgery on his side to stop the eternal bleeding and to fix two broken ribs. He will have a hard time breathing for a few months, but after good rest he will be fine.” The doctor smiled. 

Mrs. Caster smiled as she looks down at Bendy, who looks up at her. “See? He will be fine.” She smiled, then looks up at the doctor. “Are we allow to see him?” She asked. 

The doctor nods. “Yes, but he will be a bit out of it from the heavy pain medication he is in right now.” He said, Mrs. Caster carrying Bendy in her arms, which he wrapped his arms around her shoulder as she balanced him on her hip, walking behind the doctor. 

They did get glances from other nurses and doctors, not seeing Bendy before when they worked here, but Bendy didn’t seem focus on them at all, only wanting to see Henry. 

They got to the room and when the doctor opened the door, Bendy’s heart heaved at the mere sight of Henry. 

He was pale as a ghost, breathing raspy breaths through the breathing mask he was hooked onto, a heart monitor tracking his heart beat, IV hooked onto his arm to give him fluids as he was unconscious. 

“I’ll be back in a few hours to change his IV fluid bag. Call me if he regains conscious.” The doctor said and Mrs. Caster nods. 

They were left alone as she lets Bendy onto a chair. He had a hold of Henry’s hand immediately when he was close enough. “H-Henry! It’s me, Bendy! Remember, your little buddy? You can wake up now!” He asked, smiling a bit nervously. 

As Mrs. Caster looks at him, she didn’t have the heart to say anything. Only let the little toon try to talk to Henry. 

“….I never said be careful this morning to you, Henry…” This made Mrs. Caster look at Bendy, who had both hands on Henry’s arm. 

E-Everytime you go out to somewhere, I always tell ya to be careful…this morning…I never got the chance to say it because I was so exhausted from the other night…but…but I’m here, now…so it’ll be all okay, right?” 

No response from Henry, this made the Bendy sob a little.

Y-Ya got to wake up, Henry…please…y-ya gotta….” Bendy sniffed until he laid his hand on his arm, starting to sob at what happened to Henry. The next thing he knew, he was asleep after crying himself to sleep. 



Bendy was in a dark void, crying as he was on his knees, sobbing the loudest he could hear himself. He was unsure where he was or what was happening, but he did not care. 

He didn’t know what to do at this point. “H-Henry…you…you can’t go..I don’t wanna be alone…..” the little toon sobbed. 


Bendy looks up at the source at where the sound was coming from, tears rolling down his cheeks.. A first, he did not see anything…but he started to see a crack. 


It gotten louder, even the crack was getting bigger, as if something was trying to punch through whatever Bendy was surrounded in. Then after one last thooming sound, the source broke through, a binding light surging through the area, nearly blinding Bendy as he forced to turn away. 

When he turned to look at the source, a confused look on his face. He could not see the large figure within the light, but he could see the figure reaching down, offering a hand to him. 

The hand laid flat against the ground, offering Bendy out of the dark realm that he was in. 

At first, Bendy didn’t trust the figure, but…it seemed so familiar to him. 

So with hesitation, he climbed onto the hand. He did jolt a bit when the hand moved underneath him, slowly lifting him up from the dark realm. He winced at the sudden light when he was out of the dark area. 

But this did give him a chance to see the figure as he looks up at the figure that helped him out of the dark figure that he was in. 

It…looked like an ink monster, like he had the ability to as well, but…this figure seemed more familiar. What really stood him out was his spiked like hair. 

Kind of like….


The figure smiled at him softly and sadly, sighing softly, but he nodded. Bendy gasped loudly, shocked at what happened to him, but he didn’t seem to think about it as he stood up and managed to launch himself at him. 


He wrapped his arms tightly around his neck, sobbing loudly into his inky shoulder. Henry sighs softly as he had one hand around Bendy to comfort him, afraid that if he used both arms, he might hurt the little guy with his mere brute strength. 

But he did let him cry into his shoulder, letting him let all out until he felt all better, now only hearing tired sniffs and small hiccups from the small ink Demon. When he felt Bendy pull away to look at him, which Henry looks down at him. 

“H-How are you…?” He asked. Henry opened his free hand to show him and Bendy was surprised. 

A pentagram, which it was marked into his skin before it vanished into his hand again. Henry smiled a bit at Bendy, patting his small back in support. “Does….does this mean….you’ll…you’ll be okay?” He asked, looking up at him. 

Henry smiled more and nods, letting out a deep growl. 

As Henry pressed his forehead against Bendy’s, the toon felt himself blackening out before he heard a voice as his vision starts to black out. 

“….see ya when you wake up, bud…” 

Bendy can feel a hand slowly stroking the top of his head when he was coming out of his dream state, humming tiredly in his sleep before he starts to flutter his eyes open. 

It seemed to be late at night at the hospital, seeing it so dark outside from the window. But he was unsure who was petting the top of his head. 

When he looks up, he had a surprise look on his face. 

Henry was awake, smiling tiredly at him. He was slowly rubbing the top of Bendy’s head, trying to ease the small toon. “…hey, bud….” He said through his oxygen mask. 

H-Henry…..” Bendy’s inky tears starts to fall down his cheeks, starting to sob again, having a hold of Henry’s hand when he moved it to his cheek. Bendy kept muttering Henry’s name over and over until he felt Henry slowly pull him into a one arm hug. 

Bendy wrapped his arms around his neck but he was being gentle with his wounds. Henry could only sigh deeply, but he rubbed Bendy’s back in a comforting matter. “…I’m so sorry, bud….I’m so sorry….” He whispered. 

Bendy didn’t say anything, still sobbing into Henry’s shoulder until he calmed down after a minute, but he still refused to pull away from Henry. Henry didn’t object to it at all, knowing that he gave the toon a fright. 

“I’ll be fine bud…a bit woozy for awhile….but I’ll be okay….” He smiled, but wince as he starts to slide back down into the bed, feeling the medicine kicking in again. 

H…Henry?” He can hear the toon’s voice filled with worry, making his heart heave. “I’m fine…just…tired….” He can feel himself falling back asleep again. As he was about to fall asleep, he can feel Bendy snuggling up to his side, his head resting against his chest to hear his heart beat. 

He lets him, having one hand on the top of his head. Henry can feel himself falling back asleep, but he hear Bendy whisper something. 

….don’t leave me, Henry….” 

Henry smiled and give him an affectionate squeeze before he can feel himself drifting to sleep, the medicine fully kicking in. Bendy was asleep as well, breathing softly while snuggling up against his human friend. 



As the week passed, Henry was using a crutch to help support himself as he starts to walk up to the exit of the hospital, looking down at Bendy who had a hold of Henry’s other hand. 

Bendy seemed to look up at Henry nervously, but there was a smile on his face and this made Henry smile back. 

“I’ll be good as new soon, bud…I just need to take it easy for awhile, okay?” He said, squeezing his hand gently and Bendy nods. “Let’s go home, bud…” 

They both walked out of the hospital, going back to their old lives at their house. 

Okay, there you go guys!

As I said, I apologize in advance with all of the hearts I break in this so….that’s that. See you all in the next fanfic

Until then,