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simon and izzy are really starting to annoy me all they do is use raphael at this point i just ship raphael + happiness.

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I'm double biased by jin and V, and ahg! I really can't decide. Sometimes I look at jin and I think 'wow what a beautiful human' but then I see V and is like 'WHY IS HE SO BEAUTIFUL! THIS IS UNFAIR!'


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“Sorry about that…!”

Have I mentioned that the latest chapters of Noragami have ripped my heart to shreds, rubbed salt in it, thrown the pieces against the wall, lit the pieces on fire, and then stomped on the ashes? Because yeah. That.

the hug at the end of 72 was great so I had to draw it because OH MY GOSH do I sense an angst-storm coming


This spider looked like a grass spider, the common kind you might see anywhere in the west, except for its size.  Its body, excluding the legs, was at least 1.5 inches long.  If you are familiar with cottonwood leaves, look at the dry leaves in the second photo for a sense of scale.

Cochise County, Arizona (the home of big, healthy spiders), February 2017.  

Update from tobyaudax and britsnana2: She’s a wolf spider, though the stripes are common in grass spiders.

The sign of four is even worse than the sign of three pining wise because Holmes hasn’t done anything to betray Watson’s trust yet, but Watson still leaves him. And all the while Watson is falling for Mary Morstan, Holmes is like pacing all night, can’t eat and Watson is concerned for him but just. Totally misunderstands what he’s seeing. And the end is positively dire with Holmes saying right in front of Watson that at least he has morphine left to him.

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and the other boys put out for the August one. "There’s also some indication that Zayn was always meant to be on MITAM and they rearranged the parts unevenly after he was taken off of it." That's really interesting, do you have any post about that?

I think the first part of this post might have gotten eaten by Tumblr.

I never completely finished my post about MITAM.  I still need to go through and do some part distribution comparison with other albums.

The big ones that are really noticeable where the distribution is messed up are:

Liam sings 2 verses in a row on “I Want to Write You a Song” while Louis has no verse at all.  Louis sings the chorus 2 out of 3 times, but the chorus is very short in that song.  It’s weird that Liam has a verse, then the chorus comes, then Liam has another verse.  It’s the type of song Louis’ voice would work well with too.  It makes more sense to think Zayn was on one of the verses that Liam now has and that’s why Louis doesn’t have a verse.

On “If I Could Fly” there’s a breakdown where each boy is singing 1 line.  If you listen to it, though, Harry has 2.  He sings one and then he also sings the last one too.  The next line has vocal backing whereas the other 5 lines didn’t.  It sounds a lot like there were meant to be 5 lines sung by 5 different singers rather than 5 lines sung by 4 singers.

Harry sings an absurd amount of “Perfect”.  While this makes some sense because it’s a sort of stunt song to throw more attention at Haylor, it’s still crazy how much of the song he sings.  He leads the long chorus all 3 times and he’s also got the bridge.  He easily solos or leads on more than half of the song.  I think it was more like 2/3 even.  It would make more sense if someone else led at least one of the choruses that sandwich the bridge.

Liam sings pretty much the entire last 1/3 of “Long Way Down” by himself.  He sings a lot of the last verse and then he sings all the echoes leading into the end of the song.  For a band with 4 ostensible singers, it’s confusing why 1 of them would sing such a large uninterrupted chunk of a song.  The same goes for “Perfect” too.

In general, Harry and Liam seem to end up with more of certain songs than really seems natural.  There used to be a large split on the singing, but it had gotten better through MM and FOUR.  MITAM was a step backwards.

The other big indicator is what went on around “Drag Me Down’s” release. Basically, there were hints from the boys Zayn’s return was imminent, stalker fans and UA’s were claiming Zayn was in LA and possibly meeting up with the boys, Zayn responded to Liam on Twitter about the band anniversary, and then “Drag Me Down” came out unexpectedly but the date on iTunes was wrong.  

What it looks like is Zayn was supposed to return and the boys were supposed to release “Drag Me Down” right after to capitalize on the excitement.  Some BTS stuff went on with Zayn’s return and “Drag Me Down” was released a week early without Zayn.  It’s likely they had 2 versions of the song, one with him and one without.  The 2 posts I have about this with a few more details are: http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/145990041883/could-you-explain-what-you-mean-by-the-drag-me#notes and http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/130973318148/must-consider-the-release-of-drag-me-down#notes

I can’t tell if you knew about this or were asking about it, but something important to understanding what was going on around August 2015 is knowing that 3 patterns of hints plus the original “Drag Me Down” release date all converged at the same time. 2 of the patterns are here: http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/141932812163/i-dont-get-how-niall-wearing-all-black-has#notes.  The 3rd is here: http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/130997640818/5th-of-the-month#notes

(Edit: It was actually 4 patterns… 2 of them served the same purpose and slightly overlapped, but they helped indicate different potential return periods: yellow sticker (late July) and batman references (mid-late August), the other 2 are the 5th of the month events and Niall’s all black clothing in concert; anyway, the 1st link actually has 3 patterns in the posts linked to it)