As promised a (very) rough tutorial on the armor assembly. I’m kinda messing around with my method right now, trying things in different orders and seeing what’s most comfortable for me. Still, I hope this gives people a general idea.
If you have any questions or if something is unclear, let me know.

Dyes/Dye Products used:
Tandy Eco-flow Silver Waterstain
Tandy Eco-flow Oil Based Dye: Range Brown
Tandy Eco-flow Oil Based Dye: Bison Brown
Tandy Eco-flow Leather Sealer: Shiny Sheen
Latex free gloves (these are important!)

Medium Double Cap Silver Rivet
Line 20 Silver Snap

Leather scissors
Plastic anvil board
Hole Punch
Med. Rivet setting tool w/ metal anvil
Multisize anvil kit

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It is Friday. You’ve survived the week again, and this time, left an entire year buried in your wake. Time to celebrate, and release your inner winged darkness with some BootWings or RavenWings

And before I hear the usual “But I don’t have boots with LACES!” let me say this. If it laces, you can put a wing on it. Hightop sneakers? Wing-able. That corset that needs just a little something for a new accent on it? Wing-able. Your hair? POTENTIALLY WING-ABLE. (Note- if someone gets them to work as hair wings, I so want to see pictures). Hells, if you wanted, you could likely just lace a ribbon wrapped around your wrist or ankle through a wing to add it on as an accent. So go forth, get yourself some winged awesomeness, and be ready to take flight with it at a moment’s notice. Here’s those links again: 

Bootwings: http://tormentedartifacts.com/bootwings.html

Ravenwings: http://tormentedartifacts.com/ravenwings.html


Fun notes:

There are actual plates that are riveted into that leather.

Over 100 Rivets were used in the creation of the Stark armor.

Unlike most “Cat Armor” that you will see online. Ours provides full neck protection, gut protection, while maintaining Mobility.

Thus making this actual functional cat armor.

So if somebody sends you one of the pictures of cat armor that go around… reply with us. =^.^=

Staying Present in the Process with Maria Solovey

For more stories from the Russian-speaking community, follow @instagramrussia. To learn more about Maria and her family, follow @maria_solovey on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Russian)

“It’s not just a way to make money; it’s a big school of life,” says Maria Solovey (@maria_solovey) from Abinsk, Russia. She and her husband wanted to work with their hands outside of their full-time jobs and decided to build a leather and textile workshop. “We always dreamed of a family business, where we could hand down our traditions,” says Maria, who does her best to stay present every time she creates something new: “I’m inspired by the calm happiness that comes from hard work and when you’re able to experience the process — not just chasing the final product.”

Character Series: DC’s Poison Ivy

Character: Alchemist Poison Ivy/Original Poison Ivy

Desigher/Cosplayer: Eva Birch of The White Dragon Armory and Cosplay


Created with leather, scale mallie, calf suede, deer suede, worbla for the vines only, resin cast crystals with changing lights, and customized boots. All created by myself. All sewing was hand sewn including the entire jacket and front flap. The wig is not quite complete but is a combination of wefts, pony tail clip sewn in and a matilda in crimson from Arda Wigs.


These monstrous boxes remind us of The Luggage, one of our favorite recurring characters in the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett’s indescribably awesome Discworld series. The Luggage is a large chest made of sapient pearwood, “half suitcase, half homicidal maniac,” that will follow its owner absolutely anywhere and serves as fearsome bodyguard, battering ram, henchman and, of course, luggage carrier.

Inspired by the shape-shifting Mimic monsters from Dungeons & Dragons, these fantastic Mimic Monster Boxes are the work of Mellie Z of Fine Line Leather Design based in Lehighton, PA. They’re handmade using leather (usually resembling the hide of a fantasy beast) that’s sculpted around a wooden base. They’re brought to life with the addition of vivid paints, expressive glass eyes, beastly fake teeth, and sometimes patches of fur as well.

Mellie Z makes a wide variety of other fantasy-themed leather goods and also takes custom orders for her Monster Boxes, which can be made anywhere from 3 inches to 3 feet wide. They may not be able to sprout hundreds of tiny legs or devour your worst enemy, but they are wonderfully fearsome and each clearly has its own unique personality.

Visit the Fine Line Leather Design website, Facebook page and Etsy shop to learn more and to check out Mellie Z’s other awesome creations.

[via Demilked]


.. archaical’s a great model/photographer to work with, so when it came time to shoot the new Ambassador Harness, there was no question it was going to her, and her Postapocalyptic Little Red Riding Hood concept for the shoot just tells a great story at the same time. 

Modeling/Photography credit: archaical (FB page here)

Ambassador Harness by Tormented Artifacts, available RIGHT HERE.