Tumblr Crushes. :3

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1.) counterintuitivefangirl - Laurennnn. I hate her. She gives me too many feels and makes bad puns about the Hale fire. I hate her so much. She’d better never leave me. You need to follow her and your life will be complete.

2.) leatherwolfjackets - You have to follow her. She’s amazing. <3 

3.) wherestheangeles - Jiiinnaaaa. Oh my goodness. Follow her. Follow her right now. She’s the absolute best. She’s my tumblr bff. <3 

4.) chadleymacguff - Funniest fucking dude in the world. If you’re not following him you’re doing tumblr wrong. 

5.) heyysourwolf - Caattthyyyy. Omg. She’s so amazing (And she’s actually Pocahontas disguised as a pre-med student) I’m currently writing her a Sterek AU because she’s so awesome. If you don’t follow her, you’re doing the Teen Wolf fandom wrong. (also her fic recs are awesome, but she’s already got them organized nicely on her sidebar so DON’T ASK.) 

6.) shipsinthenavyyard - Where you go for all things NCIS. <3 

7.) hotashalefire - Love this blog. Love everything about it. Follow it. Follow it right the fuck now. 

8.) tylerposeysjawline - Love her. I fangirled when she followed me. Follow her now. Right now. RIGHT. NOW. 

9.) derekhale - For all things Teen Wolf. <3