I’m not even kidding guys…I already ordered 2!

A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair

Andrew Liszewski

A Leatherman multi-tool hanging off your belt is a great way to stay prepared for emergencies, but it means you look like someone with a Leatherman hanging off their belt—and that part’s not so great. This innocuous hair clip is a better alternative. It manages to replicate the functionality of quite a few tools, but will all but disappear when used to keep your bangs at bay.

It can serve as a flat-head screwdriver, even for fixing those tiny screws on your glasses. It’s got a 5/16 wrench for tackling the occasional bolt, and there’s a serrated edge for hacking through rope, but hopefully not hacking through your hair when worn. It could very well be the smallest multi-tool you can buy for just $10, trumped only by the Q-Tip when it comes to cost versus functionality.



AAC’s SHOT Show 2014 booth. They always have a way of putting there point across. This year is the map of the United States, last year was “Silencing is not a Crime.”

AAC’s 7.62 NATO suppressor can be used from 204 Ruger on up to 7.62 NATO. Just purchase the corresponding flash suppressor for your threading and you’ll have one can for most of your rifles.


Leatherman RAPTOR…….

In my experience there are few tools on the market that can beat the Leatherman brand. I have used SOG, Gerber and owned a few cheaper variants however my Leatherman tools are the ones that have always came out on top!

I’m convinced that whilst over in Afghanistan and on duty here in the UK it was my Leatherman Charge Ti that made life just that bit easier.

So now being part of SAR it makes sense to have that same reliability.
The Raptor medical shears are a true tool that when “time is life” why trust it to a cheaper variant.

These are super sharp will cut motorcycle leathers and tuff denim! Not many shears on the market could do that, Iv even had other brands bend or break during use not good.

These also feature -

A rescue hook
Ring cutter
Window punch
Oxygen cylinder key
Lanyard ring
Pocket clip

The sheath is great it will fit normal belts and MOLLE webbing. It can take the shears either closed or in the open position.

If you are in a profession where you need a tool like this, I could not recommend them high enough! Perfect for SAR, military, police, EMT and fire fighters.

Stay safe,



Leatherman Signal – Survivalist Multi-Tool

Leatherman has announced a new ‘survivalist’ multi-tool yesterday at the U.S. Shot Show. It includes a ferrocerium fire starter and diamond-coated file, that are both removable, and a whistle, as well as a lot of the usual Leatherman features (knife, pliers with replaceable wire cutters, saw, hammer etc.)

The mixture of black, silver and a survival yellow make for as really good looking Multi-Tool that is truly designed for those woodland outings.

Check out Leatherman’s full write up here.