Micro Kit from 20 dollar bandit………

This here is the Micro pouch and Micro medical kit from 20 dollar bandit. I have been carrying this for around two months now as a means to organise my EDC. Mine is in Kryptek Highlander but they come in a variety of colours.

The micro medical kit is aimed at a means to treat small injuries and easily fits in a pocket or your wallet. (I carry a second in my HPG kit bag for SAR) I am thinking of adding one to my TAD Stealth also.

My pouch contains -

Micro medical kit
CPR face shield
Mini glow sticks
Custom SAK from ru-titley-knives
Fisher Space Pen
LED Lenser P3 torch
Leatherman Squirt
Some Tech / Kevlar cord
X4 heavy duty paper clips
Duct Tape
Mk 4 CyFlect marker from ru-titley-knives

These kits a great for if like me you pack your gear on a modular load out system. Giving you quick and easy access to the gear you need.


As a company there customer service and speedy dispatch was great.

Go check them out.

Stay safe,