As we start to transition from fall to winter, and as you start searching for the perfect winter coat, remember to avoid feathers, fur, leather, and wool. These materials belonged to a sentient animal who was likely trapped, abused, and then killed for your coat. There are tons of inexpensive alternatives like polyester, cotton, nylon, faux leather/suede, or synthetic fleece. You can also shop second hand.

Ravenclaw: Whose leather jacket is this?
Gryffindor: I don’t know. Slytherin’s probably.
Hufflepuff: It’s mine.
Gryffindor and Ravenclaw: Huh?
Hufflepuff: The coat. It’s mine. What a Hufflepuff can’t wear a leather jacket?
Gryffindor: But you are soooo pure.
Hufflepuff: For the last time Gryff not all Hufflepuffs are soft and snuggly.