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Happy 100th Birthday, Bucky

@bucky-plums-barnes proposed a little writing game to celebrate the 100th anniversary of James Buchanan Barnes. This is kink #54: Writing a smut fic to each other and reading it to them.

Join ‘100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday’

A/N: I think I must say this is my very first smut, so some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Warnings: smut, oral sex.

Words: 1536. 


“Hey, doll?” Bucky calls as he walks to the couch and plops down next to you, his muscular arm around your frame and pulling you closer to him. You close your book and look at the object in his hands: your notebook. Your smut notebook.

Your eyes open wide. “Where did you get that?”

“I was in my bag and I’ve never see it,” he shrugs. Then looks at you, his pupils blown and licks his lips slowly. “There are some pretty interesting things here, doll.”

“You think?”

His left hand comes to your waist. His fingers caress you through your clothing, but not even the fabric can keep the cold sensation from you.

“Mmhm,” Bucky nods. He dips his head to bury his face in your neck. His hot breath sends shivers all over your body and you let out a sigh. He places an open-mouthed kiss on the sensitive skin behind your left ear. “In fact,” his voice is low and husky, your stomach flips at the sound, “If you want,” he kisses your jaw, “We can,” he kisses the top of your neck, “Try some things,” he kisses your throat, “You wrote,” then he kisses your right shoulder. His lips decent in a wet trail to the valley between your breasts.

You hiss as his hot tongue darts out to lick a firm trail on your right breast, damn too near your nipple, but purposely keeping his distance from it. Only to drive you crazy.

“I’d love that.”

It is all you had to say before his hands travel through your body, an arm around your back and the other behind your knees. Bucky raises from the couch, a grin on his lips. You smile back and wrap your arms around his neck. He walks soundly to the bedroom, where he stops at the center and sets you down, and not letting go of you. Bucky clings to your waist, not letting your body away more than the necessary for you to talk looking into each other’s eyes. He extends his hand, asking for your notebook. You place it on his open palm.

Bucky opens the notebook, but you take it back before he can start reading.

“I’ll choose.”

He grins, his other arm circling your waist again, “Please do, doll.”

You don’t hesitate. You know exactly which smutty fanfic you want to become real.

You take your time to find the right page though, your fingers lingering on each page you touch, your tongue licking your lips that were partly open. When Bucky’s own tongue wets his lips, your knee creeps up, touching the inside of his thighs.

Bucky closes his eyes and inhales sharply. He growls, “[Y/n], have your found the page yet?”

“Humm,” you touch your fingertips with your tongue and flip to the next page, his pupils covers almost all the blue of his irises. “Here,” you hand it to him.

He detangles one hand from you, takes the notebook and reads. “He lays me down on the bed, my head rests on his pillow as he slowly removes my clothes.” Bucky smiles at you and, even though your cheeks have a little blush from the situation, you smile back. He places the notebook on the headboard.

“I have my instructions, doll. Now relax.”

Bucky gently pushes your back until your knees hit the mattress. With both hands on your back, Buck helps you lay down. He places his pillow under your head. His palms roam your skin from your jaw down your waist until he reaches your ankles, where he rests his left hand as the other reaches for the book. You sigh happily. Perhaps this wouldn’t be as uncomfortable as you initially thought.

He removes your shoes and socks, giving each foot a quick rub before setting them on the mattress again. His hands inch up to the hem of your pants, where he works on the button and slid it down your legs, his lips breathing a hot line right after his metal hand.

Bucky is on top of you, shirtless now, with his hands – cold and warm - pushing your shirt up. The sudden and constant difference of temperature draw a moan from your mouth. He uses the strong muscles in his arms to lower his torso to breathe a chuckle in your unclad lower stomach. He rises and continues his work, your raise your arms to help him.

As your bra has a frontal clasp, there is no problem. He takes if off you and tosses it over his shoulder. Bucky caresses your breasts with his fingers, his thumbs quickly massaging your hard nipples and you squirm for a moment. Once again, his palms traces your body from top to bottom, but this time, his mouth places open-mouthed kisses right after his hands. Your eyes close and you sigh again.

He reads, “Once his steel eyes focused on my naked body, his hands separate my legs and he plays like only he knows with my pussy. Doll, prepare yourself.”

You don’t have time to before he lowers himself to your center, depart your thighs with his hands, placing them on his shoulders, your knees lightly bent, and his teeth graze over your core before nipping at them. His hands stroke your smooth skin wherever it can find. He doesn’t warn you before his tongue licks a thick stripe from your opening to your clit.

His long hair tickles your lower stomach, goosebumps tingling all over your body. His tongue starts bouncing your clit, his tongue playing with it.

Your back arches and your hands grab a hold of the sheets.

“Bucky,” you whimper, breathing hard, eyes closing.

His mouth parts from you so he could say, “Read something, doll.”

You scramble through the sheets to found the notebook, opening it at a random page with a yellow sticker (which were your favorites).

His thumb goes up to my breast,” you wheeze, “his thumb finding the swollen nipple almost instantly. He keeps sucking and using his tongue on my bundle of nerves.”

His warm hand does as told, making you mumble. “James.”

He groans, “Doll, your time to read.”


Bucky reaches into the drawer in his nightstand and takes a leather-covered notebook from it. He arches one eyebrow while a sly smile dances on his lips, “You think you’re the only one who writes?”

You hurriedly get it from his hands and open. Your eyes widen. You thought you wrote a lot, but boy, does he have more written fanfics than you do.

“Choose one,” he moans, his mouth kissing down your legs.

You glance over page by page, scamming the words quickly, trying to find one that pleases you. It is so hard to choose, perhaps because they’re so good, and detailed, perhaps because you want to make them all true, and Bucky’s touches on your core with his narrow fingers are not helping you focus. At. All.

So you settle on the last one. Your eyes blurry for a second as he sucks a breath on your clit, and you squirm as his tongue spreads your wetness around you.

She moans as I squeeze her thigs with one hand as the other goes under her leg to hold her stomach. She can’t stop squirming,” you breathe, “Are you a psychic or something?”

Bucky lets out a chuckle, his hot breath tickling your folds. Your feet curl as your back arches once again. His human hand goes under your leg and his hand keeps you still by pressing firmly and gently on your stomach. His metal hand squeezes and caresses your thigh, pressing a certain spot behind your knee. The cold sensation on burning hot skin make you writhe beneath him.

He moans into you and you cry his name, intertwining your fingers into his shaggy hair, pulling at it lightly.

His tongue trails back to your clit, circling around it. Then he moves lower and thrusts into you slowly. His hands firlmy pressing your breast and thigh, his mouth devouring you… It takes no time for you to come undone. His hands travel to your hips, keeping you still as you squiggle.

When Bucky looks up, he decides he is blessed by such a vision. Your eyes are closed tightly, your hair all over the – his – pillow, your chest moving wildly as you breath hard, your breast jumping as you tremble with the overwhelming sensation his touches provide. A sheen of sweat covers your skin, mixing with his own. You are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.

Once your climax dies down, you glance at the screen in your phone, pressing the home button to light the screen up. 00:03.

“Hey, Buck?” you call, your voice hoarse, as your fingers card his long hair.

Bucky closes his eyes and hums in acknowledgement.

“Happy birthday.”        

His smile stretches across his face, “Thank you for my present.”

“There’s plenty more coming, Sergeant.”

“Oh yeah?” he uses his arms to hover over you.

“Bucky,” you plead, opening your eyes, “Fuck me.”

If there is one thing in the world Bucky doesn’t need instructions, besides killing people, is how to make you see stars.


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Hi guys! Firstly, I apologise for the terrible quality of pictures but anyway! One of my followers requested a few photos of my Arc Customisable Notebook from Staples so I thought I’d just go with a quick walkthrough of mine. 

I use my Arc for the 3 subjects I’m studying at school and it’s a really great system. I purchased the A4 leather black notebook - the leather is really good quality and I’ve only had mine for about 2 months now and it’s still in great condition (but I am very careful). As you can see in the 2nd photo, that is the inside of the Arc. There are 3 slits for business cards, I place my student ID in there and a legend for my notes. Also there is a larger flap, which I don’t really use but you could place folded pages there. You can also see the dividers, which come in a pack of 5 (either plain black, or coloured - blue, yellow, purple, orange, green). I use them to divide each of the sections: to-do pages/spare paper, economics, business, legal and plastic sleeves. The dividers are quite thick and sturdy, and come with labels but I chose not to use them. The 3rd photo shows the Ruled Paper which comes with the notebook (and which you can buy separately). It’s lovely and thick at 100gsm. None of the pens I have used have bled through. It’s a good layout with a title box and date box. The spacing is about 0.6mm, which isn’t huge but I have small writing so it’s not a problem for me. The 4th photo is just an example of what my notes look like inside the Arc. I write in-between the lines, rather than on the lines, just because I prefer how it looks. The 5th photo shows the to-do list pages which you can purchase. I usually use the first column for the date or priority, but I am thinking of using it like a bullet journal! The 6th photo is just showing how the pages detach. It is impressively sturdy and I’ve not had a problem at all of pages falling out. It’s best to clip it in at the top and bottom first then work down. It’s really easy to pull out the Arc too, the thickness of the paper is great as it rarely tear or bend the edges (it will do with a lot of moving around!) like normal 80gsm paper does. Having the moveable pages has been great for me, for example after we finish a topic I can pull out each of the pages, refill the book and it’s good as new! The final photo is mainly to show the task-pad accessory, which I use for quick jotting of homework and in legal for cases/laws which I should research. As you can see it the 2nd photo, I also purchased page flags which I haven’t used yet but they’re transparent and I don’t think you can write on them. You can also purchase plastic sleeves, which I haven’t taken a picture of but they are really good too. They punch in like the pages, however they do stick out further than the regular note paper and the dividers.

In general if you’re thinking of purchasing the arc, you can get a poly or leather cover notebook in either A4, A5, A6. The poly cover is cheaper than the leather however, I purchased the leather because I knew I would prefer it and I’m planning to use this for a long time so it’s more of an investment! You can purchase many colours and styles, you can see on the website. Also, I suggest purchasing the Arc Hole Punch if you’re planning on adding in your own pages. I usually punch in a timetable at the front of my Arc. If you’re planning to print off your own pages I recommend buying 100gms paper specifically. It lasts a lot longer when you’re using the notebook a lot. With the Arc, you can also purchase expansion disks so if you’re using a lot of paper you can expand your arc.

However, I just have to say a few flaws which I have found! Firstly, it was expensive to purchase with all the bits included. This makes me a little nervous about taking it around school since I don’t want it damaging, but so far it’s being okay since I’m careful with it! Secondly, it is rather large to have fully open with other people seated next to you. You can fold the Arc but it’s not perfectly flat with all the inserts which makes it tricky to write. Also, my teachers give a lot of worksheets which would overflow my notebook if I were to store them in the Arc, so I have to use a separate display folder. 

To summarise quickly, it’s a really good piece of stationary! it’s great quality and I would recommend it for either a notebook or planner (Staples also sell diary pages for the Arc). If you have any questions, feel free to message me! You can also check out my /tagged/myself for more pictures :-) x

Two Sides

Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Summary: Every war and battle has more than one point of view. The one they’re in is no exception to the rule.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
3,714 words

Notes: I got a request this week asking for another view from The Apartment Chronicles to show what Bucky’s lady was up to during the real fight during Civil War so here we go! This isn’t exactly exclusively Bucky centric but I hope you guys enjoy it anyway. Also, let’s pretend that there’s enough time between the fights for this whole thing to happen…lmao. Guess that’s it. Happy reading! <3

*Prequel to The Apartment Chronicles but you can read them separately just fine!

It’s meant to be like any other of your days together and it definitely starts off in that way.

Waking up in a mess of sheets and intertwined limbs, having a quick breakfast filled with sleepy kisses and sighs, getting ready with cheeky glances and jokes to then go out – alert and always ready for a fight, but still taking the time to appreciate the outside world.

It can sound absurd to anyone the fact that the Winter Soldier takes a day to go out grocery shopping and running errands but you personally think he decides to not put much thought into it, rather enjoying living a normal life and having the chance of relearning things again.

If he can even label himself as normal, even if he’s no longer an animal that has been kept caged up for decades.

But at least he tries to.

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more nurseydex!! bc this ship is better than y’all think!!!

pairing: nurseydex

title: i will not ask you

words: 2,208

find it on AO3 too!


The thing that Dex doesn’t realize about Nursey is that he’s a little more observant than he lets on. 

It’s Sunday in the Haus, with everyone invited over for Bitty’s brunch with friends. It’s peaceful (in the way the Haus was peaceful) and the frogs and tadpoles sat around on the couch and floor, eating Bitty’s pancakes slowly as they listened to Shitty (who had stolen away from Harvard just that weekend) recount the tales of some his first kegsters at Samwell.

“–Absolutely drunk out of my goddamn mind. I ended up stealing someone’s chiffon skirt and six inch pumps just for the Hell of it and-OH, Jack! Remember how I fell on top of you trying to go upstairs with the whiskey in my hands!?”

Jack leans forward with his own plate in his hands, comfortable next to Bitty. His smile contradicts his words. “Don’t remind me.”

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Breathe [Jungkook]

Originally posted by jeonggukaf

Summary: In which Jungkook is hopelessly in love with you and ends up telling you this after a tragic panic attack you experienced.

Word count: 2 849

Type: Angst/ little fluff

Member: Jungkook from BTS

A/N: So, an anon requested this and I don’t know, I got a bit carried away with the plot, lol. I’ll tag this scenario as a slightly triggering scenario for those who are sensitive to these kinds of things, just remember to breath in and out calmly and you’ll be okay. I hope this is still okay, anon! I hope you guys enjoy this just as much as I loved writing it! I love each and every one of my baby stars, happy reading! x

XOXO Admin Tina :)x


You burst into the BTS practice room without warning, smiling from ear-to-ear as you walked inside, shutting the door behind you and simply stood there, watching in amazement as the boys you grew extremely close to over the space of fours years, even before their debut. You swayed your hips and waved your hands in the air as you jammed along to the new song they were practicing their comeback performance to. You smiled as you danced along with them, feeling accomplished and proud of the boys who became one of the biggest bands in Kpop and how much effort and time they put into everything they did just for their fans. You felt extremely humbled by this, your heart warming at the thought of them before you watched them rehearse the last of their performance.

You cheered loudly for them all, clapping your hands encouragingly when you saw them dance to the chorus of their new song, watching all the boys almost take off their jacket, exposing their skin that glistened in the lights above them because they wore sleeveless shirts that you were more than convinced their fans would go crazy over. They slipped their jackets back on, completing their dance which you needed to thank their choreographer for creating because of how beautiful and unique it was. Soon you heard the sound of the song begin to fade into the humid air of the practice room, watching the boys end off their dance with their last pose, clapping enthusiastically when the song had come to a complete stop and they stood back up again.

That was so good guys! I’m so proud of you! You’re all so good!” You praised them countless of times, a bright smile spread across your face that glowed with sunshine and beauty, walking over to the boys who collapsed onto the wooden floor of their practice room and sat there lazily either playing dead, tapping away on the screens of their phones, swallowing the remainder of their water in their bottle or just staring at you.

You sat down with the boys you felt like you knew for a lifetime, smiling happily and laughing loudly as you made conversation with the boys, earning a lot of smiles and hearing a lot of angelic laughter when you told them updates on how your own career was going and when you teamed up with some of the boys to randomly dance to songs they had on shuffle. It felt really good to be around the boys once again, after your successful comeback alone, your schedule had seriously gotten so busy that you didn’t even have time to even register what was happening, so this obviously meant you didn’t have time for anything else, especially just to hangout with the boys who were just as busy. But finally, after a few months of working yourself until you couldn’t work any longer, your schedule seemed to slow down and you finally found time to do some of the things you couldn’t do a few months back. You looked at all their faces when you talked to them, seeing their happiness beyond the tiredness that laid beneath and sent a warm smile towards everyone because you appreciated how much work they were putting in for this comeback and knew that this comeback would be a successful one.

I’m hungry.” Jin whined dramatically with an upset facial expression as he shut his eyes and whined to all of you, falling to the wooden floor and making a snow angel on the floor, even if there wasn’t any snow and it looked incredibly stupid doing this without snow and out of the blue.

“When aren’t you hungry?” Yoongi asked back honestly and bluntly with an extreme amount of sass, causing you, Jimin and Taehyung to snicker like children on the playground as to what Yoongi said to Jin.

“Hey, why don’t we just order food?” Namjoon suggested smartly, picking at the laces of his Timberland shoes while murmurs of the boys talking to one another made their way into your ears.

“But I actually feel like going out to get something to eat.” You mentioned to the boys, extending your arms behind you and resting your hands against the floor while you sat comfortably like this with your legs stretched out.

“Let’s go to Burger King! I still have coupons that fan gave me at fansign event, I’m sure they haven’t expired yet.” Taehyung suggested hopefully, showing he really wanted to visit the fast food restaurant and nobody could really say no to him when he smiled his rectangular smile so everyone agreed on going to Burger King, after a round of rock, paper, scissors of course because that was the solution to almost every decision the boys made. 

The boys quickly left the pratice room before you could even blink, leaving you in the silent room as you picked yourself off the floor and walked to the door, almost turning off the lights that they always forgot to turn off, but saw Jungkook still sitting on the floor, tapping on his phone with a focused or bothered look on his face.

Jungkook?” You called out for the maknae of the group of boys, hand on the door handle and gazing upon the boy who sat with his legs crossed and was too focused on whatever he was doing on his phone to realize the boys had already left a long time ago.

The boy looked up from his phone, an innocent facial expression setting on his face which unintentionally made you smile because of how pure and innocent he looked. “Yes?”

“The boys and I are going to Burger King, wanna tag along?” You asked the boy before you bit down on your lip, playing with the door handle in your hand and repeatedly pulling it downwards.

“Sure.” He agreed to your invitation, a angelic smile crafting its way onto his cute yet still handsome face as he stood up from his place on the floor, walking over to where you stood before he walked out of the room, leaving you to turn off the lights and close the door.

You walked out of the building, wishing everyone you passed in the hallways a good night and that they get home safely before you walked towards the black van parked outside, the door wide open as you heard the loud chatter of the boys. You rolled your eyes, smiling hopelessly because you knew the boys always tended to be loud whenever everyone had an opinion at the same time before you stood outside the van with Jungkook beside you.

“You two came here last and there’s only one seat,” Jin explained even though there was no need to, smirking just the tiniest bit towards you which started to make you think about what he was up to.

“What to do, what to do?” Jimin sang with an overjoyed smile before J-Hope sang along with the boy, just more enthusiastically and now screaming the sentence instead of singing it.

I know!” Taehyung mentioned with a look on his face that showed he had an idea, looking towards you before he explained, “Why doesn’t Jungkookie sit there and you sit on his lap?”



Your heads turned in the direction of one another, your eyes looking into one another’s as you asked Jungkook, “Why?”

Jungkook looked shocked for a solid moment, eyes slightly larger than before as they just stared at your eyes. His eyes then began to wonder places that weren’t where you were, a nervous smile breaking onto his face as he looked back at you and said, “I just thought that you’d be uncomfortable.”

You laughed at what he said, playfully shoving his shoulder as you did so before you simply smiled at the boy and said, “It’s not! I’ve been best friends with you for four years, I could never feel uncomfortable.”

You witnessed Jungkook shyly smile, a pretty pink blush spreading across his cheeks before he let out a light sigh and climbed into the car, sitting down on his seat before you climbed in and sat down on his lap, happily smiling at the thought of finally eating something after a long day of hardwork, not noticing how all the boys around Jungkook smirked or winked at him, causing his cheeks to flush a pretty pink colour once again and more than ever regret the moment he decided to tell the boys he liked you. 


Wait, what do you mean I’m doing my comeback in three days?” You asked your management team during the special meeting you had first thing in the morning when you got to work. You gazed upon the people who were the minds behind your success with shock, feeling yourself go numb and suddenly forget the simple task of breathing. 

“Your new song has been doing so well that nobody can really wait another two weeks for your comeback performance.” Your managed explained to you with an uneasy look on her aging face, picking roughly at the leather covered notebook she cradled in her arms which was a habit you noticed she did whenever she was nervous or unsure about something.

But-but….I’m not ready.” You admitted, still just as shocked as you were when you first received the news, feeling the beat of your heart began to race out of fear because if your first comeback performance had gone wrong, (which you thought it would) this would be the start of the end of your career. 

“We’ll get you ready.” Your manager promised you, even feeling just as much as little hope in this comeback performance as you did, cracking a smile and giving you a thumbs up before the meeting had ended and you were left with ten minutes before you’d start preparation for your comeback performance in three days. 

You sat down on the wooden floor of your practice room, sitting in silence while your worries for this performance began to creep up to you and devour you in the worst possible way. Before you could get the chance to go outside to get some fresh air due to the fact you knew a panic attack would come along, your heart began to thump so fast, punching against your ribcage and almost shattering it. Your lungs were now more desperate for air than ever, trying to get in as much oxygen as possible as you breathed in and out too quickly. Your body became weak and you couldn’t feel any longer, leaving your weak body to fall carelessly onto the floor. You felt tears brimming in your eyes, losing sight of what was above you and ahead of you, your chest tightening because of the lack of oxygen as you felt the walls of the practice room begin to close in on you, and there was not a damn thing you could do except lay there, tears in your eyes and breathing your last breathes of panic.

Jungkook left his practice room, finally telling himself that today was the day he would finally admit his feelings for you because there was nothing he should be afraid of because it was just you - a girl who shined brightly even on her darkest days, a girl who hung the stars and danced with the wolves, a girl who was the inspiration for every love song created, the girl of his dreams. He felt his hands becoming sweaty, wiping them on his pant leg so you wouldn’t complain about it later on when you held hands after your declarations of love to one another. 

He hummed along to the song softly playing in the elevator, counting down the floors he had to pass just to confess to you before he saw the doors open and he let out a nervous and shaky sigh, preparing himself for the worst or the best. He stepped out of the elevator, every step he took loudly echoing in his mind that could only think about the possibilities of what would happen next and the sound of his footsteps. He got to the door of your practice room, grabbing the handle but having his hand immediately slip off the handle because of how moist it became because of his nerves. He mumbled a quiet curse word underneath his breath, again wiping his shaky hand on his pant leg before he tried to open the door again, succeeding this time around and opening the door, smiling because he finally got the door open but that smile quickly faded when he saw you lying flat on the floor, chest rapidly rising up and down while your eyes let the rain run down your cheeks.

Without even thinking, Jungkook rushed over to your body that seemed to lack more and more life as time passed on, scooping you up in his arms and looking down at your almost lifeless figure, allowing the depressed tears fall onto the soft skin of your pale cheeks. Using one of his hands, he placed it against your cold cheek as his thumb caressed your cheek tenderly, letting out a choked sob as he calmly said, “Just breath in, just breath in.”

Even if you didn’t hear anything besides the sounds of yourself slowly fading away, you could hear Jungkook’s words loud and clearly in your mind. You squeezed your eyes tight, counting down any numbers as you felt his hand being removed from your cheek to your hair, stroking your head as he leaned inwards and kissed your forehead before another choked sob escaped his lips. You felt your breathing gradually slow down, still counting down any numbers in your head as a way to calm yourself down and live once again. You breathed out in relief, your chest rising steadily now as your eyes looked into the eyes of Jungkook, whose eyes were becoming red from crying over your panic attack. With the little energy left in your body and after many protests from your body, you sat up and looked at Jungkook.

“Thank you, Jungkook.” You gratefully thanked one of your greatest friends, throwing your arms at him and wrapping them around him, holding him tightly while your whole body, especially your heart, told you to never let go for he was special, for he was the one that would best suit the angelic princess you were, for he was the one. 

You held onto him for a little while longer, feeling most at home in his arms and in his presence before you found yourselves pulling away from one another, feeling Jungkook’s warm hands cup your face before he brought your face close to his, so close that you could almost feel the softness of his lips. “You’re okay, you’re okay - thank God, you’re okay.”

You stared into his eyes, those eyes that held all the stars and galaxies in them and those eyes you loved so dearly, feeling your heart beat again, but for a good reason - love. Your heart beat for him, only for him and only was filled with love for him. You swallowed a lump in your throat, your eyes glancing from his lips to his eyes again and again before an unsure Jungkook, with his eyes staring down at your pretty pink lips, leaned in inch by inch slowly, almost as if he expected you to push him away and claim you didn’t feel the same way about him but finally, after four years of denying your feelings for one another, four years of not wanting any other person in the whole entire world except one another, four years of your hearts growing old but still producing more and more love for another one, you finally kissed. In that moment, all your lips did was press against one another, just to get a feel of the reality of kissing the only person who truly mattered to you before Jungkook’s lips slowly moved, your lips moulding together in the sweetest and passionate way possible. Your hands quickly grabbed at his wrists, your hands gripping on any kind of rescue for the fatal fall of euphoria you were bounded to fall into with Jungkook as yours, both of your hearts exploding with the love you always locked away because this kiss was the key, they key to the forever lasting love between angels on earth who were specially made for one another. 

You felt the need to pull away from his lips before you’d cry as you kissed his lips for the first time, gripping his wrist tightly before you watched with eyes that began to blur as you heard him say in a soft but scratchy tone, “I love you. I’ve loved you before I even realized that I couldn’t exist without you. You’re the beat of my heart, the air and flowers in my lungs and the reason why I feel the need to exist on this planet. You’re my everything and I just thought you needed to hear it.”


Our ask box is always open, so feel free to send in any requests for scenarios, reactions, ships and texts! x 

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Gear used by a soldier at Waterloo.

1.) 1812 pattern Belgic Shako as worn by a centre company soldier of the Coldstream Guards during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. It has white worsted woollen cap cords and tassels, a brass cap plate bearing a Coldstream star in the centre, a black leather cockade worn on the left hand side red and white feathered plume to indicate that the wearer is from a centre company. If the soldier was from the Grenadier Company he would wear a white plume and from the Light Company a Green plume

2.) Fingerless woollen gloves

3.) Soldiers red short coat bearing the rank of Corporal, it was lined with course linen and had Royal Blue facings, white worsted lace pewter buttons in two’s as is the custom for the Coldstream Guards.

4.) Black linen stock and leather stock worn around the neck

5.) White waistcoat jacket, which had thinner sleeves than the body and would be worn under the red short coat or on its own for fatigue or off duty wear around the camp.

6.) Linen shirts and under garments

7.) Black painted canvas knapsack which contained all the soldiers personal equipment and possessions when on campaign, it bears the Star of the Garter with the words Coldstream Guards in the centre scroll. On the top is a rolled Greatcoat and mess tins held in place by pipeclayed buff leather straps

8.) Leather cartridge box which contained 60 rounds of pre-packed ball cartridge ammunition, it has a Coldstream Guards star fitted to it and was carried on the right hip by a pipeclayed buff leather shoulder belt. Also visible is the bayonet scabbard and crossbelt worn on the left side

9.) Wooden bowl containing a day’s ration of salted beef, rations would be carried in the linen haversack

10.) Pewter mug

11.) Hard tack biscuits and cheese, carried in the linen haversack

12.) Knife, fork and spoon kept in a linen bag and a day’s ration of bread

13.) Linen haversack worn on the left hip

14.) Soldier’s games, draughts and a board made from a piece of tent canvas, a pack of cards and a wooden yo-yo

15.) Grey woollen gaiters, with leather foot straps and pewter buttons

16.) Woollen socks

17.) Brass sundial compass

18.) Straight lasted shoes. The leather was rough side out and as they were straight lasted there was no right or left shoe; soldiers were expected to swop them around to prevent excessive wear on one side

19.) Leather pouch, containing coins, dice made from flattened musket balls

20.) Pocket watch on a length of woven binding

21.) Wooden water canteen on a leather strap worn on the left hip

22.) Washing and shaving kit

23.) Small mirror in a stout wooden frame

24.) Bone hair comb and bone handled toothbrush with horsehair bristles

25.) Clothes pegs

26 & 27.) Greased paper containing ‘black ball’, a mixture of tallow, beeswax and soot, used to polish and help waterproof shoes and cartridge box.

28.) Horse hair boot brushes and bristle cloths brush

29.) Wooden button stick, used to polish buttons and prevent clothing being stained in the process

30.) Tin containing finely ground brick dust, which was mixed with olive oil and used as a metal polish

31.) Small bristle scrubbing brush

32.) Sewing kit, containing linen and sinew thread, spare buttons, wooden thimble, wooden needle case and scissors

33.) Fife, a small, high-pitched instrument, similar to the piccolo

34.) Wooden cartridge block used to store ammunition

35.) Tin container stored below the wooden block, used to store additional packs of ammunition and spare musket flints

36, 37 & 38.) Flint, steel and tinder contained in a brass case and used to light fires

39.) Tin container for gun oil

40.) Gun tool and worm used to strip and reassemble the Brown Bess musket for cleaning and repair, it was a simple device made up of two screwdriver heads and pointed needle used to push out the metal pins holding the barrel to the stock, screwed onto the pin is a worm which could be screwed on to the ramrod and was used to help remove cleaning cloth or unfired charges from the barrel

41.) Feather spring clamp, used to remove the frizzen from the lock

42.) Ramrod puller, used to remove a ramrod stuck in the barrel or stock

43.) Musket flint with a scrap of notched leather and a piece of notched lead either of which would be placed around the flint and then helped secure the flint in the hammer

44.) Canvas case containing spare flints, stored in the cartridge box tin

45.) Leather lock stall, used to place over the frizzen to protect it and prevent accidental sparking that could fire the weapon

46.) 17" triangular socket bayonet which fitted onto the musket, the same fitting method was subsequently used for the modern electric light

47.) Soldiers pen knife

48.) Reading glasses

49.) 1807 British Army drill regulations and leather covered notebook

50.) Brown Bess musket was in service from 1722 to 1838 - some were even shipped to the Crimea in 1854. It weighed 4.8kg and was made up of three component parts the lock, stock and barrel. It had an effective range of 100 meters but was capable of firing to 250 meters. It fired a .75 musket ball made of lead, which was contained as part of a paper tube made from Cartridge Grade paper which contained gunpowder. The soldier would remove the cartridge from the cartridge box, bite off the end to release the powder, pour a small amount into the pan and the rest down the barrel. The now empty cartridge still attached to the musket ball would then be placed into the barrel as wadding and the ramrod used to ram it down. The musket would be cocked and was then ready to fire. When the trigger was pulled the hammer containing the flint would strike the frizzen, causing sparks to ignite the gunpowder in the pan and pass through the touch hole to ignite the main charge and fire the musket ball. A well drilled soldier was capable of firing 4 shots a minute

4 shots a minute was extremely fast. 3 is far more likely. The gear shown here wouldn’t be too terribly different for a soldier in the Seven Years War or the Revolutionary War. 

Art for a faux leather notebook cover!! :D The fold is in the middle so the fox tail will be on the back of the book and the face on the front. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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“well,” says ivar bloodfang, brandishing a leather-bound crimson-stained notebook covered in artistic chains and claw marks “i know you wanted me to update the dossiers, but as the ultimate alpha male of this group i decided to go in a much more important and rational direction. this will show the forsaken the true extent of my might and power" 

"what exactly do you think your role here is,” asks lorna crowley suspiciously

“i consider it to be my masterpiece” ivar roars, ignoring her “it’s a 60-page treatise on the miserable lack of strong male characters in orange is the new black. i wrote it in blood

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These items will get me through the office day from January 2016. The leather Notebook Cover is from etsy. Not yet quite sure about it - some patina and smelling less like the animal it came from may help!