I’ve never seen a camera strap I liked and there’s a million of them out there.  Too wide, to stiff, too ‘techy,’ too synthetic…  I like the strap I made for my Leica so I copied the scale and length for the camera I got yesterday.  These are long enough to wear cross body which is just how I prefer to carry all of my cameras.   I dyed this one British tan so it’d have kind of a two tone look since I left the under side untouched.   

Anyone in the market for a camera strap should check out McMurray & Blonde’s products (links below).

Made by hand in Chicago, supple-yet-durable Horween Chromexcel leather, easy-to-detach hardware, variety of sizes and styles and, best of all, half the cost of comparable bespoke camera straps. The one pictured here is $35. Perfect pairing for the X-Pro2.

Does what it says. No logos or flash. The man who takes your order is the same craftsman at the table making the product.

(I offer this recommendation as a satisfied customer. No sponsorship.)