leather zippers

So I posted the unsewn pieces of this a while ago, but here is the finished sea turtle pouch!

It’s being hand delivered to its new home today, and I’m so excited to have been able to do this little commission piece!

My strangest and best experiences working at Target so far

A woman named Lorraine asked me about hair dye, and proceeded to tell me about how she’s almost 90 years old and nobody could tell! (Although I could. Sorry Lorraine.) She also gave me a ton of life lessons about loving my family and how important it is that I’m a nice person. I loved her.

Another woman (whose name I can’t recall) came asking me about razors when I was working hard lines. She couldn’t find a replacement blade for it, and the brand name wasn’t written on the handle part. So we spent a good 30 minutes searching the store and looking up types of razors. I couldn’t find them. Anywhere. So she asked for a birthday card that she said was made by “Pappy Russ” (???) and said it was like a tiny leather jacket with zippers and all. She led me to the section of the store with the Papyrus cards (at this point everything made sense.) And I couldn’t find that either. Turns out she was 2 hours late to a party but she enjoyed talking to me so much that she kept sparking up conversation. I’ll remember her smoker’s voice and tanned skin and blonde hair forever.

Working on register a little boy and his shy mother comes up. The tiny little toddler looked up to me, said “Hi!” And my heart melted. His mom told me his name was Jean Paul and I gave him 2 stickers for being so lovely. He gave me “pretty eyes” (batted his eyelashes) and I wanted to cry.

An older couple quietly came up to me on register and honestly kind of intimidated me, bought a ton of lotion and like dinosaur figures. And I tell them their total and the lady smiles at me and hands me cash and I go “oh I like your Winnie the Pooh sweater” and she lit up and said “I do too, I married him!” And her husband laughed quietly and I suddenly realized that wow, he really looked like an old grey bear.

Countless times have cute old women complimented my Pearl (Steven universe) necklace and said I was a lovely adorned young lady. I giggle and say thank you and compliment their outfits. Always floral printed.

My team lead Kate is a lesbian and I love her because she drops subtle hints that she’s gay and I’m like AWWW Kate that’s so cute. She has a wife and cats and everything. She’s so nice I could talk about Kate all day. Kate is sunshine.

To be continued…