leather workshop

Made in a similar style as old Balkan manuscripts, this book is bound in light brown goatskin with cotton endbands around a hemp cord, this small blank journal could be the perfect companion on travels in nature or on a dark city night.


This is the fourth journal of the Small Treasure Journal series. I think this is my best gold work so far. The sprinkled goat leather contrasts quite well with the irresistible shine of the 24k gold leaf.

This is collector item made with great care and is intended for someone who feels the necessity of having a proper vessel to safeguard his writings. The book is very well suited for writing poetry, aspirations and goals, small drawings, various recipes or having it as a badge of taste and significance.


About Sniper’s Vest

Sooo, I noticed everybody and their mom seem to have fallen in love with my cosplay vest for Sniper (and I don’t blame you, it’s the best one I’ve ever seen as well). Anyway, I decided to share a little something about it. Here goes!

First of all - yes, it’s made by myself (and my mom) entirely from scratch.

Materials used:

- fake leather (basic brown & very dark brown)

- second-hand, jeans-textured, a bit stretchy pants I cut in stripes for the trimming

- cheapest shiny red lining

- the buttons I had made by a leather workshop dude. It’s cheap.

Almost every Sniper’s vest I’ve seen so far was made out of linen… and didn’t look too well, because this material is too thin and cheap, and come on, Sniper may have like one set of clothes, but at least this one is sturdy and well-made enough to last him for years. Besides, I bet that 75% of all his posessions are made out of leather.

Anyway - faux leather looks nice, is thick enough to fold just right but also not too much, being relatively light and making sewing easy.


The pattern I made using my dad’s old vest as a template, only slimming it down at the sides. Keep in mind that I’m rather on the tall & thin side, so the measurements here are suited for this body type.

All the pieces cut and in the process of being sewn together. I modified the back a bit, sewing it from two pieces because it gave me this nice vertical line along the spine which made the vest slimmer, more dynamic and more realistic.

This isn’t a tutorial or step-by-step, just some useful info I decided was worth sharing. So I won’t be getting to much into detail, sorry. 

For the trim choose something rather thick and stretchy, otherwise it will all wrinkle and look awful. I used old jeans-textured grayish pants which worked perfectly (it still was a bitch to sew, seriously, trimming is the WORST).

On the side note - yes, the bullets are made out of marker cases, chopsticks and little pieces of pvc, hot glued together and smoothed with sculpting mass.

The collar is NOT a rectangle! Look up a tutorial on how to make a stand-up collar and make your pattern according to it. A rectangle will look bad and just flop down.

The pockets are of course functional (after all these years of female pants I can’t look at false pockets) and here’s how the rough pattern looked like. Be smarter than me and make the sides bigger. 

Ammo pouch is basically two rectangles sewn together in a weird way.

The whole vest is also lined, because lining makes everything 100% more expensive, comfortable and pretty. 

And the last thing - always weather your stuff even if it’s not a prop. Here’s a little close-up - you can see I painted the corners dark, to make the vest look more 3D, used up and authentic (plus a bonus side view).

And that would be all I guess. If you have any further questions about the vest or any other piece of this cosplay (clothes, props whatevs) just message me and I will answer… eventually. May take some time.

I blame marty-mc for this monstrous plot we’ve come up for a trc grease au I can’t believe it I really fucking can’t-


Trying out silver gilding for the first time ever. The first picture is the tooled book before applying the silver and the next one is with it on top. Tomorrow I’ll post the finished decoration and I have to say, it was quite a difficult task working with loose leaf. For a first time experience however, I think it was quite satisfactory.

Finished the blind tooling on the third small journal. The design is a bit more brave than the previous two. Today was very cloudy and didn’t have time to finish everything I had in mind. Tomorrow all this tooling is going to be full of silver. Looking forward to it with feelings of excitement and a bit of fear.


Today I finished the larges book I’ve ever done. It’s 10.7 x 7.6 (27 x 20 cm) inches in size with 600 pages bound in light brown goat leather and blind tooled on all sides. The covers are twice as thick as usual. It weighs around 2 kilograms.

Work on this book was exhausting but it feels great to finish such a thing. After a short break I’ll get back to smaller projects again.


Filmed a few steps in the gilding process on one of my last journals. As you can see it’s a time consuming process but still a lot easier and quicker than using real gold.

Foil has a heat activated adhesive on it’s leaf and it’s very comfortable to use on leathers that are more intensely treated and not that susceptible to real gold.