leather turtle

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I don't know if you watch max or not but he just put out a Hawaii vlog where him and Ian were feeding wild chickens and birds snickers, yogurt, cheese puffs etc. it freaked me out since I own a bird. Those foods are known to be horrible and possibly poisonous for birds. Yogurt isn't poisonous but it isn't the best thing to give to them. I have no idea why they did it. it wasn't funny. Old World Aviaries is a great website that explains why these foods aren't good for birds if you need more info

I don’t watch Max much but I doubt he meant to hurt the chickens when he fed them those thing. Still he should’ve known better than to feed wild animals any kind of human food. 

So I posted the unsewn pieces of this a while ago, but here is the finished sea turtle pouch!

It’s being hand delivered to its new home today, and I’m so excited to have been able to do this little commission piece!

Seventeen as simple lovely things
  • Seungcheol: Late night summer walks,leather jackets & turtle necks,warmth,smell of the ocean
  • Jeonghan: early morning light, black coffee, watercolors, snow, bamboos
  • Joshua: vanilla scented candles, ripped skinny jeans, messy hair, picnics
  • Junhui: rain falling against your window, the scent of new books, blueberries, frosting
  • Soonyoung: stars,drinking hot chocolate on a cold day,late night sleepy conversation
  • Wonwoo: haikus, old jokes that are still funny, long hot showers, chocolate
  • Jihoon: gardens, flowers, listening to music on the way home from work/school, art, fireflies
  • Seokmin: the scent of freshly cut lemons, fairy lights, cherry blossoms, cotton candy
  • Mingyu: black and white portraits, forests, stars, puppies, soft fuzzy socks
  • Minghao: frosty grass on winter mornings, sunsets, decorating your home for Christmas
  • Seungkwan: getting drenched in the rain, baby animals, sunrises, soft blankets
  • Hansol: the scent of fresh ginger, fruit, butterflies, cold wind on a hot day, carnivals
  • Chan: walking through warm grass barefoot, journals, the natural wake up call of birds in the morning