leather trench coat and leather pants

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When freestyling what do you usually wear?

My typical everyday outfits:
- Black Burberry trench coat, jeans, shirt, and Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots
- Black or nude pumps with high waisted jeans, leather jacket, and a plain tee
- Lululemon outfit (align pants with a define jacket) - the amount of times I’ve been picked up by men when I’m wearing lululemon outfits is nuts. They show off your figure, it’s sexy, but it’s not too revealing.
- Sweater dress with a leather/suede jacket and knee high boots
- Cropped hoodie with high waisted Lululemon pants, and Nike’s (This is super casual, but for some reason men find it sexy. The athleisure look)

As you can see, I’m very casual, but my hair will be done or in a high pony tail. 99% of the time, buns look messy, and I’ve heard guys say they’re not cute. Handbag varies on the outfit/occasion.

    Kaiba can wear as many leather belts and badass trench coats as he wants, but we all know he’s a big ass dork on the inside.
     Motherfucker made a VR hologram system and put his logo in space. He flies a jet shaped like his favourite dragon. He probably custom designed that long ass jacket & made a special rack to hold it next to his desk in his office. He never grew out of the 13 year old who just discovered Hot Topic and leather pants phase. I strongly suspect he sends dragon fan art to Industrial Illusions and demands they make cards out of it. They’re all variations of the Blue Eyes. They’re his Original Design ™  don’t steel. 

      he has canons & extra wings