leather trench coat and leather pants


Once the summer months fade away, it can be easy to subconsciously switch your wardrobe into a sea of neutral hues. But this year, there’s no excuse not to embrace the season’s most sumptuous hues: deep purples, rich reds, burnt orange, and perfect burgundy. Red, in all of its shocking glory, was one of the runway’s most standout trends, appearing everywhere from Michael Kors to Valentino. Want the most bang for your look? Try on a notice-me jacket, like the leather trench offered by Derek Lam. For those looking for a more off-beat option, try a rich violet—surprisingly neutral when paired with a simple top (here, an Hermes skirt goes perfectly with a crisp white button-down). And to truly embrace the chillier weather, opt for leather options, whether it be coats, skirts, pants, or whatever. Here, model Natalie Westling shows off the season’s best hues.

Photographs by Zoë Ghertner, styled by Melanie Ward.

thefallengondolin  asked:

Punk phase ?

England- Tight ass leather pants, UK flag shirts, leather jackets, rock and roll turned on so loud Russia could hear it in Moscow.
France- Corsets, fishnets, a darker raspberry coloured lip gloss.
America- Boas, dying his hair stupid colours, growing his hair out longer, ripped up jeans, denim vests, flannel vests under that, destroyed converse.
Canada- Shirts aren’t real anymore, ripped jeans or jorts, heavy boots, fur hats.
Russia- Big hats that covered almost his whole head, white button down shirts that have rips in them, long and heavy black trench coats over everything.
China- Black eyeliner, only wearing pants and no shirt, hair down and a mess, smoking opium.
Japan- Black form fitting military uniforms, longer hair, slight eyeliner.
Italy- Brightly coloured suits with heavy and dark accents, unkempt hair, painted nails.
Germany- Tight shirts, tight pants, heavy boots, oversized military jacket, hair not gelled.
Prussia- According to him, his whole life is “an awesome punk phase.”

Iceland- His whole life rn

anonymous asked:

can you make a list of what you see as the quintessential "preppy" items (wardrobe-wise, including purses and sunglasses, etc.)?

Here are my preppy wardrobe essentials: ⚓️🐳


-Cable knit sweaters

-Button downs

-Striped shirts

-Chambray shirts

-Vineyard Vines polo shirts

-Piko tops

-Tartan/plaid shirts

-Gingham tees


-J Crew chinos

-Nike shorts (”Norts”)

-Scalloped shorts

-Vineyard vines shorts

-Lilly Pulitzer shorts

-Pencil skirts

-Striped shorts

-Gathered skirts


-Dark denim jeans

-Colorful pants

-White pants

-Black pants

-Patterned pants


-Little black dress

-Shift dress

-Colorful tunics

-Seersucker dress

-Bow backed dress

-Classic striped dress

-T shirt dresses


-Barbour jacket

-Patagonia fleece/pullover

-Pea coat

-Trench coat

-Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt

-J Crew puffer vest

-Navy blue blazer

-Black blazer

-Colorful blazer


-Hunter boots

-Brown leather riding boots

-Basic flats

-Bean Boots


-Black/nude pumps

-Nude/colorful wedges

-Tassel loafers

-Jack Rogers

-Tory Burch Sandals

-Colorful Nike athletic shoes



-Kate Spade

-Tory Burch

-Monogrammed tote

-Leather weekender bag


-Monogrammed necklace

-Pearl necklace

-Statement necklaces

-Classic watch

-Bow earrings/necklace

-KJP anchor bracelet


-Classic Ray Bans


-Oversized round/square frames in tortoise shell or black

Hats/Hair Accessories:

-Floppy hat

-Baseball cap from Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, monogrammed, etc.


-Printed/colorful headbands

anonymous asked:

Hi the thing I'm writing for Halloween, one of my girls dresses like Buffy but idk what outfit to put her in??? Can you please tell me your like five to ten favorite outfits of hers??thank you and have a good night💖💖💖

oh my gosh ty for coming to me with this how fun!

so since this is for a costume im gonna go with the most recognizable outfits >>

  1. Graduation Day Pt.1: easily the most known, black leather jacket + boots , black tank, red leather pants.
  2. Prophecy Girl: black leather jacket, white long dress, updo, and a toy crossbow.
  3. Graduation Day Part 2. has that red trench coat hot topic sold recently.
  4. The general season 1 aesthetic of brown knee-high boots, mini skirts, knit tops, and lots of rings/hair accessories.
  5. Witch: her cheerleading outfit wt the right ponytail and the Sunnydale High logo could work.
  6. Doublemeat Palace: blonde bob, the uniform and the hat (the hat is imp.)
  7. Becoming Pt.1: flashback outfit wt the big 90s hair, white daisy top, pink jacket, and lollipop.
  8. The Puppet Show: probably too obscure but loved by the fandom, black leather jacket, leopard print mini dress, knee-high boots and an equally high ponytail.
  9. The Giraffe Pants and the Overalls of Pain™  from season 2 are iconic to me, but it’s almost definitely too obscure for a costume.
  10. If she’s going with friends who also like Buffy this is an awesome group costume!

Regardless of what she chooses a stake and a cross necklace should always be worn for immediate recognition! Hope this helps!

Hetalia Steampunk Clothing

Spain: Would have lots of red and gold in his outfit, usually not seen with a hat but instead goggles. Have two pocket watches, and a red handkerchief.

Romano: Would try to keep his outfit simple and formal. Wearing big boots with metal on his arms, he would also have a clock located on his boots. Some tattoos showing from his chest.

Italy: Would usually be seen with black goggles around his neck, and a long black tailcoat. He would have a vest with black stripes with hidden words in them.

Germany: Tattoos covering both of his arms with black gloves, a black tail coat lines with gold.

Hong kong: A white shirt accompanied with red suspenders, goggles loosely hanging around his neck. He would also have red loose pants and a pocket watch.

Iceland: Would have a utility belt and a white shirt with a black bow tie and black gloves with the occasional hole.

Norway: Would have a dark blue shirt with black suspenders, a black trench coat and a black tie. Would also have a blue emerald necklace.

Denmark: Would have tattoos covering his whole body with a red shirt, black vest and sometimes a black trench coat. Would also wear black knee-high boots.

Sweden: Would have a mechanical monocle with a scuffed up top hat and striped black and grey shirt and pants,

Finland: Very simple with a light blue shirt, a white vest, a flat white hat and three pocket watches crossing his body.

Austria: Would have a red vest with a pocket watch, on a white shirt, black tail coat and a red bowtie.

Hungary: Very big elegant dark green dress, a monocle and a small black hat. She would have little clocks on the side of her left eye.

Prussia: Would have a clock arm band, a brown leather jacket, white shirt with brown suspenders, knee-high brown leather boots.

Russia: A long brown trench coat with brown and gold boots, lots of buttons. Buttons on his trench coat, brown vest, down the right side of his pants.

Canada: Red and black striped pants with no vest, a black shirt and a red tail coat and a black bow tie. He Would also have a old broken pocket watch with a maple leaf on it.

America: Would have a top hat with clock designs in it, a ripped black tailcoat and a red shirt with black pants. He would also have leather gloves with many holes in them.

China: Would have a flat black hat with a clock necklace around his neck. Black shirt with gold lace, black matching pants, tall plain black boots and no jacket.

France: Would change his outfit colours quite a bit, a dark blue shirt with a long black tail coat, lots of rings, classy shoes and would sometimes have a cain with him.

England: A top hat accompanied by a striped black and green tail coat, vet and pants. He would also have a pocket watch in mint condition and black gloves.

Japan: Would keep it simple with a simple white vest with a pocket watch, sometimes having a pair of white and yellow glasses with him.

Belarus: Short black and white dress with striped stockings, hair done up very elegantly with a black veil. Tattoos covering one arm.

Ukraine: Would wear a long black and dark blue dress, with a matching pair of huge goggles that usually sit on her head. Small heeled shoes with wind designs in them.

Netherlands: Would change colours with his outfit a lot, usually has a cane with him, a vest, tail coat and pocket watch.

Belgium: Would wear a short, puffy brown dress with a white top, a small hat that matches and boots that have a thousand designs in them. She would also have a leather jacket.

You can always request more characters or add on!

2014/2015 Fall /Winter Trends and Essentials by Dlsw

2014/2015 Fall/Winter trends and essentials

In no particular order.

•matching two piece sets
•masculine trouser suits
• Animal Accents on clothing
•Wrap Coats
•men’s wear inspired oxfords
•Statement bags ex- bags that have a word or slogan on them in bold print
•bucket bags
•shearling coats
•tall crown hats
• oversized wide brim hats
•shaggy coats and cardigans
•classic pair of leather pants or waxed jeans
•leather shorts
•moto jeans
•flared jeans
•Trapeze dresses
•60’s mini dresses
•kick-pleat skirts
•smock dresses
•all over knits- meaning knit from head to toe, this trend works best with neutral tones
• eccentric faux furs
• long trench coats
•optical monochrome
•velvet bell bottoms
•denim on denim
•speckled pull overs aka jumpers
•substantial knit sweaters
• minimal sneakers
•Double breasted blazers
•lace up heels
.•platforms with slouchy socks
• embellished socks, thigh high socks
•leather moto jacket
•thigh high boots
•mohair jumper and sweaters
•full midi circle skirts
•long vest
•dress and skirt with a severe skirt
•Trippy psychedelic prints
•python print

Looks that are heavily trending for A/W 2014/2015 

•70’s bohemian/south western
• edgy-golth
•60’s mod

New world, New Adventures?

With the sound of a mighty roar a ten foot Panther seemingly made of bone and white marble appeared crouched in the middle of a lush park. Within the Time/space traveling contraption, it’s occupant was rushing to its entrance.

The Panther’s mouth opened and emitted smoke along with a Humanoid Feline. coughing the figure staggered out of the smoke and was revealed to be a female wearing a trench coat,black leather pants, and a black and red rimmed leather midevil style corset. Long curly blood red hair came to the back of her calfs, and her watering golden/amber eyes closed as she slid to rest beside panther.

“The next time that Reina want’s to go study a volcano remind me to tell her that Pompeii is not a good idea.” dragging her injured legs close she queried to her companion "Hey Pantera is there a hybrid friendly hospital around here?“