leather tanktop

Everyone talks about “bad boy Keith™” and “soft prep smartboy Shiro™”.

Fuck that.

Give me ‘delinquent’ Shiro who only wears grey tanktops and leather jackets, has 6 piercings in one ear, a full sleeve tattoo and rides a fucking harely to school with his stupid tight fitting jeans and steel toed boots.

Give me Keith in button-up cardigans and new looking red converse, always carrying a fantasy novel or class notes in his hand and being absolutely scared shitless of that black motorcycle in the school parking lot.

Give me them falling in love in this setting of “complete opposites” even though they’re both huge fucking nerds.

Leather Jackets and Sassy Children| Old Man Logan

This is a Male!Reader best friend oneshot and the VERY LAST Logan request. Young!Logan are not being accepted right now and probably won’t be for quite some time. 

Requested by Anon - Male Christian Mutant (with the powers of pyrokinetics that have faded over the years) who goes on the road trip during the Logan film along with Charles and Laura. He doesn’t approve of Logan killing but he understands why. Maybe a scene where the reader is distracted by a woman in a leather jacket and Laura teases him about it secretly, without talking as she doesn’t talk much. 

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*This is shorter then the other ones, and as soon as it’s posted I will make sure to update the Masterlist!

  “Class? This is y/n y/l/n. He’s our newest student and one of our most powerful pyrokinetics.” Charles Xavier announced, rolling his wheelchair into the training area where he’d begun teaching a class. You’d seen several of the students before - Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe, Scott Summers.. The first three members of the X-Men. “We’re going to train him and he’ll be the most powerful ally we have.” 

Your first experiences with the School For The Gifted had been in the late nineties, where you’d trained vigorously for six months before being accepted into the Xmen. Friendship came easily to you; people had always gravitated to your personality. That was… until Logan Howlett came barreling through the front door and completely changed that. 

You had never expected to be here - fugitives on the run from bounty hunters, facing the end of your kind as you knew it. 

  “And who’s this chump?” Logan snapped, motioning to you with a flick of his cigar as Charles swallowed the growing lump in his throat. You excused yourself from Jean and Storm only to send the middle finger to the Wolverine. “Oh.. I like you. Still haven’t told me your name yet.” 

  “Y/n y/l/n. And you?” You replied, eyeing the leather jacket and wifebeater tanktop before allowing your gaze to fall on his face. 

  “Logan. Logan Howlett.” 

Logan had always been hostile, but never to the degree he was now. Ever since the fall of Xaviers School during the Westchester Incident, the only person he would ever remotely let near him to talk about the demons raging inside his head was you. You’d also picked up a habit or two of his - which included smoking whenever the world was just too much for you to handle. 

But the one thing the two of you always disagreed on was killing. Prime example - when Logan had been ambushed by several men attempting to steal the rims of his tires on the limo and in return had completely dismembered them with his claws.

You understood it. You did. You just wish you didn’t have to live in a world where it resorted to that.

  “You’ve been checking that chick out for ten minutes now, you idiot.” Logan chastised, snickering when you straightened your spine and downed the whiskey in front of you. “Dude. Go talk to her. I can’t watch you drool all day.” 

Needless to say, the woman you’d been looking at immediately turned you down and sped out of the place; leaving you flustered and Logan howling at the front bar. 

So to say you were shocked whenever Laura came into his life and revealed that she was his daughter.. That was an understatement. It turned out that you quite enjoyed spending time with Laura because not only did she not speak, she knew exactly what type of woman you were interested in. 

The two of you were standing in the main lobby of the casino in Las Vegas, waiting for Logan and Charles to finish booking your hotel room for the night. You were spattered with blood and running on fumes, unkempt hair swept in front of your eyes that were red rimmed with exhaustion. Laura was standing quietly beside you - brown eyes scanning the people milling around inside of the Casino. 

  Until she caught the sight of a dark haired woman at one of the machines, hair pulled back behind her shoulders as her eyes scanned the screen in front of her. It wasn’t her looks that had caught Laura’s attention - it was the leather jacket that had. 

The child gently nudged you in the ribs, causing you to grunt as you glanced down at her by your side. She motioned across the room with her head, her lips turned upward in a smirk as you narrowed your eyes at the woman she was referring to. “What?” You asked as you rose your eyebrows out of confusion. “Are you picking out women for me? Seriously?” 

Laura grinned widely as the same woman who you’d been staring at for the past five minutes - stepping away from her machine and beginning to sashay towards you. “You are lonely.” Laura simply replied. “I need you to not be lonely anymore.” 


Before you could protest, the dark haired woman moved to stand by your side while Laura rushed off to follow Logan and Charles up to their room. You managed a sly smile as the woman extended her hand in greeting. “I saw the girl whispering to you and looking at me. Figured I’d introduced myself. Besides.. you’re one good looking man.” She mused. “I’m Anna. You?” 

  “Y/n y/l/n.” You glanced around the room before setting eyes on the open bar. “You mind if I buy you a drink, Anna? I can’t just leave a woman like you alone.. especially in that jacket.” Annas eyes darkened as she stood on her tiptoes and brushed her lips against the shell of your ear. 

  “Well then I guess I’m not going to be alone tonight.” 

The next morning after the fiasco with Charles, the four of you were on the road again. You continued glancing down at your cellphone. smirking as you had been sending messages back and forth between yourself and Anna since you’d departed from her this morning. 

  “Dude.. what the heck are you doing glued to your phone?” Logan replied. “You vanished yesterday-” Realization crossed his face as a grin quirked his lips upward into a devious smile. “You got laid by that girl Laura told me about, didn’t you?” 

  “Dude! Laura!” You exclaimed, lightly smacking the childs arm as she burst into hysterical laughter. “You aren’t supposed to tell people that, especially your dad. That stuffs just not cool.” 

Logan snickered quietly to himself as he tapped his fingers against the steering wheel. “Just so you know.. I’m never going to let you live it down. You slept with a girl that an eleven year old picked out.” 

Turns out, he never did let you live it down. 

i am very invested in the relationship between whammy kids and clothes because

a) near, white pjs while he rolls around on the dirty floor playing with various possibly grimy toys, probably cannot transfer food to mouth with 100% accuracy

b) mello, laces his crotch shut every morning, probably overheats with the slightest exertion, quilted leather tanktop??? probably is coated with a thin layer of sweat to lock in moisture to better facilitate respiration through skin

c) matt, 2014, still wears big furry quilted vest and black and white stripes, goggles kid