leather strap back

Fun Times with Rennyn

It was that time of year again, and Rennyn insisted on allowing Ryuu his freedom. The Protector even had a room created for the two of them, one where Ryuu couldnt escape, and one where they could fully explore their internal desires during this time. 

Ryuu was a completely changed man, shoving Rennyn against one of the walls as he quickly stripped the other of his clothes before slowly backing the other up until he was standing beneath a few chains hanging from the ceiling. 

He forced the others hands into the restraints before pulling them up so the other would have to stand on his tip toes. 

“I’m going to have my fun with you Rennyn~ I remember the last time I was let loose~ Tell me, what was the safe word again?” He asked, leaving the other to go and grab a crop and gently rub the leather straps against Rennyns back side. 

“Say it~ Or Ill leave you hanging here and go find someone else to help me with my problem~” He chucked, walking in front of the other as he pulled off his shirt so he was standing in just his jeans.