leather queen

This morning I was thinking about the LGBT+ community I know vs the LGBT+ community now, and something dawned on me. The LGBT+ community doesn’t respect its predecessors. Gay culture has changed drastically over the last 10 years, and I’m okay with us moving forward naturally with what people within the community naturally want - I’m not okay with us shitting on the past, erasing the past, degrading the past, as we do so.

The LGBT+ flag is topical so I’m going to start there. During the aids crisis, we never gave up. People were faced with something that was killing them on a biological level, and they said “Fuck you”. People had “going away” parties after being diagnosed where they would go out and drink and drink and drink, not going home for days, they would kill themselves because they didn’t want to let aids have the last say - they said “Fuck you, I control my life, I control when I die”. Other people, even some of the first to be diagnosed while they were still giving out numbers with each new diagnosis, are still alive today - they said “Fuck you, I’m going to take everything I can and do everything I can, you are not taking me, bitch”. We added a black line for those people. And now people think that those struggles don’t deserve that colour any more, that instead of using the pride flags they already have for the intersection of race and LGBT+ issues, they can appropriate all of those deaths.

Punks and rockers in the 70s and 80s stood by gay people, we shared our fashion sense and our flare for the dramatic, bright hair colours and clothes that stood out. Punks and rockers got beaten up for being presumed gay. The leather and spikes in the metal community were popularized because gay artists in that community wore those things on stage - it came from gay culture. And now those very bands and communities have to constantly remind people that they’re left-leaning, that they’re for gay rights, that they’re against systems of power - because somewhere down the line someone decided that gay culture was now flower crowns and unicorns, and that the other subcultures have been against us all along.

Drag queens and leather and revealing clothes are constantly pictured online with captions saying that they’re inappropriate at Pride. Fucking Pride - a protest, a party, a celebration of all of the wild and wonderful aspects that we incorporated into our culture when we said “We’re outside of the norm and so are you, so lets rock it together”. They were our body guards, they took the brunt of the insults and violence while those who were afraid hung back and looked “normal”. They are our history. They are the communities we stood with because we all understood what it was like to be ostracized and judged, and we accepted each other, and we became stronger together. Pride is a protest and a party in one, it’s not a safe space, it was never supposed to be - and if you’re okay with a woman wearing nothing but a lacy thong and marching at a Free The Nipple protest with “Slut” on her chest in permanent marker, as I see so many of the people who decry Pride outfits celebrating, it’s a giant fucking double standard to not be okay with revealing outfits at Pride. If you’re okay with someone dressed as a slutty unicorn at a Slut Walk, then why aren’t you okay with leather short shorts and a leash at Pride?

And alcohol!? People complaining about the alcohol in the gay community are so utterly unaware of our history. Gay bars were our first real “Safe Spaces”, Harvey Milk and other incredible gay activists rose to popularity partially because of their incredible personalities, their parties, their fun and kind nature, how they welcomed people in and offered them drinks and fun and friendship with no question. Our history is full to the brim with proof that being fun and exciting and rebellious was what drew people to us.

And the one that grinds my gears the most is slurs - is how everyone is so quick to be offended by words. That’s not what the gay community has ever stood for. The film “Pride” said it best when it said that when we’re called a name, we take it and we run with it. The “Pits and Perverts” concert happened because the newspapers called us perverts and we said “That’s catchy”. You can’t take away people’s power by giving that word all of the power and then saying that only bad people can use it, only people that hate you can use it - because now the word means “I hate you, I have power over you, you disgust me” - you take their power by making the word meaningless, by taking the word and going “ours now”. That was one of the staples of the LGBT+ community, a motto that we all lived by. But now people talk about how those words have “always been used to oppress us”, as if that never happened.

Y'all act like you want the world to think that LGBT+ people are pastel coloured, young, innocent, harmless angels - we’re rebels, we bring the fun, we bring the energy, we fight to the death and we’ve won over and over and over again; we wear our hair big and bright, we wear our labels on our chest, not because we want to ~normalize~ and ~raise awareness~ but because we’re daring the world to fucking try it, because we’re saying to the homophobes “I’m not scared of you” and we’re taking their power and their words. This modern LGBT+ community isn’t doing that, it’s screaming “Think of the children!” like the conservatives of old, it’s insisting that we’re quaint, middle class, and “just like you”, instead of “Fuck you we don’t have to conform”. It’s becoming what we fought, it’s turning on its own members, past and present, for engaging in parts of our culture and our history.

~ Vape

Halloween Clothes Map 2017- Completed

New Outfits Names:

  • Evil Baroness
  • Soul Sentinel
  • Naga
  • Feather Pelerine??- Not sure if this is the name because all of the items have different names and it´s inconsistent :v
  • Petrifying Empress
  • Mad Scientist- Only available at Exploration
  • Voodoo Priestess
  • Starry Witch- Only available at the store. PO only

Abandoned Cemetery: - Completed

  • Vampire eyes
  • Frankenstein Leather Shackles
  • Familiar Osstoplasm
  • Queen Spider Sword
  • Sweet Mourne Bags Under Eyes
  • Angel Smile
  • Evil Baroness Dress
  • Soul Sentinel Boots
  • Spider Queen Body
  • Spider Queen Socks
  • Food: Terrifying Sweet
  • Background: Do not be Afraid of the Dark
  • Illustration Piece

Demonic Altar: - Completed

  • Lost Bride Splatters
  • Googly Eyes
  • Stealth Crow Mask
  • Stealth Crow Shoulderpad
  • Lost Bride Shoes
  • Unwanted Gues
  • Sweet Mourne Underwear
  • Bloody Countess Belt
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Necklace
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Boots
  • Frankenstein Wrist Cuffs 
  • Mysterious Enchantress Veil
  • Bait: Red Gem
  • Illustration Piece


Doll Island: - Completed

  • Bathory Wig
  • Flames
  • Black Widow Stockings
  • Familiar Globulosaurus 
  • Naga Skin
  • Mad Scientist Coat
  • Sweet Mourne Boots
  • Blood Cloaked Soldier Socks
  • Magician Coat/ Sweater
  • Spirited Away Mask
  • Petrifying Empress Shoes 
  • Skull Necklace
  • Petrifying Empress Dress
  • Sweet Mourne Nail Polish
  • Illustration Piece  

Ghost Ship: - Completed

  • Assassin eyes
  • Harpy Headdress
  • Blood-Cloaked Soldier Coat
  • Familiar: Hydracarys
  • Stealth Crown Pants
  • Lost Soul Underwear
  • Luminous Spectral Skin
  • Lost Soul Camisole
  • Soul Sentinel Staff
  • Voodoo Priestess Mask
  • Evil Baroness Thigh-Highs
  • Magician Top
  • Naia Wig
  • Illustration Piece

Hangman’s Tree: - Completed

  • Bloody Countess Shoes/Boots
  • Wolf Druid Gloves
  • Mask de la Muerte
  • Frankenstein Skin  
  • Bloody Countess Bolero  
  • Skeleton Witch Crown 
  • Spirited Away Kimono
  • Skeleton Witch Stockings
  • Skeleton Witch Earrings
  • Vial of Poisonous Soul
  • Skeleton Witch Shoes
  • Sweet Mourne Pants (Stockings)
  • Pointy Nails- Pereline Outfit     
  • Morgane Wig       
  • Fran Wig   
  • Food: Possessed Apple
  • Illustration Piece

Haunted Forest: - Completed

  • Soul Sentinel Monocle
  • Living Hat
  • Lost Soul Gloves
  • Skeleton Witch Top
  • Mad Scientist Lighting
  • Voodoo Priestess Tattoos
  • Illustration Piece

Laboratory Manner: - Completed

  • Basilisk Tattoo
  • Lost Soul Eyepatch
  • Black Widow Necklace
  • Sceptre Mysterious Enchantress
  • Druid Wolf Belt
  • Pumpkin Meeting- Pereline Outfit
  • Mad Scientist Googles
  • De la Muerte Skin
  • Illustration Piece

Lava Cracks: - Completed

  • Evil Succubus Wings
  • Thirsty Mouth
  • Demon´s Eyes
  • Frankenstein Necklace
  • Bloody Countess Dress
  • Invasive Thorns
  • Lost Bride Garter
  • Soul Sentinel Fur
  • Lost Bride Veil
  • Magician Hat
  • Evil Succubus Necklace
  • Viper Tongue/Mouth
  • Possessed eyes
  • Skeleton Witch Wings
  • Food: Candy Corn
  • Illustration Piece

Lost Souls Labyrinth/Maze: - Completed

  • Bloody Countess Cape
  • Wolf Druid Dress
  • Queen Spider Helmet
  • Mysterious Enchantress Tights
  • Bloody Countess Corset
  • Wicked  Mouth
  • Magician Shoes
  • Black Widow Dress
  • Wolf Druid Arms
  • Wolf Druid Claws 
  • Alchemist Belt 
  • Wolf Druid Legs 
  • Bait: Blood Gem
  • Sweet Mourne Gloves
  • Censored Mouth
  • Bat Thigh-Highs- Perleine Outfit
  • Evil Baroness Scepter
  • Spider Web Corset
  • Soul Sentinel Crown
  • Illustration Piece

Odessa Opera: - Completed

  • Evil Succubus Stockings
  • Voodoo Priestess Earrings
  • Lost Soul Pants   
  • Evil Baroness Horns 
  • Skeleton Witch Teddy
  • Mysterious Enchantress Dress        
  • Frankenstein Dress
  • Mysterious Enchantress Shoes
  • Illustration Piece

Phoenix Castle: - Completed               

  • Wolf Druid Mask
  • Munak Hat
  • Bloody Countess Gloves
  • Possessed Eyes 
  • Lost Soul Pants (Stockings)
  • Mary Wig 
  • Petritying Empress Jewelry
  • Mad Scientist Boots
  • Voodoo Priestess Hat
  • Mad Scientist Top
  • Worn Leather Shorts- Pereline Outfit
  • Illustration Piece


Pumpkin Alley: - Completed

  • Pumpkin Shorts
  • Cassandre Wig
  • Sweet Mourne Necklace
  • Mysterious Enchantress Mask
  • Censored Mouth  
  • Stealth Crow Top
  • Feather Pereline/ Youth Seeker Choker - Part of the Pereline Outfit maybe??
  • Evil Baroness Necklace
  • Illustration Piece

Pyramid of Doom: - Completed

  • Black Widow Shoes   
  • Magician Skirt
  • Lena Wig
  • Empty Eyes in Tears
  • Spirited Away Belt
  • Insane Mouth
  • Soul Sentinel Dress
  • Open Wounds Sweet Mourne
  • Illustration Piece


Thorny Forest: - Completed           

  • Crown de la Muerte
  • Petrifying Empress Cape
  • Petrifying Empress Shoulder Pads
  • Talisman
  • Blood Stained Cape
  • Mad Scientist Gloves
  • Stealth Crow Boots
  • Spirit Away Ghost
  • Mad Scientist Socks
  • Floating Candles- Pereline Outfit
  • Lost Bride Skirt
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Teddy
  • Fake Blood- Cloaked Soldier Gloves
  • Empty Eyes
  • Illustration Piece

Village of the Damned: -Completed            

  • Voodoo Priestess Skirt
  • Top Voodoo Priestess
  • Skeleton Witch Belt
  • Tail of the evil Baroness
  • Mowa Wig
  • Mad Scientist Pants
  • Bustier Lost Bride
  • Evil Baroness Clogs
  • Graveyard Background
  • Bait: Plaid Patchwork
  • Illustration Piece

Well of Souls/Spirits: - Completed

  • Body Evil Succubus
  • Mysterious Enchantress Top
  • Reckless Adventurer Coat
  • Skeleton Witch Arm
  • Empty Eyes with Tears
  • Soul Sentinel Tights
  • Food: Possessed Apple
  • Bait: Hunted Rune
  • Illustration Piece

Witch Cauldron: - Completed

  • Mummy Bandages
  • Pointy Ears 
  • Empty Eyes
  • Dress Sweet Mourne
  • Bloody Countess Glass
  • Mysterious Enchantress Top
  • Inari Wig
  • Spectral Skin
  • Stealth Crow Cape
  • Stealth Crow Sword
  • Stealth Crow Hood
  • Mysterious Enchantress Necklace
  • Spirited Away Eye
  • Evil Baroness Corset
  • Decorative underwear - Pereline Outfit
  • Bubbly Cauldron
  • Illustration Piece

Finally was able to finish it! Hope it helps someone ^^