leather overall


@wackosayshello​ and I have been chatting about Paul and Hugh for the last few weeks and it’s been a tonne of fun! Recently we decided that Hugh grew up as part of a biking gang full of nerds and aliens who all love and support each other. Hugh’s the type who rides his motorbike on a mountain trail in short shorts and a leather jacket while blasting his favourite opera out loud. And his buddies love him for it. 

When Paul first meets his friends Paul is fairly nervous, but all of Hugh’s friends are cheerful and enjoy how rude Paul is, how quickly he’s willing to shut down a conversation he’s not interested in. They also like how he smiles and scuffs his feet whenever Hugh winks at him. 

After the third time they meet Paul (the meetings are an entire afternoon, evening, and most of a night at the local bar), Paul just about gives Hugh a lap dance before been carried off home by a cheerful Hugh (lots of alcohol). A month later a leather jacket covered in personalised patches arrives for Paul in the mail, a blatantly clear sign that he has been accepted and embraced into the family Hugh grew up with. Hugh thinks it’s kind of hilarious cos Paul still wears his tan slacks and 24th century equivalent of a polo shirt while in this perfectly tailored leather jacket, but the overall effect is hot enough that he encourages Paul to wear it. Also cos of this:

One of Hughs mates is hanging at the bar with Paul. “We were kind of expecting more flak from Hugh over the jacket”

“Yeah, I brought him around to liking it" 


Paul kinda studies the guy for a minute, considering if this is sharing too much. He decides that Hugh will likely be ok with it. "I fucked him in it" 

 *cue spit take and doubled respect for Paul*

“Well I’m just glad you’re fitting in to the squad. You’re also the first person to be that honest about it. Dani and Jenna implied it when Sherry joined but damn man you don’t fuck around”

One of Hughs oldest mates brings it up with him that Paul has told people and Hugh’s just like "Oh yeah, that’s fine, he knows my limits there. Besides, I’m pretty sure everyone heard us fucking in the bathrooms last month" 

"You fucked in the bathroom?" 

”…so you lot don’t know? What did you think we were doing out back for 30 min?“ 

"Honestly, we thought you were fighting, you’d been squabbling over something for like 20 min before that" 

"Ohhhh I can see why you’d think that, yeah. That was foreplay." 

"Y'all are nasty”