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Needy Puppy

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Genre: Smut

By: Admin Bean


Notes: Dog hybrid Au, mentions of heats, bondage, 

Words: 2,946

Summary: Your hybrid dog boyfriend is at your house when his heat starts unexpectedly, a few of the boys come to help restrain him and leave you two alone so you decide to help him out~

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kinks pt.1 || p.j.m

word count: 1.2K

warnings: this is super smutty and it’s only my guesses on what jimin could possibly be into during sexy time also this killed me to write so r.i.p.

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I’m A Good Girl

Summary: Dean has the reader wear something different when they’re alone for the weekend…

Square Filled: Collars

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Rating: explicit (smut (collar play, use of a butt plug), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo 

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “could you please do 42 and 45 with jughead x reader? thanks !!” and
“Hi!!! I really love your blog! I was wondering if you could do a Jughead one with #45 and 50, please? ❤️”

#42 “I hate you.” - “No, you don’t.”
#45 “I’m your lock screen?!” - “You weren’t supposed to see that.”
#50 “If I asked, you’d say no.” - “You don’t know that.”

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Phil fucking Dan from behind, holding a belt around his throat to keep him in place. Dan’s been on edge for so long he’s boneless, settling his weight entirely on his spread knees and the leather around his neck, relaxing into it even as his breath comes shorter and shorter with each thrust from Phil.

Eventually Dan sinks his teeth into his lip, the sting providing some sort of sharp sensation to focus on, or else he feels like he’ll drift away like an untethered balloon. Phil’s cock is hot and hard and filling him up just right and so, so good and Dan’s vision is crackling at the edges, his head swimming from the intoxicating mixture of too good and not enough. He doesn’t realize he’s bitten through his lip until he tastes copper on his tongue and moans with it. Phil’s answering growl is loud in his ears, reverberating through his chest and making his insides twist deliciously.

Phil slides the belt up from his neck, ignoring Dan’s whine of protest, instead settling it between his teeth.

“Stupid whores don’t bleed until their masters tell them to,” Phil bites, and Dan’s head spins even farther out of orbit from that one sentence alone. He cums all across his own chest and the bedspread, his lips stretched around bloodied leather and a silent scream as he feels Phil release inside of him moments later.

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The Bronx

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 3.6K
Warnings: Fighting, fluff

A/N: Set during CA:CW airport scene, so obviously some changes to canon to incorporate the reader. Reader’s powers look and act the same as the powers on The Last Airbender (the cartoon, not that movie. The movie was shit.) This was way longer than I expected, whoops.

The squeal of tires alerts everyone’s attention to the arrival of Captain America. You watch silently as Clint and the girl in the front, Wanda, both climb out of the van, and you wait patiently, and nervously, to be introduced.

Your view blocked by the mostly windowless van, you strain your ears to hear. But your leg is bouncing from all the nerves and excitement coursing through your body. You can’t make out words, only accents and voices.

It appears that one of the men in the blue Beetle was Captain America, or at least you think so. The foreign voice you hear, conversing with Clint and Wanda, is deep and calming. Just like you’d imagined the national heroes voice to sound.

You freeze as you hear Clint’s voice approach the van. You don’t notice that you were holding your breath until the van door slides open and bangs, forcing you to exhale with surprise. The man that had taken up the full front row of seat to sleep, Scott, jumps at the noise. This was it. You had to make a good impression. Sure Team Cap, as Scott was nicknaming your fellow van travellers, needed as many enhanced as they could get, but you’re sure that there wouldn’t be anything stopping them from making you wait in the car if you appeared too immature.

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I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this was in consideration for Anakin’s Ep III look. I can’t believe what he ended up looking like in that movie was the subtler alternative to an even worse look.

I can’t believe we almost had an Ep III where Anakin runs around with his bare chest, black leather deep-v-neck jedi tunic, and mohawk while all of his allies are completely blindsided by his fall to the dark side


A bunch of people asked me to make a tutorial about how I did my glowing lyrium potion, so I finally made one! It works for any kind of glowing potion you want to drink so you can use any liquid. It’s also really, really, really easy. 

  1. Supplies - pick your Lyrium (I used Blue Gatorade for my first potion and am using blue vodka for this tutorial because I am an adult), waterproof LEDs (that waterproof part is important, I used plain white ones but any color will work depending on your potion, I recommend getting a bunch of these because sometimes you get a dud, and they glow for 8+ hours but they do fade over time), glass bottles with corks, non-toxic glue, leather or clothe cording, a knife or tiny scissors. 
  2. Clean your bottles and your LEDs. 
  3. Hollow out the inside of your cork with a knife or scissors. You want a little space for the LED to snugly sit in. 
  4. Attach the LED to the cork with a touch of non-toxic glue. Turn on the LED at this point too. 
  5. While the glue sets up, fill your glass bottle with your lyrium or potion.
  6. Alternatively, if you don’t want to mess with hollowing the cork and gluing the LED into place, you can also just “frost” over the bottom of your glass and drop the LED straight in. The LED sinks and the “frost” disguises it. I used a touch of white acrylic paint to frost it. It took about 30 seconds. 
  7. Back to the cork method! - Once the glue has dried and the cork is secure, pop it back into the bottle.
  8. Wrap your leather cording around the neck of the bottle to disguise the LED hanging there. 
  9. And done! Go drink your lyrium like the drug addicted Templar you are! 

anonymous asked:

any fics that explore victor's backstory/past? keep up the good work btw!

Oooh anons, I really like this request! Thanks for asking! I’m hoping for more insight/backstory on Victor in season two, but until then, enjoy these fics! Also, if anyone has some more fics like these that they’d like to share don’t hesitate to reply to this post!  

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Victor’s Past

Glass Heart by ProcrastinatingPalindrome, Teen, 6.1k
Five times Victor Nikiforov cried (and one time he cried in Yuuri’s arms.) MY EMOTIONAL SON NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS

Polyglot Variations by spoken, Mature, 8.5k
He moves to St Petersburg a month before his twelfth birthday. In the heart of winter, the flurry of dancing snowflakes is at odds with the cold, which is sharp and purposeful, razing through the layers of wool and leather covering Viktor’s neck and hands. Dices straight into the heart of Victor’s past and what languages he speaks! Great fic!

Like a Feather on the Ice by starlitdreamscapes, Teen, 16k (WIP)
Viktor didn’t fall often. But when he did, he fell hard. A look through Viktor’s childhood and everything that happened after that. He is so small and innocent PROTECT HIM PLEASE

I’m Not Gay by kanekicure, Teen, 2.1k
Yakov later found him in the men’s bathroom, his knees brought to his chest as he rocked back and forth. Tears were staining his costume as he shook his head, “I’m not a f****t coach, I promise you.” His voice cracked, “I’m not gay.”
Yakov only nodded. Yakov is the true MVP.

The Color of Love by gayhacker, Gen, 1.9k
Viktor reminisces to how he got Makkachin, and compares the differences between the love he has for his pet and the love he has for Yuuri. Nice break from all the sad backstories! Makkachin is the cutest dog ever!

The Matter of Victor’s Family by nothingrhymeswithkayla, Teen, 4.6k (WIP) ****warning for gay slur
Victor Nikiforov is world renowned for his talent on the ice, but few know who he is outside the rink. Get a closer look at his backstory, and what makes Victor who he is.

i’m taking back the crown by kevystel, Gen, 2k
‘I can do it,’ Viktor says. He’s seventeen. ‘I’ll choreograph it myself.’ It doesn’t all go smoothly. He messes up a triple toe loop and is so angry at himself that he changes his next two jumps to a quadruple salchow and a quadruple flip, to the roars of the crowd. Great character study!

The curtain falls by metalkiralylany, Gen, 1.6k
“Viktor, why did you cut your hair?” Yuuri asks one day. Great character study!

An Inch Too Much by AgapantoBlu, Mature, 5.7k
(Separated for trigger warning) An unwanted flashback of his past was the last thing Viktor needed before Yuuri’s Rostelecom Cup and in between that, the pressure of being back in Russia and Makkachin suddenly hurting, he feels crushed. Stunning fic, but if you get triggered by abuse then please read at your discretion. I usually don’t rec stories with child abuse but it is such a well written story (and the scene is not too graphic imo) that I had to share it.

Note: I do not include fics with graphic depictions of self harm, suicide, abuse, underage, non con, etc. in my fic recs. Please read my FAQ for more information on what I don’t include in my rec lists.

love’s got a hold on me (m)

summary: taeyong just doesn’t how to quit while he’s ahead.

relationship: taeyong x reader

words: 1,976

warnings: shame(ful)less smut. sub!taeyong, teasing, orgasm denial.

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a/n: this started out as a conversation and just dwindled into this mess.

Taeyong was good, more often than not. He was sweet beyond compare, thoughtful even at the expense of his own comfort. He was wonderful, and you were certain that no one could replace him even if they dared. He was your boyfriend, and he was willing to please no matter what, no matter when, no matter where. But maybe it was just something in the air, or maybe one of the boys had said something to him that riled his ego, but whatever it had been, he was steadily facing the consequences. Such consequences were torture, the kind he so enjoyed.

“Such a bad boy, you’ve been acting up all day.”

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