leather nails

A Love Story (told in painted nails)

a girl

sitting in the bathroom

painting her nails

a soft blue

like the sea

she is new to this

her nails are messy and the paint

gets on her fingers

she is still proud

She goes out

in her newly painted nails

a girl makes a comment

that her nails are sloppy

she ignores her

another girl

offers to repaint them

but she is proud

and refuses

she doesn’t care

in blue nail varnish

that is smudged

over time

she paints them again

and again

and again

until it’s as easy as breathing

30 seconds

and her nails look professional

and dangerous

they are longer now

she goes out

people admire her nails

and ask where she had them


she replies

that she did them herself

and the people are impressed

she still doesn’t care

in black nail varnish

and leather

a girl comes up to her

in a flower crown and

smudged purple nail varnish

and the girl

who has perfect nails

doesn’t criticise her

doesn’t offer to re-do her nails

simply compliments her crown

and messy nails

she blushes

and shyly asks if she’ll help her

with her nails

black nail varnish



they sit

two girls

very different

but the same

in a graveyard

painting nails

they meet again

under the pretence of

painting nails

and sit

close together

and laugh

in matching pink nails

that don’t go with leather

they give up the pretence

and go out for coffee


in a cheap shop

coffee and red nails

white nails

and tea

going out

together still

rainbows on her face

and nails.

nails painted

blue and purple and pink

the same pattern on her face



they find a home

get a cat

long nights

fight and make up


laying on the couch

some old movie on the TV

matching nails


linked fingers

standing together

making promises

as family

and friends

look on

nails painted gold and white

by each other

not because they can’t

paint them themselves

but because they no longer have to

modern hp ladies
  • ravenclaw: orders tons of new bookshelves for the common room so everyone can put up their books on display; lives with their laptop, never lets it out of their sight; thick sensible coats and lace-up shoes; constantly chipped nail polish; any attempts at a messy bun always end up looking too messy; long debates in the common room that can sometimes go on until dawn; shared study mixes on spotify.
  • hufflepuff: multi-coloured nail polishes scattered around which everyone just shares; an odd-socks box in the common room; always using the camera on their phone, capturing every moment; big fluffy jumpers; cute messages written in steam on the mirrors in the bathroom; monthly full-house slumber parties with popcorn and movies.
  • slytherin: black doc martins and fitted leather jackets; chewed down nails; scattered eyeliner pencils in the bathroom; "these are MY doc martins" "no they're MINE"; secret journals with weekly goals; inside jokes; styling each others hair.
  • gryffindor: gold accessories - necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings; oversized jean jackets; friday night is games night, and anyone can join in for a full night of board games; the black market in the common room, if you know who to ask you can get all sorts of forbidden goods; red lipstick kisses stained on all the mirrors.

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a song of ice and fire [1]

summary: Winter is nearly here. ||  game of thrones au || bucky x reader

warnings: none, unless you count the use of the word whore and bastard offensive, james is very sarcastic and i love it

note:Yes, I know I’m starting ANOTHER series. Sue me. I was excited to write this. Just a little set up for the series, I guess. This is not going to be exactly like Game of Thrones, mind you. This is going to be inspired by it, with my own twist to the story. I hope you all enjoy it! Feedback is always appreciated!

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