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Outfit #171 “Inglorious Bastards”

Breaking Bad S05x07 “Say My Name”

Oh jeez, look how sad J is in that top shot. He’s losing a dad, and the Good Dad at that. When he’s like, ‘see you around’ and Mike’s like, NOPE…it’s like, do you get it now, Jesse? Do you? You can be free too! Ugh.

And, that loving look from Mike. (*-_-) If only he could take Mike’s advice and just look out for himself, i.e. run the fuck away and don’t look back. 

You don’t have to spend a decade’s worth of salary on your wardrobe, or flaunt designer brands the whole time. All you need i sone signature item: the one you wear when you need to feel strong.
The signature item is a gift that a woman give herself depending on her age, her taste and the size of her purse. It is a symbol of Independence and freedom, which states, “I bought this for myself. I earned it and it makes me happy”.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are (Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, Sophie Mas)

25 Days of Ladybug and Chat Noir

Hey guys!  This is a prompt system I found from @unluckyfortunes for a holiday series of drabbles.  Seeing as the holidays are mostly over I started really early for next year.  Mainly the writing bug got me and this is the result. I hope you enjoy!  

1. Mistletoe

The red and black heroine skidded to a stop on the slippery tiles to overlook the brightly glowing city streets.

The holiday season had finally come to Paris.  With it, came a sense of peace that only could be linked with Christmas, an overall lighthearted giddiness fueled by lights and decorations filling the streets.  Thick, evergreen reefs were hung on doorways, with ribbons and pine cones and frosted with artificial snow.  The light posts the lines the streets had elegant sashes entwined the poles.  Even landmarks like Vern temporarily decorated with holly and lights.  Surely the city of lights looks even brighter, glowing with the holiday spirit that only came once a year.

Unfortunately, even with peace setting the mood, there was no holiday for superheroes.  

Ladybug released a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and watched it cloud on front of her.  The temperatures were plummeting now, especially after the sun went down.  She mentally resigned to make this patrol as quick as possible so she could go home and warm up.  Marinette was never a fan of the cold, so by proxy, neither was Ladybug. She crossed her arms, rubbing them gently, hoping her partner would show up soon.  The suit was well protecting in battle but was a little thin for her tastes.  

A skittering figure soon appeared next to her as she mentally ( and very quietly) thanked the heavens.  Chat Noir straightened up, coming to full height by his lady, brushing imaginary dust from his leather suit.

“Bonsoir, ma coccinelle.”  The formal greeting fell from his lips naturally along with a small nod.  

“Bonsoir Chat.” She replied, turning her head slightly to view his profile beside her, “Beautiful evening for a patrol.”

“Yes it is, though I must admit, the street’s radiance diminish in the light of your presence, my lady.”   His lightning green eyes alight in the dark, pupils zipping to look at the reaction on her face as she shook her head lightly.  

“Now you’ve gotten your greeting out of the way, should we begin our patrol?” Sky blue eyes framed by dark lashes met his attentive stare.  

“Oui, the normal circuit then?” The black cat rolled his shoulders, prepping the muscles for use.

“Sure, just, let’s keep it short tonight.  I don’t think anyone is likely to be out in this cold.”  She hoped he hadn’t read too deep into her words as another small chill zipped down her spine.  

Chat Noir however immediately knew the message and smirked, “Very well, if at any point you get cold, rest assured I’ll keep you very warm.”

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Ladybug ignored the offer and began leaping actress Parisian rooftops, knowing her partner would be right behind her.  

Their route was basically a circle around the city, hitting all the major populated areas they could. Their primary platform was the rooftops, only taking to the street when absolutely necessary as to limit their presence in the city.  Guardians were better of invisible anyway to limit the media or certain bloggers from getting to nosy.  The pair ran mostly side by side, separating on to parallel roofs for a wider view of vision, being as quiet as possible to not awake any sleeping citizens.  Keeping to their agreement their usually patrol time was halved with their speed, as like Ladybug predicted, nobody was outside save a few people heading for their warm homes.  

One final swing and fantastic jump lead to the duo coming to the end of their outing at Paris’ crowning jewel.  The Eiffel Tower was lit up, thousands of lights practically making it the largest lantern in Europe. Settling on the lower floors of the tower, the heroes rested for a moment, admiring the gardens surrounding the french wonder.

In the bitter cold of the growing night, the lucky heroine naturally sought out heat.  To her surprise, her partner was practically a space heater.  She could feel his warmth a mere half a foot from her body, calling her closer like a moth to a flame.  It must be the leather, she thought to herself as she tried to think of an excuse to get closer to him.  She didn’t want to just snuggle up to him for no reason after all they were partners, friends of course, but primarily partners.  She liked their relationship and didn’t want it to be ruined or tampered.

Chat Noir tried to keep straight face as out of the corner of his eye he watched her fidget slightly.  Surely everything she did was adorable to him; her grin of elation swinging through Paris, concentration when analyzing akumas and even now as she tried to keep herself together in the cold.  

“We made record time this night, although I’m glad I chose to stay with you instead of running ahead as usual.”  He decided to figuratively swoop to her rescue as she turned to face her and tentatively reached out a hand to her own, using his thumb to make smooth, constant circles on the back of her palm.  

She resisted the urge to bring the radiating hand to her face where she really needed the warmth and chose to look away, barely squeezing the hand back, mindful of the sharp claws, “You’re not that faster than me kitty.”

“I never implied such a thing my lady,” Chat knew he shouldn’t be smiling this much but, mon dieu, she was holding his hand! Willingly!  The light of the tower reflected off of her eyes so beautifully and her pink, kissable lips had been pursed in her body’s response.  The cat decided to push the good luck he had and gently lifted her chin up with his other hand, forcing her to look at him, “However, you can not deny the cold is affecting you.  Your face matches your suit!”

Ladybug slightly wanted to be angry at him for that comment but she knew he wasn’t wrong; running across rooftops had made the wind stronger, blistering her face with color.  Her lower body temperature didn’t help at all so she tried not to seen too eager when his fingers brushed across her reddened cheeks, leaving trails of blissful heat in their wake.  

For a moment she tried to pretend the hands that were stroking her weren’t Chat’s, but Adrien’s.  The smoothness of the leather impersonated human skin well enough.  With eyelids fluttered closed from exhaustion, for a split second she could picture Adrien standing there, in all of his perfection, touching her.  It was almost too perfect.  

“Huh, leave it to the French to incorporate romance into everything.”

Ladybug wondered why the comment had pierced her fantasy (also for a moment why it sounded almost like Adrien) and opened her eyes to see Chat Noir looking up.  Curious herself, she followed his glance to an odd piece of plant dangling from a thread on the swatches of evergreen tied to the towers support beams, clearly broken off but hanging strongly, making its presence known to the duo.  

It took a moment of staring to realize what the odd plant was and it slipped from her lips before she could stop herself.


As if on cue, electric green met sky blue before looking at anything else but the other.  

Ladybug was trying not to panic mentally and swore her partner’s bad luck was beginning to rub off on her.  

Chat Noir was screaming internally and thanking God that his partner’s good luck was beginning to rub off on him. However as soon as some of the concern started to leak onto her face he started to recover quickly.

“It is just a silly plant Ladybug, there are no laws saying we HAVE to do what two people would do under the mistletoe.”

“Chat. It’s not-just- that is…”  She couldn’t figure out why her tongue decided to knot itself.  God she was actually starting to sound like Marinette.

“I won’t force you to kiss me.” He said the words firmly, cementing them in the air between the two of them.  

“… You won’t?” She shouldn’t sound so timid and surprised.

“Of course not,” He looked her directly in the eyes, “I would never force you to do something you aren’t comfortable with, My Lady.”

The sincerity in his tone was so prominent she could taste it.  It made her heart leap in her chest.  She met his gaze full on, blinking as she took in the eyes of her friend that always gleaned with charm and ferocity and now… A flash of disappointment?  

Suddenly she began to sympathize with that fleeting emotion in his eyes.  The feeling of unrequited love burning in her heart, and for a moment she wondered if that’s what Chat Noir felt all the time he looked at her.  She felt like a fool, just because she loved Adrien didn’t give her any right to treat Chat like garbage, what kind of a friend was she?  She wanted to make things right, even the scales of not for his sake but for her own.

“… We can…”

The voice was quiet that at first Chat almost wanted to pretend he didn’t hear it, even with his cat-like super hearing.  Those two words made his heart stop for two solid beats and mad his face warm up considerably, he only hoped his mask covered what he knew was blush.

“Y-You sure? Ladybug really it’s no big deal-”

“Yes Chat, I’m sure.” Her tone got firmer as her hand joined his in her face, the pressure physically assuring him of her conviction.  "Besides, it’s tradition.“

"Right… Tradition…” Chat wanted to pinch himself because there was a chance he had passed out due to hypothermia and this was all a vivid fever dream his mind concocted to torture him.  

Ladybug smiled slightly and pulled his hand from her face to wrap with hers, squeezing them to incite done reaction to wipe the comedic shock from his expressive face.  All she could think about was how ridiculous this was, how she was still slightly cold and how badly her lips must have been chapped from the cold runs across Paris.  If only Lucky Charm could give her some lip balm or gloss or something.

He snapped out of it with a quick shake of the head and took a sneaky breath in, calming himself before looking at Ladybug for her permission.  After receiving a final nod, he brought he his hand out of hers up to her chin one last time to keep her in place as he licked his lips one last time before leaning down to meet hers.

At that moment, something clicked.

Their eyes shut simultaneously as their lips connected.  He had given her a simple kiss at first but the realization of the pressure of her lips against his had spurred him to tilt his head and kiss her deeper, his tongue and lips enjoying and trying to memorize the softness and flavor of her lips.  Her free hand had reached up blindly to his chest, fingers spread as she took in as much of him as possible- his taste, his gentle passion, the sturdiness of his frame over her own was just mesmerizing.  The two continued this dance, bodies pressed together as the kissed and kissed and kissed until both had to pull away for breath.  

After a few moments of intense breathing, the two opened their eyes to face each other, both dazed in the most delightful of ways. Chat mindless ran his tongue across his lips to taste her again, because he knew that if he missed her again he simply wouldn’t stop.  She flittered her eyes, tried to blink through the fog of her mind.  Eventually the duo physically parted after half-conscious goodbye and best wishes, headed in separate directions.  


After reaching the Agreste Manor, crawling into his room, Adrien released his transformation.  His suit vanished in a blinding green light and Plagg tumbled from his ring already complaining about a the cold and lack of cheese.  The teen motioned to the stash of Camembert in the corner of  the room and let the kwami be to appease his gluttonous self.  

Adrien flopped on his bed with the dreamiest sigh a boy could create coming from his lips.  Truly he was the luckiest boy in Paris tonight.  Absentmindedly, he licked and bit at his lips, tasting the vanilla and hot, sugary flavor Ladybug had left there, savoring it like water in a desert land.  She had been perfect, everything he had imagined and more so leaving him speechless and possibly more love struck than before.  

He just hoped and prayed to God for a next chance to kiss her again.  


After returning home, Marinette dropped from her skylight into her awaiting bed, releasing her transformation in a pink light as Tikki popped out of her earrings.  The kwami wanted to talk to The girl about what had happened  but looking at her it was clear she wasn’t forming any coherent thoughts for the rest of the night, so she floated away to get some cookies the bakers daughter had stashed in her room for emergencies.

Marinette lay in bed, arm draped across her eyes as if the action would help her focus. Her brain was a hot-wired mess of emotions she didn’t even understand.  Trying to ground herself, she licked her lips and tasted the bitterness of chocolate and cool mint Chat has been blessed with.  As she slowly came around, she realized that that kiss was the best  decision of her life to date and maybe it wasn’t all bad luck.

She partially hoped for another akuma attack soon, so she could have the excuse to see him again and possibly, quite possibly, kiss him again.  

Uniform Experiment x Alpha Industries FW14
Sheepskin Leather MA-1 | Undercover Pants
Visvim 7-Hole ‘73 Folk Boots

A Craving for Control

A while ago ripperblackstaff prompted: Belle watches Rumple clean the shop and she finds it very very very erotic.
A very big shout out to melissabosquez for beta’ing this for me. It would be a complete mess without her!
I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

It was Wednesday. Nothing ever happened on Wednesdays. It was the middle of the week, everyone was worried about school, work, and begging for the weekend to come. Money was spent on food and necessities things that couldn’t wait until the weekend, not frivolous knick knacks or an antique lamp that hadn’t worked for 60+ years. Free time was spent running around with friends or enjoying the peace and quiet before the next disaster struck their small town, not spent cooped up in the library. Belle had realized quickly that Wednesdays would be dead days for her little library and had taken to closing early on those days.

That’s why she found herself across the street in her husband’s pawn shop one afternoon watching as he cleaned and dusted the various items littering the shelves and cabinets. She had offered to help him but at six months pregnant he hardly let her lift a finger at home let alone clean around his shop, so instead she sat behind the counter in a ridiculously overstuffed chair that Rumple had conjured for her and even then he constantly was looking back at her as if to make sure she was okay. Truly her pregnancy had been an easy one so far, besides the initial worry about raising a child in this crazy town everything had been normal.

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