leather lust


James was walking home from work one day when a guy on a motorcycle in full leather stopped and approached him. 

“Hey, man. How’s it going?” said the biker

“Doing well and yourself?” James looked at the biker kind of confused, but also a bit curiously. He wasn’t able to make out a face behind the dark tint of the helmet, but the voice was that of a man. James was impressed with the motorcycle and the leather outfit the biker wore. The two began to converse about the bike and how the man had had it for a long time. James admired how pristine the biked looked. 

“Your bike looks awesome, man. I wish I could own a bike like that some day” James said with a gleam in his eyes. 

“If you want you can test ride it. We’ve only just met, but you seem like the type of guy that appreciates a good bike when he sees it.” 

James was in awe when he heard that. “Are you sure?”

The man nodded and stepped off his bike signalling James to take a seat. 

 James put one foot over the leather seat, put his hands on the handles, and leaned forward imagining his ride even before he started. The motorcycle headlights suddenly blinked and in that instant, James eyes also blinked with a certain light. James’ body shot up. He rubbed his eyes. 

The man asked if James was alright. 

“Never felt better.” James said with a grin on his face toward the man. 

“Oh. Before you go, you’ll need a helmet.”

The man had removed his helmet to reveal a headless figure standing in front of James. James looked in shock at the freestanding motorcycle suit and helmet. The suit had removed it’s helmet and quickly placed it over James’ head. James was freaking out. He didn’t know what he just saw. He tried to remove the helmet from his head, but he could not. A voice….the voice of the man was in his head. 

“Don’t fight it, son. Give in to me. You know you want to feel the rush of being on a motorcycle; the warmth of my leather covering your body.” 

James felt massive amounts of adrenaline running through his veins. The helmet was sending feelings of excitement and power into James’ head. James was finally able to take off the helmet. He was breathing heavily from the rush he had just felt from putting on the helmet. He saw that the motorcycle suit was no longer standing alone, but was on the ground. James looked at the leather with lust in his eyes, He quickly grabbed up the one piece leather suit and began to breathe in heavily. The smell of the leather gave him a sense of ecstasy. 

He heard a faint voice in his head. “Yes. Put me on.”

He was beginning to be sexually aroused by the suit. He put the outfit in his backpack, put the helmet on, and quickly rode back to his house. As soon as he got home he stripped off his clothes. He wanted to feel the leather on his naked body. He put one foot through the legs of the suit. His cock growing from the excitement of the leather touching his skin. He then put his other foot in, pulled it up his body, and put each of his arms through the thick leather. His dick was hard as a rock and sticking out from the V the suit formed from it not being zipped. Jame tucked his dick in one of the legs of the suit. He zipped it suit up slowly and felt pleasure course through his body as he was enveloped by the leather suit. Finally, he had put each of the boots over his feet completing the outfit. 

“Well done.” The words had come from James’ mouth. James looked in confusion as he walked to a mirror. A devilish grin came over James’ face. 

“We are now one, James. You and I.” He rubbed his leather covered torso and took in a deep breath. “We are going to have so many adventures.”

James walked outside and hopped on his new bike. His new leather suit covering him for the ride. He smiled, put on his helmet, and rode off. 

Burning Satisfaction

She comes from out the cold

White lace under her overcoat.

High heels, wry smile,

Already she’s driving me wild.

She says she’ll give me all control,

Good girl wanting to let go.

Lays down, spread legs,

Knows the ways to make me beg.

Says she’d like to be bad,

Wants me to tie her down.

Make her scream like mad,

Deep inside her, drown.

She’s tired of being good,

Wants me to take a hold.

Wish she’d understood,

It’s her that’s in control.

The night begins, leather on skin,

We’re lusting and full of sin.

Handcuffs, blindfold,

We’ve got tonight left to explore.

She tells me she wants to be bad,

Needs me to tie her down,

Begs me to make her scream like mad,

Deep inside her I’d love to drown.

So many thoughts,

Turned into action.

Scratching my back,

Burning reaction.

Giving my love,

Total satisfaction,

Every inch,

Filling her up.

She’s tired of being good.

Wants me to take a hold.

Handcuffs and blindfolds,

We’ve got tonight to explore.

-H. Murcia 10/2/2017 10:31PM

Drive-In Creature Feature

Their limbs tangled and
spines contorted, bodies
steaming as the Last Girl
whimpered through the speaker

at the drive-in creature
feature. Smell of musk
and meat, smell of lust
and leather in the car–

steamed windows hiding us
from them. Hiding them
from everyone else.
And now we’re at the climax,

the Last Girl cries out,
as they cry out, as we
yank open the car doors
and let out the fog they


And let ourselves in
over tangled limbs
and tousled hair,
over flesh melded together,

over leather seats and
over their protests. We
are the featured creatures,
and they drove in.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

What did you think?


i’ve spent the last two hours or so perusing the internet for apartment inspo. i even gave pinterest a look which i never do. i find it to be unorganized and frustrating but it did give me a few ideas in the five minutes i was able to bring myself to tolerate it. we’ve been in our new place for a few months now and i’ve gotten a few decorative things here and there but for the most part our place is pretty bare. i’d like for every room to be mostly white and black which hints of blue. i purchased a cool little burlap rug with a navy yarn pattern for the kitchen when we first moved in which my kitten cat and i really like so i’ve kind of used that as a starting point. of course my cat really only likes it to lay but i find it aesthetically pleasing and i think that it has just enough of a bohemian feel to keep a mostly white heavy space from becoming to modern and futuristic. i collected a few photos (that are not mine) for some bedroom inspo because this is where i intend to start most of the decorating. which is a bit selfish on my part because the bedroom is where i spend almost all my time when i am home so i want for it to be complete first. its ok to be a little selfish sometimes. number one on my list is a white linen duvet set which i conveniently have ready and waiting in my online shopping cart for when pay day rolls around. i feel like a couple of metallic silver faux leather and white faux fur cushions are in order to bulk things up and make it feel extra cozy. i also just want to surround myself with leather and fur. i’m lusting after a clear chair for my desk. i like clear furniture pieces because they give the illusion of more space which is crucial in my small(ish) apartment. i have a diy project in my head to revamp my vintage dresser but this weather has me crying so that might just have to wait. an abundance of glass and paper lanterns and baby plant friends would finish everything off so nicely. i think i’m drooling.

every eye trained on a different star - an mmfd fanfic #12

A million years ago the gorgeous @slitherouter began a piece where Rae is a Mod and Finn is a punk, based on a discussion she had with @teastaindiary. (The link is attached to @slitherouter‘s post) 

I beta’d the first two thousand words and she told me the long and lovely story of what would happen next, which included them having a one night stand. She mentioned that she wasn’t sure if she’d finish the idea because she had so many other things in the ‘to-be-written’ pile. I was looking for something to write and she suggested I take a crack at it. Those first two thousand words were pretty intimidating so I ignored it for the longest time. Much later, it became one of those practice pieces I’ve talked about before and it’s been in a constant state of flux ever since.

I suppose by me posting it, you might think that I think it’s finished. It isn’t. It will never be finished. Every time I open the file, I change something about it - there are a ridiculous number of versions of this on my hard drive - but I’m coming to the point where I just have to let it go.

I asked Shiri if it was okay for me to share it and we came up with the interesting idea to post the two separate pieces concurrently. Just for shits and giggles.

You should read Are you a mod or a rocker? first because a) it’s by @slitherouter and therefore obviously fantastic, and b) it explains where this is coming from. This is not a strict continuation, more an alternative scene. I’ve borrowed the characters as she’s painted them for an AU of her AU where they have sex. I’m hopeful that at some point, she’ll continue the story she started here because from what she’s told me, that story is amazing!

Fair warning, this isn’t my usual fare. It’s an AU for starters and it’s a lot longer than normal. It’s not all that angsty either. There are some attempts at humour and it even has, dare I say, a happyish ending. I know! I don’t know how it happened either. Just go with it.

My love and thanks of course to @slitherouter for graciously allowing me to play in her sandbox and to @how-ardently, who has always been enthusiastic about the words and kindly read and re-read this beast in almost all it’s incarnations. Above and beyond, is the term, I believe.

The title comes from the Snow Patrol song Call Out in the Dark.

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