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My dream boots:
I came across a bit by chance on this leather boots designer and literally fell in love with those boots. Two heights: knee high and thigh thigh in different colours from classic to vintage look. Unfortunately too pricy for me but definitely hope to be able to post a picture of me wearing one of these beauties one day. I must say, I would not even know which one to pick, they are all amazing 😍. Check out Maurizio Portoni if you want to treat yourselves or makes your partner happy 😉.


Today is a boots day with the cold coming back. I could not resist to take this opportunity to wear a casual slim pants with my wonderful knee high boots by Biondini. Elegant yet with a very sexy detail on the back that I tried to share with you. One of my favourites and such a soft leather 😍. Hope you will like as much as I do.

A Broken Warrior

Modern AU 
Soldier Ivar x Reader
A Broken Warrior: One-shot, 10,759 words.
(Treat yourself to a glass of wine while reading this. Or two. It really is that long. One day I will learn my lesson. One day…)
Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Amputation. Very, very mild descriptions of sexual intercourse. 
All of the Heathen Army’s amazing Modern AU Ivar fics inspired me to go in all out and write a one-shot for two of my favourite things - Ivar and uniforms!
It was meant to be a little fluff fic, then it progressed onto a medium angst fic but in the end it just ended up being a big, old mess of hurt/comfort because I just can’t quit. It’s ended up being REALLY long so I hope it isn’t too difficult to follow. I realised about 2/3rds of the way through that this should have been a series but I couldn’t bring myself to start again since I have Healing Hands to finish. 

As a little girl, you never knew what kind of man you’d end up loving when you grew up. Sometimes you imagined being the wife of a doctor, or maybe the wild, leather-wearing lover of rock star. Occasionally, you even saw yourself marrying an astronaut or even becoming the glamorous girlfriend of a famous football player. The one thing you’d never imagined was falling head over heels for a soldier but that was exactly what happened when Ivar Lothbrok walked into your empty bar on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.

As a student in a big city, you knew that you had to get a part-time job to help yourself through college. Back in your own home town, your parents had owned a local diner so the logical option was to seek employment as a waitress. It wasn’t difficult to find work tending tables in a place that had both a university and a military base so soon enough, you started working at a local watering hole. It didn’t take very long for you to get a promotion to a bartender and after a few weeks of training, your manager felt comfortable enough to leave you alone on quiet week nights. It was during one of these slow weekdays that a group of three men and two women crashed through the doors, laughing cheerfully as they collapsed into a booth at the back of the bar.

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The Devil Wears a Leather Jacket (Not Prada)

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Rated: T
Author: throwingpineapples
Length: 14K

In which Jimin discovers that the Devil does not wear Prada (in fact he doesn’t even know what Prada is), and that you can knock God out with a chair.

Or, alternatively, Jimin comes home after rushing out to the convenience store at two in the morning, only to find that the Devil is sitting on his couch, in need of a place to crash while he saved the world.


LGBT History Month - Lesbian Non-Fiction

  • Women Like Us, by Suzanne Neild & Rosalind Pearson
  • Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers, by Lilian Faderman
  • The Lesbian Menace: Ideology, Identity, and the Representation of Lesbian Life, by Sherrie Innes
  • Finding the Lesbians, eds. Julia Penelope & Sarah Valentine
  • Lesbian Studies: Present and Future, by Margaret Cruikshank
  • Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community, by Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy & Madeline D. Davis

My new amazingly long boots: view from behind. I will post a few more pictures over the next days. I am just so amazed as they really do cover my whole legs. I even wonder if I could pretend wearing leather pants … heels measure 12cm and seem quite comfortable to wear. Have a great day everyone !