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lately reading phanfic is almost like a drinking game for me, where every time i read the words “my platonic friend” instead of taking a shot i actually just close out of the fic

Samuel McAllister: Day 35

Transcription of Day 35 #1

Samuel McAllister:

It’s March, 4th. Today Master will prepare me for my big day tomorrow. I will have my first client as an escort. Master told me that he has a big cock. So I’d better stretch my hole. Hopefully, Master will fuck me tonight. I didn’t have Master’s cock for two days. So far, that’s the longest time Master didn’t fuck me. My ass needs Master’s cum. I’ve never thought that I would say that.

Transcription of Day 35 #2

Master: Lie on your stomach. I’m going to start stretching your hole with a dildo.

Master: I see it will take some time.

Samuel: Well, Master hasn’t fucked me for two days!

Master: Are you complaining?

Samuel: My ass needs special attention by Master - every day.

Master: You can also fuck with other guys.

Samuel: I prefer Master’s cock. He knows exactly how to make me feel good.

Master: Okay, let’s have some fun then.

Samuel: Finally!

Samuel: Ahhh! Yes! That’s how I like it!

Master: You are such a pig!

Samuel: That’s your doing! You made me cock-hungry pig! AHHHH! YAAYYY!

Samuel: Harder, Master! Harder! I need to feel you! 

Master: Yes, slave, worship my cock!

Samuel: Your cock is all I need!

Master: Remember the first time I fucked you? You screamed like a woman!

Samuel: I didn’t know how wonderful it would be to be fucked by you back then! It was all new to me!

Master: I was sure that you didn’t like it.

Samuel: It hurt like hell!

Master: And now?

Samuel: Now all I feel is pleasure.

Master: We shouldn’t forget to stretch your hole good for tomorrow.

Samuel: Then fuck me harder! I can endure more now!

Master: How come you didn’t realize that you were a gay power bottom?

Samuel: I didn’t know you back then.

Master: I’m going to cum.

Samue: Yes! Fill my ass with your white cream!

Master: Where were you all my life?

Samuel: I am here now!

Master: Don’t leave me, okay? 

Samuel: I won’t go anywhere.

Master: I know it sounds crazy. But I think I’m falling in love with you.

Samuel: I have already fallen for you.


I finally decided to wear my new ultra long thigh high boots yesterday evening at the restaurant. Matching it boldly with my new leather dress. At the end not as vulgar or provoking as I initially thought.
On the contrary, I received very nice and gentle comments from the waitress and a young man proactively came to tell me that I was very elegant yet sexy.
In the end, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.


Today is a boots day with the cold coming back. I could not resist to take this opportunity to wear a casual slim pants with my wonderful knee high boots by Biondini. Elegant yet with a very sexy detail on the back that I tried to share with you. One of my favourites and such a soft leather 😍. Hope you will like as much as I do.

cluelesslester  asked:

enemies to friends to lovers?


Summary: Phil Lester, bad boy who wears the same leather jacket to school every day and makes a hobby out of scaring people. Dan Howell, future valedictorian who prefers a varsity jacket, and refuses to be shaken by anyone, bad boy or otherwise. And how they come together through a high school track, an English class, and a failing videography program.

Themes: highschool!phan, badboy!Phil, valedictorian!Dan, enemies to friends to lovers

Length: 10k words

TW: language, use of homophobic slurs




 Daniel Howell walked through the hallway, ignoring the insults hurled his way. He just kept walking, his long legs making it much faster. He hiked his blue varsity jacket up so it covered the back of his neck, running a hand through his dark, curly hair. 

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My dream boots:
I came across a bit by chance on this leather boots designer and literally fell in love with those boots. Two heights: knee high and thigh thigh in different colours from classic to vintage look. Unfortunately too pricy for me but definitely hope to be able to post a picture of me wearing one of these beauties one day. I must say, I would not even know which one to pick, they are all amazing 😍. Check out Maurizio Portoni if you want to treat yourselves or makes your partner happy 😉.

A Broken Warrior

Modern AU 
Soldier Ivar x Reader
A Broken Warrior: One-shot, 10,759 words.
(Treat yourself to a glass of wine while reading this. Or two. It really is that long. One day I will learn my lesson. One day…)
Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Amputation. Very, very mild descriptions of sexual intercourse. 
All of the Heathen Army’s amazing Modern AU Ivar fics inspired me to go in all out and write a one-shot for two of my favourite things - Ivar and uniforms!
It was meant to be a little fluff fic, then it progressed onto a medium angst fic but in the end it just ended up being a big, old mess of hurt/comfort because I just can’t quit. It’s ended up being REALLY long so I hope it isn’t too difficult to follow. I realised about 2/3rds of the way through that this should have been a series but I couldn’t bring myself to start again since I have Healing Hands to finish. 

As a little girl, you never knew what kind of man you’d end up loving when you grew up. Sometimes you imagined being the wife of a doctor, or maybe the wild, leather-wearing lover of rock star. Occasionally, you even saw yourself marrying an astronaut or even becoming the glamorous girlfriend of a famous football player. The one thing you’d never imagined was falling head over heels for a soldier but that was exactly what happened when Ivar Lothbrok walked into your empty bar on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.

As a student in a big city, you knew that you had to get a part-time job to help yourself through college. Back in your own home town, your parents had owned a local diner so the logical option was to seek employment as a waitress. It wasn’t difficult to find work tending tables in a place that had both a university and a military base so soon enough, you started working at a local watering hole. It didn’t take very long for you to get a promotion to a bartender and after a few weeks of training, your manager felt comfortable enough to leave you alone on quiet week nights. It was during one of these slow weekdays that a group of three men and two women crashed through the doors, laughing cheerfully as they collapsed into a booth at the back of the bar.

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