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So my Niall charity t-shirt finally arrived (yay!) so in honor of that, how do you think he would react if you came out of the bedroom wearing just that t-shirt... and you have my permission to write it as filthy and nasty as you like... because we all know you hate writing/thinking naughty things about him 😉

I have a request for you! Okay so plz hear me out, so almost every person that writes has written about being smaller than the boy and how cute it would be with him teasing you and all that but could you do one where your taller than him? I hardly ever get to read those and if I do they’re like “you were about ¾ a cm taller but you made it through” lol like I want to read one where she’s actually taller like 6ft (id appreciate it very much. Also you'er writing is beautiful) have a good day!

Here ya go babes.  Joined two of them.

I practically sprinted up the driveway once I’d gotten home.  It had been almost two months since we’d last seen each other while I was on tour.  Two months of Skype dates and phone sex and…my  hand.  It was terrible.  Every moment I was away, it just made my desire worse and worse.  I just needed to get to my love.

I knew she was home, her pickup truck was parked out front.  I hated that thing, mostly because I needed a spot to get into it.  But not her.  See, my girl was a six foot tall, amazingly beautiful Goddess and I was a goner the minute I saw her.

I pushed open the front door, glancing around the front room to see if she was in there.  She wasn’t.  In fact the house was shut up tight due to the fact that it was 900 degrees outside.  So the air conditioning was on.  Of course she had it blasting so the house was about the temperature of ice station zero, but that was fine.  That just meant I’d have to hold her a little closer to keep warm and I was amenable to that idea.

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All BTS Requests are OPEN - Masterlist  |  Dialogue Request Prompts

A/N:  I got a little carried away with this one, but man was it fun!  Thank you for requesting this one and I loved the prompt!  A great use of the dialogue requests I was hoping for!  I hope you like how this one turned out!

Prompt:  “I hate you.  But now, I’m hating you even more.”

Genre:  Angst

Setting:  High School rivalry

Pairing:  Taehyung X Reader

Warning:  Language

Summary:  You and Taehyung were long time rivals since our early teens.  You fought at every turn, but that didn’t mean you weren’t getting sick and tired of it.  That is until Taehyung crossed the line, pushing you over the edge and you responded - guns blazing, canons ready.

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“I hate you.”  The words came out of your mouth before you even realized you’d said them.  This wasn’t the first time you’d uttered those three simple words especially not where Kim Taehyung was concerned - but this time, this time you hated him even more.

You were both seniors in high school, next door neighbors, and the biggest rivals.  You’d hated Taehyung since you were fourteen and he’d stolen your first kiss, immediately following it up with an insult of your kissing skills.

Ever since that day the two of you waged war, your friends unable to make peace between you two.  There were times you were tired of the fighting and the bickering back and forth, but when Taehyung gave you that smirk and once over it sent you right over the edge again.

This time, though, he’d really pushed you over the edge and you were falling, uncaring that you had willing walked over the edge.  You came to the back to school party with the promise of meeting your crush - Park Jimin - who just so happened to be best friends with Taehyung.

When you’d arrived a little while ago looking around the crowded eighteen and under club reserved by your classmates for him you didn’t see him.  After searching for a few minutes, waving hello to some of your friends in the process, you spotted him.

Jimin was in the back corner where the leather sofas and lounge chairs were, but he wasn’t alone.  Sitting on his lap was one of your classmates - Young Ji - and they were being more than friendly, what with Jimin’s hands inching slowly up her short skirt hem.

Fighting back the tears, your heart sank and all you wanted to do was leave and go back home to your comfortable pajamas and grab some ice cream.  Crying wasn’t something you did a lot of, but you’d really hoped that Jimin would be waiting like his text from earlier had suggested.

“Awe, look at the long face.  Something wrong baby girl?”

His voice came from behind you and you briefly wondered how he knew what your face looked like.  Instead of questioning it too much, you squared your shoulders bracing yourself for the bullets coming your way.

“Fuck off, Taehyung.”  You weren’t in the mood to play games and just knowing that he was at the party was enough to set you on edge.  You came to the party anyway because Jimin had asked you to.

“Did you really think that the Park Jimin would want someone like you?”  Taehyung’s voice was scathing, dripping with sarcasm.  You could feel him getting closer until you felt his hot breath on your ear.

Come on baby girl, come to the party.”  Your spine went rigid, the blood in your veins freezing at his words.  Those were the exact same words that Jimin’s text had read.

Tears slid down your cheeks, you couldn’t stop them, not after knowing that it was actually Taehyung who had sent those messages.  Hell, he’d probably sent them all, every single last one.

Ripping yourself away from Taehyung’s personal space, you faced him, tears streaking your cheeks.  The smirk you knew that would be on his face was there as his eyes took in your tears.  His attention diverted for a moment to look over your shoulder.

“Y/N!  You came!  I didn’t expect to see you tonight.”

Oh god.  Your heart dropped, stomach churning as you felt Jimin’s arm wrap around your shoulders, pulling you in for a side-hug.

“Excuse me, Jimin, I have to go.”  Your voice was tight, trying to hide the hurt from seeing him with that other girl, knowing it wasn’t his fault.  Jimin let you leave his side, looking after you with a confused look on his face.

“Baby girl, don’t be like that.”  Taehyung’s voice was mocking as you walked back towards the entrance.

Stopping dead in your tracks, the tears dried on your cheeks, you turned to face the both of them.  Your eyes locked with Taehyung’s, devoid of all emotion.

I hate you.  I hated you before Kim Taehyung, but this time, this time, I hate you even more.”  Your words were laced with malice - the bullets flying off your lips before you could stop them.  You didn’t regret your words because Kim Taehyung had done worse to you this time than he’d done the first time.

First, he stole your first kiss, this time - the last time - he stole your first love and blew it up with a bomb.  You hated him and you didn’t care how long the war raged, you were ready - battleship with guns and canons ready to fire.


Lily out.

Shameless Fic Repost: The Fireworks (Olicity /T)

Hey gang! I hope you don’t mind me dusting this old fic off to repost. I wrote The Fireworks a year ago, with a 4th of July theme. Made some fresh artwork for it below. Hope you’ll enjoy/share the fluffy and UST. If you know it already, apologies for the rerun. 

In the course of her duties as Team Arrow’s resident hacker, Felicity Smoak did not imagine she would ever have break into a public library. Except that was precisely what she had…just…done. With couple of clean clicks the digital lock, which was more modern than the old fashioned colonial building it was attached to, signaled it had succumbed. Felicity upturned her deep pink lips along with the handle and looked for approval from her partner in crime.

All Oliver Queen offered her was a cursory nod, liked he’d just watched her open a refrigerator door. It was becoming harder to impress him now. He had witnessed her breeching Federal databases while eating a yogurt, barefoot. Felicity wondered if perhaps she needed to make it look a little harder in the future, as Oliver pushed the secluded side-door open and led them into a dark lobby.

It was after 7 pm. Denbyville was a traditional small town that slept between Starling City and Central City. Right now it was festooned in red, white and blue banners and slightly more busy than usual with tourists in town to enjoy an “Old Fashioned American” Fourth of July celebration. There had been a parade that morning, followed by a community picnic in the afternoon, and soon after dark everyone with a pulse would be directing their gaze upwards for the annual fireworks display.

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Reunited: Pansy & Draco

It was late, almost midnight, by the time Pansy made her way down from the dorms to the Slytherin common room, a 6-pack of beer and her favorite fuzzy blanket in hand. She wasn’t sure who exactly she’d run into down there; the first day back was always crazy with parties and whatnot. Personally, Pansy preferred to spend her first night back, lounging around and catching up with friends… There would be plenty of time for parties throughout the semester.

She ran into Blaise on the steps… He was plastered already and headed to bed. Typical, she thought, laughing to herself as she made her way over to her favorite leather lounge chair in front of the fireplace. She plopped herself down bringing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her blanket tightly and comfortably around her. She pulled a beer bottle from the pack, removed the cap with magic, and took a long, refreshing sip.